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Select Portfolio Servicing complaints 32

Select Portfolio Servicing - Fraud

They are misrepresenting that they own a mortgage loan and attempting to collect on it. Apparently they are acting on behalf of the Federal National Mortgage Association known as Fannie Mae. When Fannie Mae was contacted they denied any such authorization or involvement with Select Portfolio Servicing ( SPS ) or the U.S. Bank. RICO and PONZI Scheme criminal complaints have been filed against them.

Desired outcome: Declare note and deed of trust/mortgage null and void.

Select Portfolio Servicing - Lack of response to request for help

I am behind on my mortgage. I reached out to SPS to get help and was put on a repayment plan that nearly doubled my mortgage payment. I was able to make two payments under the repayment plan but...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - Owing more than I borrowed

My account was switched from Caliber a to SPS At the time we were behind almost a year with Caliber when SPS came in. Was 174000 Then SPS said we owed 181000. I figured past payments and foreclosure was started. This was over a year ago. I checked to see how much to take out some equity and SPS says it will take 191000 why after a year of paying

Select Portfolio Servicing - Errors in advance withdrawal of my payments

I have been making mortgage payments on my home since 2004, when I purchased it. The company holding the mortgage draws the payment out of my bank account every two weeks, in the amount of $592.11...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - deed in lieu

They bought my mortgage from US Bank. I applied for a deed in lieu with them in April of 2019 when it became clear I wasn't going to be able to maintain the property. Over a year later, it's still not processed. Every time I call- and I call 3 times a week, I have them on a schedule- I get a different answer from every rep. I have to tell the rep what the previous rep told me then they miraculously find that info in their notes. This company is horrific. They give you every excuse under the sun, lose your information, enter the wrong information and generally do everything they can to make an already stressful time even worse. It's been over a year (!) and they still have no idea how long it's going to take to get this resolved. If you have a choice, run from them!!!

Select Portfolio Servicing - customer service representatives and company

We had a hardship and we got help from a third party to help with our payments for May, June and July. It was discussed with a customer service rep we were doing this they said they would put it in...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - mortgage modification

I been trying to get a loan modification for 2 yrs now, my wife pass away in 2016, I lost one income, I have a disabled son at home that I take care, I want get back on track start paying my mortgage, i work full time, I have try with different firms, to get modification, I don't want to loose my home please help me .i make ok money I can make a monthly payment $2000 or more am honest man, trying to keep my home


Select Portfolio Servicing - mortgage

DLG bought from Banco Popular over 3, 000 mortgage loans and Select Portfolio are giving servicing in 2013. My loan was one of them. First they raise my payment from 478.00 to 712.03 with no reason...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - mortgage

I had become behind on my mortgage by 3 months and applied for a modification. Every rep i talked to told me that during the modification application process i did not have to pay my monthly mortgage...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - mortgage swindlers:

In march 2018, my mom passed away and left a debt of $23, 000 left on the house... I have tried repeatedly to explain to them that I am the only living sibling and they keep telling me they won't talk to me unless I prove to them my interest in the house... And my relationship to my mom... Duh... I have faxed them a copy of my durable power of attorney, and they told me their company doesn't recognize power of attorney in the state of indiana. So I wasted $9.00 on a fax that was worthless. Now they tell me I need to fax them a copy of my small claims affidavit before they will talk to me... I am on disability and don't have money to waste on these bunch of idiots who couldn't find their [censored] with both hands... Most places would write off the mortgage but not these losers. They just as well be loan sharks. Here it is the middle of july and I am ready to throw my hands up in the air and walk away... I really could use some help...

Select Portfolio Servicing - fraudulent foreclosure/fraudulent bankruptcy/fraudulent mortgage

In 2007 I purchased my home from Community lending services for the amount of $179, 000. In 2010 I lost my second job and was unable to pay 2 months of mortgage payments. I then called community...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - mortgage reduction

i just got back my new payment from my mortgage in the middle of getting a new payment is 1436$ a month.i make 1400 every 2 can i afford this with all my other bill...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - mortgage deferred payment

I light of the terrible hurricane Harvey that has consumed the Houston and surrounding area leaving many home less with clothes on there back and several in area shelter many Financial...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - delay in accepting offer on property is unacceptable

We need our good faith offer accepted. We are prequalified at, and made an offer of $130, 000 on the property at 760 Lindenwood Dr, Greenwood, IN 46142 on 24 January 2017. The offer has not been...

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Feb 19, 2016

Select Portfolio Servicing - The rep was rude and didn't warn us about the documents

We weren’t happy with the services of Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. We haven’t paid our credit and found the refinancing program. When we contacted the rep, he was very angry and rude with us. He...

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Dec 03, 2015

Select Portfolio Servicing - They drastically increased the payments after I found new job

I have paid for the mortgage within two years and suddenly I lost the job and couldn’t pay the same sums as it was before. I called to Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. They lowered my payments and...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - Loan Modification / Short Sale / Foreclosure

My loan was sold to select portfolio servicing by Chase. Once they obtained my loan the added attorney fees and other fees on my $218, 000 home loan from Chase. I applied numerous times for a loan modification was always denied, per select portfolio my loan totaled $350, 000 I opted for a short sale. I had an approved short sale; however they auction / foreclosed on my Home and gave me 24 hours notice to move my Family and myself. They not once tried to work with me to make my Home affordable and now I have lost my Home.

