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I have repeatedly contacted Intec to cancel or change course material, have not studied or submitted any assignments. To date I have had no reply or assistance from intec, absolutely disgusting service. Staff are incompetent and have no interest in supplying contact details to escalate the matter. After stopping payment over a year ago I have now been handed over for collection in the matter with threats of being listed on various credit vetting agencies.

I am complaining about intec college refusing to refund me

I applied at Intec College in July 2019 as soon as I got approved I paid the registration fee before August after that I did more research and discovered that I would be unable to further my studies at other institutions in South Africa once I have completed my qualification at Intec that being something which they had said was possible however it wasn't with my stream so I called several campuses and they never picked up some did but just hangup as soon as I told them that I wish to Cancel my course so eventually I found help and went ahead to the required procedure signed the deregistration forms and sent all the necessary documents so they got back to me and told me that I would get back the refund in three weeks or so but that didn't happen around November my parent called and they said they'd payback byou the end of the month they then proceeded to ask for more documents then I sent them but till today I haven't received any feedback they do not respond to my emails.
I advice students to be cautious and to take their time to decide whats best for them and do thorough research before applying anywhere.

Intec College I need the money back.

I am complaining about intec college refusing to refund me


Natasha-lee bosman student transfer [protected]
Transferred course in march 2020, emails by the dozen sent (copies available on request) and to date no correspondence or info on new course selected received back from intec. Login still shows old course as well.
Missing out on assignment due dates and exams as new material not received.

Complete lack of service - [protected] cas-89932-n4g0h5

My son applied to redo Matric Mathematics & Physical Science in Jan 2020. After paying over the full amount to do this we received absolutely no assistance from the student help desk to get the paperwork required for 3 months- this despite numerous emails and telephone calls to get some guidance on what paperwork was required. I was told that it was up to me to apply to the department of education directly to be able to rewrite these two subjects. After a huge amount of running around, driving to his High School to get a letter from the Head Master and going to Johannesburg Central to the department of education it became apparent that this was not going to be facilitated by the DOE. My son then decided it might be easier to just transfer to N4 Mechanical Engineering - this process was started on the 12/03/2020. The transfer procedure took until the 12/05/2020. It is now the 01/06/2020 and I have received absolutely no guidance as to how the transfer will take place - when we will receive any documentation to confirm this has actually happened. I have sent numerous emails and made numerous phone calls to try and get assistance and have not been successful. I then decided maybe we should just cancel the entire think only to receive an email from cancellations to say that I could be liable for R1000.00 up to 80% of the amount paid as a cancellation fee!!!

Seriously! After 5 months of trying desperately to get some assistance I must now be charged a cancellation fee!!!
What is the going rate for wasting 5 months of someone's life while they they wait for a college to assist them!!

Money Thieves

I registered for a course and paid for it in full using my credit card in full on 04 October 2019. I cancelled the course via email, submitting all requested documentation on 23 December 2019 and was advised by Jacqualine Hartley that someone from the finance department will contact me regarding the refund process. I have mailed and called various branches multiple times, with no successful result.
To date, I have not received ANY contact from Intec College. No feedback has been given telephonically or via email as to whether the cancellation process has been confirmed. The course is scheduled to expire in May 2020 and I have an eery suspicion that this whole process is going to be dragged out until then.

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False/misleading information from consultant

Good day, from 2019 I was communicating with a sales consultant from intec regarding the amended senior certificate. My friend officially registered in December 2019, and during my communication with the sales consultant, I asked her many times about additional fees. And, SPECIFICALLY, if there was any booking fees for the examinations. She assured me there wasn't except the monthly debit. Now, she says I need to pay examination fees of R450 per module.

I was not previously aware of this when registering as she assured me that it is just my monthly debit of R721 per month. I am NOT paying this amount and I was mislead and I hope you can make arrangements asap so that I can still write my exams. I also asked her why are we paying for something that is offered by the department for free, she advised that it due to the study guides and extra assistance, however, where does this R450 per module come from now???

