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class action lawsuit

Let's get together and sue IC Systems into oblivion. I'll be posting an email address dedicated to this cause soon. Also, I encourage those of you wrongfully harrassed by this demonic, evil company to notify the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission. They are the branch of the government responsible for enforcing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Google the FDCPA and you should be able to find an online copy of it pretty easily. Remember you have rights. You did not sign a financial contract with a debt collection agency. Empower yourself with knowledge and don't let these ### bully you. You are a human being and deserve to be treated with respect.

  • W2
    w2aiq May 28, 2010

    I asked them what IC stands for, and they said it stands for nothing, I said "nothing" it has to stand for something!, so I then said "do you really believe that IC systems stands for nothing?, I mean who just picks 2 letters out of the alphabet and puts it in front of the word systems and uses that to name their company?" I then went on to say "it must stand for something, like maybe Igor Costanza, who may be the founder of the company, you cant with all seriousness expect me to accept at face value that the "IC" in IC systems stands for nothing!... So, does anyone have a clue?

    Mike... [email protected]

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  • Sa
    SassyPandaLady Feb 23, 2011

    I worked for I.C. Systems and what the representative told you is correct. However, the name of the company does not matter. What does matter is the fact that you have/had a bill that is/was past due that you were/are not paying on. They were contracted by the company you owe to contact you specifically to receive payment on your account. Also, depending on whether it is financial debt or medical debt you only have a limited time to pay it before it either charges off or goes to another collection agency. Further more the representatives that work for I.C. System have a salary wage and do not live off of commission so they are just doing their job and get paid either way. It's up to you to take care of your finances if you give them a chance though to help you out they could possibly to rolling payments (i.e. you owe $2000 and are 5 months past due and to get you current is $340 with a first rolling payment of $15 for the first month then you pay $25 the next and so on a so forth until you are caught up.) Also, you could most likely work out a settlement with them, however, do keep in mind there are a strict set of guidelines that the representative has to follow instilled by the company that you owe. I hope this helps you and good luck :)

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  • Bo
    bossnaka Sep 02, 2011

    Pay your bill.

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  • Ti
    Tim-Daphne Boudreaux Nov 13, 2016

    I have a Credit Karma account and regularly check my credit score…I have worked hard to keep good credit…I went on the account a couple of days ago and was shocked to see that my credit report had dropped 33 points and now had a collection listed on my report. I have no delinquent accounts and keep minimum to 0 balances on my credit cards. It listed a company called IC Systems and the collections was for Cox Communications. My wife and I had a Cox account for over 8 years recently with an impeccable payment history. Cox Communications said that it was an account from 24 years ago that IC Systems purchased from them…I told Cox I did not owe the amount and they verified that… saying they would delete the account and send me an email verification. So some how IC Systems has charged me with owing $114 dollars from 24 years ago (1993). I would never have been able to keep a Cox Communication account with this delinquency. I do not owe this bill yet IC systems has taken it upon themselves to charge me with a supposedly 24 year old account, knock my credit report down 33 points, and leave me with an open collection on my credit report that I do not owe. No phone call, no letter, no warning, nothing…

    Thank you,
    Tim Boudreaux

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  • Ba
    Babyro Dec 04, 2017

    I have sued IC Systems in Small Claims Court in Collin County, TX. Case #31-SC-17-00347 titled Stephen Campbell Sr. vrs. IC Systems, Inc. If you are having similar issues of this Predatory collection company attempting to collect old debt I advise you to file a lawsuit in your local jurisdiction.

    Stephen Campbell, J.D.

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During college I lived in 3 different apartments. I left in good standing, getting a deposit refund from each apartment at the end of my lease. In June 2007, after moving to Las Vegas from Michigan, I began getting collection phone calls from IC Systems. I was genuinely concerned to begin with, and I decided to contact my previous residences. All complexes informed me i owed nothing. Well, the calls kept coming, and to my surprise they were for each complex i lived at and a different amount was requested each time! Now 4 years after i moved out of my first apartment, i have a claim for $116 on my credit report. When I call IC Systems they are rude and won't give me any information regarding the nature of the claim, just that I owe and must pay it now! From here I will be contacting the BBB, my former landlords, and if I must, a lawyer. I will not have these people scamming me and ruining my credit.

