Infinity Insurancethey are giving me the run around

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One of their customers hit me last week and I filed a claim with their insurance, INFINITY, and they were supposed to send someone to estimate the damage but it has been a week and not only no one has showed up but no one has even been returning my calls. Everytime I try to contact them I get a voicemail.



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      Aug 26, 2008

    This is by far the worst and shadiest company ever. Jeremy one of their claim reps was rude and confrontational; at least when I got him on the phone. For months he just never returned my calls. I now have an attny handling my claim who is having a horrible time. Note this accident was not my fault, was hit by an Infinity policyholder, totaled my brand new car. I lost my car, my down paymnet, had to purchase a new car with a new down pymt, was hospitalized and had medical problems & a 4500 in med costs as a result... Its unbelieveable. I advise noone to buy ins.from them they are corrupt and have the worst customer service ratings.

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      Oct 16, 2008

    I would be interested in seeing how infinity Insurance feels about being called corrupt and what evidence Ms. Mayse has to support this libel.

    And for the record, if you get an attorney, the adjuster is not allowed to call you back, this is a choice you make not the insurance company.

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      May 05, 2009

    i had a car stolen in Nov. 6 2008. I'm still making the notes today. They say they are investigating. Investigating what? They just don't want to pay the claim.

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      Dec 08, 2009

    Got hit by infinity policy holder - getting run around and VM everytime I call. Their policy holder hasn't reported claim or talked to them either. I just hope it works out.

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      Jul 14, 2012

    It's been almost two weeks, I do NOT have an attorney, but can not get Infinity to return my calls on either my cell, or home numbers. They do not return calls to the body shop doing the repair. I am not insured by Infinity. However, the person who hit me has Infinity.

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