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On Wednesday, February 20th I attempted to use my debit card and was unable to do so. I called ING
customer service and was told that my account had been placed on restriction because it was scheduled to be closed on Friday, February 22nd. I then asked to be transferred to a supervisor and was transferred to Carlos.

When Carlos got on the phone I asked him to explain what was going on. He told me that my account is
being closed and that all access to any funds in my account has been restricted. I explained to him that
I have $2 (two dollars) in my purse because all of my money is at INGDirect bank (over $2,000). I further explained that I have a 3 year old that I have to feed. I have no gas in my car. I need to have access to my money to feed my child and put gas in my car. Even if only granted temporary access to allow me to withdraw a few hundred dollars, it would be enough to allow me to take care of my child until this matter is fully resolved.

I also informed Carlos that I had not received any notification that the account was being closed--which
is illegal.

I requested to speak to his supervisor and he informed me that he is the highest ranking person at ING and that in order to speak to someone else, I have to send an email.

In addition, I informed Carlos that I have several bills scheduled to be paid from the account and my
payroll is scheduled to be deposited on Thursday to be available on Friday. He told me that there is nothing that can be done but that he would check with several departments and call me back.

Meanwhile, I went online and checked my account. I had 8 bills that were scheduled to be paid on 2/19
(yesterday). I noticed that all of those bills were still listed to be paid on 2/21. I called to inquire
as to why I had received a confirmation from ING Direct indicating that my bills had been paid when, in
fact, they had not. The customer service agent told me that ING had experienced problems but had NOT
INFORMED CUSTOMERS that their bills had not been paid as scheduled.

This evening Carlos returned my call and informed me that there was nothing that could be done. He told me that they added an additional restriction to my account that would reject my payroll on Friday but that that was the most that could be done. I asked if the account could be closed immediately so that my funds can be returned to me immediately. He said no that I would have to wait until the account is closed on Friday then ING would attempt to return the money to my RBC account (which I had previously indicated was recently closed) then, after waiting several business days for the funds to be returned from RBC, a check would be cut and sent to me. He indicated that this entire process would take 7 to 10 business days.

I exclaimed that this was not acceptable because, again, I have a 3 year old to take care of, $2 in my
purse and no gas in my car. Furthermore, I had not received any notice that the account was being closed. He (Carlos) indicated that there was nothing that could be done or that he would do to help me. He then indicated that an email had been sent to me on January 17th. I immediately informed him that I had received no such email so I find it extremely suspicious that I have all other emails I have received from ING but no record of having ever received that particular email.

I then requested that all email communications that have been sent to me from ING be resent to me.

Again, I requested to speak to his supervisor or another supervisor in his department. He again
informed me that he is the highest ranking official at ING and that in order to speak to someone else I have to call customer service again. I asked if he could transfer me and he said no that I would have to call customer service again.

I called customer service and spoke to someone and again explained the entire situation. I explained
that I was calling back to speak to another supervisor but he said that another supervisor would tell me the same things that Carlos had stated. While speaking to this gentleman I again requested if the account could be closed immediately and the funds sent to me. He said no. I asked if I could simply link another checking account to my ING account so that the funds could be transferred to that account (which is open) instead of the RBC account which is closed. He said no. I again requested if I could have a copy of all of the email communications that had been sent to me from ING. He checked with Carlos then returned to the line to tell me that Carlos indicated that he had never before received such a request and that it would take 48 to 72 hours to research the issue. I asked, "just for clarification, does this response constitute a yes or a no?" He replied that he did not know and that this was all that Carlos had told him. Finally, I asked if the returning of the funds could be expedited by sending the funds via overnight mail -
which I am happy to pay for. He told me no that I could not receive the money via overnight mail even
though I was offering to pay for that service myself. I also inquired as to why there was no official
written communication, sent via postal mail, informing me of the impending closure of the account. He said that it was not ING's policy to send communication via postal mail. He then told me to reach out to family, friends and credit cards to support myself and my child until this matter is resolved!