  • An
    ANNA_LANE Jan 05, 2010

    this Acai Berry is a scam all they do is find people account numbers and take MONEY that don't belong to them all THEY DO IS STEAL.SORRY LOW DOWN PEOPLE TAKEN FROM THE USA...ANNA

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  • B
    /b/ Feb 20, 2010

    Internet / Phone Bullies
    Because attempting that ### face to face could be downright detrimental to your health.

    Just Trolling :0)

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rude, dogmatic and unhelpful!

IC Systems sent me a letter stating I owed Verizon $114.04 in fees. I had canceled my service with Verizon almost 6 months ago and was unaware of any outstanding balances with Verizon. I called IC Systems and after waiting on hold for 15 minutes dealt with an operator that was unhelpful and just wanted me to: 1. pay or 2. decline to pay. She would not give me any information as to what the outstanding balance was for... she was rude and constantly talked over me as I was trying to ask her questions. She said calling Verizon would not help and that Verizon would not give me any information regarding the matter.
I hung up the phone and called Verizon.
Verizon said it was a "mistake" on their part and told me they were going to contact the collection agency and revoke the collection, but I should still call IC Systems and let them know the new confirmation # from Verizon stating that they are going to revoke the collection.
And by the way, upon my contacting IC Systems I was admitting to receiving their collection notice, accelerating my due date from 30 days to 5!
If you can, don't deal with IC Systems, unless you intend to pay and I would recommend doing that online. They just want your money regardless if it is legitimate or not! They will not help you in any way.

debt not legitimate - i.c. systems doubles amount

I started making payments on a medical bill that went to collections while I was waiting for a hardship waiver from the provider. I made 3 payments to IC Systems and in June, 2008, their online payment screen indicated my balance due was -0-. In Feb. 2009, they started with the harrassment and ignored all info I sent in dispute - including the website page indicating a -0- balance. In July, 2009, they doubled my debt from $7, 193 to $14, 870.

false listing of collections account with credit companies

IC Systems Inc aquired a collection account from PRAXIS who claimed I owed them 56$. ICS mailed me noticed and I responded with a petition that the PRAXIS bill was not mine within the deadline (ICS acknolwedged reciept of my petition). Per ICS rules PRAXIS had 60 days to produce evidence that I purchased this item from them. In less than 30 days of my notice to ICS they reported a collections account to the various credit agencies that watch that stuff.<br />
<br />
This is a serious abuse of the the creidt reporting system and an effort by ICS to bully me into paying a bill even while under petition. I confronted one of their agents who admitted that the listing was premature and that they would remove it - we will see.

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illegal communication

I got into trouble after the bank raised my interest on my credit card to an outrageous amount. Until then, I was paying over the minimum and on time. I tried to speak to the bank but they refused to negotiate so I had to stop payments, which ruined my credit. A woman named Coleman has been harrassing me even after she has been told on numerous ocassions to stop her calls. She called my neighbors, friends, relatives and work. I work on an emergency hotline for reporting child abuse, which she tied up one time for at least half an hour or more by calling over and over. Now she will call and threaten to tie up the line again if I don't talk to her. She has called me and yelled at me and demanded to know when I was going to take a break to talk to her. I have asked her repeatedly to stop calling my work. My co-workers have told her the same but she continues to harrass me. The last draw was yesterday morning when she called the hotline and asked to speak to me. When she was told that I was out sick, she told my co-worker that she knew for a fact that I was not sick and was out of state! My co-worker told my supervisor. Lucky for me that my co-worker didn't know I was coming in today, otherwise it could have caused me my job! I thought this kind of behavior was illegal?

  • Sa
    sarah Apr 04, 2008

    I had a account end up with ic systems due to the company not notifying me when my account information wouldn't work due to their staff entering it in wrong. The ic systems inc staff were very rude and would call at 4am even though i had notified them that i have a east coast cell phone number however i live on the west coast i was getting calls every morning. They would not send me anything in writing over this matter. They would not settle this account for a whole 200 dollars which i didn't feel i owed due to never using the services they were trying to charge for. The reps would not help i finally got a sales manager who told me that he would credit this where i did not use the services if i settled to pay them 75 dollars i told him to send me a statement representing this and i would send in the payment for the 75 dollars i never received this statement and when i have called about it since then i have been told the account was credited yet it is still showing delinquent on my credit report and i can not get it removed they are very unhelpful and tell you one thing and do another. Very hard to deal with.

