ICICI Bankicici - the worst bank in india

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Icici – the worst bank in the history of india

I would request you to read right through till the end because this is one long email about the atrocities suffered by me from icici bank over the last 2 and a half years.

Being rude is the biggest principle on which icici bank survives. It all started with a credit card being sent to my home address by icici without my consent. The biggest mistake I did ever in my life was to open the envelope and use the card. On further investigation I found out that such credit cards were sent very often to 3g employees because a 3rd party agent named kamal used to roam around 3g (Spectrum towers – malad). Nevertheless, it was my fault because I used the card.

Icici’s mistake started somewhere I may 2005 or later when I called an icici bank representative by the name of kalpesh/kailash (Didn’t capture the last name at all) to blacklist my cc since I had lost the card).

The guy seemed helped but to my plight did not do anything but provide me with incorrect information. Did not suspend my card. Did not blacklist my credit card account. He also advised me that I had rs 10000 outstanding on the a/c which I could pay anytime and there would be no further charges apart from the ones already there. I was a fool to believe him. I went to delhi for business purposes and lost complete count of the matter (Again my fault) but when I came back I made all of the necessary payments as advised by an extremely rude person from adventity (The worst outsourcing process ever). Since it was a call from a collection agency I was scared and did exactly what was required because they abused me over the phone. I wasn’t ever aware of any outstanding amount because it was a card sent fraudulently by icici and they never had my billing address so all the info and prints went to my office address which I wasn’t aware of. Anyways now that the payment was settled, and the advisors confirmed that on [protected] I was a little relieved and then the icici non-sense started.

I started getting calls from icici bank and adventity advisors threatening me to make more payments stating that I had used the card more and paid less and there was supposedly phenomenal interest rates to the card they had sent me. All this kept happening and in november hell broke lose when my parents (Who are both senior citizens) were exposed to profanity over my landline. They contacted me and advised me to settle this dispute once and for all. At that point in time I did not even realize that this was happening from a bank which is endorsed by people with such high dignity. I was contacted yet again by a lady advisor called jyoti (Pseudo name) who said that if I don’t pay rs 2000 to them then they will take me to court. I didn’t have that kind of money so what I told her was that I would give some cash in advance and the remaining by pdcs of 5000 each from april and just put forward one condition that it should be debited on 1st of each month beginning 01/04/2006. She immediately agreed and sent a man from icici to collect the details and cheques. All done and dusted, I thought that was the end of my miseries but icici (The worst bank ever) decided against that.in the beginning of june I faced the same problem but this time around I decided to get the issue resolved over the phone by speaking to customer services (Customer services is supposed to help the customer but icici customer services tortures the customer).

In december, I spoke to a so called manager priyanka kokitkar ([protected]) who further escalated my matter to nirav parekh ([protected]) and then later to navin jain. All of them useless manager and should be sacked because of the way they work. Disgusting to the core and no manners whatsoever (Forget helping customer they kept promising call backs which never happened on time and just kept passing me from one department to the other.) I was extremely frustrated but I needed the matter resolved. Finally I man from icici (Mr. Pandey) came to my house one fine day in jan and started demanding more payments. When I refused stating that my total purchases from that card were a mere rs 40000 odd and I had already paid icici more than rs 55,000, he stated that I had to meet his boss mr rakesh sharma ([protected] and mobile no -[protected]). The worst person I have met at any level in any organization. I went to the andheri branch office of icici in jb nagar on the 1st floor and waited for almost 25 minutes before rakesh sharma could show up. He listened to me very patiently but after repeating myself over a million times by then I am sure he did not agree with me but promised to sort it out. I had already overpaid this bank by a huge margin but it never occurred to me that they were cheating me. Finally, rakesh sharma promised me a callback with a certain settlement amount. I was going to pay one more time but that was the only way out. I said fine. No callback came but in april mr harish ([protected]) who is representative of icici came to my doorstep threatening my parents and me for the money (Which I never owed them). I blasted out of sleep and said thing to him in such a tone that he immediately called his boss mr. Ravi bhosle ([protected]) who apologized to my father for everything that had happened ad also confirmed that his son vineet bhupendra yadav (That I me) did not owe icici bank a single penny and if there was something then icici should reverse all the charge and provide me with compensation for the profane language that my father was exposed to. Mr. Harish was still there and said that this was the last time that anyone was bothering me at home or on phone. They confirmed that they would send out a final zero balanced statement to confirm that I was finally relieved from the bank. Both of those aged men lied blatantly to get out of the situation they were in. Lies, rude behavior, profanity etc etc … this is what icici is all about. Don’t trust me…read on

