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Dear TAGHeuer eyewear customer support,
Hi, I bought a TAGHeuer sunglasses less than one year ago from the airport free shop, it cost me around 400$, I paid that much money putting in mind that TAGHeuer is a big name & the sunglasses have a two years international warranty!

Unfortunately only a few months later the lens coating started to peel off!! until it began to impede my vision then I started to feel dizzy whenever I wore it!! I stopped wearing it because my ophthalmologist told me if I wear it any more it will affect my eye side!!

As this product has two years international warranty I tried very hard to find the authorized dealer or repair shop or customer support
with nil success!! It has been a few months now till I get tired, frustrated & very disappointed.
Finally I found that email online, I'm not sure if you'll reply to me or not but I can't believe that can happen from a famous & expensive brand
like yours, first the bad quality product & second you gave international warranty on the product however the customer can't find any authorized
dealer or repair shop or customer support that easy & maybe can't find at all!
I'm sending you photos of the lenses hoping that it can show you the defect for your perusal & waiting for feedback & action from your end.




Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to express my disappointment in the way I have been treated with the TAGHEUER Bezel exchange.

I bought my CW2 Item Ref SBF8A8014 serial number AN1380HR7150103 last year and suddenly, the bezel fell down due to manufacturer defect. I sent it to the TAG HEUER dealer in Riyadh KSA back in November 16, 2019 and UNTIL TODAY, 5 MONTHS LATER, the watch is not fixed yet. shouldn't you either grant me store credit for me to exchange the DEFECTED watch and get a watch that works or please inform me until when, I will keep waiting without a watch? is this customer satisfaction????

Michel Deek

Awaiting your answer

Thank you


Vintage f1 - formula 1- ladies w1411

Dear tag heuer customer service team: I own this watch for many years and have really built a travel and...

Tag heuer connected

Dear Sir/ Madam
last year, I bought my 1st Tag Heuer Connected series 2 but I was very disappointed with the watch and TAG customer service in KSA Riyadh. I was disappointed with the watch because the battery will never last a day and for an unknown reason, the Bezel of the watch fall off (manufacturing defect) and when I took it to the TAG Riyadh Dealer, I was promised that the watch cannot be fixed and will be replaced by new one free of charge since the watch is still under warranty. I went last week after waiting 2 months for their call and to my surprise, TAG Riyadh Dealer replaced and "glued" a scratched used Bezel and told me the watch is ready. I'm wondering if this the way Tag treat its client, by Gluing scratched used defected manufactured products. if that is the case, I'm not interested in the watch and you can keep it. Sorry I don't wear defected products.

• Name: Michel Deek
• Mobile: +[protected]
• Email: [protected]
• Item Ref: SBF8A8014
• Watch Description: CW2
• Serial Number: AN1380HR7150103

Tag heuer connected

  • Updated by Michel Deek · Mar 09, 2020

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to express my disappointment in the way I have been treated with the TAGHEUER Bezel exchange.

    I bought my CW2 Item Ref SBF8A8014 serial number AN1380HR7150103 last year and suddenly, the bezel fell down due to manufacturer defect. I sent it to the TAG HEUER dealer in Riyadh KSA back in November 16, 2019 and UNTIL TODAY, 5 MONTHS LATER, the watch is not fixed yet. shouldn't you either grant me store credit for me to exchange the DEFECTED watch and get a watch that works or please inform me until when, I will keep waiting without a watch? is this customer satisfaction????

    Michel Deek
    [email protected]

    Awaiting your answer

    Thank you

Watch model cfj 7110 serial rbl0245

Dear Tag Heuer support team,

I bought the watch model CFJ 7110 Serial RBL0245 Nov 29th 2014 in Cypress Mall 77433 Texas USA .
Since, I moved in Cascais (Country) Portugal so i regularly brought my watch for battery changes to TORRES Joalheiros S.A. (Tag Heuer representative).
-In Jan 2019, I brought it for battery change and hands setting. They came with a 439euros supposedly because the complete mechanism needs to be replaced, they said! I refused to do it as the watch was working fine and asked only for battery change.
- The watch worked well and lately I wanted to change the new hour and the crown assembly came apart from the watch .
- I bring the watch to the shop TORRES Cascais Mall, and Tag Heuer Portugal now quoted for complete repair at 552 euros.
I asked them not to repair the watch as I wanted to investigate further with Tag Support why such a problem after 5 years of normal use.
May I count on your comments and supports?


