IHOP Restaurants / customer service and order was totally messed up

Me Feb 28, 2019

I called to place an order for pick up and asked for a bacon cheeseburger with only a slice of onion. The waitress said you only want a sclice of onion in your bun. I replied with I would also like to have the burger, bacon and cheese in the bun with the onion. I was picking this up for my husband who is attending classes at night and wanted to get him dinner. They quoted me 15-20 minutes but it really took closer to 45 minutes until I got my food. I didn't check becasue I wanted it to stay as hot as possible until he could eat it at his break. He actually got out early last night and came home to eat it. When he opened the container we found that the only thing in the bun was a burger, cheese and some type of nasty sauce. I paid for a bacon cheese burger but only received a plain cheese burger. Additionaly what we received was not even worth the $9.85 bill we paid. I tried to contact the resturant directly last night and each of the four times I called nobody answered the phone and it rang so many times (approx. 20 rings) it actually cut the call off. This is a shame because I have heard good things about the food and my first experience was a very bad one. I have no plans to return to the resturant in the future and would greatly appreciate a refund for this meal. I never make complaints about things but was very distured by my whole experience. I also tried calling your corporate office today 02/28/2019 at 2:00 est. And received a recording stating sorry you missed the call and to call back during regular business hours from 7 am to 7 pm cst. I was well within the time and each of the three times I called thinking it was a fluke but each time same thing. I woudl really like to speak directly to someone regarding this experience.

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