In april 2007, icici debited my account by 14000 rs towards this credit card which I lost 2 years back, when I called to complain and advise that this had happened everyone was extremely rude and inane to what was happening. As usual they kept referring me to this rajesh malviya ([protected]) person who apparently was the head of these decisions at icici credit cards department. I spoke to that gentleman for quite some time in the evening. Initially he was very helpful in listening me out but as soon as it was 19:45 hrs he started to be rude and naïve to my problems and very categorically hinted that his office hours were getting over and he wanted to go home. At that time I even mentioned that I would take this to the newspapers and he replied stating that it was fine as no one could do anything to him and that was the time when I decided to escalate it to him superiors there but he kept stating that he was the only one in icici at that post and he did not report into anyone (A big blatant lie accompanied with a lot of rude character which is in the blood of icici staff)

Rs 14000 gone from my account and no one seemed to do anything about it at all. Useless customer services guided me to credit card department. Rajesh malviya kept saying he will callback but he never did and it eventually died out.

But what happened yesterday has now shaken me to a level where not only will I take this matter wherever I have to but also get so many people looped on to this mail that one cannot imagine. It will start at 17;00 hrs today when I send it to 7000 employees in my company and ask each one of them who has an icici account or credit card to call up and cancel their accounts at the earliest so one can imagine what the call flow wioll be for the next 3-4 day in there baseles, useless and good for nothing call centre.

Yesterday I called on [protected] to check my available balance since my salary comes on 31st each month and I saw that icici had put a bar and debited rs 46472 on my account. I immediated called and spoke to someone called shrikant who did not even hear me carefully and said that managers at icici only callback after 24 hrs for issues like these and not only that he stated that this was something not extremely important. All the managers at icici were on calls because of the heavy call flow. I was irate so I yelled at shrikant and in less than 2 mins I had a manager named raja (Extn – 4652) came online. I asked raja for his surname and he refused me the same. He said I will make it simple for you –there is only one service manager called raja (Extn – 4652). We spoke and agreed on a few things, I asked him which manager is working last nite and he said phanindar (And refused to give me his/her extn no. Stating that no one in icici had that no.). Then a few minutes later he called me back last night and said that he had organized a callback from the credit team to call me back at sharp 08:30 am. A call which never came until I write this email.

My aim in life has now changed – I will ensure that everyone at icici bank who has interacted with me with regards to this one issue is dealt with in any way possible. I will bring as much bad name to this bank as never before. I will distribute a copy of my pamphlets in buildings, shops, offices and wherever it takes to ensure that people do not choose icici bank as an option.

I will be calling them right now and going to the malad branch opposite paradign building and starting my activity and take this up further in any way possible, unless they decide to refund all my money.

The names mentioned on the email are absolutely correct and I have also mentioned their mobile nos., landline nos, or office extensions as far as possible and as far as I remember because this has been a long issue.

I requested all the people marked on this mail to take this up further and join hands with me and taking action against icici in whichever way possible. Please also forward this mail to as many people as you can so that they are aware what icici is all about.

Thanks & regards,

An extremely pissed of customer who will now live only to make icici suffer.

Vineet yadav
3globalservices pvt. Ltd.


  • Sa
    Sanchez100 Mar 04, 2011

    This is the worst private bank in India...please do not open an account in this bankl...

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  • Nn
    NNSSKK Feb 20, 2011

    I am having same experience. Shame on ICICI and Indian govt. that allows a bank to be a cheater!

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  • Bh
    bhrgav achary Sep 10, 2009

    I Have been trying to sort out INR cheque that was deposited into m NRI account, as INR can;t be deposited in NRI account they have took the money from the person paying in but i haven't received the money as. i have been calling for last 2 years now i dont know where will it end to

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  • Ro
    rohit_k May 18, 2009

    is there any way to stop the collection calls from icici bank?

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  • Ob
    Observer Apr 26, 2009

    I wonder what the ### is kamath or chanda kochhar so proud about... Just to bring it to your notice..as I have been in a position to observe this bank a li'l more closely...
    Their top management is a bunch jokers...They have no ###in' clue as to what they should do to not lose to other private Banks like HDFC and HSBC..

