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Complaints & Reviews

complaint regarding my tissot two tone ladies watch strap

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have received a Tissot ladies watch on 2015 as an Anniversary gift. Since my fiance is a corporate customer of Tissot watches he has decided to go for this brand.
But after around 6 months time I have noticed a colour fade in my strap. So I gave the watch to your registered service dealer "W A De Silva in Sri Lanka" and got it repaired finely. But again after one and half years time it starts to fade the gold colour in my strap. So I'm bit confused why this is happening again and again since we have decided to go for your brand based on the trust we have upon you. This kind of thing has never happen on my other Tissot watch and also I don't use perfumes as a habit.
I've attached my guarantee card, service receipts and current photos herewith. Much appreciate if you could attend to this matter urgently and looking for a favourable reply.
Thank you in advance
Best Regards
Vidumini Perera
Sri Lanka

complaint regarding my tissot two tone ladies watch strap
complaint regarding my tissot two tone ladies watch strap
complaint regarding my tissot two tone ladies watch strap
complaint regarding my tissot two tone ladies watch strap
complaint regarding my tissot two tone ladies watch strap

poor quality watches; two men’s kinetic energy watches

My first Tissot Men's auto watch was fine for 4 years until it stop instantly one afternoon. Shake the watch and the hands try to move. The watch was bought for £384 from...

tissot t-race touch, t081420 a

I bought this watch at beginning of 2015, the strap was damaged in Sept. 2018, I called BTC (Tissot sole agent in Egypt) they said this strap is not available and will be ordered for me, I've been following with them since that time for over than one year with unbelievable careless and procrastination attitude, I can't believe to throw the watch for 14 months unusable due to unavailable strap!!!
Is this the quality you're promising your customers?!

tissot veloci-t automatic chronograph watch

the chronograph buttons are not responding accordingly. Even if I push the upper right button, only the upper chronograph as displayed in the watch moves from 30 to 5, 5 to 10 and so on. Likewise, if I push the lower right button, only the left chronograph moves from 60 to 10, 10 to 20 and so on. Hence, the chronograph is not at all working. I tried several atrempts as suggested all over internet but with no good result. I have saved for a long time to buy the product and accordingly such occurrence bothers me a lot. Please suggest what to do as the warranty period is long gone.

tissot veloci-t automatic chronograph watch
tissot veloci-t automatic chronograph watch
tissot veloci-t automatic chronograph watch
tissot veloci-t automatic chronograph watch

customer services

25112 Recently put my Tissot in for a new battery. Message came back saying that my watch was obsolete after 10 years and could not be repaired. I was differed new watches at a cut...


Hi Team,

Please note that i have a problem with tissot EGYPT as w bought a watch from them and after a couple of time it color changed and appeared as non original watch not a original one and you can check the photos i added here so we applied this complaint as i don`t know how come i bought from tissot a watch which is expensive and its color changed like this however i bought a lot of other brands and the color not changed like this one so i need to know what can i do in such a situation is to not to but tissot again and not to recommend it to anyone or what ?



We had a very bad experience in Bucherer watch store in Lucerne, Switzerland.We were told that we will not get a tax refund if we do not have a credit card.we were told that prices for Tissot watches are same all over Switzerland But Boutique Silvia, Interlaken, Switzerland offered us 8% discount & helped us by filling out a form that can get us a tax refund even though we didn't have a credit card. This is a fraud and it is not accepted because they promised that it is the same price across Switzerland. We need immediate refund since we are still in Switzerland and will be leaving from Geneva on 13th. We request you to resolve this issue at the earliest so we can get a tax refund. Attached are the images of Bills from both the stores for comparison.


rust in watch

Hi greetings,

I bought a tissot watch 3 years ago for around aed 2000 ($ 600) and it started to get rust inside and it stopped working all the dial keys got tight and cant use it anymore.

I gave to the service centre and the are asking me usd 235 to repair it.

I want to know if a watch of this price, water resist is supposed to get rust.

What kind of material is used to make this watch.

Did I bought a fake watch from the company that represent tissot in uae?

