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6th Floor, Fleetway House, 29 Martin Hammerschlag Way, Foreshore
Cape Town
South Africa

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 861 173 173(Info) 24 11
+27 21 417 6700(Head Office) 30 17
+27 514 308 030(Bloemfontein) 2 4
+27 214 260 626(Cape Town) 5 5
+27 313 749 700(Durban) 1 2
+27 178 112 102(Ermelo) 0 2
+27 363 525 083(Estcourt) 0 2
+27 117 492 001(Benoni) 0 2
+27 117 122 555(Johannesburg) 2 13
+27 137 522 427(Nelspruit) 1 2
+27 587 131 336(Phuthaditjhaba) 0 2
+27 333 451 665(Pietermaritzburg) 1 1
+27 152 914 384(Polokwane) 0 6
+27 415 850 777(Port Elizabeth) 0 3
+27 123 529 000(Pretoria) 1 5
+27 136 925 400(Witbank) 2 3

INTEC College Complaints & Reviews

INTEC College / poor /no feedback /poor communication / wrong statements

Jun 05, 2019

Hi there I got 10% for Mathematics (3% for the one and 13% for the second) - this could not be. I can't register for external exams for I don't get any feedback nor is my calls or emails answered in this regards. I was also invoiced for three subject to be written but only applied and paid...

INTEC College / course transfer

Mar 21, 2019

I Failed matric so I was looking to further my studies without matric Intec college offered me Business studies N5 and promised to prove me with a student adviser. I got my study material and I started but I battled because the student adviser called me with a private number I asked him to...

INTEC College / cancellation query

Jan 24, 2019

Good day, I registered with Intec college in October, paid my deposit and then in November I decided to cancel my registration due to waiting too long for study material and also change of heart towards distance learning, after submitting all the paperwork I waited for feedback, whilst...

INTEC College / study material and student portal

Jan 08, 2019

I resgisterd the 29/11/2018 with Intec College for my Matric. I have since had no response what so ever on who will be my student adviser or when my study material will be send to me.. I phoned them on the 2/01/2019 to find out when my stuff will be send to me as I am suppose to write...

INTEC College / student services

Nov 28, 2018

Good day I am Belinda student number 10011994564. All my assignments where handed in September month. I did receive only 6 Emails between the 21 September and the 5 October that state that I have pass. On the 20th of November I have asked when will I receive my certificate, we receive another...

INTEC College / academic assignments and communication

Nov 24, 2018

I enrolled with Intec with a hope of furthering my studies. Everything was good until i started doing my assignments. After submitting 2 assignments no responses or anyfeedback its been 3 months i couldn't write any exam because i didn't how to prepare without seein how i did in my...

INTEC College / transfering module

Nov 16, 2018

Hi I spoke to Jacquiline Hartley she was very rude and lacks professionalism and courtesy in performing her duties. I was enquiring about transferring my module/course from Income Tax and PASTEL and she said I cannot transfer this as they expired in 2015 and the funds went down the drain...

INTEC College / extremely poor customer and communication services

Sep 17, 2018

My name is Odette Mouton I applied at Intec College last year, April 2017. The course that I applied for was civil engineering but I changed it to creative writing as I was struggling to much with the civil engineering course. I also had no subjects related to civil engineering on school...

INTEC College / incorrect amount owing

Sep 08, 2018

I did not write my computer practice test in April because Intec did not provide Damelin with the additional information. I was promised by Dylan and Ali that I will be in credit and don't have to write the test. This was agreed upon. However, I am getting SMS's from the account...

INTEC College / unfair listing on itc

Aug 16, 2018

I changed course in January 2018, I only recieved my studh material mid April. They sent out notifications about exam registrations. I filled in the form and sent it back, one of the student advisors phoned me and told me that I am not eligable to write the exams as I did not submit an...

INTEC College / cancellation/ no response

Aug 15, 2018

To whom it may concern I have never in my life experienced worse service than by Intec College, and that includes going to government departments. I call no one answers. I email and no one replies. I registered with intec to study Accounting, and made a large number of payment...

