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K Aug 05, 2018

Called to inquire why my jcpenney card had not been refunded the amount for 3 items left out of order. I explained to the rep that there was a note inside my package from jcpenney stating they were unable to completely fulfill all items on my order. Rep said very rudely "Have you called us and let us know? " My reply "No." Rep's reply very rudely "Why haven't you called us? We don't know you didn't receive those items unless you call us." I explained the reason I didn't call was there was a note from Jcpenney stating they knew the items were not in my order. The rep pulled up my order, etc... I tried to explain my reason again for not calling as the note enclosed in my order read " Thank you for your order JCPENNY.COM order. We apologize, but at this time we are unable to completely fulfill all items on your order. If your order was charged to your credit card, a credit will be processed and appear on your credit card statement for the item(s) not shipped. If your order was paid for using a Gift Card, you will receive a check for the item(s) not shipped. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care center at [protected]." I explained that no where on the note did it say I had to call and let them know I did not receive 3 of the items on my order. The note said jcpenney already knew and a credit would be given. The rep did not respond and just said my refund would show up in so many business days. She (the rep) was so rude! I'm thinking about canceling my card and never stepping in one of their stores again! If that is the way a loyal customer gets treated then I would rather shop elsewhere.

JC Penney Company

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