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I am so tired of the lack of efficiency of your drivers that are too lazy to find a front door and rather leave the package of tell me they tried to delivered .

After 6 delivery from your company, 2 were stolen ( I did not made a claim), 3 were delivered with my signature and 1 did not even tried to find the front door.

I have advised Amazon that I do not want you to handle any of my parcels for ever. Your drive are too lazy or too stupid to front a door of a 290 tenanted building, 9 stories high.

Once again your driver refer to the back of the building on Louis Pasteur were there is no access to the building codes, Once more the driver has to look for the huge concrete stairs located above the very visible Depanneur, then climb the stairs to reach the front door were he has to righ 004, this will automatically reach my cellular and I will let him inside the building.

Also there is so much traffic in this building that he can wait 2 minutes someone will open the door, especially on Sunday. But again TOO LAZY OR STUPID TO LOOK FOR A FRONT DOOR. At many occassion this issue was communicated to you and nothing was done, except the 3 time I signed, But now here we go again with the incompetence of a driver.

His job is too deliver and find a front door of a building not staying in his truck and send a attempt of delivery. Maybe this would interfere in his texting time.

I never want to have to deal with you ever again, if I ever find out that you will be the delivering company I will cancel my order with Amazon and let you deal with the problem. I will not accept anything from you again including this package

Please send back this package I am cancelling the order

Thanks for nothing

Yves Goulet

  • Intelcom Express Customer Care's Response, Oct 07, 2019

    Hello Yves,

    We're sorry to read the delivery issues the drivers seem to be having when delivering at your address. We'd like to investigate the previous deliveries to see if we've received all the information. We do not decide the parcels that get attributed to us and cannot refuse any packages, therefore if an order comes through us, we'd like to make sure to have the correct information on file for the driver to deliver it.

    If you wish to cancel your current order, we invite you to contact our Customer Service team at [protected] or by email at [protected] as we cannot process a cancellation request through an online complaint on an external website.

    Thank you for your collaboration!

    The Intelcom team

Oct 06, 2019

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