To be clear: all I want is to have my money returned to me so that I can feed myself and my child over the
next few days and have gas in my car. Instead, ING is keeping my money hostage and refusing to allow
me any access to my funds even though they did not provide me with any notice of the closure of the
account. I have attempted to compromise by offering other possible alternatives: allowing me to link
another active account to expedite the process, paying for the check to be sent via overnight mail, closing
the account today to expedite the process and countless other options I have presented. All of my
offers of compromise were refused. Instead, ING has chosen to act with such hubris by purposely disobeying the law by not providing me with advance notice of the account closure, and thus
placing me and my child at risk by not allowing me any access to my money even though I informed their staff that all I have access to is $2.

ING Direct's actions are disgusting and reprehensible, not to mention illegal.


  • Df
    dfbg Oct 26, 2013

    I have been attempting to withdraw my money which is only a hundred dollars and it seems every time I try to log in they make me request a new pin and it doesn't seem to arrive in my mailbox. Finally, I have gotten through and they did send a new pin but now I cannot access my account with all of my correct information as it is directing me to call them and they are closed. They seem to be having much customer service related problems that they cannot handle so I want to withdraw all of my money out and now am having difficulties doing so.

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  • Lb
    lbrdon Sep 13, 2012

    I don't have a bank account with ingdirect but I do have a sharebuilder account with them. After reading these post I'm glad I didn't open up a banking account. It must be horrible when someone holds your money and you made plans around that money. This has happened to me before but with different accounts. My problem with this company is I purchased stock from 0.00 to 4.00 per trade not realizing that it would costs me 10.00 per trade to sell the stocks. My account on the surface looks like it's worth 310.00 but if I sell the stock I would end up only getting 30.00. When I signed up I did not realize that only the automatic trades were free or 4.00. The live trades costs way too much. Only worth it if you buy limited stock and it makes you money.

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  • Is
    [email protected] Jul 06, 2011

    Same thing just happened to me today...and I am working out of town, in a motel with $12 other access to money...This can't be legal! Since ING is on-line banking only - no paper checks - there is nothing that could possibly come thru that is not already indicated in pending tansactions that they would be responsible for...they are holding my money hostage!

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  • In
    IngCust Jun 26, 2011

    Sometimes it's dificult to access your own account for Ing Direct. I have never had so much problems accessing my accounts with any other big financial institutions. They call it security but I think they have a lousy computer systems. I am puuling my money out.

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  • Ce
    Cecc76 Apr 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been with ING for about 10 years and they recently decided to close my account for no reason. I never received notice whether mail or email from them. My direct deposit goes into that account. They don't care. Their attitude oh we will reopen but it will be a new account number. That does not help me at all. I am so disappointed. I will never deal with an online bank again. Strictly brick&mortar from now on.

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  • Di
    dissatisfied with ING Mar 10, 2011

    I am having a similar experience with this ING company. ING Direct stole my money. That is what happened. They took a deposit, Then said they needed More verification. There is no more verification. Customer service is actually "sales" said they could not forward the matter to someone who could help, but eventually did forward it to another department, who essentially did nothing. They have not returned the deposit. I cannot use the funds. They have refused to close the account - even though their terms indicate that account can be closed at anytime by either party. This company seems to be very happy to steal people's money. I wish I had checked these complaints before I did anything with them. Instead, I trusted the AFFILIATE link that was sent to me from Tyler Tervooren. This is another, separate problem: affiliates with no liability for the problems that result from people trusting them.

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  • Ja
    Jayden2010 Feb 05, 2011

    ING Direct is a bunch of crooks. They closed my account up also because someone from the company called me on my cell phone, started to ask me some personal questions, like SSN, DOB, Address, Name, Drivers Lic#, ECT..I refused to answer any of their stupid questions. Well they STOPPED my account and refused for me to gain access to my account. I called tried to speak to the highest stupidvisor and I didn't get anywhere. I called the FBI in Dover and they said there nothing they can do. ING Direct needs to be put out of business.

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  • Vo
    voxleo Dec 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Lekha,

    This is a public forum to post grievances about certain companies so that others can get information about those companies and decide if they want to give them their business; the site operates independently from INGdirect bank and is not affiliated with them at all, so has no authority to deal with your personal situation. If you can, you may wish to remove your account information from the above post for security purposes and redirect your letter to customer service at INGdirect.
    Good Luck.

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  • Le
    leks Dec 16, 2010

    Dear All,

    This is Lekha Bansal from kanjurmarg. I hold an account in your bank since last 5 month my Account number is [protected], , Juhu Branch.