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  • Pi
    Pissed at collectors Jul 27, 2010

    This behavior is very illegal. I can't believe there are people out there who think this stuff is ok by any standard. I hope they finally stopped.

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the world worse customer service


paid bill is stillmarked as unpaid

I had recently sent a check for the amount of 186.62 for an overdue bill that was due to Petsmart. Thi...

calls everyday after 9pm

I've told these people that eBay has limited my account and so has PayPal and that is why my so called debit hasnt been paid to eBay for doing nothing. Not only does eBay screw you when you sell things by charging a million fees they screw you with PayPal as well, because they charge you fees as well and if you didn't know, eBay owns PayPal. Then after they restrict your account and tell you you can't have your $600 dollars that you have in PayPal they send a collection agency after you. OKAY THAT MAKES SENSE. They limited both my eBay and PayPal accounts so i can't use PayPal to pay eBay online and i can't get my money out of PayPal, then they hit you with a bunch of bogus charges and jack up the price. That's how i got to where this so called collection agency is calling non stop for the past week. they call everyday 3 or 4 times a day. They have even called past 9PM one time and this morning they called at 8 am on a sunday. I dont care what you say this company is wrong. i have even told them I will be sending a check Via FedEx on moday morning. they still dont listen. After all that the young lady hung up on me because i was a little angry and told them the story. Hey lady if your going to be in the business to screw people be prepared to have people tell you you and your company is a piece of S***.

rude and unprofessional

This agency has been calling my voicemail and leaving messages to the point of interrupting me at work, a new job, and being downright rude when I explained I am already working with a debt reduction agency and that they will be making arrangements for my settlement as soon as I am able to begin receiving checks from my new employer.

I recommend they be reported to the better business bureau for harrassment practices that are illegal. I shall now send them a Cease and desist letter, and if they do not honor this I will have a lawyer contact them for their violations of my privacy.

The manor in which they spoke to me is rude and irresponsible.

horrific customer service

IC Systems was hired by Chase to collect a debt from myself. I spoke with several customer service reps and I was assured that all communication was being documented in my file. In the day and age of electronic identity theft, it's normal for skepticism from customers in giving personal information like social security and checking account numbers over the phone. I was also told on several occasions that once the debt was paid brought to current I would stop receiving constant calls. (I'm talking 2 to 3 times in an hour)

I gave my payment information to a C.S. rep and was told that I was current and would receive a letter of receipt in 5 business days. The following day I received yet another call, more harsh this time asking again for information to rectify account. I told them that I'd already paid my amount and received a reference number. The rep said there was nothing documented in the account, although I was told it would be. I spoke with someone who claimed to be a Supervisor, told him of my dilemma and he told me that was my problem and my fault. I asked for his name, because he obviously wasn't giving me the level of respect I felt I deserved and he told me that he would not give me his name. I asked again and he laughed. (Can you believe that!)

Regardless, somehow the amount was extracted from my account. So, they obviously don't know how to adequately run their business and I am honestly surprised they have such a large client while conducting business like this.

  • Up
    upset in Colorada Sep 23, 2010

    I just received a call from IC Systems company demanding that I remit in full what I owed the bank. I intend to make 3 payments to clear it . Tup. I am disabled and not living in my own home. I pay rent and other bills and make copayments for my doctor visits and medicines, which are many. My health is failing. This lady calls me and is arguing with me on the phone, telling to do this or that. She gave me an address and phone number in St. Paul, MN to send my payment. I hung up on them and will block this # from my phone. I will deal directly to my bank, I will not send them a dime. They were very rude and almost gave me a heart attack over the phone. They should be turned over to the BBB for crude tactics and unprofessional like phone manners. I was very upset and will not deal with them again.!!!

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harrassing calls

These people need to seriously take a course in customer service. They are rude, talk over you and even sometimes raise their voice. I have flat out told this company several times that I'm currently out of work and have no income at all coming in and getting ready to lose car and apartment...I told them I will pay when I start working. They continue to call and the other night, one employee had me so upset I started having chest pains. It should be illegal for them to call and upset people the way they do. I told him I worked in collections for 6 years and I knew the rules. I told him to quit calling and contact me by mail only...he said that wasn't how it worked. They continue to call no matter what. Like the previous person, I just won't answer my phone. There is a recession going on, haven't they heard?! How can you set up a payment plan when you have no income at all coming in! I would not even talk to these people on the phone. They are beyond being able to discuss anything rationally. Of course, they have a job and they're getting made so I"m sure they don't care! I go hope someone puts them out of business! My next step is to contact companies that I know of that they do business for!

