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INTEC College complaints 230

INTEC College - Absolutely appallingly - Such poor service levels!

I am a student with Intec since 2020

I was advised by Intec Student/Academic support department on the 23rd of August that exam results for June 2021 will be released on the 28 August 2021. I followed up on the 30th of August since I did not receive results and I was advised by Intec Student/Academic support department on the 3rd of September that my account is in arears, in order for exam department to release my results I must make my account up to date or contact accounts department . When I followed up with Credit Operations Team in CPT on the 3rd of September I was advised July debit order was reversed and to do a follow up with bank. I never received communication or a follow up from Intec accounts department stating technical issues/problems about the debit order. My account is always paid timeously and up to date! I phoned the accounts department in DBN also on the 3rd of September and spoke to a lady who said that she will investigate further. I sent proof of payments for June, July and August which was successful to the Credit Operations Team in CPT (Head Office) and mentioned that there is no failed transactions on bank account in the past 90 days! When I followed up again later in the day on the 3rd of September, the lady from the DBN branch further mentioned that my Intec account is up to date! The Credit Operations Team in CPT mentioned that once they receive clarity from the debit order department they will escalate the case to the exams department to assist with exam results. To date I have not received feedback from them. I do not understand what clarity, when it was confirmed telephonically with me, and the lady from the DBN branch checked with Intec debit order department that there is no outstanding payment and furthermore I submitted proof of successful payment!

I followed up with the lady from the DBN branch on the 6th of September, she mentioned she has no further feedback and in the process of escalating further. On the 7th of September the lady from the DBN branch advised that there is a problem with the debit orders for Intec which is being investigated, once its rectified she will provide further feedback. I don't understand how when the debit order for fees was deducted from bank account for August already, if there was a problem it would have not gone through? Such incompetence! There is no reason to hold back my June results

On the 7th of September I received communication from Intec that the formative and summative statement of results will be released on Friday, 10th September. The delay is pending approval of combined marks. Clearly I think this is not true since the information from DBN branch and CPT do not tie up and they are short staffed due to the work. Intec never fails to debit my bank account for fees but fail to provide a service. No creditability as an institution of quality learning and nothing but endless hassles and struggles. Intec college is truly a disgrace!

I deserve to be treated fair and right paying for this qualification/education

INTEC College - Poor service and continual deductions even after numerous cancellation

I applied for studies at Intec and paid 3000 cash they took 4months to send study material and I could no longer look forward to studying with them, I sent cancellations via email but they persistent in attempting to debit my account and take my money there correspondence is very weak.their people don't call back . they are not interested in assisting whether via email or telephone and take long to answer when they are called.they spam call everyday but no-one talks.It seems no-one their is interested in addressing this a poor man earning peanuts but they keep on deducting for something I don't receive any returns from.this is theft and they are crooks.i wanna everyone about their methods to con desperate people

Desired outcome: I want them to return my 1054 of end August and stop all interaction between me and them and stop trying to debit my account

INTEC College - Programming course

Good day,

My name is Malcolm Thom with Intec student number: ‪[protected]‬. I am writing to you today to hopefully get some answers, I trust that this e-mail will find you well and that we can sort this out.

I applied last year September 2020 for the "Further Education and Training Certificate: Computer Programming" course and had since started with the training. From the start I struggled to get some of the answers that I was looking for from the Student Counselor, Vanessa Leo. As soon as I got all of the information pertaining my course I started looking to buy the textbooks which I will require. I couldn't find any of them neither from Takelot nor from any other platform online, so I asked Vanessa if she could help me to find it. She agreed and I haven't heard anything from her since.

I got the number for Mindmatters in Pretoria and I contacted them, after some correspondence took place they told me that the textbooks which I was looking for was out of date and no accurate prints would be available for me to purchase. I went back to Intec offices in Century City, and there I spoke to Craig Aziz who then promised to help me find all of the textbooks. That was about 7 months ago.

