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INTEC College

6th Floor, Fleetway House, 29 Martin Hammerschlag Way, Foreshore
Cape Town
South Africa

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 861 173 173(Info) 24 11
+27 21 417 6700(Head Office) 30 17
+27 514 308 030(Bloemfontein) 2 4
+27 214 260 626(Cape Town) 5 5
+27 313 749 700(Durban) 1 2
+27 178 112 102(Ermelo) 0 2
+27 363 525 083(Estcourt) 0 2
+27 117 492 001(Benoni) 0 2
+27 117 122 555(Johannesburg) 2 13
+27 137 522 427(Nelspruit) 1 2
+27 587 131 336(Phuthaditjhaba) 0 2
+27 333 451 665(Pietermaritzburg) 1 1
+27 152 914 384(Polokwane) 0 6
+27 415 850 777(Port Elizabeth) 0 3
+27 123 529 000(Pretoria) 1 5
+27 136 925 400(Witbank) 2 3

INTEC College Complaints & Reviews

INTEC College / no help what so ever

Jan 30, 2012

Hi my name is joeline. Im a student at intec colledge, I payed my last settelment like 2weeks ago, so I phoned and I phoned and every single time they put me through to several diverent people and none of them seems to help, all that they must do is to clear my account at the colledge so...

INTEC College / accounts department

Jul 28, 2011

I am really furious about Intec College, it was brought to my attention today that i was listed by Intec College it has been few years back that i studied at Intec, all my studies were completed and i obtained my relevant certificates and Intec College terms and conditions state you need...

INTEC College / refund - intec college

Jun 28, 2011

My Daughter applied for a course in Physocology and Counselling courses. My daughter (Melissa) paid the deposit and was given the run around everytime she phoned to find out where the books were. After 3 months she still had not got them. We phoned and had fax proof of deposit payment and...

INTEC College / payment

May 10, 2011

I fail to understand why Intec is sending me sms with regards to payment and telling me I am behind in payments when I only received my books at the end of March? I have made payments from March as I think it is a cheek from there side to ask me for payment for something I did not have. It...

INTEC College / poor service

May 03, 2011

I was approved for studying at intec and paid my deposit on12/04/2011. The call centre agent. Vimala Jasse said the whole process will take approx 21 days. It has been 21 days now first debit order was deducted and still no study material. I have phoned multiple times and receive empty...

INTEC College / intec college is rude and support is non-existent

Feb 22, 2011

After my 6th email and 1mil phone call to you in more than 1 year without any response, I just cannot take this anymore.I have been trying to phone you on every number I could find, but there is no answer, as I keep listening to music for hours.I even phoned the 0800- number I originally...

INTEC College / miscommunication, false promises, sloppy work

Feb 22, 2011

In the last week of January 2010 I sent off the last of my forms to Intec, applying for the Wedding Planner course. At first contact was good, but then it started dying. On Feb 3rd I was promised my confirmation of enrollment would be sent 'shortly'. Almost a month later...

INTEC College / no study material... after almost 60 days

Feb 09, 2011

I registered at Intec at the end of February, I was sent an email stating that I will receive my study material within 21 days. I paid my deposit as well. I called Intec after receiving no replies from my 'student advisor' Mabuso Khumalo. I was I nformed by Intec that my application wa...

INTEC College / worst service ever imaginable

Feb 09, 2011

I have been trying to get hold of the call center for 3 weeks now. I have been on hold for hours at a time. And yet my call has still not attended to. I managed to get hold of someone at the Head office in cape town, named Clayton. after the switchboard operator at this number placed me on...

INTEC College / no certificate after six weeks waiting

Jan 20, 2011

I was told exam results would be released on a certain date, and not to my suprise when i called intec on that date i was given the run around from 9 in the morning and only got my results at 3 in the afternoon when someone had to go and find my exam paper and read my results to me. I wa...

INTEC College / stay far away from intec college

Jan 14, 2011

Intec College are a bunch of liars and a bunch of thie ves!! They take your money. They don't send you your study material. They don't answer theirs phones. In order to get a refund, you need to provide your private and confidential bank statement to them?!?!?!?!?! The people on...

INTEC College / take money and no diploma, service is horrible


I paid the full amount for a course in Bookkeeping with Pastel Diploma in May 2008. When I asked that they send me the rest of the books, because I had not received my study Material where the assignments were in, I was told that the account had to be paid in full first before they could...

INTEC College / no study material


I enroled with Intec College on the 6 October 2010. I paid for the whole course in full. I still have not received any of my study material. We phoned them on a couple of times with no response. I have a month less, to complete my studies, due to the fact that I have not yet received anything from them yet.

INTEC College / service is non existent and response feedback is nothing short of shocking


I requested an exam voucher for my final IT exam on 12 October and was promised it would be sent via sms to me within 48 hours. Two weeks later I have phoned daily and nobody answers just voicemail and a tape playing one never gets through to a student consultant. Emails and contact on the...

INTEC College / poor service and zero response to queries


I attempted to register to write exams in April 2009 but could not due to a missing payment according to them - I paid the full R9600.00 up front for my course in September 2008. I again tried in July this year and made an additional payment of R1400.00 again up front. For some reason I...

INTEC College / pathetic feedback & no study material


I have registed with intec college a new course and i havent received and feedback from them i dont even have my study jmmaterial as yet or my new student number .i tryed phoning but they just make me wait and nothing happens how much longer do i have to wait for my stuff and i have paid...

INTEC College / wrong information received by student advisors


Id like to bring to your attention that the services i have received from intec was very poor and unacceptable firstly i registerd with intec and i was due to write an external exams end of july 2009 as thats when my course expires.i have phoned intec on many occasions got thru only to be...

INTEC College / bad service


In 2007 I went to enquire more info at intec about project management certificate my course expired on february they send forms for exam in april of which they didn't tell about, they only told me about assignments I send them all when I try to contact them they don't respond, and I paid...

INTEC College / stay away from intec college


I already complained about Intec not keeping to their promises and giving 10% discount where it is due. Even Karen does not answer my e-mails or calls. She does not even call back on messages that I have left her.