  • B
    /b/ Feb 20, 2010

    Internet / Phone Bullies
    Because attempting that ### face to face could be downright detrimental to your health.

    Just Trolling :0)

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harrasing phone calls

IC System have been repeatedly calling my office asking for someone I don't even know. I tried to convince them they had the wrong phone # but they persist. When I complained to the "supervisor" inquiring their contact information, I was insulted, cut-off, and ultimately hung up on. I learned they were "IC Systems" and that's it. NO address, phone #. They still call me, bizarre. Maybe they get paid by the #of phone calls made per hour?

scam and cheating

I started receiving calls from IC systems, since June 1, first on my home phone, now on my cell phone number. The caller first ask me to id myself, then ask me to verify my social security #. When I refused, he says he will call back; then hangs up. Well, my husband and I were on vacation last week, and this guy kept call me at all hours. I finally, blocked that number from my cell phone, but he continues to call my home phone. Thank God for caller ID. The thing is, I don't know why he's calling, but I think it's from an old cell phone company from 4 or 5 years ago.

  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    Someone from this company had the nerve to call my Mom's house. I have not lived there for over 21 years. They told her that was the number they had to contact me. That was a complete lie, they found her number in the phone book. I would not use her phone number for a contact for me.

    She said they were completely rude and tried drilling her for more information on how to reach me. She told them to never use her phone number to try and reach me and then in turn they called again the next day.

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unprofessional #!

I need to have someone (a lawyer) take these wastes of skin to task for their unprofessional and disgusting...

anonymous calls

I received an anonymous call, with no one responding when I answered (I believe more than once), so I used *69 to get the phone number. IC Systems answered when I called back. Because I refused to identify myself to someone who had called anonymously, they refused to answer my questions abou their purpose, and refused to remove me from their call list.

I feel no responsibility to answer anyone's questions until I know what is going on. I resent calls where the calling party vanishes from the line.

  • Da
    Daremo Dec 09, 2009

    I can understand where you are coming from on this. However, the anonymous calls with no-one responding is an automated computer system calling to see if the number is still good (not disconnected) and if there is someone answering the phone. The collectors have no control over that.

    When you call in, the collectors need a phone number to look up to find your account. Without that, the only information they can provide you about IC System is "We handle personal business matters for people". That's it. They can't say anything more.

    They can't remove your number and the reason for that is they don't know what number you are calling from. If they don't have the number, they can't look up and see what account they are calling. Once they have the account they can verify if they have the right person or perhaps they are calling the wrong number.

    If you don't give them your number, you will keep getting calls. Sorry.

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  • To
    totallydisgustedperson Sep 30, 2011

    Well when they repeatedly call your home and they ask for a certain person and that person is the one that answers the phone and asks what they want then there should be some sort of response by the person that is calling not getting rude and DEMANDING to know exactly whom they are talking to without even explaining that it is " a personal business matter" as most of the collection agencies do. I mean seriously the phone is in the name of the person they are trying to get ahold of so why would they have to be total aholes about it and not state what it is they want.

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  • To
    totallydisgustedperson Sep 30, 2011

    oh and then when you do identify yourself you CANNOT know what they want until you verify your private information like your social security number! I refuse to verify that sort of thing on the phone! I mean seriously tell me what you want and i will talk to you but be jerks and you get nothing!

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what debtors don't think about

Wow it's surprising to see those of you who are actually in debt talk as you do. Or those that aren't in debt but are relatives, significant others, etc.. of debtors.

I hope you realize that debt collectors are also people. If you're swearing at them, you think that's respectful and professional of you? Obviously they aren't going to take that from someone they don't know either. When you get on the line with a collector, it's almost 90% chance that you're not talking to the same one as before. So why vent and cuss at someone who has never even talked to you before? Sure you may have been treated horribly by one collector, it doesn't mean that every collector is like that.
I think that debtors should just be calm and know who you're talking to first. It isn't right for a collector to tell you you are a deadbeat- I agree. But not all collectors will say that. I think those who do call debtors names, those are the collectors who should be apologize and not say those things in the first place.

But also, being pushy about getting payments from debtors IS the collector's job. That's what they're being paid for. They're rated on their performance on the accounts they work. If a collector can't get any debtor's to pay, they're in trouble. Understand that their job relies on debtors paying their bills.

