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I sent the following letter to the CEO of infinity insurance after a horrible experience I had with them today. Can anyone comment on what you think may happen from this, if anything? Thanks.

I am writing this letter in regard to a very disappointing, and disturbing experience that I encountered with the on line payment processing of Infinity. On Dec. 1, 2009, I logged on to my on line Infinity account to make my monthly installment payment, which I have been doing for several months now. On this day, I clicked the link labeled “Make payments”, which brought me to a screen asking for a credit card, or check payment; I clicked credit card (again, as I always do), which brought me to a screen showing “Current amount due $86.96”, below, I entered my debit card information and clicked the link labeled “Process Installment Payment”. After clicking this link, a new page came up showing “Thank you for your payment of $732.00. “ Not only did I not authorize this dollar amount, but it was also not shown anywhere on the form I filled out on line, the only dollar amount shown was my normal $86.96 monthly installment amount.
I immediately called Infinity, and spoke to someone by the name of Stanely Moore, and explained the severity of the situation, and explained that this is more than my entire pay check that I had just recently deposited into my bank account about 30 minutes prior to making this payment. After Mr. Moore told me he could reverse the payment, and it would take approx. 2-3 days for the funds to go back into my account, I explained to him that I now have absolutely NO money in my bank account to make it through my everyday life, TO INCLUDE taking care of my wife and two small children for the next unknown amount of days until I receive my money back in my account. I also explained that not only was this debit of my account wrong and unethical, it was also down right illegal. I demanded that I receive my money back immediately, and he explained that it could not be done, but he'd do what he could to expedite the process. I than told Mr. Moore that I feel because of this despicable situation, I should receive some sort of compensation due to not only the hardship that this has obviously caused, but also due to the fact that my debit card was illegally withdrawn almost 9 times the dollar amount that I authorized. When asked what I meant by compensation, I suggested some sort of discount on my policy, and he explained that he could not make that happen, and that I'd have to send a letter to a Ms. Helen Crenshaw.
The situation that myself and my family have been put into by your company is something that I cannot explain, and something that may not be able to be understood by someone who does not have to worry about their family financial budgets and etc. I now not only do not trust making a payment on line to your company, but your companies integrity in general is now in question because of this. Assume for a moment that someone in a better financial situation than myself had this happen to them, and they didn't immediately notice the almost $800 out of their bank account; what would you have done than? Just let it go as if nothing was out of the ordinary? What would your shareholders think of a company illegally taking one of their customers entire bank account from them, and than trying to remedy it simply by saying “we're sorry, we'll try to get you the money back as soon as you can”. I feel as though some compensation is due to my family and I for the hardships that this has caused, and I would hope that you feel the same way. I would also hope that if you do not believe that I should be so upset with the current situation, that you would direct me to the next higher level this letter should be directed to; I'm assuming that since this letter is addressed to the CEO of the company, that the level above this one would be the public, and the company shareholders/board of directors. I appreciate the time you took to read my letter, and I would hope that you consider my situation as a top priority, to include investigating why I was charged almost nine times more than what I authorized to be charged on my debit card. Thank you in advance for your time.


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      Jun 22, 2010

    Yea I also payed my bill online At their website...I Payed total amount so they would stop charging me the 10 dollar installment fee...But They still sent me a bill for 1o dollars plus another 10 dollars installment fee WTF...They should hire competent people that know what they are doing This FRAUDULENT CHARGES Have to Stop... Oh and they did this last time I payed my policy in Full, but I let it pass... but this is getting ridiculous...I guess its time to change Insurance Companies!...Infinity Insurance.. THUMBS DOWN

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      Jul 24, 2012

    people have been having bad experices with this infinty insurance company for many many years coyld someone please leagally help us the customer who are goung thorugh so much pain, pain anexity, drama and trumatic experiences. someone pkesae check into this. Asn i researched it it has been happening for years and no one will step up and do anything..

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      Oct 13, 2015

    I just got off the phone with an agent that told me they could not reverse the charge from my checking account for $880.84 on 10/8/15. My monthly payment was so suppose to be for $143.34 for 1 year. They claim I didn't do an application, but I done everything that was sent to my email address. I also gave them a big down payment of $174.50 on 9/17/15. This will ruin Thanksgiving and Christmas for my family. I feel they committed a crime and someone needs to go to jail! I cancelled immediately because the agent wouldn't resolve the matter. She claim it was legal but I differ otherwise. I'm reporting to better business bureau, my bank, and every social media I can find. I will follow through and make sure they don't get away with this!

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