Fredy Taurines

Watch model cfj 7110 serial rbl0245

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ygss case bracelet

I am extremely disappointed with this watch as it has been faulty from the time we purchased it.
I myself have had a TAG watch for around 20 years which has never given me any trouble so I recommended that my new partner buy one but it has given him trouble from the day he purchased it.
It is very difficult and stiff when changing the time and it often loses time.

I tried to log in to TAG Australia to request a repair and the page would not submit.

ygss case bracelet

Eyewear frame quality

I'm a loyal Tagheuer customer and love all your various kind of products. However I got disappointed with one of my collection frames which I used to wear it only 1 or 2 times a week that the arms towards the air start showing puppies and cracks with oily liquid coming out that may cause an allergy to the sensitive skin above the ears.

I bought it around 2 years back whereas the other tagheuer frames I have been using them since 5 to 7 years and still as new.

The quality of material used for the one I complain about is not at the high quality standards of Tagheuer.

I'm highlighting this case for your review and consideration.

Best Regards
Mobile 00973 [protected]

Eyewear frame quality
Eyewear frame quality
Eyewear frame quality

Resolved ddgg-qjkp-c4vm

Dear Tag Heuer,

I bought this watch on 17 April 2018 at your store in Frankfurt airport. The watch was a present from my wife for my 50th Birthday and cost her approx 3 months salary (please check Estonian salaries - v low). So this watch means/meant a lot!! It is now being sent by the Tag Heuer agent in Estonia to Finland for repair as the automatic winding is clearly not working anymore. It started to lose time after 14 months and after 17 it needed constant winding. My point is that I cannot exchange or receive a replacement and was told this could only be done at where I bought the watch - it may be years until I revisit FRA airport.

Point 1 is that I would never have bought a watch, that I now know, is too delicate or automatic winding affected by magnets (may be the cause?) and Point 2 after less than 18 months it is basically unreliable. I should be able to have a new/replacement watch or replace with a battery operated watch here in Estonia. For a global brand you offer a poor customer service and don't think you understand how much 2, 500 euros approx means to some people.

I am complaining to Tag Heuer Germany as Tag Heur Switzerland/Finland and Estonia appear powerless to provide an adequate service.

Please see the attached photo that shows the warranty card.


Guy Bartlett



Apparently the damage was my fault! A scratched crown was the issue which will be replaced (will take 7 weeks) and cost 60 Euros - approx 25% the value of the watch. In my opinion do not buy Tag Heuer - buy a cheaper Tissot! Never had a problem in 18 years.

Planned obsolescence

I purchased a TAG Heuer watch in 1989 said to be waterproof to a depth of 200m. I wore it while scuba diving, until the "O" ring under the crystal suffered the effects of aging. I then discovered that TAG Heuer supports its products only for 15 years and that it is impossible to replace the very simple "O" ring, thus rendering the watch useless for use underwater. You merely look after a Patek Philippe watch for the next generation but you keep a TAG Heuer only until its planned obsolescence date.


Having owned many reliable watches by manufacturers such as Omega, Seiko and Royal London, i decided to 'take the plunge' earlier this year and treat myself to a watch made by TAG Heuer, which i purchased from your Meadowhall (Sheffield) branch.
The watch is absolutely everything i wanted apart from the most critical thing, reliable!
Within 2 weeks of ownership, the watch had stopped for 30 minutes, then restarted, requiring me to resent it. Within a week, it repeated this, and then the following week, somehow skipped a day (in the middle of a month?) on the date!
The watch has stopped twice more since, and so i returned my watch to the store a couple of weeks ago. The store staff were very helpful but informed me that it will be at least 4 weeks, and possibly 6 weeks before i will get my watch back, and they cannot provide me with a 'loan' watch whilst it is away.
I am wriitng to let you know my extreme dissatisfaction at having to wait 4 weeks for a repair, and no loan watch being available. I paid a lot of money for this watch and feel let down by a Brand that i genuinely thought would excel in all respects compared to my past watches, supplied by 'lesser' brands.


