JC Penney Companyfraud

R Aug 15, 2018

I did clothe shopping at JC Penney's and was told I would receive 35% off my purchase if I applied for a JC Penney's Card. So I bought a couple of extra items for a total around 150.00. When I applied for the card and entered my SSN, I was told that a card was already in use with my SSN but a different name, female name at that. So of course I don't get the 50 buck discount and have spent too much time on the phone trying to get resolve. I've finally gotten a hold of the Fraud dept. and they have supposedly cancelled the fraudulent account. No one can tell me how someone is allowed to use my SSN to apply for a card but use a totally different name. How does the company do a credit check and approve it with my SSN but not my name?? I want more than, "oh we will send you something in the mail in 60 days". Identity theft is someone stealing my name, not someone using my SSN and a made up name. That is a company error in the biggest form!

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