Ikea KSA Riyadhpickup services

Dear IKEA Team,
My name is Antoine Abou Gharrach. I Purchased from IKEA Riyadh one curtain with sewing service on 14/09/2019 and the pickup was on 16/09/2019. I went to IKEA for Pickup on 05/10/2019. When I arrived to Pickup counter it was total chaos. No token number working and no proper arrangement to make the experience comfortable for clients. I waited there with 8 more clients. After 45 minutes, all clients took there product and left and I stayed there alone waiting for my curtain. Some of the client already came after me and left.. I wasn't the last customer waiting. The employee there tried to call the sewing department to check for the issue.. but no one answered. He tried to call again with no answer. He also tried to call the store manager but he didn't answer as well. After several attempt, one person from the sewing department answered and said I didn't pay for my fabric. Then the floor manager, Siddik Abdulrahman Al Dosary, came. I explained to him that I paid SR 29.9 for the sewing and SR 50.6 and SR 35 for one mirror (4 pieces mirror called Lots). He kept telling me that I didn't pay and we argued for 1 hour even though I told him that I paid and showed him the sewing invoice and asked him how did I pay for Sewing service without the price of the fabric. Plus, I told him I bought 1 more mirror at that time as evidence!! After 2 hours waiting there, I decided to stop waiting for the careless personnel of IKEA Riyadh and went to share my bad experience with the Head office. Please note that I paid SR 29, 9+50.6=80.5 and I lost it all without getting the curtain back home.
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