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6th Floor, Fleetway House, 29 Martin Hammerschlag Way, Foreshore
Cape Town
South Africa

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 861 173 173(Info) 24 11
+27 21 417 6700(Head Office) 30 17
+27 514 308 030(Bloemfontein) 2 4
+27 214 260 626(Cape Town) 5 5
+27 313 749 700(Durban) 1 2
+27 178 112 102(Ermelo) 0 2
+27 363 525 083(Estcourt) 0 2
+27 117 492 001(Benoni) 0 2
+27 117 122 555(Johannesburg) 2 13
+27 137 522 427(Nelspruit) 1 2
+27 587 131 336(Phuthaditjhaba) 0 2
+27 333 451 665(Pietermaritzburg) 1 1
+27 152 914 384(Polokwane) 0 6
+27 415 850 777(Port Elizabeth) 0 3
+27 123 529 000(Pretoria) 1 5
+27 136 925 400(Witbank) 2 3

INTEC College Complaints & Reviews

INTEC College / non issuing of certificate / rude staff

Sep 04, 2017

In September 2016, my staff member Student No: 10011715046 at Intec College, passed her final course exam and was notified that she had passed. Since October 2016, Ragel has attempted on numerous occasions to contact senior management at Intec in regards to the issuing of her graduation...

INTEC College / no response

Sep 04, 2017

Intec College has no student support whatsoever. I've registered for June exams 2017 for only 2 subjects and paid for only 2 subjects as per my registration forms and proof of payment send through to them. When I received my exam dates I saw that they registered me for a 3rd subject which...

INTEC College / extremely poor service

Sep 02, 2017

I've enrolled my electrical studies with intec and I must say that I have never experience such incompetency of institution staff like the ones of intec.The journey of my studies with intec has been very streesfull.I feel like they just after your money and that all, they really don't care...

INTEC College / no response to calls or emails

Aug 29, 2017

It seems Intec not only fails to respond to emails, the call centre doesn't answer phones and they delete Facebook complaints without resolving the complaint. We paid for a full year in advance as well as for the controlled tests, I have sent numerous emails requesting conformation that...

INTEC College / de-registration

Aug 05, 2017

im a studendt of intec. I registered this year. due to financial difficulties I had to de-register. I e-mailed my documents on the 22 of march 2017 then the 9 of may 2017 again and ever since I never received any feedback from them. everytime I call to do enquiry their system is either...

INTEC College / studies - no one answer the emails

Jul 19, 2017

I live abroad and was told while visiting their Cape Town offices to email however they don't respond to emails. Am rather surprised as they were very much in contact when I had to pay for the 4 courses but now that I need their assistant they simply ignore emails. How am I to complete the...

INTEC College / study termination

Jul 11, 2017

good day i hope to receive help registered in January 20th 2016 and i was told that ti would receive my study material in 21 working days and from thee on it was not delivered in may the same year after having not received my study material i requested that they terminate my registration i was then...

INTEC College / intec college will not respond to me about my cancellations

Jul 07, 2017

im Nadine a student of intec college, I have signed up with them in 2015, I have decided to cancel with them this year due to no help or response from them. when I did get thou to them I was advised to send all my payments, enrolment details and other documents and to email it to the...

INTEC College / 2016 results not received

Jun 22, 2017

Due to your payment technical problems I have to suffer for not getting my results n calling for queries the account department has no patience and they rude instant of doing follow up. Since I've started with Intec they never sent me statement result n only one subject they assume I wrote...

INTEC College / lack of response

May 17, 2017

Good morning Sir / Ma’am Student No: 10011734849 I am writing this email as I have not received any correspondence from you in regards to my request since last year. I am currently busy with my Level 5 ECD studies. As I have been working a full time job last year and therefore I...

INTEC College / exam cancellation affecting my credit scoring

May 15, 2017

I have been calling INTEC requesting to correct and update my account, because they did not submit my request to cancel examination and was given incorrect advise by their incompetent agent, I have been dealing with different agents and with no luck I'm not receiving any assistance or...