    I had given a cheque in the name of Dr.Kamlesh Bhagat amount of rupees 7000/- where I had not mentioned the date and normally he calls and informs me that he is putting the cheque. This time is didn’t inform me and I got a call from at 3.15pm the Juhu Branch that a cheque has reflected in my account of 7000/- and my account had a balance of Rs.6105/- .That lady asked me deposit the Variable amount before 3.30pm where as I work at Kanjurmarg and you guys have no branches at Central Zone at all and for me to reach was impossible cause to reach any of your western branch would have taken me 30 to 45 mins and I don’t have anyone staying at western line. My main account is HDFC Bank and not ING so I didn’t maintain much amount and even to do any online transfer I registered ING account to my HDFC and to get activated it take 24 hrs so online transaction was impossible again in a span of 15 mins

    I asked the lady to hold the cheque and said that I will deposit the money in morning and whereas she didn’t inform me any cheque return charges on it at all. I somehow managed to get the balance to 7000/- and suddenly today I see my amount being less and there was a return charge of rs 221/- which was not intimated by any one from the Juhu branch.

    I called up the customer service today 16th Dec 2010 and spoke to Mr. Kumar and as per the conversation he said that he has given me a privilege by just letting me know about the return of the cheque and not mentioning about the return charges as it is not the banks duty. He says that it’s a privilege that he is giving us a Zero Balance account. I want to know in any banks if there is return cheques aren’t they suppose to intimate you about the charges in advance so why can’t ING people do it .if I was been intimated earlier then I would have put some additional amount so that the balance is maintained and I would have not mind paying the charges back again.

    As per government rule there cannot be any transaction by any party even by the bank itself without any intimation to me or permission by me even if it’s a return charge.

    I request you to look into this matter and request you to reverse my amount by Rs. 221/- Before that cheque reflects again and I again get a charges of Rs. 221/- .

    Best Regards,

    Lekha Bansal

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  • Jr
    JR32757 Jul 08, 2010

    After opening an ING Orange savings account, I decided to open a Sharebuilder account and purchase some stocks. Needless to say my experience turned horrible when ING sold my stocks for less than I purchased them for because "the transfer of funds" did not go through. Even though I was just transferring funds from ING account to another. I DID monitor this activity every day, and it looked to me, on the account, that everything went through just fine.

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  • Vo
    voxleo Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This country is beginning to cop an attitude in general to those who are financially strapped. At the same time, however, we have come upon the first time that the current generation is likely to end up with FEWER assets than the generation preceding. For those of you who turn up your nose at people who are living hand to mouth on the edge of zero, I think it highly likely that you haven't found out how difficult it is to get ahead by starting from zero, or worse yet even less than zero. I used to have a credit score of 700 and now I don't even want to know what it is anymore since it hardly seems likely that I'll be able to fix it. It is a mistake to discredit the poor as non-people, yet that is exactly what is happening on grand scale. I myself have just had my Electric Orange checking account closed because I had too many transactions DENIED. Not overdrawn, simply denied because I tried to put a charge through for a few cents more than what I had available . I actually asked to remove that option since I didn't wish to accrue any debt, even at 7% interest and sans fee. Worse still, the offending transaction happened over the weekend which meant that come Monday I was greeted with a notice that my account had been closed.

    As it happens, I have an extremely high IQ and extraordinary skill in mathematics (and in almost every subject, in fact), but even I cannot seem to understand bank math, and have run afoul of checking accounts at banks time after time because of unexpected fees or debits that were re-ordered. I thought that it was safer and more responsible to discontinue their very reasonable overdraft protection, but this was obviously a mistake. At first I tried to undo what I undid, but was unable to reverse the option of having that protection removed, and now that I am (temporarily, I hope) unemployed, budgeting can be a near thing on sporadic income from odd jobs. I don't know how many times is too many, but something put me over the limit and I have been summarily dismissed as a customer from an institution that I had been very positive about as being not designed to take advantage of those with minimal funds. What I didn't see was their design on not being interested in anyone who did not have sufficient resources as a long term customer.

