JC Penney Companypoor management

Z Nov 08, 2018

Wow, JC Penney is seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel for some of the managers that they hire. The store in Sherman, Tx. Overnight Task/Operations manager, Joe Canter, and the HR manager, Keith, are completely incompetent. My husband was told that the reason his hours, and only his hours, were being cut to where he had NONE AT ALL (when others he works with are fine with no changes) is this; Performance, or lack of, because he was accused of being the slowest on his team. My husband is always the FIRST to be done with his tasks and then he helps whoever else is behind. It would seem that JC Penney's standards of business ethics change as often as its managers do. What happened to treating employees with fairness, honesty, integrity, and dignity? What happened to JC Penney's "No Tolerance" for when managers fail to abide by the company's "No Retaliation" policy. Are the managers so childish now that they cannot talk through problems, like adults? Since when does JC Penney, or any company worth their salt, have HR managers say, "It's not my problem... I can't do anything about it... I'm not the one that makes the schedules, you're on your own." What happened to HR Managers that are actually there to HELP employees to the best of their abilities? Seriously, are you threatened by an honest, hard working fellow? How about you do what's right instead of being a sniveling, dishonest, incompetent, [censored]?

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