Jazeera Airwaysdelay in receiving baggage's and items got stolen

H Jul 31, 2019

On 26-07-19, Friday my flight from from Kuwait to Mumbai (J9 401) was at 20:30, however due to some airport issue at Kuwait all the flights were delayed. My flight was delayed by 4 hours and while boarding I was told by Jazeera Staff that our Checkin Luggage's will be sent to our provided address (Pune in my case) after a day or two and all the papers to be filled with assistance will be given at Mumbai airport. We reached Mumbai Airport on 27-07-19 at 07:30am IST, however there was not 1 Jazeera Staff present to tell us what to do. After complete chaos, 1 PASSENGER came forward and helped distribute baggage & customs papers and helped people fill it. Mumbai staff didn't even have a clue about our situation and all they could do was be apologetic, but I was assured that my luggage will be delivered to Pune.

After 2 days, Monday I get a call from Jazeera employee saying luggage has reached Mumbai and to come an collect it. So basically Jazeera wanted me to spend additional 4000 INR to retrieve my baggage which was delayed by Jazeera, even after I was told that they would deliver it. When I asked to speak with his Manager he said Your luggage, come and collect it and cut my call. Excellent Customer Service, right!!

Some how I went and collected my luggage, the bags looked fine with the locks intact (J9 [protected], Skybags Dark Blue). However, when I reached home and opened it, items were stolen. 2 Watches, 1 Gold Chain and earrings. So basically Jazeera managed to ruin my entire vacation from the moment I stepped into the airport.

I know this mail is going to fall on deaf ears and Jazeera is just going to say that 'items in your baggage is not our responsibility', but I would just like to highlight the below points.

1- Jazeera has some staff who are just plain ROBBERS. (Maybe you cant help me retrieve my stolen items, but at least make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else which ruins their vacation and hard earned money)
2- If you cant deliver baggage's say it out honestly. (In my case I would have stayed in Mumbai for 2 days, rather than travel again from Pune)
3- You made passengers wait for 4 hours without food/drinks fine, least Jazeera could do was appoint someone at Mumbai airport to fill out the forms which would have reduced the chaos to a large extent.

A very very disappointed Passenger

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