I've worked collections before. I even worked at IC. I once had a debtor tell me as soon as I called her she shouted "WHY THE [censored] ARE YOU CALLING ME??? YOUR MOTHER SHOULD'VE ABORT YOU!!!" and hung up on me. I've never spoken to her before, I've never insulted her. She JUST insulted me. And I was only do my job to call people. Collectors shouldn't have to take that kind of abuse either. Debtors can be just as nasty as some collectors.

I've always been understanding when I collected and I never pushed people. I let the debtors rant to me about how they got screwed over with fees or how they lost their house, job, car, have medical issues, etc.
The only time I got firm was when the debtor got firm with me.

Another thing to consider is that collectors deal with a lot of people (debtors). Even though your situation may be true, collectors here a lot of lies. Or when debtors say they will call back, collectors trust them to do so. But if they don't, the trust is broken. After dealing with many debtors and getting so many lies or broken promises, collectors get fed up and change their ways/looks. It may not be your/the current debtor's fault for this change, but it's also not the collectors. Over time collectors get tired of people saying they can't pay but they can pay to go on vacation or this or that. There's a lot of trust that gets broken between debtors and collectors.

For those of you who are innocent and are getting calls for people you don't even know, don't get mad about it. Talk to someone and calmly state the situation. How long you've had the #, etc...
But this is also a trust issue...debtors can/have lied or pretended to be someone else to cheat collectors. It's hard for collectors to know the truth.

Just remember, collectors and debtors fall into each others' verbal assaults though none of it should happen.

  • Ma
    Marcus_GA Jul 21, 2009

    Hey yo -

    Funny... I just received a call yesterday from IC System to collect a debt from AT&T... The person was rude... insulting... argumentative. Unwilling to understand that there was a mistake with the account and I needed to work with them to get it resolved…. They just wanted money and didn’t care about the fact that I didn't actually owe the debt.

    So basically you are full of ###.

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  • He
    heyyo Jul 28, 2009

    thanks but i'm not full of ###

    Debtors swear/cuss a lot...

    have you ever dealt with me before? No. So do not judge me. you can judge anyone else.but not me, okay?

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debt collection

Got a call from Ic Systems Inc. today claiming to be collection agency from Target. After finding out I have...

harassment, pain, suffering, dept of justice complaint coming to them


I had a Target REDCard, and then I was scammed by ACN, a multi-level marketing business. They had gone against their policy to refund the $500 charge they made to my card. I called Target National Bank to let them know, and they not only refused to give me their dispute hotline number, they hung up on me when I got over to the dispute dept. This all started in July of 2008. I was even paid up til I had that $500 charge and told them I needed it taken off since I was Scammed.


When I was first called by I.C. System, they explained to me that Target National Bank had sold my debt to them, and they were demanding a payment. I tried to gently explain (I'm kind of easy to set off at times) that I had no job and wasn't able to find one no matter how hard I was looking. I explained to them that I was also a college student getting a scholarship to go to school and then my parents helped out with the rest of my tuition, books, and rent. They then asked me why my parents couldn't help pay my debt, and I let them know that my parents are people who aren't needed to be involved because they not only aren't full of money, one of them is looking for a job! I was then told to "go to Mommy and Daddy" for money, then they hung up.

I finally have a job in Distribution, and am being paid by contract. I have NO idea when I'm going to be paid. My cell phone is now a work phone because I'm also giving music lessons, which isn't working so well, but my phone is now a work phone at all times nonetheless.

I received a call from them during my work hours, and I told them that Oregon had passed a law which states that: Debt collectors may not call the debtor during employment hours or at place of employment more than once per week. They laughed at me saying "Do you seriously think that's what the state law says!?" then hung up.

They have harassed me to the point of blowing up numerous times, and sometimes, they have made me cry because I just wanted things to stop.

Future Plans:

I am currently filling out an Oregon Dept of Justice Consumer Complaint Form. I still have not had the $500 charge taken off (it's almost been a year since it's June of 2009, and I hope I.C. System gets what's coming to them...

  • Wh
    wheresteddy Jun 27, 2009

    Argh, they're located in St. Paul, MN. I thought they were asking for my location when the call was made.. My bad guys!

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violations of fdcpa

IC Systems are clearly violating more than my complaint, I was'nt surprised to find this site! These...

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