Indian Postal and Customs DepartmentNon delivery of Registered Parcel from US

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I would like to introduce myself as Jayanta K. Naik, a Non Resident Indian (NRI) based in USA. This is to draw your kind attention and necessary action towards the incident mentioned below.

I sent a Registered Parcel weighing 2 pounds and 12.90 ounces on August 26, 2008 from Groton Main Post Office in the state of Connecticut, U.S.A. The Registered No. is RB315700651US. The parcel was containing some ladies cosmetics of value $50 USD.
The copy of the Registered receipt is attached herewith for your kind information. The matter of regret is that the parcel is not yet delivered.

On the same day and same time another Registered Parcel was sent to the same address from the same post office (Groton MPO) and that is already delivered on 3rd. September, 2008. The Registered No. for this parcel is RB315700648US.

Two Registered Parcels sent to the same address from the same Post office at the same time. How come one is delivered and the other is not? Is it not a matter of surprise?

I have lodged a complaint with the United States Postal Services in this regard. They informed me that both the registered parcels left U.S.A. on 31st. August, 2008.

On enquiry with the Indian Postal authorities, it was found that the parcel is yet to be received by them and held up by Delhi Airport Customs. I have no idea why that is held up for such a long time. If the Customs Department has anything to object or claim duty on the parcel that should be informed to my wife who is the recipient.
Now, I can feel that the items are stolen by Customs people or Postal people in India.


  • Gr
    green tea Jun 11, 2016

    My first time I sent a parcel to West Bengal INDIA from JAPAN took almost a month. It took almost 10 days at INDIA custom as it showed on tracking list. When my friend got the parcel there was a little cut on the box, a small tea spoon was lost. After a month I sent again a parcel and this time it took almost 1 month and 1 week before it reached to the addressee. The box had cuts again. Inside it includes a pair of tea cups, one was stolen. And the worst part is the white long jeans, the 2 pair of summer shoes, 1 orange shirt were also gone. The shocking thing was there was a bottle of shampoo made in Greece inside which is 100 percent I didn't put inside. Again, I sent again. This time I sent 2 insured parcels at the same time. 1 parcel had no cut. The other one had cuts and many things gone 2 small face powder made in Japan, colored ballpens.. etc. Last May 30, 2016 I sent 1 parcel again. It reached the india custom May 3. So sad and very dissapointed because it is still in the INDIA custom until this moment, May 12, 2016. 12:02 am. I won't send any parcel to India anymore. People there especially the custom, the post offices, the government of India cannot be trusted!

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  • Al
    Alinger Dec 28, 2015

    I also sent a parcel on tht 4th of December 2015 from south korea to my parents in India. It reached on 27th December after a long delay in calcutta. 3 winter jackets I had sent for my dad, 2 face washes, oneformal blouse and two bras were missing. In its place 2 black ladies blazers and an orange kids sweater was inside my parcel!! I had packed the parcel really tightly and taped it with brown tape so that it cannot be opened or eaten by rats (Believe me, last time there was a hole in my parcel ). How can government workers who we are suppose to trust with our valuables do this?! Do Indians know no shame, no morality?
    I am sure the person who these balzers belong to must be equally frustrated like I am. I had lodged a complaint but till now no news. If there is anyone who can help me please reply!

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  • Is
    Ishar sidhu Jul 07, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I did send parcel uk to India Punjab on 5 th june it was delivered in delhi on 9 th june but it was not deliver on my home then I tracked it show parcel held by customs for proof of purchase. Then I did tried so many times but no one pick my if sometimes they picked phone then they give me some more new no I am so fed up but should I do. I can't go to delhi plz anyone help me short out my problems.

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  • In
    Indu Bala Apr 10, 2015

    My sister send me the parcel from India February 10 but I steel not receive now today is April 10th when we talk to post office the put the complaint but same nothing Indian custom stole my stuff I have almost 20, 000 rupees stuff in it

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  • Pa
    Paul E. Pearson Dec 14, 2014
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    Verified customer

    American indian customized info is often a one particular level supply of facts intended for neighborhood merchants to realize information on imports through foreign nations around the world. It truly is compiled by the actual customs team and can be obtained through foreign trade significance companies.

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  • Sa
    SamuelPaul1234 Nov 20, 2014

    I am in Sydney and my dad sent some clothes and shoes from mumbai for me this Christmas, it is 1 month and it still has not reached Sydney, after tracking we came to know it's still in Mumbai Customs, it's value is around Rs. 15000, the custom liked what they saw inside and they have stolen it, this will never happen in Australia, It's a shame and pathetic, my dad bought the gifts out of love from his hard earned pension money and it's such a disgrace, the postal people and customs people are so greedy and corrupt, won't want to do anything with such a corrupt country.