Secondly, there has many times were I requested assistance and had to wait days for feedback. For example, on the 13 March 2020 - I sent an email to change the banking details on the account, I had to follow up with her since I received no response. She advised me that she is currently in hospital and will assistance the following week. When I followed up again that week, she told me that she is still in hospital and will be for about 2 weeks, I then asked if there was someone else who can assist and she informed me that she will assist me when she is out (that would be by mid April or so?)

This is unacceptable and unethical for your institution to be misleading your consumers.

Please send me my exam confirmation letter once you have resolved this issue on your side, as I am not paying that examination fee amount.

Thank you
Kind regards
Fatima Zoutenberg

Student name: Rivan Kripal
Student number: [protected]

Cancellation of Diploma, no feedback or resolve for 3 months, poor student relations

I submitted a cancellation form with the required evidence and detailed explanations and letter 12 Dec 2019. I am forced to cancel the Industrial Chemistry diploma I enrolled for in for a 20% discount (attractive offer) due to unforeseen financial obligations and difficulties. Since the submission, the cancellation department has made no effort to assist, debit orders are still being deducted from my account. I continuously send email updates, I also cc the credit operations team and recently the student adviser consultant that initiated the enrollment. Absolutely no effort, no resolution, no return emails or any indication that my request is being handled. This is the worst College I have ever dealt with, so disappointing. I have pleaded, complained and have stopped using any INTEC resources (including my student dashboard) back in December already. Even if I decide to continue with the diploma now, I will not have enough time to complete. What a waste!!!

Hotel management diploma completed end of 2002

Good afternoon my name is sadia hussain. I studied through intec college . On the 18th of Feb 2020 I contacted the college to request my academic record. I was told they no longer have it so I requested that I have written proof that I was a student and that I completed my course I was told the college would get back to me and I am still waiting. My student number was 796548 and I also e mailed the request. Intec college diplomas are worthless pieces of paper after 5 years.

Thank you

cancelling my course

I am no longer studying with intec but I had a call today from the lady working there and she claim that I do owe them r10000 and I did cancel the course I was doing with them long time ago. And I still have a cancellation form to prove this, and the lady who was helping then told me that it was successfully cancelled

Please assist with this matter student number :[protected]

study material

My name is Zama Radebe I'm curently studying Business Administation Certificate.last year 2019 November I wrote two subjects which are Office Administration and Business Communication this year 2020 I need to write the last three subjects but I don't have material for one subject which is Human Resources Administration please assist I have to write in july 2020.

study material

My name is Mongezi Ntseta I.D. No.[protected] I stay in Port Elizabeth I went at your Intec college here in...

updated handbooks

Good day,
I have paid my full Intec account but never find any joy with Intec. I requested new updated handbooks in the beginning of January, every time I phone Intec, they can't tell me if my books have been sent and they promise every week that they will get back to me, but no one does. It seems like if they get their money, then they dont worry about the students anymore.

poor service

I have study material never supplied by Intec, exam results never supplied by Intec, 101 email queries sent, phone calls made, etc. This started in February 2019, but besides an email acknowledging my queries and a promised that investigations will be done - I have still receive absolutely no response. Intec admitted that they had communication issues, but it seems they just do not know how to communicate. As a result of this, I could not write my November 2019 exams (I also receive NO TIME TABLES and EXAM ENTRY forms from them). My course is expiring in June 2020. have requested an extension of time for at lease one year (but it would seem that 1.5 years would be best seeing that I still have no resolution). If this cannot be resolved I would expect and fight for a refund of my studies. Student number [protected] - A Burger.


From: Chantel [mailto:[protected]@rccs.co.za]
Sent: Monday, 02 December 2019 11:02
To: '[protected]@intec.edu.za'
Subject: Recognized college

To whom it may concern.