INTEC College / unethical behaviour/registration dispute

May 10, 2017

Good Day, To whom it may concern, I would like to lay a formal complaint, and do request it being resolved. Back in the middle of last year being 2016, I applied for Matric via Intec Correspondence College. I spoke to an Amanda Zumba who asked me to forward all my documents as per...

INTEC College / deregistration declined

May 08, 2017

I registered in 2013 for human resource management and the following year I paid all my fee in full but fue to my demanding work I couldn't study and I cancelled my course later last year but I was told that my cancellation have been declined due to late submission of documents, I worked...

INTEC College / de-registration

May 05, 2017

Good Day I have sent a De-Registration forms on the 21 February 2017 because i had moved jobs and they taking me to school. Responded as follows : Dear Student, 21 February Thank you for making contact with our offices. We acknowledge receipt of your query, and confirm that a Student...

INTEC College / matric registration

Apr 25, 2017

My sister Michelle Sibiya and I went to Intec College in Pietermaritzburg to register for her Matric re-right. We were assisted by Bongo Mkhize. We made full payment on the 31 Jan and emailed her the proof of payment. I called her a week later to get feedback on the registration. She informed...

INTEC College / term marks 2016 not issued to college

Apr 05, 2017

Dear Sir / Madam I wrote exams last year in November 2016 at Westcol in Randfontein and for some reason my term marks was not received or captured on the system. Intec has send through the term marks for 2 subjects on the same day but I have failed one since the term marks was not...

INTEC College / service

Apr 03, 2017

I am still awaiting feedback for a refund which was completed on the 5september 2016 from the accounts department for a subject that I never did due to intecs lack of communication. #worst place to study at!!! Now they have handed me over to a debt collector as I cancelled my last 3...

INTEC College / general information and study material

Mar 17, 2017

Student 10012014070 • We have received the study materials today but they are all in English after we discussed that all her study materials will be in Afrikaans. • We still have not received her login details • She also read in her study guide book that there was an assignment due...

INTEC College / unethical behaviour

Feb 16, 2017

Was advised by Intec College towards end of 2016 I will be emailed as to when the next exam registration date is. Went into their offices in Port Elizabeth this morning only to find out that the registration date for June 2017 exams is already closed. They cannot explain as to why they did...

INTEC College / exams

Dec 14, 2016

Hi Intec suck!! they don't come back with feedback!!! I wrote 4 subjects in the November exam session 2016, of the 4 subjects 3 of the subjects question paper was wrong !!! I phoned and I emailed and phoned again but still no answers I payed for those subjects and I have to drive +/- 120km...

INTEC College / no student support

Nov 15, 2016

My son (student nr 10011963270) lodged his assignments on 27 oct. I wish to lodge a complaint about your services. We sent in my son’s assignments on 27 october, and have not had any confirmation that you have received them. we had to send them from my email address, as you system was down...

INTEC College / study material not received /assignment not marked

Jul 12, 2016

After numerous attempts to get any support from Intec on all my queries since the beginning of 2016 I do not know what to do anymore. I turn myself to you now in the hope that something will now be resolved. I have phoned and spoke to almost every student consultants at Intec without any...

INTEC College / my award still not received

Jun 01, 2016

My name is Caleisle Ngwenya, student number: 10011730513. I finished my studies with Intec College which is under the ambrella of ICG College Group, in mechanical engineering by January 2016. i was told i would receive my award after 8 weeks of completion and final payment. i made the...

INTEC College / unhappy about billing

Apr 12, 2016

I would like to voice out my complaint. On the 12.02.16 I registered for an Intec course in Graphic Design, I paid an amount of R1300 as a deposit. 14 days later I received my study materials, during the course of 2 weeks I decided to start my assignment as I was excited. I then realised...

INTEC College / study material outstanding

Jan 29, 2016

I registered with Intec College beginning of October 2015 for the ICB Office Administration diploma which is a 3 year course. My first year is to obtain the National Certificate in Office Administration. On the 23rd of November 2015 I received my text books and found that 5 text books were...

INTEC College / exchange of 'outdated' textbooks

Jan 20, 2016

I registered with Intec in January 2015 for the Technical Financial Accounting course. I was told when registering that because I have paid for the three courses upfront, I will receive all my textbooks together. I said to the consultant that I dont want all the textbooks at one time as I...