INTEC College / completing a course and dishonesty

Aug 13, 2018

I recently did a course through Intec collage and sent in all assignments required now that I want my results and certificate they say my course is incomplete and must pay for an extension to submit assignments I already have this is day light robbery and 9 out of 10 they will get away...

INTEC College / deregistering

Jul 26, 2018

Soon after i registered my dad Ha's a stroke, was struggling to make payments... Didn't even submit one assignment or write exam... Since we in and out of hospitals... I'm the only one working at home... Have to take care of everything and evrronry. After my dad's passing...i told them...

INTEC College / complaining for course

Jul 25, 2018

i have still waiting that some intec college contact me about my course i have send 9 times cancellation letter seems no read or willing to answer you back intec college ask me 80% of my money i want all my money in full R16281 not cent less i have enroll for course 15 may and seems the...

INTEC College / handed over for payment

Jul 19, 2018

Hi I have apparently been handed over to the lawyers by intec due to not paying. There was no contact with me whatsoever. No phone call no email nothing. I did not even receive all my study material and this is since 2015. I only realized I was handed over when I did a credit check and...

INTEC College / incorrect info given to register

Jul 10, 2018

I wanted to study online due to my work situation a lady at intec college was assisting me with my registration The registration fee was R4000, 00 and there after R735, 00 per month I was told that everything thing will be done online except my exams will have to be written at a school...

INTEC College / matric certificate/results

Jul 05, 2018

I wrote my Matric through Intec College in 1998/1999, and i never received my Matric Certificate, i wrote it in Durban, moved to Krugersdorp, i still have my student number and i am still on their system but they cant give me any information, not if i passed or failed or where to get my...

INTEC College / course

Jul 04, 2018

good day i have problem in 15 may 2018 i have take out mechanical draught diploma but seems the course what you have on it i did`nt do any of it on my matric certificate so i have transfer my course the electrical heavy current but you must buy the books and it cost lost of money to buy...

INTEC College / intec college

Jun 21, 2018

Hi i am a new student at intec, i have been having so much trouble with this college, assignment that dont get received or marked assignment that dont come back and money for my exams that dont get allocated after i transfered it and then you still want to debit order it again. I have been...

INTEC College / lack of assistance from intec

Jun 13, 2018

I am a student at Intec college, my id 8504110574087 Portia thobajene. I was struggling with my assignments for the Industrial& organizational psychology course that I was busy with. after several attempts to get assistance from the Branch in Benoni and student support at head office I had...

INTEC College / study material and certificate pending

May 31, 2018

Good day! My name is ZonJa Jordaan and I am a student at Intec studying Early Childhood development. I was since informed that I have passed all of my subject with a grade average off 77.4% but two of my section were incomplete and will be sent back to me to correct. Thereafter I can...

INTEC College / pathetic service

May 01, 2018

I don't like wasting my money. Intec College is a many making scheme that takes advantage of people who aspire to educate themselves. I have been calling weekly, threatening, shouting, BEGGING and I have still not recieved the service I have paid for since July 2018. So now I have to cut...

INTEC College / no service

Apr 19, 2018

Hi So I have been trying to get updated study material since November 2017, I have called almost twice every single week, no one gets back to me, no one has phoned me not one email no feedback, every single time I call its the same story we will escalate the call centre is the most unhelpfull...

INTEC College / pathetic service

Mar 15, 2018

I wouldnt recommend this collage to anyone and i feel sorry for the students that are studying with this collage, i have been having problems with them from the beginning .I wrote my first exam with them and i questioned there marking because the marks allocated just didnt make sense i...

INTEC College / poor service-no help

Feb 19, 2018

Ok I registered with antic college in jan 2018 for ecd. The consultant was very helpful at that time. So now I decided to change my course and I didnt do any work or even submit anything. So filled a form online that says enquire about a subject so filled the form and than after 30 minute...

INTEC College / no response and poor administration

Feb 05, 2018

Hi. I was very much interested in studying with intec college even after my brother was disappointed I gave it benefit of the doubt. I've sent several emails since December last year and waiting for consultant to call or respond to my email but dololo. My brother also received a bad...