In the meantime I was studying the documentation that was available to me through the student portal on the Intec website, which was only 2 subjects. I finished with everything and I went to write exams in June 2021. Where when I went to write the second exam, How to start a small business, my name wasn't even on the list and I had to wait there for an hour to get my exam. Which ended up to get me so stressed that I believe I didn't do as well as I could have.

Besides all that, I have been in contact with Craig Aziz a few times and he was of no help. The last time I was at Intec Head Office, he gave me a letter (Which is attached) that stated that my textbooks is out of print and that the course will have to be updated for me to receive the textbooks which I need. He promised that he will contact me within a week, that was the 3rd of May 2021, and up to date have heard nothing in the line of a solution from him. I phoned more than a couple of times to speak with him and he was not available every single time.

So in August 2021 I contacted again and managed to speak with Farren-Lee who promised me that she will enquire as to what the hold up is and I haven't heard back from her as well.

At this point I don't know who to go to who can help me. The course is supposed to end next month, September 2021, and I still haven't received any textbooks or even correspondence on what exactly is going on and quite frankly I am sick and tired of this whole situation. I have 5 subject to do still and I'm at the end of my time no thanks to the personnel of Intec College Head Office situated in Century City. They have been of no help to me whatsoever.

I paid the full amount of my course before I even started with it, I don't owe Intec anything, in fact Intec owes me a service which I'm not receiving AT ALL. I want to go as far as demanding to receive the textbooks free of charge, compensating me for all the worries and stress and lack of service. I'm stuck in a job where I have no advancement opportunities because of my lack of certification.

I implore you to look at my situation with understanding to my frustration and my situation and that you give me some helpful answers.

I'm afraid that my next step will have to be to go to the media and/or attorneys and to give negative reviews of Intec Collage if I don't receive positive feedback by the end of the month of August 2021.

Once again, I trust this e-mail will find you well and that we can come to a point where a solution is presented to me. A solution which is mirrored by the promise of service that Intec Collage made to me when I applied to be a student.

Desired outcome: To be able to finish the studies which I have already paid R20 000 for...

INTEC College - student portal inaccessibility

Most people have started to doubt the credibility of Intec as an institution of quality learning. The indecisiveness of its staff in solving obvious problems. For example, at the exam room you would wait for some hours before you get an exam paper as if no one knew about the exams; it is difficult to access student portal to be able to get the reading materials; e-mails remain not responded for a long time; it is a tough call to receive the exams and assignment results; staff at call centre are rude and hopeless.

Desired outcome: Immediate response

INTEC College - Results of 2020 Matric

Various email phone calls are being ignored. Results of test/exam never received by educational department. Did 5 subjects and cant continue with other 2 as waiting for results. They quick for the money and pathetic with service. Student no [protected]. So intec did not submit Sba to educational department to process everything. All feedback you mostly get is the automatic reply.

INTEC College - Poor service!

I have been a student with Intec since end of 2018 and all it has been is nothing but struggles. It has been exactly a year that I have been waiting for my Early Childhood Development NQF 4 ID 58761 Course results and certificate, but no one ever answers emails or phone calls, or when they do answer phone calls they put you through from one person to the next or they just put down the phone in your ear! It is HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE for a college not to get back to their students with regards to assignments, results, queries and so forth. I still have not received any feedback whatsoever regarding my assignments. I mean really this is my future and I can't get a job as a teacher without my certificates. Something needs to be done about this poor service. It is absolutely Unacceptable!

Desired outcome: For the College to give me my results and certificate!

INTEC College - Statement of Results and Course Certificate

Hi I have a big problem here, i finished my course early this year but still today I haven't got my certificate even the statement of results I requested before May 2021 i did not receive every time I call the college I am told that there is nothing I can be helped with I must just wait and I have explained that I really need those things so that I can be able to proceed further with my studies and at work its needed. Please help. I don't know which steps I must take now if the college itself cannot help me and I don't owe the college any money.

