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I went to purchase a cone so I could have an ice cream. The attendant, a short black heavy woman thought that I had jumped the line but I had not. She moved on and I asked her for a cone. She flung the cone with a napkin and coin on to the top of the counter and they all went their separate ways. The cone was just rolling on the counter, the napkin was elsewhere and the coin was on the counter. I asked her if that was how she was going to serve me and she shifted on a side away from me and refused to look at me. The customer behind me told her that she was not being courteous but she refused to apologise or remove the items from the counter. I eventually walked away.

I am still in shock at that kind of behavior which I think was totally uncalled for.

I am convinced that she is not ready for such a task as serving the public. If she has done this to me I am certain that I am not the only customer. This has to be habitually behavior.

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  •   Sep 30, 2019

    so you are a height, size and race discriminator. great. short. black. large. great. already this has proven you to be the problem.

    so, did you jump the queue or did you not? I fail to see how this is remotely relevant or how you can prove that you did not jump the queue. I have been to ikea's snack stands/whatever. it is impossible to jump those queues without the rest of the people literally killing you. they are that possessive of their space on line. and for good reason. those lines are like Disneyworld.

    so she threw a cone, napkin and a coin at you? why is she paying you money like you are an organ grinder's monkey?

    and who is they who all went their separate ways??? again. great with the explanations.

    why would you have to buy a coin so you can have ice cream? is this a self serve ice cream area?

    perhaps this is gods way of telling you you didn't need the ice cream.

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