JC Penney Companyorder no: [protected] liz claiborne bone pumps

C Aug 10, 2018

I placed an order on line for a pair of shoes listed in the above mentioned subject line. I am s o upset with JC Penney because I have updated ny address on 2 different occasions.

This above mentioned order was sent to 1049 Luke Street, Alvin, TX 77511. I updated our address when we moved back home to Rockford, IL in 2016. My address is 6180 Carriage Green Way p, Rockford, IL 61108. I also updated it again when I was having trouble placing an order on line and had to have an agent help me. When he asked me if I was sending this to the TX address I said no, and he helped get the address changed again and said "I was good to go" and that from now on it would show the correct address. I have received other orders from online that come to the correct address. Why would this revert back to TX????? My bill comes to the IL address.

How do I know that the person living at the TX address will send them back?? I have done everything I know to do to update my address and this should have not happened!! I refuse to pay for these shoes unless they are returned back to JC Penney and remailed to the correct address.

Christine Jeffery
6180 Carriage Green Way
Rockford, IL 61108

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