Intoxalock / consumer service and faulty equipment they want me to pay for

United States

This is hands down the worse company when it comes to customer service. Numerous times i called and these people seems like they have 3rd grade mentally and a college degree in being obnoxious. This was the icing on the cake. On April 8, 2018 i spoke with a person name Nate from Collection and it seems that this person was in a very bad mood and unleashed out on me. After the fact that i ask for a supervisor and he told me "No" and hung up on me. I have the recording of our conversation and will be releasing it on social media. I called back April 12, 2019 got the same person Nate and he was rude again. After i ask to speak to a supv he told me no and hung up again. These actions should not be tolerated in a workplace and this company should have a class on how to talk to customers.
They faulty equipment is the reason why my car got towed but that's another story

Apr 12, 2019

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