TAG Heuer Complaints & Reviews

TAG Heuer / formula 1

Jul 11, 2019

I purchased a TAG Heuer Formula 1 at an Fine Jewelry Store at an airport while in Europe for $1, 300. After 2 months it stopped working. It had a 2 year warranty so I sent it in for repairs. They said that the back was opened by someone other than TAG, so the warranty is void. They said...

TAG Heuer / service

Jul 10, 2019

I have been looking for a tag watch with the mother of pearl face, and diamonds for six months now, as my husband was to buy me this as a gift, before he sadly passed away last December. When visiting a new designer outlet in york last week I walked into the tag heurer store, I was the...

TAG Heuer / watch model number war2452/3

Apr 03, 2019

I purchased this watch as a replacement for my lost TAG watch on 22nd March 2016. In January 2018 I noticed the watch face had ‘swivelle ‘. I took it to Goldsmiths Jewellers in Cirencester and assumed that it would be repaired under guarantee. TAG informed the jeweller that the watch had...

TAG Heuer / tag calibre "s" mens watch - delayed repair - (18 months) and lacksidal attitude

Mar 25, 2019

Dear Ma'am / Sir This is with reference to a Tag Hueur Men's Wrist Watch (Model - Claiber S) that I purchased between 2010-11. The said watch was giving me hassle free service till early 2017, when the strap locking pin started opening on its own. There was no other issue I checked the...

TAG Heuer / repair to my watch under warranty

Mar 12, 2019

My tag heuer formula 1 calibre 16 chrono automatic recently stopped working, it is only a year old and cost me £2250. I sent it back to tag via fraser hart jewellers to get it repaired under the two year warranty. Today I get a call from fraser hart informing me that the watch has had a knock...

TAG Heuer / very rude service given!

Mar 03, 2019

03/03/19: we are supposed to change the watch battery at tag heuer, garden mall. However, the manager saying that lead time need about 4-6 weeks. If we bring ourself to centre only take 14 mins. We are shocked and why it take so much different? We expect to get further explaination from...

TAG Heuer / aquaracer

Jan 02, 2019

I purchased my watch from an authorized dealer in Montreal. From the very first day, the watch did not keep good time. I returned the watch to have it timed and it was returned to me after a couple of weeks with the same problem. From that point on my experience deteriorated. The watch doe...

TAG Heuer / aqua racer

Dec 03, 2018

My wife bought me an Aqua Racer for a present. Last year it quit working so we returned to Goldsmith Jewelers in Billings, Montana. They sent it to Tag for repair. I wear it every day and it has NEVER been abused, hit, dropped, etc., yet it had completely quit running. I paid approximately...

TAG Heuer / watch strap

Oct 04, 2018

I purchased a Tag Monaco watch on the 22nd September from the store in Manchester and was served by Grace . I wanted a different strap to the one that came with the watch and Grace said that this would not be a problem she would order it on the following Monday when the head office would...

TAG Heuer / repair of tag heuer aquarazer watch

Aug 14, 2018

hi, I have a 6 years Tag Heuer Aquarazer watch, recently my watch has some water went inside, so I bring it to my friend, who is a watchmaker, he did a overhaul, and he told me I need get part from Tag Heuer, (the crown and crown tube is used out). So I sent back to Tag Heuer service...

[Resolved] TAG Heuer / watch malfunction

Aug 08, 2018

Dear, I bought my Tag watch 3 years ago, as a business man I collect quality watches among them Rolex, Audomard piguet ..Unfortunately, I had an issue with my Tag so I decided to send it to the retailer to check on it .Ten days later they called me asking me to collect my watch saying that...

TAG Heuer / repair service

Jul 22, 2018

I sent my watch in for repair. I got it back and the band was not properly put back on the watch! I am walking around, at dinner in a restaurant, and the thing drops off my wrist. This is not what "factory service" is supposed to be like! I sent it back to Tag so it could get done properly...

TAG Heuer / my visit to tag heuer shop at wisma atria

Jun 10, 2018

On the 10th of June, I walked in to Tag Heuer at Wisma Atria Singapore ready to buy Modular 45 watch for my friend in Indonesia. I'm very disappointed that the sales woman who greeted me was VERY RUDE, BELITTLING, JUDGEMENTAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL. I may not wear gold necklace or branded bag...