INTEC College / refund

Dec 10, 2015

Hi my name is Nomthandazo Sibanyoni, I registered with the college in August 2015 and the application was later decline after I had made a payment for registration. I have been dealing with Natasha Martin and recently when I send emails she is not responding and when you try calling her...

INTEC College / awaiting certificate

Nov 17, 2015

I registered for basic safety and electrical with intec college in 2013. I was supposed to be credited with my certificate upon my completion, but I was told that I wont be given an award without a practical, when I registered for the course it excluded the practical material and I paid...

INTEC College / refund due for 5 years!

Oct 22, 2015

To: '[email protected]' Subject: FW: 10011492725- Good day Please urgently advise on the below refund I have been waiting the last 5 years for, The below is an email trail, whereby Natasha has advised me of processes surrounding a refund. Surely, as I have already waited 5 years, I...

INTEC College / lack of response on refund - 60 days overdue

Sep 07, 2015

This letter is to complain about service I received from Intec College. I cannot name anyone specifically as I get through to different Call Centre Agents each time and my complaint actually lies with your Cancelations Department and the Department that is supposed to pay me back my money...

INTEC College / mislead on course available won't refunc

Aug 06, 2015

On the 21st of January 2015 we applied to enroll Bianca Nel for Intec Coreldraw x 4 short Course Certificate Sibahle Magcu helped us to submit all documents and send us an invoice 1233-2527663, we had to do a payment of R5727.00. This was transferred into Intec's account on the 23rd...

INTEC College / refund still not received

Jun 25, 2015

Last year I applied for a course (First Aid level1). I competed all the documents and registration and made payment in full. Few weeks later I enquired about my study material only to be informed the course was discontinued. This was last year Oct. I requested refund and had to complete...

INTEC College / refund overdue

Apr 24, 2015

My child registered with intec to write her matric. All docs were completed and sent. We were informed before registration can be done we have to make payment. We decided to make FULL payment instead of a payment plan which amount to R7 thousand odd. We were then advised they could not...

Intec - Diploma / awaiting my completed diploma

Mar 18, 2015

I recently completed my Diploma in Financial Account (full programme) with this institution and have not yet received my award. Everytime I enquire I am told that I will be getting an update or feedback with 48 to 72 hours and that never happens - I am the one who always has to keep...

INTEC College / absolutely shocking and unprofessional

Mar 17, 2015

Just to give you an idea of the level of service thus far: 5 Consultants and 5 phone calls later, promised to refer this to procurement. 3 Consultants and another 3 phone calls later promised to refer this to management. Your Facebook page has made 2 promises ( to contact me) they never...

INTEC College / paralegal diploma

Aug 29, 2014

I have registered with Intec College on the 08 Aug 2012. I have received my books by he end of Aug 2012. Novemer 2012 was the first exam session and there was 2 months left to study and for me as a new student I ask them if my course is going to be extended because thy send m book late and...

INTEC College / incompetence

Dec 13, 2013

I find it hard to believe that through sheer incompetence I was registered for a course that is not even as yet available at INTEC. Apologies were made, but no further feedback was communicated to me and no response to emails or phone messages to call me back was or is answered. I am...

INTEC College / cancellation of the course

Jul 13, 2012

I applied to study with Intec College last year 25 November 2011 and I paid my registration fee, the registra told me that I will receive my study materials in 21 days after my registration. I received my study materials after two months and I didn't reveive all of them. The software...

INTEC College / no debit, late statement claiming I owe more than I do

May 13, 2012

I registered with Intec in December 2011, they only allow debit orders on their application form, Nelly who registered me also said only debit orders, no EFT allowed. I was told I will make my first payment January 2012, then told end of February, no debit wet off and when I phoned...

INTEC College / refund

Feb 20, 2012

hi my name is Nontando Lukhele i registered with intec college in 2010 for a matric rewrite only to find that the are not registered with DoE a few months later, i had to cancell my studies and ask for my refund till today i have been waiting for my money when i call they tell me that they...