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Final Demand - Debt collection

This company has collected a bad debt on my behalf and 4 months later will not pass the money on. They started by claiming it was a legal requirement to wait 56 days. Still waiting for my £3, 000 to...

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Final Demand - Debt collection

I have started to use Final Demand to collect old debts. They managed to collect and never remitted anything to me. I phoned again and again to chase and they repeatedly said the Director is away from the office! I have read a similar review here, and wished I had read it before thinking of using them!

The company currently have a county court judgement for non payment to creditors so please DO NOT USE THEM! THEY ARE A CON! There are plenty of others around.

They also insisted on £500+vat = £600 just to open an account with them! So this is water down the drains for doing nothing!

What a shocking company!

I also phoned Financial Ombudsman but they weren't of much help either!

Final Demand - Debt collectors

This company has shocking customer service and appear to run with just one accountant named "Alex" who is only in a few half days a week that seem to change week on week (well when i call on a day...

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Jan 25, 2016

Final Demand - Debt collector

Please Please, someone take this complaint serious. Our family run company signed up with the above debt collectors after them ringing us ten times a day. We paid our life time fee of £1554.00 on...

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Final Demand - Collection of Debt

I was contacted and signed up to Final demand departing with £1000 for registration to become a lif longer customer. The three debts I forwarded did not come to anything at all. I could not speak to the sales account person I signed up with and I was fobbed off with excuses when ernquirying about progress of the debt collection of the 3 accounts. They I sure survive on the sign up fee and do not collect any debts despite their claims. The customer account person allocated to our company was supposed to be legal trained but did not have a clue, full of false promises. Aviod this company at all costs they also give the debt collection industry a bad name and make you cautious signing yup with anyone else

Final Demand - debt collection

I was contacted by these unprofessional waste of time "debt Collections company" I foolishly parted with £1000 and had nothing in return. I could not speak to the account manager at all. The...

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Oct 09, 2015

Final Demand - Con artist company

I have worked for final demand and i can tell you all right now that they will rob you blind. They crave commission of the money you give them and this is why they issue stat demands to everyone so they get boss commission off it. They slag every client off they deal with and they will not pay you back when they say they will. I never known a company like this in my life, the lack of proffesionalism in the offices is disgusting and the manager is the most unprofessional person going! The director robs everyone's money and goes on holiday with it that's why you can never get through to him. Never work for this company and never deal with this company or give them a penny.

Final Demand - Nightmare company

Having posted on here in march I was contacted by Ray Jennings of Final Demand Ltd a couple of days after. He apologised for the poor service and said he would personally sort out my issues. He said it would take 6-8 weeks. I left it in his hands and tried to contact him after 8 weeks. He couldn't take my call so I left a message for him to contact me. Needless to say 4 weeks later and lots of calls he still hasn't contacted me. I am not a competitor trying to discredit them I am a client and I can't make it any clearer DO NOT USE FINAL DEMAND LTD. They take your money and do nothing and are impossible to contact.

i have to say I agree with the person who submitted the last report quick taking your money£595.00 plus vat and do nothing for you I signed up about 4 years ago and have not had 1p back from them all idle promises I have read all the other comments and they seem to use the same line on everybody I would not recommend this firm to anybody your better with the money in your own pocket and forget the debt, I am still trying to get some of my money back but I have had to do it myself through the courts (more money) so forget about this firm .

I foolishly signed up after 'Colin' (I would be surprised if he even exists) told me I had to act immediately as the company owing me £4, 400.00 was in the process of being struck off. He told me he could stop it happening if I paid £595.00 plus VAT which would fund a full and thorough forensic investigation into their affairs and the Directors would have to settle out of their own pockets. I was told i hd to act straight away I have kept recordings of the charmless prat spinning me a yarn. The world will be a better place without lying ### like him. I have since discovered this is complete nonsense and I am compiling evidence which I will submit to the FCA and possibly the police. I feel like such an idiot. I too have kept a log of what their testimonials had to say and it makes for shocking reading. Perhaps we should talk?

From what I understand Ray Jennings is fairly new to FD.
Our complaint was "escalated" to him. Whenever we tried to call him he was never available. The only time he ever made contact was to threaten us with the police after we dared to call through the testimonials and ask 1.) Were they legitimate? 2.) Were they still valid? Can you guess what the majority of people said? Oh, and this is just the start of it...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Final Demand - Debt recovery

I was sold the package from final demand to meet with exactly the same as the rest of the forum. "Steve" must have a book of excuses to use, never there, on the phone, on holiday, half day. When I...