I have 4 tissot watches and all of them are ok, and now with this issue I started to loose trust on tissot and I regretting to have get 4 tissot watch.

Can anyone from your company help me to understand why the watch start to get rust in the first place.

Below is my contact details.




tissot watch

we bought tissot watch and visited the service centre twice or thrice with no permanent solution on the same my watch is not working proper as I thought I was a defective piece we are suffering a lot after buying tissot watch please help strap is getting loose every time.. and also inner numbers are fall down as they are stick with local glue...

order number ‪[protected]

I want to make a complain to the most unpleasant online shop from tissot website. I purchased a watch on August 10th, and there was no email confirmation for several days until I...

touch screen

I bought the watch two year ago. It was working fine till one day when it started giving low battery warnings.
Since there is no service Centre in my area I tried to replace the battery myself. After seeing a lot of you tube video on battery replacement I gave it a try but unfortunately after bated replacement none of the sensors are working and touch is non responsive.
I am now deserted and have no clue of what to do . It was my mistake to buy such a expensive watch with such rate of failures

Tissot Shop — product

Dear sir/ madam, I have purchased a automatic watch from the shop address G a 08, g/f, the one, 100 nathan rd, tsim sha tsui. kowloon, hong kong, Probably it is the serial...


Dear concern,
I bought one tissot watch from Itali and 6th April 2019 from Itali with 2 year international warrenty gurrenty card. But after using two month battery gets fail and i send it to Time zone ( zamzam tower) Uttara. they take it and send me with 525 tk charge for the battery. I refused to give this money. but they told they dont accept international warrenty card. So they take that money and give me watch. but why will i have to pay money within 2 month while 2 year gurrenty i have.

please help. My phn no is : [protected]

picture 1 & 2 : warrenty card picture
picture 3: slip from Time zone
picture 4: Charge slip 525tk



t033410 b

Dear Concerned,

It is to bring in your kind knowledge that I bought this product about 1 and a half years ago.
Month ago it stopped working and I got its cell replaced.

Kindly confirm its warranty policy.

Also confirm will this product be replaced or what should I do?

As, if I would have been bought it from a local market at a much lesser cost. The stoppage wont matter, but if I have paid enough, I should be entertained properly.

Thank you.

exchange not accepting

Hi I bought a watch cost Rs.21000 on 6th Feb 2019 which I changed mind to exchange it with any other model as I didn't like it however, post 1hr went to the same outlet at City...

tissot t touch expert

I recently got my Tissot fixed at one of your service centre in Mahway, NJ. Paid close to $300 to fix it. What i wonder is that why is product quality inferior compared to Seiko watches, which happen to be cheaper. Why does a battery replacement cost so much. If we don't get it fixed by your company, you void the warranty. Why can't tissot be straight forward with us regarding the inferior quality of some it's products.


I bought my tissot watch from Ethos Watch Care, Chandigarh on 13-10-17 model no. T091.420.46.051.01
however after a month its strap came out of its lungs. The watch was repaired within few months.
But again the same problem has occurred as the strap again came out of its lungs.I have sub
I find the watch not worthy of its cost and reputation.
Either to please replace the strap with a good quality one or replace my watch with a new one or refund back my money.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Nov 28, 2018

    I have submitted the watch again at ethos care New Delhi.

issue with watch

my self Jayesh Panchal ref. no. T0914204605101, have purchased this watch around 3 years back and since then 4 times i have given this watch for replacement of defective parts, out of these 4 times 3 times it was the same issue for which it was given, i am fed up of using the watch, i would request you to either give me a refund of allow me to change the model.
i hope you consider my request
thank you

flamingo 26mm swiss ladies watch with mop dial

I bought my watch on December 26th, 2017, in the el corte ingles of Lisbon. In July, 2018 an index (30 minutes) was released and it was placed in the middle of the watch hands, stopping the watch. There was no drop or misuse. It went to the tissot workshop and I was without it for a month. When I received it, they said they had changed the whole dial. Not one month later, another index was released (20 minutes). I wanted to return the watch, but in the store they told me it would always have to go to the tissot workshop. It did go, with the indication that I wanted the return of the money. After a month, they returned the same clock, saying that they had changed the display again. The watch is clearly defective and tissot should be held responsible and give a new one or return the money.