TAG Heuer / sunglasses

Jun 02, 2018

Hi there is bought a pair of tag sunglasses in aberdeen scotland from vision express in the bone accord shopping centre. The product them self's is fantastic but I got a cracker on one of my lens and went back to vision express to organise a replacement lens and told me that tag was having...

TAG Heuer / poor customer service

May 28, 2018

I had a Tag Heuer Connect which kept freezing after the 3rd time being sent back I was told I could have a replacement after waiting almost a week on the returns envelope to arrive I sent it back I tracked the item and seen it was received with 3 days of sending back I was contacted and...

TAG Heuer / carrera caliber 16

May 03, 2018

Whenever we are dealing with a huge entity like TAG Heur so we are expecting so much accuracy in the delivery dates specially when it comes to the delivery of 4 simple accessory parts "Bezel and 2 Links" I have requeated these 4 parts since March 10, 2018, and I have been informed that it...

TAG Heuer / unethical behaviour

Mar 12, 2018

Dear TAG Heuer, I purchased a Tag Heuer watch two years ago. The crown of the watch has always given me problems, as it regularly came lose throughout the past years, irrespective of how much I tighten it it would eventually come loose. At that point I thought unnecessary sending the watch...

TAG Heuer / my tag heuer watch button

Mar 08, 2018

I own a tag heuer watch now 10 years old. The buttons by the side of the watch has fallen off 3 times. Send for repair at the tag heuer service centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I have paid more than the cost of the watch for service n they even overhauled the watch the last time. Now it...

TAG Heuer / sunglasses

Jan 27, 2018

hi I purchased some sunglasses and they are a failure in all ways coating on lens fails arms come off due to poor design rubber liner on face side of frame is coming away from the frame. I want these replaced under warranty and do not want to be told "Tag heuer' no longer makes these...

TAG Heuer / modular connected

Dec 19, 2017

I bought a new modular connected watch which at the time I thought was a stunning watch and was presented so by the sales person in Venice on my 50th Birthday. However what the sales person did not say is the stunning watch goes in to hibernation after 5 seconds, so no stunning watch or...

TAG Heuer / watch

Nov 30, 2017

I have been trying to contact Tah Heuer to complain about a watch that broke under guarantee for over two weeks and I still have not received a reply!! I took my watch for repairs to Tag Heuer authorized repair center in Malta as the dial/crown fell off when I was trying to set the time...

TAG Heuer / store in northpark center dallas texas

Aug 18, 2017

On 8/18/17 at 10:30am I approached the store and the doors were closed. Went next door to Canali and asked if they knew why Tag was not open. The attendant from Canali walked next door with me, and we knocked on the glass. A man came out of the back but was very reluctant to aproch the...

TAG Heuer / aquaracer waj2110 overpriced repair quote

Aug 14, 2017

I have owned the the Tah Heuer Aquaracer (WAJ2110) for 6 years and have nothing but problems. The time is slow or stops completely, i've had to replace crown when thread has worn and now the crystal sapphire face popped out and when i sent it in to be repaired (face put back in) on 8/9/17...

TAG Heuer / problem in the automatic for new watch (carrera)

Aug 01, 2017

I purchased a Carrera watch model WAR211A.BA0782 invoice no 0220170202202000453 date may 15 /2017 king Abdul-Aziz street - Riyadh - Saudi the clock had the problem of delay within five minutes and it was delivered to maintains on 6 June 2017 and it took 10 days to get it and the problem wa...

TAG Heuer / wah1314ba0867

Jul 27, 2017

I purchased 2 x Tag Heuer on the 01/08/15 from Harris Jewellers in Cape Town, South Africa. I have had no problems with the Aquaracer. Within the 2nd month I experienced problems with the Formula 1. It keeps loosing time. Personally I feel I purchased a faulty watch. I asked for the watch to...

TAG Heuer / the crown is broken

Jul 25, 2017

Hi, I received a Tag as a Christmas gift about 2 years ago. Recently, when I wanted to adjust the date, I noticed the crown detached from the watch. I took it to the nearest dealer and was informed my warranty is over and I will need to pay for the repair. I am extremely disappointed that a...

TAG Heuer / sunglasses and service

Jun 10, 2017

Dear friends, I purchased a couple of years ago a pair of TAG LRS 0253 sunglasses (black and red rubber temples). One day while putting them on the right temple piece came away from the hinge that affixes it to the frame. Although I have visited several local eyeshops that sell TAG...