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  • Ha
    harvi singh Nov 18, 2014
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    Verified customer

    dear sir
    I have send one small packet with keys of my safe to my father in India . It was send on 24/10/2014 from Michigan and till today my father has not received his package . it was a first class but it was not registered . Its got a tracking number or a customs form number
    LC519363805US . when I talked to postal office in USA they said your package left USA on 28 th and is stuck in customs in India

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  • Ni
    Nilesh Bahir Nov 03, 2014

    Chocolates that were sent along with some other ordinary items to my family in Maharashtra, India by a dear friend in Belgium were eaten by either the Postal or Customs. They ate one full box and half of the other one.. They were very kind to leave some chocolates for the people whom were real recipient of the gift. First of all it cost a lot of money, hard word and special feelings to make a gift package to send abroad.
    The people in third world developing country like ours, in India, there public employees think that everyone living in abroad is rich and has lots of money sitting that they can steal their packages and that will not make much difference. It is shameful how we say that our country is so great with culture but the generation since Independence has hardly shown any Integrity, honesty, Love and Care, consideration for others in their lives.. Shame on these people who are working for Customs and Indian Post who should not even be allowed to clean the animal waste or human waste !!

    I sent many emails to the post office department and custom department of India out of frustration saying that I have lost the faith in our countrymen because of this. Where the Faak is camaraderie ?

    This is what I received from One Officer as a response.
    I hope this will help.

    Postal Authority is a custodian of the parcel/packet from the booking stage till the delivery of the goods. Customs staff posted at Foreign Post Office screened the packages allowed for clearance without opening the parcel/package, if the gift are within the reasonable limit of allowances of Rs. 10000/-. Only in case high value items/articles package/parcel are detained for want of invoice/purchase bill of the articles for the assessment of customs duty. In case the parcel/packet is opened for the assessment purpose, the same is presented to the Customs staff by the postal authority and the same is opened in their presence and parcel/packet is returned to them with customs seal for the delivery of the parcel/packet. Therefore allegation made by you is not correct. In this connection you can file complaint to the Assistant Director, (Administration & Vigilance), Mumbai Foreign Post Office, Irvin House, Bellard Estate, Fort, Mumbai on Tel No. 022-[protected] or email id [email protected]


    PS: today itself I have sent a package ( net value of items USD 147.50 or 9057.98INR) to my father and mother which contains some very ordinary items that I thought would be useful for them and also would give them a good feeling to receive something from me. {Backbone support bone and neck cushion for my mother, memory card and phone case for my father, a $25 worth shoe, a jacket worth $30, a $13 shorts ( all these cheap items from cheap stores), 4 chocolate bars ( worth $8), 2 leggins ( worth $10) } I used a flat rate large box which is not really that large at all.. 12" x 12" x 5-1/2" dimensions !! It cost me $87 including the full insurance which I had to buy separately !!

    I really hope that the Indian Officers / workers do not CRUSH my hopes / Feelings/ Respect for them and any hope for our people by doing something that they are not sworn to do at their work ! This is my only second package in 3 yrs and sending a gift is my way to express gratitude and love towards my parents and brother and sister. I really hope that my family received my love fully, without any loss, damage or missing items !!

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  • Su
    SujitMaharana Sep 18, 2014

    I sent a package with gift for my niece from Indiana state in US to India ..My Home country. But my Income Tax return document reached the destination but the dresses were stolen by the postal guys I believe. How come the document reached the destination, but the dressed which were part of the same parcel box did not reach. Such Chors in my home country. I hate hate and hate those people. That guy will never be happy in life for sure, stealing little girl dresses

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  • Bh
    bhavana mishra Sep 09, 2014

    dear sir please help me, my frnd send me parcel and i got a call custom department in delhi airport, that say i py 25000hazar bank account then i recive my parcel...plz tell me tis true or fake?

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  • Ha
    Hate customs Oct 10, 2013
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    Verified customer

    To whom and where to complain regarding missing items from packages sent from US? USPS made sure that the package was sent to Indian customs on time. I received it today after a week in customs and the package was open and items were missing. This is riducilious. How can someone just keep stealing so openly? It's just not fair

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  • Ja
    JAYRP Feb 05, 2013
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    I sent iphone to my brother in india on 20th December 2012 from USA, and today is 5th February 2013. It never reached there, I checked with local post office, they said it left US long time ago, So Custom in India stole it, , , i hate it .. i lost my iphone... I have IMEI number of that phone, please tell me if anybody can help. thanks

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  • Am
    Amore Samraj Jan 21, 2013
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    Verified customer

    My girl friend sent me a parcel through Postal department from Romania and 2 perfumes, 1 leather wallet, 1 after shave has been stolen. The parcel had a seal "Not opened by customs", but still these things are stolen. Dont know whom to blame, the postal department or the Customs.
    Amoret Samraj

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  • Ku
    Kushal1974 Dec 27, 2011

    Illegal duty charges by customs department of Indian Postal services.