Tissot Watch — tissot watch model number prs200

I have purchased a watch from Tissot and within 2 year only the gold polish is vanished from the watch so please replace the watch with a new one as soon as possible so according...

service of my watch

I left my recently bought tissot at their service and im trying to get information about time when its ready but there is a woman there that acts like a [censored]face who is trying to...


Purchased a Tissot watch onboard the Norwegian Epic during Mediterranean cruise when I got home gave it to my husband to use at first the time was slow then slower then hours slow...

chemin des tourelles - t0992071104800

25112 Hi Tissot Customer Support, I have just bought a Tissot watch, model: Chemin Des Tourelles blue dial T0992071104800 in a Tissot store in Malaysia today. (Store address: Tissot...

the worst service ever - a new watch - service is not done

My name is Victor,
I bought a watch from Doha, Qatar. With in one year the watch stopped. Tissot services 2 times and Again on 24th February 2018 I send for service (ROF No: 31105RF00337). Now it's been 8 weeks, the service is not done yet. I visited the counter at landmark more than 7 times. I am leaving Qatar on 29th so I need it before or I want it to be exchanged. I have completely lost the Trust on Tissot. Your customer service worst one that one can ever imagine. You don't value your customer and I am frustrated.


date display

Please note I wish to make a compassionate complaint. Tissot makes absolute watches affordable precision fashionable high-tech etc. There is one sentiment tissot does not...

tissot watch and so called customer service

22 September I bought a new quartzTissot watch. Stopped the same day. Bought a new battery same day. Had to pay for that as "the battery is not covered by guarantee." Stopped add-in. Sent it to Tissot representative in Sweden 18 October. Did not yet get back my clock. Tissot says that I will get a new one in November then in December. Nothing yet. Not even an answer from Tissot on my complain mails! Tissot should be ashamed. Never ever Tissot again.

tissot watch

In August 2017 my Tissot watch clasp button part got broken and I could not wear it anymore. I went to Arnotts in Dublin (official seller) Centre where I have purchased the watch...

malfunctioning in just 3 months!!

Dear Sir/Madam,

There was very high recommendation from my friends and colleagues for TISSOT watches for its quality and durability.

Hence, I had purchased TISSOT watch from your store in Khalidia Mall, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on April 14, 2017.

With deepest disappointment, I have to state that I have received a faulty watch.

In just over 3 months the watch has started malfunctioning prompting me to doubt the quality of your product.

I have received a bad treatment at your store saying that some watches may happen like that.

Please let me know whether the watch was genuine or duplicate.

My information updated in your system was utterly wrong. My email id was different. My nationality was recorded as Bangladesh instead of India. How can such blunder happen and when we approach with faulty watch, it is rectified by asking for information again?

When I asked for a replacement, I was told that it is not possible and you will go as per your policy of repairing.

How many more times in 2 years guarantee period you want me to visit your store with this faulty watch.

Shall I expect a better treatment from you having spent such a huge amount on this watch?

Watches I have purchased for as low as 250 AED are working fantastic without any issues.

Frankly speaking, I have lost the trust on TISSOT watch. I have also missed an important client meeting yesterday, courtesy this TISSOT watch.

Please replace this watch for a new one or give me a refund.



warranty service delay

I placed an order of my dial service of my watch, even my watch warranty is not expired, the dial numbers got displaced from the actual place, so i put on service before 2.5 month, but not yet it got it back, and they are saying that that dial is no more available, how an international reputed company can behave like this, they didn't have any respect about the customer feedback,

warranty service delay

tissot watch

Hello, I have bought a watch from Tissot (i bought it from Jordan my home country) The watch was under warranty and a part of it was attached with no reason and the watch wa...