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Final Demand - Owed Money

This company took my money up front for a debt owed to me. after 8 months of wasting my time and me recieving 2 x cheques I got a dear John letter stating that they can no longer help. I have...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Final Demand - Poor service ridiculous contact

I have a property of which my tenants absconded and the debt was to be recovered by final demand ltd.

Over 8 months I have had a handful of emails and one phone call. All staff are abusive and in helpful. When I call "Chris Harmer" who is dealing with my request is always on the phone/busy or more than likely just avoiding my calls.

I am owed £2500 of which I have received £84 x 2. Final demand will not even allow me to look at my own account which leads me to believe they in fact have recovered the debt get Re not passing on the money owed to us.

This company is a scam and they will not answer anything you need or give any updates. I have reason to believe they have recovered my debt yet not passed on my money.

Final demand expect to hear from my solicitors.

Similar experience They collected one debt after paying fees and then I have been unable to get payment from them for a recovered debt. After many emails all I have received are promises of payment

tried calling 'Stewart Arnold' and 'S Jackson' who work for them? Nobody knows Stewart Arnold and S Jackson is apparently Steve Jackson (hmmm) and he collects door to door? I wouldn't be surprised if Ray, Colin, John, Stewart and Jackson are all the same person. I am trying to find a way to post audio on here, listen to Colins patter, happy to share

Stewart Arnold. 24 hours? I know you have to be joking. I have been trying to get hold of Ray and John for over a month regarding the complaint I made against Final Demand and am yet to receive any kind of update.

I act on behalf of other parties and wish to add your complaint to my action against this company. I do not know how to contact you direct so have included the following address [email protected] please drop me a line

I am the Business Development Manager at Final Demand Ltd. I am sorry you felt it necessary to make this posting and would like to guarantee that any problems you are experiencing will be resolved immediately.

All clients receive secure login details to access their accounts online and view the progress of our collection activities 24/7. In addition, all client funds are deposited into a ring-fenced account and should there be any error on our part this will be rectified immediately.

Please contact us at [email protected] and rest assured that your query will be answered within 24 hours.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Final Demand - False Information

My name is John Bellfield. I am the Managing Director of Eclipse Fitness Services Limited. The postings made by Olive Lee on this forum have been made without my authority, knowledge or agreement. These postings are untrue and do not reflect the relationship I have with Final Demand Limited. Payments have been made promptly by Final Demand Limited and I am more than happy to recommend Final Demand Limited’s services to anyone and provide a full reference for them. I have apologised to Final Demand Limited for these postings. Should anyone wish to verify the validity of this posting them contact me on [protected] .

Ive waited over two years & still awaiting any response from Final Demand

I've left over 30 messages over a month to speak to them, and my so called account manager still hasn't returned my call.
They take your money with promises of a call to the client as the bank have a charge on them, and they don't want to foreclose, but this never happens and they ask for more money to put them in court.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Final Demand - Response to spiteful comments

I have been a client of Final Demand since August last year. They have asked for me to confirm my thoughts on them in response to a negative thread. My experience is completely at odds with the...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Final Demand - Problem Free

I have to say I have been dealing with Final Demand for many years now and had no issues at all to complain about. Yes sometimes not quickest at returning an odd call but I realise they are dealing with many hundreds of clients, calls and emails on a daily basis so accept it. I have recommended them to numerous others and will continue to do so in the future as I have dealt with other collection agencies and Final Demand are up there with the best.

Mysignworks NW Ltd owned by Matthew Sumner from Liverpool? Coincidence?

OP- You never actually say whether or not Final Demand recovered any debts for you.
mysignworks- You have had a lucky escape. You would do well to look into what the Directors have got up to previously and are up to now.

guys i have a very successful vehicle wrapping and signage company, and i have used final demand now for the past 3 years and i have to say reading the this site and the comments i can only put together they are revival companies, i have no complaints with regards the sign up fee and taking further action i.e i think they issued a statutory demand, i think that's what it was called. I'm not going to go into details of my clients but this company has saved me thousands and in this day and age, we all need it.
we have used other companies to collect with no success, but i was at my last strew when final demand contacted me. i said no at first but then i asked them to provide me with references which they are more than happy to do so, i contacted them and they all had good words to say about them. nothing negative at all. so i signed up, and 3 years later as stated I'm very happy.
so key to this is ask for references

Final Demand - Bad Service

We singed a contract with Final Demand to aid us with collecting some of our debts. We were promised a direct phone contact and someone assigned to take care of us. The first money they collected...

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