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Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry Complaints & Reviews

Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry - Boardman, Ohio / Unauthorized credit application and unethical practices

Haden S. on May 5, 2017
On 4/25/17 I shopped Jared's in Boardman, Ohio, only beginning to look for an engagement ring. They talked me into a quick "review" of what my credit limit might be in case I wanted to purchase on a payment plan. I complied but then told them NO when asked if I wanted to open...

Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry / Credit lowering for loyal customers

neon3853 on Dec 12, 2016
12/11/2016 I have been a loyal customer of Jared for a couple of years, made payments on time, never had to call me about missed payments. Yesterday tried to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones and come to find out that Jared lowered my credit line by 2k. Again I have never missed a payment...

Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry / Engagement Ring

ashleyhurley545 on May 13, 2016
My fiancé and I purchased my ring and 2 custom wedding bands from Jared in Annapolis, Maryland on March 20, 2015. Since that time and through no fault of my own, stones have fallen out on 4 separate occasions. Some stones I’ve found, some I didn’t. During my engagement, Jared had my ring...

Jared / Necklace given as Christmas gift

Pamela Blair on Jan 25, 2016
I'am repeating this message because i'm not sure my first message went through. I received a necklace for a Christmas gift, by the time I was given the receipt & got to the store I was two days past the 30 day refund/exchange policy. The store & customer service headquarter...

Jareds / Miselading Promotion

Steveokla on Apr 15, 2015
I received a $25.00 promotion for signing up for their webmail. I noticed they had a $100 discount for FUTURE purchased of Lois Hill jewelry for every $300 you spent. But you could only use it $100 for a $300 purchase in the future. No problem. I spent $829 which should give me 2 of the...

Jared Gallery Of Jewelry / The rep refused to change the ring, but it was defective

Ingram on Apr 14, 2015
We bought two wedding rings from the company Jared Gallery of Jewelry. The seller provided the 3 years warranty and he told us that the quality was really good. But the ring simply broke after 4 days, and we decided to contact the seller immediately. We asked to change it, ‘coz it...

Jared Jewelers / Horrible customer service

risingphoenix on Jan 6, 2015
I went To Jared to have a vintage 3ct natura Russianl alexandrite and diamond halo ring repaired because one of the diamonds in the halo fell out, and needed replacing The technician inspected the ring and found in addition to the missing diamond, there was a microscopic chip on the girdle...

Jared / Rip off

Mdogg1386 on Dec 22, 2014
I purchased a 1 ct diamond ring for my girlfriend at the time.. I spent 4 thousand dollars on it.. Sadly me and her split up and I went to a dozen different places to sell the ring and most I got offered was 400 for the ring.. Saying the diamond has so many faults and the quality wa...

Jared's Galleria Of Jewelry / Poor customer service.

Michelle McElrath on Nov 27, 2014
I purchased a necklace online & had been by the Jared's by the Village several times awaiting for its arrival. Unfortunately, during that time I misplaced my license. When I went pick up my purchase I had my passport which clearly had my photograph & address. The Jared's let me...

Jared / Refund

hbertrand9876 on Sep 24, 2014
I blogged last week about a refund that was supposed to be mailed and wasn't. They informed me that my refund was put back on my card Monday of last week. Well that's not the case as a man I just spoke with informed me that it was done yesterday. Jared has had my money and...

Jared Jewelers / Customer service credit plans

ted frericks on Aug 9, 2014
My wife and I had purchased wedding bands at Jared. We were told if we put twenty percent down the balance would be interest free if it was paid of in twelve months. I received my first statement and realized I was being charged interest. This was eventually corrected. Later I made a large...

Jared / Dishonest

dave d c on Nov 27, 2013
I stopped in Jared to check what they had for engagement rings and loose diamonds.I have already done quite a bit of due diligence about diamonds and have spent time at 2 other jewelers, the salesman paid no attention to what I asked for in diamond quality, instead asked me to go into the...

Jared / Shoddy Jewlery

Joe Upton on Feb 12, 2013
I bought my wife a gold tri-colored bracelet for Christmas she wore it 3 or 4 times when the chain broke she took it back to be repaired. We went down to pick it up that's when I found out I had to pay an additional $29.99 to have it fixed I said wait a minute you don't guarantee...

Jareds / Lied too

Jeff Wells on Aug 7, 2012
First They are VERY PUSHY when you walk in the door. We where there just to look and get an overall design my future wife wanted, she was with me. I explained what we wanted and what we wanted to spend. But first wanted to make sure we could get approved for interest free plan. Was advised...

Jared Jewelers Robinson Twp PA / Damaged Watch

Irked in Pittsburgh on Apr 6, 2012
Recently took my Movado watch for a battery change. They charged me $25 to ship it to their repair center. Then estimated another $82.50 for the battery! Their repair dept suggested several repairs needed done to the watch, however, I sent it in pristine condition, as it was hardly worn. I...

Jared Jewelers / Horrible jewelry and poor customer service

tamika77034 on Jan 19, 2012
I purchased several items from Jared in May of 2011, one being a white gold and diamond semimout to which I added a stone to the center of the ring. Only after having the ring for less than a week the white gold on the semimount began to turn yellow gold. I returned to the store and to re...

Jared Jewelry Store / Pandora bracelets

TINA POTTER on Jan 2, 2012
My friend bought me a Pandora bracelet for Christmas 2010. The bracelet and 2 charms. Then bought 2 more charms on Mother's Day and 2 more on my birthday. Each of those times, nothing was mentioned of how to take care of the bracelet. The bracelet is big on me, so I wanted to see if I...

Jared Galleria Of Towson MD / Horrible customer service

lex01 on Nov 12, 2011
Horrible customer service. Took my ring to have a repair which was passed down from a family member. The prong needed to be fixed. Two weeks later the diamond on the side became loose. Took the ring back to have them repair the same prong, go to pick up my ring and they told me it needed...

Jared / Return Policy

Pinestreet on Sep 16, 2011
We purchased a ring from Jared on August 29, 2011 at the Orlando, FL International Drive location. It has been a complete nightmare. The sales person, Jenny, did not listen to me when I told her the size I needed. She has the ring sized as a 5 when I told her I needed something smaller. We...


CJFairfax on May 26, 2011
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE !! I have been a customer for 13 years and spent over $15, 000 there. Today they made me pay $20 for a watch battery that I had already bought a lifetime battery warranty on. The money was not the issue it was paying for it twice!!! And the horrible way the manager...

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