I was a student of Intec around 2004 and completed my 4year Architectural Diploma. After a few years, South African Council of Architects was requesting all draughts person to register. I enrolled and was a candidate for a few years. Another few years have passed and I was 1 level up to professional draughts lady status. With new regulations coming to pass in 2020, it was said that draughts persons identification of works is only single storeys houses.

According to SACAP -

"On 4 October 2019, the Council of the Built Environment (CBE) identified the Scope of Work for every category of Registered Persons for the architectural profession. The scope of work was published under gazette number 42739.
SACAP wishes to notify the architectural profession that the attached Scope of Work identified by the CBE is high level. Consequently, the CBE scope of work must be read in conjunction with SACAP Identification of Work Policy which will be published by January 2020."

Professional Architect PrArch
M Arch (Prof) 9
B.Arch 5 or 6 years 8
Professional Senior Architectural Technologist
BAS Honours B Arch (Prof) [4 years, 480 credits] PG Diploma
B Tech Advanced Diploma + 1 year Work Integrated Learning 7
Professional Architectural Technologist
BAS [3 years, 360 credits]
Diploma [3 years, 360 credits] Advanced certificate [total 240 credits + 1year Work Integrated Learning
Nq level 6
Professional Architectural Draughtsperson
PrArch Draught Higher Certificate [1 year, 120 credits, + 1 year Work Integrated Learning
Nq level 5

According to my qualification I must be on a technologist level. I did apply for higher status, but SACAP's response was that Intec is not a recognized company.

Can you please advise accordingly, because I did this diploma for recognition purposes.

My ID no: [protected]


Chantel Schreuder
Cel: [protected]
Office: [protected]
Email: [protected]@rccs.co.za

no diploma forthcoming

I finished my Creative writing course in March 2019 and now, eight months later I still have not received my Intec diploma.I get a few replies on my emails to say they are looking into it and then nothing at all.
Absolute appalling service.I don't think I will ever use Intec again and I will complain over public forums and social media now too.I am just so disappointed.Intec is supposed to be a trusted company and this reputation is what draws clients but it is total nonsense.
Intec is unprofessional and doesn't care.
I feel embarrassed to include my student number, because I feel Intec has taken my money and then taken me for a ride!

Clara Moller
Student number: [protected]

exam confirmation letter not received

I am wirting this complain with hope that my complain will be attended to, i sent numerous emails requesting exam rregistration forms in Aug already for november till 24 october nothing was sent, up until i spoke to Dezlyn Benjamin whose service was horrible telling me that i must write my exams in March next year i told her NEVER NOT WHILE I HAVE SENDING EMAILS REQUESTING FORMS TO BE SENT TO ME HOWEVER NOTHING WAS SENT, SHE THEN SAID SHE IS SENDING FORMS TO ME TO FILL IN AND SEND BACK IMMEDIATELY WHICH I DID TILL NOW NO CONFIRMATION AND I AM SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING ON 5 november, leave needs to be requested at work for that day ==----------------------

distance learning

Good Day,

I have been trying to get information regarding exams, submitted assignments and general questions answered by Intec,

I have sent countless emails over the past 3 months and have received zero feedback. I gave the call center a call as was told that its not their job to find out why I ma not getting answers. I have registered for exams and payed R900.00 for two exams which were listed on the registration form, when I called in to find out when I would be getting my exam confirmation letter I was told I am only writing one and that I can not get refunded, I then asked if the college could be a little more open and helpful as the documents sent to us make no sense and we are always left in the dark - the nice lady put the phone down in my ear and that was that.

I would appreciate that either the college start doing their job which I have paid for or refund me the R20 000.00 I paid at the star.

communication is so bad, its annoying!!!

Good Day Intec dont answer emails nor calls, its really annoying I ask for tutor no one responds I ask for...

i've been qualified since march 2018 and still not received my certificate

I feel I've been frauded and misled by Intec . I was promised my certificate to practice as an ECD 6 month...

no certificate

I have been waiting for my certificate with Intec College since March. They promised me that I would receive...

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