    As it happens, I am the only child of parents with very considerable assets which will pass to me in the event of their death. I really hope that I can pull myself out of being a financial non-entity before that event (but if the corporations of the world have their way it may not be possible) but even if I don't do it on my own, I can guarantee that someday you greedy [censor] will be very keen on having my business then. I promise I will remember how quickly you dismissed me because your computer had to deny a debit charge.

    What makes the 10% of the people who control 90% of the money in the world think that they can dispose of the less desirable 90% of the population? And even if they could, what makes them think they could stay out of the mud without all the backs of the people they step on to do so? Fools. There is no security anywhere when the majority of the populace are discontent.

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  • Ch
    chunkylover56 Jun 19, 2010

    All of you are a bunch of idiots (except for DemiGod). They dont close your account for no reasons at all. They close you if you withdraw from you savings account too many times (Federal Law states that you are only allowed 6 withdrawals a month), you stay in the negatives too long in you Checking Account or if you do something completely stupid with your accounts. If you're the type of customer that has internet access and still call in to make a transfer or have a stupid question that can be answered very easily online, trust me, we hate you. Let me make a better statement, if you call in period, we hate you with a passion!!! Now obviously from that statement you can tell what my relationship to ING Direct WAS. Thats right WAS. Now dont think I am defending the bank. I hated that place with a passion. Why did i hate that place you ask? Its because of people like you complaining about BS on situations that you yourself caused. How can you forget you PIN number!!! You have an email address and access your account online, why cant you handle your transfers online!!! You wanna know the damn rates?? Go on the freaking website!!! Now the procedures and so called security the bank has is BS anyways. They have the ability to do a lot of things to make things easier for you but they just simply refuse to do it, but remember, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the bank so there is no way you can win. Go head talk to a lawyer, contact the BBB, contact the FBI...all that isnt gonna do squat for you. The idea of the bank os good on paper but there in reality it isnt. Wonder why the rates are not as competitive??? Its because they dont want to pay their customers the higher interest because they aren't making enough money from the mortgages. So they lower the rates to control the inflow of deposits. In other words they only want to make money off of you, not help you save your money. I hated you, the customer that calls in, and I hated the company.

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  • Ng
    NGL Feb 09, 2010

    Yes, the same thing happened to me with ING direct. They abruptly closed my account saying that they didn't want to do business with me. Probably because I chewed them out on the phone. Further, they are still holding my money and refuse to return it and claiming that I still owe them interest on a overdraft loan which was paid long ago! Each time that I have called them to try and get my money back and remedy the situation, I have been put on hold numerous times, transfered numerous times and NOBODY knows how to help! Each time that I have called them, I estimate that I have spent over an hour--who has that kind of time to waste! I certainly would never do business with them again and from having read other people's comments, it seems as though I am not the only one!
    Shame on ING and double shame on Arkadi Kuhlman the CEO who thinks he's hot stuff since he was just featured on the cover of Costco Magazine!

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  • De
    DemiGod Aug 23, 2009

    Hey DANA1974... the Terms and Conditions of the Orange Savings Account clearly state: "You agree that we may, from time to time, obtain credit information about you from credit reporting agencies." Terms that you agreed to when you opened the account. Don't be so surprised. Besides, if you have crappy credit (regardless of the excuse) and you have mental health issues, what makes you think ANY institution would wanna do business with you? You're an unneccessary risk. And FYI - if ING Direct is refusing to do any further business with you, don't worry about thinking about trying again with them. You've been BANNED as a customer and couldn't have an account if you wanted to.

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  • Da
    dana1974 Aug 01, 2009

    I had a savings account with ING Direct. They closed it suddenly, stating that they had pulled my TransUnion credit report and didn't like what they saw, thus they were refusing to do any further business with me. In their defense I had made more withdrawals in a month than I should have done according to federal regulations--the feds only let you withdraw from a savings account six times a month. My fault entirely, I do not blame them. But THAT IS NOT WHY THEY SAID THEY WERE CLOSING MY ACCOUNT. Furthermore, WTF with the credit check for a *savings account*? I have NEVER had a bank do that to me. Additionally they picked the worst possible credit bureau to ask about me. I have crappy credit anyway thanks to a traumatic divorce and subsequent extreme reduction in income; I've been struggling hard the last ten years between that and mental health issues. OK, fine. But TransUnion is notorious for dragging its feet when it has inaccuracies on your credit report and you have to give them your right arm, your left leg, your first great-grandchild and a contract selling your soul to the devil, in triplicate, before they'll change anything. Basically it was the stupidest possible situation I could imagine. Occasionally I think about trying again with ING but after reading stuff like this I think I'd rather not.