I do not believe that in the future we can have a good relationship if I take a legal route while I still want to further my studies with the college. Please I beg you I need this.

My student number is [protected]
Course is Bookkeeping Level [protected]

Desired outcome: To recieve my Certificate and Statement of Result

INTEC College - Waiting for my Diploma for 3 years

My name is Letty Ndlovu student no:[protected], I completed my National Diploma in Human Resource Management with Intec College, 2019 and I have not receive my Diploma till now, I send emails to them, went to their branch in Pretoria, called them but nothing. I have tried everything with no help from them, I don't know what to do anymore, I really need my Diploma please help me.

Desired outcome: Getting my Diploma

INTEC College - Service

Good day, requested help since 2019 the consultants in Intec college keep passing me over but not answering my questions... We have made an agreement with the recruitment consultant however she has given incorrect information to the campus. They then handed me over after me explaining this is a bursary and Phoenix debt recovery keeps pushing us around asking for payment not releasing results and employing people that don't know how to do their job properly! Please resolve this and give us a refund of our money paid for the first term and exam fees

Desired outcome: Refund

INTEC College - Certificate re-issue

Good day, Please could you assist me to resolve this matter? I have been trying since the beginning of June to get a re-issue of my grade 10 certificate. I have sent countless email...

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INTEC College - Exam results

I am struggling to get exam results from Intec . I wrote in November 2020. Since 01 March 2021 until 01 July 2021 I have been sending e-mails. The CAS no: 112329-W6J1R6

I would really appreciate my results as my life is on hold.

TC. Cleophas
Student No: [protected]

Desired outcome: The exam results be made available , it is 8 months later .

INTEC College - Failure to send certificate

In 2018 I resigtered and paid in full for beauty and health course.
I submitted all my assignments on time.
A year passed and I noticed I have not received any communication from the college regarding result. I've been sending emails where I was told there is no marker for the assignments. Next they granted me an extension on the course which was not needed because I have submitted on time and the college could not find the assignments on email. I sent them proof of submission which was accepted. 2 years later and still no certificate. No one responds to emails and no one answers calls.

Good day, trust that you are well. We apologize regarding the challenges that you have experienced. Please provide your student number and e-mail address so that we can assist you further or you may e-mail [email protected]

Student number [protected]
Email [email protected]

INTEC College - Award

I have been waiting to get my assignment results and my award/ Certificate. To Intec all this is a joke, getting hold of them is a nightmare. first they sent two different statement of results when I ask when will l recieve my award I'm told they will get back to me which they never do. Its so frustrating😡 to have people playing with our careers, 😭 I regret studying with them!!!

Good day, trust that you are well. We apologize regarding the delay. Please provide your student number and e-mail address so that we can assist you further or you may e-mail [email protected] together with your details.

INTEC College - Failure to deregister student affecting credit record

In 2018 my sister registered at Intec for lab technician course.
Due to unforseen circumstances she had to deregister in 2019. I sent an email requesting deregistration and they sent me the required documents which were completed and sent back. I have been following up since 2019 and now it's affecting my credit score negatively.
Please help me.

Desired outcome: Remove my name from credit bureau

Good day, trust that you are well. Please provide your student number and e-mail address so that we can assist you further or you may e-mail [email protected] together with your details.

INTEC College - Refund & cancelation

As per discussion in Feb 2021 with Shakier Achmet and Craig Aziz, they gave me a letter to say they will cancel my transaction with Intec and refund me my money. The refund should have taken place on 1 June 2021. No refund has take place.
Craig, Shakier and even Phillip Slatter refuse to take my calls.
My attorney send them a letter of demand and they ignored it.
We handed it over to the Sherrif dept in Cape Town to go and give them the letter.
They refuse to give answers and don't even reply to emails.
They will have a legal battle because they broke their end of the contract they agreed to.

Desired outcome: want my refund.