INTEC College / no support, no information

Feb 01, 2018

To whom it may concern I am not happy, and have put a stop on my payment to intec for the following reasons: 1. The course I choose was not explained to me properly 2. I have been trying to get hold of a consultant over the phone to help me to no avail. 3. I keep being transferred to...

INTEC College / test results not received since last year

Jan 09, 2018

Good Day Sir/Madam I hope you are well, I wrote my control tests in September and never received any test results up to now. I also didn't receive my math tasks result yet. And i would like to register for my external exams but would like to know when and where i could do that? I try to...

INTEC College / tebogo phoko

Dec 06, 2017

Good Day I unfortunately experienced an very unpleasant staff member named Tebogo Phoko. She was very rude on the phone and was cutting me off during conversation. I sent emails and she was very vague which wasn't helpful and when I asked her to Send through costs and the process she just...

INTEC College / utter lack of response. total disregard!!!

Dec 02, 2017

Good day, I posted the following on hellopeter after receiving no response from intec after numerous emails sent: Pathetic service regarding feedback response Sent the following e-mail on 16/11/2017. Addressed to lameez at * "... Trust this mail finds you well. Lameez, I am no longer...

INTEC College / matric/ grade 12

Nov 28, 2017

Hi, I have assisted someone who wanted to complete their matric by registering them with Intec and being in charge of the student fees. I then later on found out that with Intec's matric is basically like a tutor to help you with matric not a institution where you can complete it as only...

INTEC College / unacceptable student support

Nov 17, 2017

I am a registered student with Intec collage and have logged several complaints to no avail. To start at the beginning: In April 2016 I submitted assignment 10060060-A (Project management). I only received my results in January 2017 that indicated that I failed the assignment. In a panic a...

INTEC College / unethical behaviour

Nov 16, 2017

HELLO... I am a student at intec, I must say that the college is really disappointing on the day on registration the people there spoke a whole lot of positive stuff about this college and my parents signed me up.. we even paid in full for the entire course which was a lot of money. After...

INTEC College / hr diploma not received

Nov 14, 2017

I have completed a Human Resources Diploma through Intec College. My statement of results with competent grade was issued on 13 January 2017. I was told that it will take up to 8 weeks to issue my diploma. On 31 May 2017 I have received a completion letter which stated that my POE wa...

INTEC College / unethical behaviour

Nov 07, 2017

I'm really dissatisfied with the way Intec college has been running things when it comes to two core subjects. This college has really made things difficult for me to finish this course with their incompetence. I tried every resource made available by the college to me but still got no...

INTEC College / request for termination of my course and a refund

Nov 03, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam I am kindly requesting for a refund for the certificate that I had registered for. I placed an order t o receive my textbook from a shop overseas. It has not yet arrived; and I am working so I will not be able to complete all of the required assignments in time since I have not...

INTEC College / scammers and bad services!!!

Oct 11, 2017

I registered with intec college on the 30 of june and I was dealing with a woman called Leticia swarts!!! she sent me every documents and told me how much to pay which I did and I never got any student number or anything.. I kept on calling her and licking her butt just so that I can find...

INTEC College / given faulty disc for illustrator (basic and advanced).

Oct 03, 2017

Good day, I have paid fees in full at Intec College for my brother to study Graphic design. They first gave us a faulty disc for Illustrator (Basic and advanced) and when we went to Braamfontein to enquiry they told us to download it from the student portal. We tried to download for more...

INTEC College / non issuing of certificate / rude staff

Sep 04, 2017

In September 2016, my staff member Student No: 10011715046 at Intec College, passed her final course exam and was notified that she had passed. Since October 2016, Ragel has attempted on numerous occasions to contact senior management at Intec in regards to the issuing of her graduation...

INTEC College / no response

Sep 04, 2017

Intec College has no student support whatsoever. I've registered for June exams 2017 for only 2 subjects and paid for only 2 subjects as per my registration forms and proof of payment send through to them. When I received my exam dates I saw that they registered me for a 3rd subject which...