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  • De
    DemiGod May 25, 2009

    Hey "UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER", California Penal Code Section 631 & 632 clearly states that it is unlawful to record a conversation "...without the consent of all parties." As soon as you call ING Direct you are informed "This call is recorded quality and security purposes." So if, after hearing that you stay on the line and carry on a converstion, you have consented to having the conversation recorded. If you don't consent... all you have to do is hang up. Next time you want to sound smart and quote California Law, make sure you ACTUALLY read it first.

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  • Un
    Unsatisfied Customer May 16, 2009

    ING directs records all conversations made in state of california, which is in violation of California Penal Code Sections 631 & 632.

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  • La
    La`Tosha L. Partin-rown Mar 07, 2009

    I just had an issue with ING in trying to open a checking account and them wanting me to verify my father's brother's birth date. now i already have a savings account, so I thought the process would be simplified due to being an existing customer. The customer service representative Robbie was rude and when I asked to speak with his supervisor I was told that I had to e-mail or mail the Ombudsman. I was basically called an identity theif becaue I didn't know my uncle's birth date. Mind you i have never lived with this person nor do i associate with them. We are a military family and move from place to place and having birth dates of non-immediate family members is not something that would be readily available. I have been a member since 2004 and refuse to continue to do business with them.

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  • To
    tomeka Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same exact thing just happened to me. ING told me that they reviewed my account, and due to it being overdrawn a few times they decided to close my account. They also froze my account without warning. Like the first person wrote, I too had no gas, food or cash. All of my money was in the bank. I had a habit of just using my debit card for everything. I spoke to a supervisor, Steve, explained all of this to him. Also, like the fist person wrote, the account that was on file had been closed for a long time. I had actually attempted to link my new checking account, but hit the wrong button due to a computer glitch, and needed to actually send in a paper check, which I hadn't gotten a chance to do. I explained this to Steve, and after absolutely not taking no for an answer, Steve made arrangement to limitedly remove the restriction enough for me to link my new checking account to their system, so they could just send the funds to my active account, rather than have my money bounce around, and wait for a paper check. The next day, I added my active checking account with Wachovia, the next day they deposited the two small deposits for verification & I verified it. After all of this, those idiots still mistakenly sent my money to the old account, and I still haven't received my funds. It has been two weeks. I have never heard of a bank closing an account while there are funds there. If they had a problem with the small overdrafts I had, mainly not calculating right when getting gas, why didn't they close my account at that time? They waited to an isolated moment, when there had been no overdrafts and my account was funded to close it. They could have closed it at the time of incident or given notice. I understand they have the right to refuse my business, but do they have a right to hold my money captive? I am a single parent, who at the moment, basically lives check to check, so needless to say, this really, really hurt me. It was also too late to stop my direct deposit from my job, so I still haven't been paid anything. I didn't have the funds to pay for my car insurance, and in my state, lapsed insurance can result in an automatic 90 day suspension of your vehicle registration. Can anyone advise me as to what to do?

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  • Ch
    Chris Nov 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the same problem with ing. They will not give me a direct answer as to why my account is being closed. The last thing that I was told was that back in April something was presented on my account that I did not have funds for. They refused it, but never sent an email or letter saying that something was presented. I did not authorize it and have no idea what it could have been. I have been using the account without a problem until November 14th.They just now put my account on restriction November 14th. They did not notify us in anyway. When I tried to use my debit card, it was denied, so I called. They keep accepting my direct deposits, which have now been cancelled, but said no funds would be released until they finished reviewing it. I have called everyday and they keep saying that it will be closed today and your funds will be released in 2-3 buisiness days. I am being lied to by ing employees about what is going on and when my money will be returned. Thanksgiving is this week and I have no idea when our money will be returned. I do not care about the checking account and have already transferred my savings account over. I just want my money back! How can they keep it for over 10 days and refuse to put anything in writing?

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  • Pa
    Pablo Apr 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You failed to mention why ING Direct closed your account... care to clarify?

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