Hi Fanie, I am also waiting now for a 11 months for my refund and I also dealt with Graig (only by email).
The list of cc'd people in my emails is longer then my arm, their last answer to me (by email) was that I am on the shortlist but they can't give me a date. So, who knows, maybe there shortlist is another 11 months long. I hope you get your money.

Good day, trust that you are well. We apologize regarding the services that you have experienced. Please provide your student number and e-mail address so that we can assist you further or you may e-mail [email protected]

INTEC College - Grade 11 1st term results not received and 2nd term exams

STUDENT NO: [protected]

Good day

I have sent numerous emails asking for my sons 1st Term results and 2nd term exam schedule and I have still not received any of the above.
Intec did send a 2nd Term schedure but then sent a email informing me to ignore this.
I was even told the schedule was in the enrolement pack BUT this was never recieved and when I phoned Intec I was told students would not be recieving Enrolement packs.
This is my sons future hanging on the line. Students have so much to worry about in these stressful times, why are you adding to the stress levels.
All his tests and assignments has been handed in for Term1 at Damlin in Pretoria, so I do not understand the long wait for results.
No money is owed to Intec I pay every month by Debit Order.
Please get back to me on the above asap.

Good day, trust that you are well. We apologize regarding the challenges that you have experienced. Please provide your student and e-mail address so that we can assist you further or you may e-mail [email protected]

INTEC College - Very poor service

I regret ever enrolling with this institution..I used to get calls time and again when was still in a process of registering and I paid for the course in full..I wrote exams last year November and submitted my assignment all of them on time...till today I haven't recieved my results I have been calling emailing and still no one is bothered about that

Would appreciate your help I NEED MY RESULTS

Desired outcome: To get all my results

Good day, trust that you are well. We apologize regarding the challenges that you have experienced. Please provide your student and e-mail address so that we can assist you further or you may e-mail [email protected]

INTEC College - Refund

I don't know what's wrong with this college and their services, they don't answer emails, they don't inform me why they are taking so long to repay me. 3 years and I have been bagging them to pay me back, I want my money back INTEC college is just a scam, manipulators. They are so quick to make calls when you owe them but take decades to pay us back. Why am I suffering just to get my R4000 back? Why?. I deregistered in 2019 Jan and they said after 90 days they will pay me, it's 2021 and still nothing, no call, nothing

Desired outcome: Pay me back and respond to my emalis

Good day, trust that you are well. My apologies. We have escalated your matter to the relevant department to assist you.

If you've done so than why don't I get an email confirming what you are saying? Why haven't I received a call? Why are my emails being ignored? It's been 3 years and yet still I am begging for my own money. Till today no one from INTEC college has called me or explained something to me. It's like I'm communicating to myseld

INTEC College - Service regarding feedback from departments

I am so upset with Intec.
I am sending emails requesting feedback on the outcome of my assignments. Always receiving an answer that someone will come back to me but NOTHING happens..
I have submitted some assignments at January 2021 and till this date NO feedback.
I payed my student fees upfront of more than R 15 000.00 and I receive the WORST service ever...

Good day, trust that you are well. We apologize regarding the challenges that you have experienced. Please provide your student number and e-mail address so that we may assist you further.

INTEC College - Disgusted

This will be my third time leaving a complaint on this platform. No one has contacted me thus far.

I will not be leaving my details for someone to contact me but would like to get a number to speak to a superior or someone who can assist my concerns.

I've been personally emailing every email provided by intec and called in numerous times to be told this is being investigated, it's been more than 3 months, I've submitted a deregister form.

No feedback regarding my concerns!
Ps, Mkeducor, don't ask me to leave my student details as I know this is a waste of my time!

I am now requesting a number to contact your head department, I will look into chasing my own queries as you guys have failed to do so.

Update by Masudah
Jun 23, 2021

No one has contacted me. No one called and no emails.

I've asked for a contact number to call into your head department.

Good day, trust that you are well. My apologies for the delay. You may contact [protected].

Good day, trust that you are well. My apologies. Your details have been escalated to the relevant department to assist you further.

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