    I have been sending my mother nutritional supplements for the last couple of years as a personal family use. In my last few shipments, the customs department have been charging unlawful excise fees on the shipments, which are meant to be her personal use.
    The shipments never goes beyond $500 anytime. And I always make sure that it is marked as "personal use" and not for commercial purposes. My mother is recovering from health challenges and it is very imperative that she gets the supplements without any hassle. But her being retired, it has been difficult for her to pay everytime she receives supplement package from me. I tried to reach out to the customs department, but they never pick up the phone.
    I would be highly grateful if you can help me resolve this issue with the Indian Customs department.

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  • Co
    Complain 001 Aug 30, 2010

    My parents send me a packet via Indian postal service, out of 8 set of items only 1 set is received. Beware Just don't use Indian postal service. I lost nearly Rs. 9000.00 worth of items. If you want you packet and it's item to reach destination, Just send it thrugh some courier services.

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  • Vr
    vratnam Mar 16, 2010

    I would like to introduce myself as Vijay Ratnam, a US Citizen based in USA. This is to draw your kind attention and necessary action towards the incident mentioned below.

    I sent a Registered Parcel weighing 2 pounds and 12.90 ounces on Feb 16, 2010 from Troy Post Office in the state of Michigan, U.S.A. The Registered No. is CP463598008USUS. The parcel was containing an AC Adaptor and used Dell Motherboard of value $85 USD.
    Its been more than a month and the matter of regret is that the parcel is not yet delivered. I have lodged a complaint with the United States Postal Services in this regard. They informed me that parcel is with Customs since Feb 22nd.

    I have no idea why that is held up for such a long time. If the Customs Department has anything to object or claim duty on the parcel that should be informed to my brother who is the recipient.

    Now, I can feel that the items are stolen by Customs people or Postal people in India. Its second time with me and I know many of my other indian friends have gone through this issue.

    Its is such a shame for Indian Customs department that they employ thieves who depend on their livelihood from items sent by indians abroad!!!

    Knowing indian departments very well, I don't expect any esolution of this matter but I am determined to send this to all forums and media to draw their attention.

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  • Us
    US_neversend_usps_toindia Jul 27, 2009

    Had i read this before, it could have saved me some 400 dollars and some stress. Recently i sent baby milk powder worth 300 dollars and postage worth 140 dollars to bangalore, india. it was never received, USPS send me a letter saying the packet was held bu customs, bangalore. Suckers!!

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  • Na
    naresh dwivedi Jul 19, 2009
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    Verified customer

    My friend sent Parcel 1 July by Australia Registered Post International. Parcel tracking number RQ011783927AU a Phisung HDV782 digital camcorder for me including all items mentioned on the listing to Australia from Vidisha. This Parcel receive on 18th July 09 Vidisha post office. custom duties 2.582RS rupees pay Vidisha post office & Open Parcel Box is Vidisha post office. But. someone from mumbai Foreign Post put Sunglass & Cover in the parcel and steal the camcorder . postmaster & postman other employ My Evidence. my brother contact to My friend
    u sent this Parcel not a camera sunglass & cover. My friend Told my brother its impossible
    Parcel Sellers Shop Pack my hand . when my brother went to Vidisha post office they had been told that its common in Mumbai Foreign Post.
    people like us who live in abroad and want to send gifts for their love ones but department like Mumbai Foreign Post steal thier expensive gifts which is really very bad.Not only they steal but also not answer any of the complain.They are theives and this department is real ###

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  • An
    Anxious NRI Jun 23, 2009

    The Indian Postal Service is notorious for stealing items such as

    1) Cosmetics
    2) Gifts
    3) Chocolate (this is allowed in the post)
    4) Valuble items which are not documents
    5) New Clothes
    6) Spices and Condiments
    7) Electronics.

    Basically the customs people who have to check the stuff just take it and the parcel is noted as "missing". There is nothing you can do about it except avoid sending things like that. It happend to me two times. And then I stopped sending things via Postal Service. Even if FEDEX is expensive, you can send it via them and they will take care of customs and you can be sure that your parcel reaches home.

    Hope this helped.

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  • Re
    Reyaz Ahmad Feb 25, 2009

    Dear all,

    A parcel from the USA was sent to me at my Gurgaon address on January 24, 2009 through United States Postal Services (USPS). However, I have not yet received the parcel. The status on the USPS website says “the item has been cleared custom on February 14, 09”.
    But I have not yet received my parcel.
    My Phone numbers are: [protected] (H), [protected] (M)

    Please help me so that I can receive my parcel as soon as possible.


    Reyaz Ahmad

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