Interrentextra charge with no explanation or notification

Between June 20 and June 27 I rented a car from InterRent (Goldhire) in Lisbon Airport.
Upon returning the car, I had a dispute with the attendant over an alleged damage that she had "found" on the car, and refused to sign the Check In form as well as the Payment Settlement document.
At home, I received another e-mail from InterRent, dated June 27, in which they claimed that their insurance company advised them I had been involved in a road accident and demanded that I fill their ACCIDENT REPORT form . I responded to their mail and told them plainly that their entire message was fraudulent and totally false from start to end, and demanded to see the message from the insurance company at once. There was no response.
Regardless, on June 28 I also received from InterRent by e-mail a "Settlement Breakdown" document showing 0.00 € both in the Charge/Amount block and in the Charge/Total blocks of payment, and stating the following:

"Any charges or refunds shown above shall be made to the credit card provided at the start of your rental.
Please note that these transactions may not be shown for several days in your credit card statement. In case of any charges arising from damages, please find all corresponding documents attached to this email.
In case of a € 0 settlement figure in the above table, any amounts withheld or charged in concept of deposit shall be unblocked or refunded within a maximum of 5 days. Should any further arise from your contract after the date of this notification, and pursuant to our terms and conditions accepted by yourself upon signing the Agreement (please check these at, you will be notified prior to any charges being made"

I sent my complete description of the incident and of my observations to InterRent Customer Service, as well as to its parent company Goldhire, via emails on July 3, to which I received no response.

Nearly a month after the time that all my deposits should have been unblocked or refunded, on July 31, illegally, without my permission, in plain violation of its own statement above and the BVRLA code of conduct, without any notice (or contact whatsoever), nor without any explanation or breakdown for the charged amount, the parent company of InterRent (Goldhire) charged my credit card the amount of €550, 00.
I consider this charge not only unethical, but actually fraudulent, illegal and criminal.
I am prepared to provide to you my full correspondence at the end of June with Interrent, as well as all relevant pictures and documents.
In response, I sent a message to Goldhire, demanding immediate return (credit) of the entire amount and an appropriate compensation from Interrent - Goldhire.
To date, I received no response whatsoever.


Aug 15, 2019

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