Formula 1

I purchased a TAG Heuer Formula 1 at an Fine Jewelry Store at an airport while in Europe for $1, 300. After 2...


I have been looking for a tag watch with the mother of pearl face, and diamonds for six months now, as my...

Watch model number war2452/3

I purchased this watch as a replacement for my lost TAG watch on 22nd March 2016. In January 2018 I noticed the watch face had ‘swivelle ‘. I took it to Goldsmiths Jewellers in Cirencester and assumed that it would be repaired under guarantee.
TAG informed the jeweller that the watch had received ‘an impact ‘ and therefore the damage could not be repaired under the guarantee. Please note that I am a 62 year old woman with a quiet lifestyle. I was very upset at the time as it certainly had NOT received an impact but I decided to pay for the repair which was approx £450. You repaired the watch face on the 9th February 2018.
This year, my watch face AGAIN swivelled. Just 13 months from the last repair. I took it back to Goldsmiths Jewellers and they sent it to TAG. AGAIN you said that the watch had received an impact therefore was not covered under a guarantee and would cost £475 to repair.
This watch is just 3 years old. It cost over £3000.00. It broke after less than 2 years of owning it and then again, the same fault, 13 months later.
I had my last TAG watch for 12 years and it never went wrong or had ‘impact' damage. I am horrified by the response from TAG to this current situation. I believe there is a fault in the actual watch and I woukd like you to do take this complaint extremely seriously as I believe I have been treated very badly, I should never have paid to have it repaired in the first place and I am shocked that you are suggesting that it is my fault that the watch face has slipped.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

tag calibre "s" mens watch - delayed repair - (18 months) and lacksidal attitude

Dear Ma'am / Sir This is with reference to a Tag Hueur Men's Wrist Watch (Model - Claiber S) that I...

repair to my watch under warranty

My tag heuer formula 1 calibre 16 chrono automatic recently stopped working, it is only a year old and cost me £2250. I sent it back to tag via fraser hart jewellers to get it repaired under the two year warranty. Today I get a call from fraser hart informing me that the watch has had a knock and that i'm liable for repair costs of £360! I've only worn the watch a handful of times! I think they're accusing me of damaging the watch which is a load of nonsense. I suppose I may have knocked it off n a wall or doorframe at some point but I certainly don't remember any significant knock. So now I have a year old, £2250 watch that is effectively useless unless I pay your company several hundred pounds to fix a watch that is clearly of substandard quality! I have watches by mühle, oris and omega and have not had a single problem in 20 years yet I buy one of your watches, wear it a handful of times and it breaks! I'm really not happy with your response or your attitude to fixing my defective watch. I'm now in a position where i'll have to seek legal recourse. I'll also be plastering a negative review of your products all over digital media. Appalling company.

very rude service given!

03/03/19: we are supposed to change the watch battery at tag heuer, garden mall. However, the manager saying...


I purchased my watch from an authorized dealer in Montreal. From the very first day, the watch did not keep good time. I returned the watch to have it timed and it was returned to me after a couple of weeks with the same problem.

From that point on my experience deteriorated. The watch does not charge as I am wearing it, and occasionally stops while I am wearing it.

The crown is loose and sometimes skips as I try to set the time.

My most recent experience is that the watch will not start.

Very regretful experience.

aqua racer

My wife bought me an Aqua Racer for a present. Last year it quit working so we returned to Goldsmith Jeweler...

watch strap

I purchased a Tag Monaco watch on the 22nd September from the store in Manchester and was served by Grace . I...

repair of tag heuer aquarazer watch

hi, I have a 6 years Tag Heuer Aquarazer watch, recently my watch has some water went inside, so I bring it...