TAG Heuer / unethical behaviour

Jun 04, 2017

Dear Sir; At 16.10.2014 I bought a TAG Hauer branded watch with the serial number of TAG-CAR2A10BA07 from your Turkish distributor Saat&Saat. (CAMPALONA).. The price of this watch was 4570.- CHF. In 2016 December, just 2 months after the end of guarantee period; my watch got out of order...

TAG Heuer / venezuelan local tag heuer office/issue with the service delivered

May 17, 2017

Hello, I am a tag heuer fanatic and I own 4 watches already for my perssonal use and for my wife too. The case is the following: I went to the venezuelan local tag heuer service office with the idea to buy the crystal and the bisel for my wife's watch, because the age of the watch, just...

TAG Heuer / women's white face steel band 1,800dlls watch

May 05, 2017

it's crown came apart and it stopped working. we purchased it in matilde jewelers albuquerque uptown center about a year ago and we'd like to see if you have an authorized repair location in chihuahua chihuahua mexico where we'd be able to take it in person or one in el paso texas ...susan...

TAG Heuer / Service complaint

Apr 15, 2017

Dear tag heuer team, My name is hafedh kooheji, I am a tag watch owner since 1988. I and my family trust and love tag, hence we wear 5 of them. Two years ago I bought a aquatacer 500m. Just recently had a problem with the robber grip on the stop watch bottom as it came of partially...

TAG Heuer / Bad watch

Apr 11, 2017

My wife bought me a watch from an official Tag store in June 2016. We bought the automatic aqua racer. It was a gift for my birthday. Having said that since that time - the watch has gone twice to the service center. The first time i thought the watch has stopped working (as the boutique...

TAG Heuer / Leaky Tag CAU1112

Mar 28, 2017

I have just returned my Tag CAU1112 for the 4th time to be repaired due to moisture in the watch fogging up the glass. The first time the dealer said you must tighten the crown so as you can imagine I have religiously tighten the crown but a number of times I have found it undone although I...

TAG Heuer / Tag heuer indy 500 formula 1

Mar 25, 2017

Bought a Tag Quartz Indy 500 back in 2008. Since then, it has cost as much in maintenance as the actual watch itself. It is on batter #6 I'm the 9 years I have owned it and barely touch the chronograph unless it's to show someone. After getting one of the battery replacements done at Ben...

TAG Heuer / Tag heuer formula 1 watch

Jan 16, 2017

I bought a Tag Formula 1 watch from Macey's 34th street NY back in Sept 2016 whilst on honeymoon. I travelled back to the UK with the watch and the receipt of purchase. Yesterday I noticed that the small dial on the side of the watch which controls the hour setting was missing. There wa...

TAG Heuer / Bad quality and customer service

Dec 29, 2016

I am a loyal customer of Tag Heuer for 30 years. Bought an automatic TH in April 2016 and it stop working after 8 months. I demanded a replacement and my request was granted. After 1 week, the new replacement watch stop working. Wrote to Switzerland customer service but no reply. The local...

TAG Heuer / Watch

Nov 01, 2016

My wife purchased a tag for me for our anniversary about 5 yrs ago. a month ago it stopped. I sent it to tag. After 3 weeks they got back to me to let me know if would be 700 dollars to fix it. ITS A 2600 dollar watch and they want 700 to fix the crown (somehow they say it's stripped) and...

TAG Heuer / A watch purchase and repair complaint

Aug 23, 2016

I purchased a brand new watch. The battery stopped after about a week. I took it back to the jewellers and they sent it to Tag Heuer. They changed the battery under warranty. The battery then leaked and they denied ever having it before and said that they dont use that brand of battery. I...

TAG Heuer / Twin Time Carrera

Jun 20, 2016

My wife bought a watch from a Houston TAG Heuer Outlet in Houston Address 29300 Heampstead Road Suite 406 Cypress TX 77433 at a price of $2475.00 on 6/5/14. It was the worst purchase in our life. From the get go the watch needed winding and frequently stopped. So we went back to the shop...

TAG Heuer / Tag Heuer watch

Apr 24, 2016

I had bought a tag heuer watch and was told that once you wear it and it starts to work it would not need to be winded for 48 hrs. Even though it is worn during the day its stops working during the night. We tried various options and then started to wind it each day even though we had been...