    And apart from whatever people have to say about the bank, perhaps what lot people dont know is that they are perhaps one of the worst employers in India..

    There are multiple reasons as to why their staff is rude and indifferent to customers.

    1. Most of the staff is disgusted and in pain with the kind of pressure their management employs on them..here are facts about what it is to work at ICICI
    a)If you have been a little observant, you would have noticed that most of these folks at ICICI are more interested in selling you gold and Life Insurance policy than serve you...Reason... their toothless management believes they can do more sales this way and thus heavily pressurizes their employees to pursue sales target. So much so that their hikes and promotion depends upon the sales they do irrespective of their efficiency in core banking skills. Thier obsessions with sales is so great that they force their employees to come on Sunday(as I write this mail today(26/04/2009), ICICI is open if u wanna buy gold from them at higher than market rates ;)) to and call up customers to boost their sales...and that without compensatory off or additional money...
    b) Their 8 to 8 modus operendi is a total sham..The top mgmt decided that the entire working hours be divided into two shifts..One working from 8 am to 6 pm and other from 10am to 6 pm...What ended up happening is that these folks now work from 8 am to 8 pm, after which spend another haour to wind up day's account..i.e, 13 hours a day..and 9 working hours on a saturday... which accounts for 74 hours in a week(Typically in other organizations, this is around 48 to 55 hours a week).
    After all this an employee is supposed to perfect in his branch operations...If there is any deficit in cash at the end of the day..The staff has to pay out of their own pocket..I know poeple who draw Rs 10000 /- a month and then had to pay more than Rs 50000/-
    towards cach deficit.

    With all this, how motivated this employee would be to serve the customers.

    2) Because of this pressure tactics, the attrition at ICICI is one of the highest amonst any coroporate organisations..I know at least 5 folks who resigned from ICICI within a month without a second job even at this time of recession. Its a rarity that people who start their career at ICICI stay there beyond two years.
    So obviously the staff you find at branch is inexperienced and inept to handle your complex queries..

    3) ICICI doesn't really mind losing good people in their organisation.

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  • Bi
    BITTER TRUTH Feb 27, 2009

    [email protected]

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  • Pr
    prashant Feb 22, 2009

    This is what all about the icicibank ... its very true. I am Suffaring from a big problem too... i made two FD's in icicihfc branch Daman/Vapi on date 23/01/09 . I submited two cheques for that of my HDFC bank, cheque cleared on date 30/1/09 in favour of icicihfc and i got FDR's on 3/2/09 at my door step . But what happend after a week made me shoked. I receive letter stating that my FDR's gets cancelled due to dishonour of my cheques I rushed to my bank and check trasaction which shows cheque cleared in favour of icicihfc on date 30/1/09. my bank provide me cheque clearance letter, with this letter i contact the branch office of icicihfc but no one shows intrest in resolving this issue. They are not at all interested in listening to the customers problem. one gentelman told me that that this issue will resolve in two days but that two days never comes. I did every thing which Mr. veenit yadav mentiond in his mail and aosolutaly the result was the same. i am still sufferring by this issue, my FDR'S is still in a cancelled state, i spoke nos. of managers and profesionals but invain.I am planning to take legel action against them.

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  • Ja
    jayant kumar May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This email is an eye opener.
    The best way to handle these type of issues is to get in touch with RBI. You can file a complaint with RBI with the appropriate proofs and see what happens.


    I had a bad experience with ICICI and shut off my credit card.

    I would like to hear more from you.

    Jayant Kumar

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  • Al
    Alok Pande Jun 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree to whatever is stated above. To add to it the Collections People call up as if they are the owners of the bank and we have borrowed money from them. They are rude and not at all acceptable. For the past 5 months i am suffering from their phone calls. They are not at all interested in listening to the customers problem. If you carry out a Voice Of Customer survey for the ICICI bank i don't think it will be rated at even 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the best. The people come at my residence and since i am not there they keep on harassing my parents. My sincere request to all the people is to STOP USING ICICI CREDIT CARDS SINCE THEY ARE NOT THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS FOR CREDIT CARDS. NO OFFERS, NO DISCOUNTS, NO HELP - ONLY RUDE CALLS, NONSENSE CALLS...

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