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I ordered a pair of Beats by Dre riderless headphones for my son for Xmas in Dec 2016. In March of 2017 the headphones stopped charging. Knowing that it was past the 90-day return policy timeline we took them to an actual Apple Store to inquire about having them serviced. The tech at the store looked the headphones up in the Apple computer and it said that the headphones were within a year old and as long as I could prove I paid for them that they would repair them. I presented Apple with the receipt from iTech Deals and they sent the headphones out for servicing. A few days later the Apple Store Technician contacted us to report that the headphones we submitted were COUNTERFEIT and that we should immediately contact the seller to have the issue addressed.

When we contacted iTech Deals about refunding us for the fake product they said that the product was not fake and that Apple probably just couldn't find it in their computer because iTech purchases them overstocked. They never acknowledged that an actual Apple Technician discovered the fake product from doing an examination of the product. When I tried to contact someone in management the company simply stopped communications with me.

I will be reporting this to any and all online sellers that deal with this company, the BBB, and the FBI counterfeit agency.

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Apr 23, 2018 3:02 pm

Ordered the mystery box for $19.99. I wish I would've read reviews on this shady outfit before wasting my money. The box arrived, and it contained used and broken items.The broken items were a broken wireless phone charger, which didn't charge anything. There wasn't a box or instructions, just a bubble wrap bag. Another broken item was a 2015 Jawbone 2 which didn't charge, couldn't sync or bluetooth to a phone. Tried to plug it into a computer hoping that would do something. Nada, zip, nilch! The other items were a set of earbud headphones, a used luggage scale, no packaging, a random android usb cable, no packaging and a 9ft HDMI cable. Basically a box of junk. Who doesn't have random usb cables, headphones & hdmi cables around the house in a junk drawer? Contacted them immediately, no response. Had to open a Paypal case to get them to respond. I have to waste more money to return their scam box to them. Stay away from this company. It's a scam!

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Mar 31, 2021 3:02 pm

Yeah, I fell for this one also. I wasn't expecting the iPad or Beats headphones or any one of the wonderful expensive devices they show in the picture of what might be inside the box. I thought that I might get some interesting tech toys to play with. Was I ever wrong!

There was a broken "spy camera pen" that didn't even have an ink cartridge in it. I got a car mount bracket for an ancient GPS. I got some kind of cell phone case - never did figure out which phone it might go with, so I couldn't even give it away. There was a felt sleeve, actually two rectangular pieces of felt stitched together on three sides, probably to use as a sleeve for a tablet, but I didn't have anything that would fit in it. There were two USB wall warts - I think I have enough of them by now, but they do both work.

There's no way any of this junk adds up to $99 value, even if it was all brand new and in perfect condition. It wasn't even worth anywhere close to that when it was still salable, but now they're just shipping out boxes of unsalable broken junk.

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