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They stole my books

They are huge liars.
I thought they did a really good thing and decided to try their service. But I was only disappointed with their actions and behavior.
I sent them 3 books in a great condition. They promised to send me 3 books instead of mine. And I was happy about it, that's what I was hoping for.
But it's now been 5 weeks and there're no books. I tried to contact them, but all of my items were useless.
No doubts, I was scammed. Honest people never ignore and always stand behind their service or products...

paperbackswap.comI couldn't sell on the website, ‘coz I haven't received something from them

I joined the website and wanted to sell my old books there. When I joined the website, the admins promised to provide one book completely for free, and after that you could start to sell yours. I waited and didn’t get anything from them. I sent emails, but no one replied. I wanted to sell my books, but the website showed error. I really don’t know what to do now. Please, share your views. Thanks.


If you smoke weed, you can't read. Here are their terms:

This Site may not be used to ship books to or from any jail, prison or correctional facility of any kind. Inmates at any jail, prison, or correctional institution are expressly prohibited from using this service. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you acknowledge that you are not currently incarcerated in any jail, prison, or correctional facility of any kind and further agree not to allow your account to be used by any inmate at any jail, prison, or other correctional facility.

Apparently they think every law imposed is just and anyone who breaks it should not be able to read.

Paperbackswapstealing credits

keep your credits used up. If you don't they will "default" them on vague pretenses.
Someone did not like a FREE book we sent. so PBS just closed our acct & kept all the credits we had.

  • Lo
    LovesToRead Mar 04, 2012

    Ditto, I have been sending and receiving several hundred books from PBS for over 3 years with no problem at all. Their website is great and user friendly. I have built up a good library of professional books in subjects I am interested it. Also I've found novels, mysteries, cookbooks and other light reading, and hard to find titles.

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  • Ba
    Bathroom Reader May 06, 2012

    Somebody tried to game the system and got burned. Tsk.

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  • Cr
    crstarlette Aug 16, 2012

    I have found paperbackswap duplicitous in their requirements. When I received a rude message, I sent a rude reply. Because the person who sent the first message (which, I repeat, was extremely rude) complained to pbs about my rude reply, my account was canceled. They stole my credits and money, but not before sending me... a rude message. Beware. Don't talk to anyone. If someone is rude to you, ignore them (or report them so pbs can steal their money and credits). Better yet, don't support pbs. Give your money to your local public library.

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  • Cr
    crstarlette Aug 16, 2012

    It is absurd to assume the original poster of the complaint is the one at fault with no proof or evidence to support that assumption. Furthermore, here are PBS's terms of service, admitting that they will steal the credits and money of anyone they don't like. They will also steal your money and credits if they decide for any reason to close their site, or if you don't use their site for a year.

    National Book Swap reserves the right to immediately terminate the service and forfeit all Book Credits of any member who National Book Swap determines, in its sole discretion, has violated one or more conditions of this contract. In the event such termination occurs, National Book Swap has no obligation whatsoever to refund any portion of fees paid or to pay compensation for Book Credits forfeited or lost use of Site privileges.


    National Book Swap reserves the right to terminate service at any time without notice. In the event of service termination, Site members will not be entitled to any compensation for outstanding Book Credits, whether earned through book shipments or purchased.

    and let's not forget:

    An account may be deemed "dormant" when no items have been ordered, shipped, or purchased within any 1 year period. Dormant accounts may be closed and any accumulated PBS Money forfeited without compensation to the account holder.

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  • Di
    disgruntledbypbs Apr 20, 2013

    They are rude and beligerent in email and there are a couple great book swapping sites aside from PBS. I would never use them again. I was gone for 4 months, came back tried to sign on and found my account frozen and all my credits and money GONE. I tried to get ahold of them and they sent me a very rude email. They are the worst.

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