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O Nov 15, 2018
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Good morning


My name is Olami A and and 5 other people (2 kids, 1-19 years old male 2 adults) women and children visited IHOP in Coney Island at 1019 Surf Avenues, Brooklyn New York on Friday August 10 around 8pm.

I in particular was initially excited to order the Chicken Omelet and the rest ordered something more solid.

Half way through my eating my food, l noticed l bite on a metal upon taking it out it was a (sharp metal object half a pinky finger).

After calling the dining supervisor Mr. Richard Price, l told him l could have shoked/die. Though he tried to give me another food, at this point l lost my appetite not trusting anything else after this traumatic experience!!!

Mr. Richard Price then came back with the bill stating he took 20% off which l told him he needed to realize this was a bigger problem.

In the main time a lady manager by the name of Ms. Sonia Martinez wearing red shirt came and throw the bill on the table you have to pay now with combative aggression threatened the table along with profiling of us as guests.

We called the waitress named & ID (#230 Nouha D) to ask Ms. Martinez to come and collect the bill as well as address our customer concern but she refused!!!

Nevertheless, l saw her on the cell phone not realizing she was calling the cops ( 1 male 1 female).
As we continue to wait for her she still refused to come over to our table and informed the male supervisor Mr. Richard Price to stay in the kitchen not come out who we never saw again.

Around 9 pm the Coney Island Police precinct got a call from Ms. Martinez manager in red shirt that (she told them 6 people were arguing and fighting). This was done to cover up and undermine the food-life threatening problem due to sharp metal object in my (Olami A) dinner plate

A (SLANDER) she told the police and they came in aggressive, combative telling us to pay the bill and leave immediately main time 1-2 kids had yet to finish their meal (unaware to them that a Visa Credit card was already lying on the table when they arrived which the bill was payed by (Claire) but the police harassment due to Ms. Martinez discriminative combative profiling actions continue outside in front of the restaurant leading to all of us going to precinct to file a complaint against the restaurant establishment calling a police on us.

As a respectable person l left restaurant shockingly overwhelm as to how going to eat dinner can turn into a sequence of injustices! I have never have this kind of assault done to me as a New Yorker.

The following day 8/11/18 the owner Mr.
Bryan McKenzie was contacted by me the primary victim and upon returning my call he also tried to undermine the case claiming the sharp metal object in my Omelette never came out of his kitchen rising the situation to an unfair treatment and unjust attack inputting from him!

On August 27 a Mr. John from (Franchise Business Consultant Department) called to speak to me and he also tried to undermine the situation resulting in his concluding that he will have to contact his superior to follow up with me.

Here is a picture among many photos from the incident (notice 2 hands my hand on the plate with metal and Mr. Richard Price pulling the plate from me).

The case is under legal counsel of
Becker & D' Agostino
Attorneys At Law

Under the supervision of
Robert D. Becker

Do refer to them as follow up to the above complains for any further case-references.


Olami A

coney island brooklyn new york

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