Select Portfolio Servicing - Exspenses paid by servicer not documented Internet

Hello, I currently have an account with SPS or BKA Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. . My account was originally with another local bank in my area. After my divorce, I could no longer afford to pay my mortgage on time and my accountant was forward to SPS. Foreclosure was pressing. However, thank you JESUS ... I was able to get out of foreclosure through the HAMP program. From what I was told, all of my in the rear mortgage payments and other LEGAL fees were included in the modification and added in my mortgage payments. Well, I noticed that there was a $748.65. I asked about the fee and I was told it was lawyer fees that were added as a result of the foreclosure fees. Lawyers fees ... What? I asked why they were not included with the modification along with the other fees. SPS rep/supervisor said the fees were received after the modification was made. Not only am I having to pay the $748.00 am being charged INTREST. Then I asked for an invoice showing that this charge was in fact LAWYER fees and I told that they aka(SPS) could not give me an INVOICE. I guess I’m supposed to take their word for it and be charged interest on top of the fees. Is this LEAGAL?

Select Portfolio Servicing - Mis-information & dirty tricks

Hello again. I posted a comment about this company back on april 1, 2011 and today I just received some outstanding news about this stellar company. Last fall, they "approved me for...

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Select Portfolio Servicing - Stalling on HAMP Refinance

My mortgage was sold to Select Portfolio Servicing about 4 years ago. In may of 2009 I contacted SPS in order to apply for a refinance with the Federal Government HAMP Program. this company has been giving me the run around ever since. They insist I do not qualify for the program. Yet, If I go on the HAMP website, I meet every qualification. When pressed, SPS has informed me they did not submit my paperwork because it took over 30 days for me to send them the paperwork they requested. The 30 day period is their self-imposed window to review a mortgage holders' documents. Over the course of the 30 days, they kept saying they need additional paperwork, I send the document in, a few days later they need another document, etc, even though I submitted all documentation at the onset. Then, lo and behold, 35 days after I initiated the process, they call to inform me the 30 day window has elapsed and I do not qualify for them to submit the paperwork to HAMP. That was the first time any mention of a 30 day period was disclosed. Ever since then, they say they have in-house programs I may qualify for. I have lost count with the number of document requests they ask for, and re-ask for the same info i sent them a few weeks prior. In December I qualified for their 3 month trial Forebearance Program. If all 3 payments were made on time (which they were) and the submittal of, yes, you guessed it, additional documents at the end of the 3 month period, then the payment would be permanent. Well, wouldn't you know, they never asked for additional documents and turned me down for the permanent payment. So now, I get to go throught the whole process all over again. This circus show has been going on for just about TWO YEARS! What a quack outfit to deal with! I have contacted the OCC, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which suggested I contact the Federal Reserve Board. So, at present, the Federal Reserve has my complaint and hopefully they can render assistance with this problem.

This is now 2017. I see lots of complaints here and other places. Does anyone know of any class action suits in process or how we can start one if there is not one already? My runaround was in 2011 but I still feel they should pay for their crimes. I see that some Bank of America employees revealed what went on there. Maybe a former SPS employee has come forward?

SPS has been doing the same thing to us!!! They finally say I am approved after over a year but they're still wanting to take over 50% of my income. I am disable and cannot afford that. But I personally think that thats what they are counting on, that I will not be able to make my trial period payments and they can foreclose. By the way, I've not received any paperwork officially saying I am approved thru the mail. I had to call them and have them fax me something. But it doesn't even have any details as to what my trial period is all about. Also, for some reason they cannot get my address correct. When I asked them why they have to type it into the PC everytime I call, they don't know. I would think a company that big would have all the computers connected on one big server. What I really think is a shame is that they are playing with the Presidents Affordable Home Act like its a game instead of a real problem.

Can you please indicate who to address when sending a letter to the Federal Reserve? SPS has been giving us the run around for the past 4 months. I can't tell you how many times we've had to resubmit our financial information. They "close" our account due to non-submission of financials and they we have to start the process all over again.

Any insight/advice you can provide would be much appreciated. I'm so happy to learn that your ordeal is finally over!

As a follow up to my dilemma with Select Portfolio Services(SPS): I did send a letter to the Federal Reserve and cc'd SPS. The Fed responded to my letter and sent a notice of grievance letter to SPS. SPS responded that it was my fault, mentioning the "30" day period and that they have been trying, in vain, to work with me. BUT, low-and-behold, within thirty days SPS had readjusted my interest rate by cutting it almost in half. So if anyone is having similar problems I would suggest sending a letter to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City. Wish you all the best! JMR PS: (to TWDJ) thanks to the devaluation of just about all homes countrywide, my current loan to value ratio is approximately 15%.

I wonder how many other of the loans that are chronically stalled have a good loan to value ratio. We have about 40% equity in our house and it would be a good deal for BOA to foreclose as they would make $$ on the deal.
What kind of equity do you other HAMP applicants have?

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