Hi, My name is Edwin Mametja residing in Pretoria, South Africa. I bought a Tissot Watch in October 2016, I was told that the watch has 2 years warranty for mechanical damage...

t-touch model t0914204405100

I just purchased a T-TOUCH model T0914204405100 with serial number 2W99SVNZ3 on 27th May. Basically made the payment and collected the watch at about 9pm. Next afternoon I wore the watch around 12pm when going out and found out that there is a black patch at the LCD screen near index 8 around 5pm.
Thus, I went to the shop that I purchase the next day, 29th May and was told that they have to send it to the service center - it's some sort of policy to follow. So instead of having the watch shop to send, I personally took leave and send to the service center myself today, 30th May. To my disappointment, the watch was not replaced immediately. And was told they need to diagnose the watch and only could revert back to me by Friday (2nd June). Technically the watch was purchased less than 24hours and wore around 5hours before the black patch was spotted. And if the watch was knocked or dropped due to my usage, clear scratches, dent or even crack can be easily found.
Common sense can tell clearly that it's a MANUFACTURING DEFECT!!
It is still acceptable if they need to do some diagnosis if there is scratch or dent found on the watch.

TISSOT, a so called over 150years watch maker - really disappoint me big time :-
1) I think quality department needs to improve on their inspection before packing up and ship for sales
2) Ok, Putting quality or bad inspection aside, it might due to transportation or I'm so unlucky or whatsover reason, but the service center or the watch company should replace a new watch immediately instead of having me to wait few days to hear what will they be doing - repair the LCD or replace, etc.
I wanna stress again, it was purchased less than 24hours and I wore it less than 5hours!!!
I really don't mind if it has this defect and got the similar reply from service center if I wore it for like more than 6months or even 3months.

Tim (Singapore)

warranty and repair

I own a Tissot T-Touch Solar watch which was bought from Zurich Airport on 01.05.2015. ID of the watch is T091.420.46.051.00 Item was passed for a warranty repair on 22.02.2017 in...

t touch solar

25112 I purchased a t touch solar in late december 2016 at the victoria & alfred mall in cape town, south africa: Location Kiosk no. k22 lower level, Victoria wharf, wharf shopping...

short battery life (

Good afternoon,
I got my Tissot (serial number 11JA0035083, watch reference T063610A, watch sales T0636101603700) around 4 years ago, bought in France.

Since I got it, I already had to change its battery twice and I now have to send it a again a third time despite its last service being done on 23-Nov 2015 (see invoice attached).
The second hand started moving every 3 sec, sign of a dying battery, around 01-Apr 2017, not even 18 months after it was fully serviced in Southampton Customer Service (repair [protected]).
This is far from the 2-5 year battery duration you are currently advertising on your website.

Given the price and reputation of your products, I'm quite surprised and slightly annoyed I have to go through this kind of procedure.

Therefore, as it's still under last service 24 month warrantee, I took my watch today to SIAUD (11 Rue Masséna, 06000 NICE), one of your authorised dealer in Nice, France for them to send it back again for repair. I do hope your customer service will, this time, identify the cause of such short battery life to either solve it for good or declare the product faulty if need be.

I would also like to use this opportunity to bring to your attention how quickly your leather straps wear down despite any contact with water as I have to change mine as often as the battery.

In order to restore my confidence into your brand, I truly hope you will take my comments onboard and consider waving any potential repair costs along with offering a new brown leather strap.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regards,
Enzo Giusti

short battery life (


As per Tissot's policy it provides international warranty for materials and any defect free of cost for two years. In Bangladesh Kallol group is the authorized dealer of Tissot...

maldives reef side tissot authorised agent confirms fake product

I brought the following watch it was not working when arrived and its confirm by the agent as fake please confirm. Serial 16ja0372173 Online web address-...

tissot tradition perpetual calendar t063.637.36.037.00

25112 Hi, I bought this watch on Feb 14th, 2017 from Singapore, Raffles City Mall Tissot Standalone Outlet and realized that the perpetual calendar doesnt work for "Monday". I...

reliability/long life

Good day. My wife purchased a Tissot for me as an anniversary gift in 2014. Within 1 year, I had to replace the battery, which I did at the watch shop we purchased the watch...

prc200 t17.1.586.42 chronograph

I had bought this watch on Saturday 10/19/2013 from a greek luxury eclusives e-shop. One year later I' ve started to observe that my watches time sometimes was totally wrong . I...