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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Lost Luggage and poor customer relations

I flew from Amsterdam to Barcelona via Madrid - my baggage was lost for 9 days. I only obtained my luggage by presenting myself at the Barcelona airport and refused to leave until they found the bag. It is funny that they 'found' it after telling me for days that it was with the courier - it was in their lost and found department and had been in the airport for 8 of the 9 days - five of which were in the lost and found. I had given them distinguishing markings, and my name and all contact details were on the bag! I contacted the CEO, but after two letters, still no reply, nor compensation

  • Cl
    Claire Guimond Jun 15, 2014

    Similar thing just happening to us. Very poor service from Iberia with telephone agents seemingly not allowed to do anything useful.
    We arrived Valencia on Tuesday evening with luggage missing. Thursday, we were told that luggage was now in Valencia and would be delivered to us later that day or next morning. So we waited in ... for the next 3 days !
    Now on Sunday, Iberia tell us that their courier tried to deliver our luggage on Friday. However, we were available all day and no ring at the door bell, no telephone call or message, no note left at the door. What would you think ?
    And of course, they don´t deliver on Sundays.
    So, we are just hoping for our luggage to be delivered on Monday - or perhaps should we do like you and drive the 100 miles to Valencia airport and camp there until Iberia give us our luggage.

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  • Sh
    Sharon rRussellhk Feb 09, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Iberia Airline lost my luggage from a flight from Alicante to Rio Brazil. In fact it just never left Alicante for five days, that was last August and I am still waiting to receive compensation for emergency supplies I had to buy. Exactly six months and I can not get anybody from Iberia to help me resolve this problem. They have to have the worst customer service

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Resolved Bad service

To anybody considering to fly Iberia.
Last week I took an Iberia flight from Amsterdam via Madrid to Santiago de Chile, and back. It is not my habit to complain about airliners, but this was exceptional. In the plane to madrid there was no space for legs. I'm just 1.87, so I wander what longer persons do. I was not able to stretch my legs at all. I could barely walk when I came out of the plane. On board standard policy is nothing to drink unless you pay. I better fly with Ryan Air next time! What a lack of service! On the flight to Santiago things were not much better. I can go into detail, but I will only mention no toilet paper and soap on the toilets.
On the way back I was sitting in a chair where the light and sound control box in the airm support was repaired in a very special way (Old planes!). They added a little box on top of the old one that sticked out andwas hurting my leg. The reaction on my complaint was that the plane was full. I did not take that. It would have been dangerous for my health! Furthermore, the food was very bad, and the air histesses were not what you call friendly. Some of them do not speak English, clearly. All calls over the inetrcom are almost impossible to comprehend: people speak English with a very heavy accent and they seem to be in an extreme hurry. I can understand many accents (I travel everywhere for business) but this one was impossible.
And so on...and so on...
I travel a lot by plane. Sometimes the service is good, sometimes it is a little bit worse. I flew with Iberia a couple of times. I decided this was the last time. Iberia is one of the worst bigger Airliners I know. It is a shame.
I hope this helps people.
Rob Veltman

  • Th
    The worst airline Jan 06, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to complain against the three worst airlines in the world. Iberia, Lineas Aerias Iberia, and Iberia Airlines. Im sure this is no surprise to anyone. I have read so many complaints against this airline lately, that I am indeed surprised that people continue to fly this airline. Please do your research and read up on this airline before you decide to fly Iberia Airlines.

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Resolved Flight to IBIZA via Madrid on 23/05/09

Went to the airport to find myself, husband and son of 5 not on passengers list for flight to Ibiza via Madrid on the half term holiday which was booked.

I had a confirmation letter when i purchased the ticket that confirmed flight and the total costs for flights including the credit card used for payment . However, there was a problem with the payment and the airline never informed me of this and i thought the flight was booked and confirmed. In their document there is a statement that says they will inform purchaser if there is a problem with payment which they did not. Airline staff refuse to acknowledge that this was a fault of their booking system. On all other booking system a message is sent out immediately to inform person booking and ask for other method of payment. I was very upset and furious about what happened as i had to come home and wasted a lot of money. My son and husband were very bitter about the whole thing as we had been so looking foward to this holiday.

  • Ma
    MarciaHatesIberiaAirlines Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why is it that the second leg of a flight is cancelled if the first leg is not taken? No budget airline does this.

    Flying from Rio, I tried to arrange that I collect my baggage in Madrid instead of taking the second leg to Barcelona, but this would cost 195 USD! If I simply do not take the second leg (even if I have no baggage), I lose my flight from Barcelona to Rio.

    I cannot see the benefit to Air Iberia to force me to sit on that second leg. They gain an extra seat to sell!! What do they want to do? Sell me more on-board drinks?

    Long live the budget airlines! Death to Air Iberia!

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  • Ho
    hosehead Jul 22, 2010

    Fool the airline? How exactly does the airline benefit by me sitting an extra leg on a trip?? Take a little look at Ryan Air or Easy Jet or any budget airline and you will find that NOT taking an extra leg is actually cheaper. Go figure. I booked a similar ticket within Europe with Easy Jet; didn't take the first leg and guess what... they honoured my return. I wish they could put the National carriers under earlier..

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  • Eg
    EGP_DE Sep 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our flight from Venice got delayed by Iberia Airlines by two hours due to their fault (instead of 2:20 pm, we arrived around 4:20 pm). As a result, we arrived in Madrid 20 minutes before our connecting flight to Washington, rushed to the gate only to be told that our flight had left (we were only 10 minutes late at the gate). And although their own plane was late, they did not wait for people to catch the connecting flight (there were seven us who missed the flight to DC: an American couple (let’s call them the Smiths), three Italian guys and the two of us). We just could not believe that the airline would do this to its passengers, but our nightmare of discovering how evil Iberia is was just starting.

    We all rushed to the Iberia customer service counter hoping to catch a flight some place in the States that day. Out of 5 people that were behind the counter, only one was pretending to help us. Of course, we asked why they let our plane go, well knowing that there are people who are late from their connecting flights. Their response was that they only wait for big groups (###, our flight from Madrid to Paris was delayed by 40 minutes because we were waiting for 4 people; we saw the flight to NY delayed for 6 people). As we discovered later, Iberia has a tendency to oversell their flights, so they probably did not wait for us because they gave up our seats.

    Anyway, back to my story. So this one Iberia employee was trying to help the couple in front us and we saw the line behind us growing. The other employees looked like they were surfing the web, not even looking up from their computers. Wayne (my husband) started snapping up pictures with his IPhone of the employees doing nothing and only then we got their attention. Their suggestion was for us to spend the night in Madrid and then catch a flight to Boston the next day and then to Washington DC (there were no direct Iberia flights to Washington until the next week). While waiting in line, I went on a travel website and pulled information on a few available flights out of Madrid for the next day through different carriers (one of them was United Airlines). We brought this up with the Iberia employee and he said that it’s impossible for them to book us on this flight. We kept insisting and he finally said that we should go to the Iberia Tickets Sales Office and they will be able to do it (turns out it was a complete lie and these people said this just to get rid of us). But before we could get to the Tickets Sales Office, we needed to retrieve our luggage. That took us additional 30-40 minutes because we could not find anyone behind the Iberia luggage counter and had to go to different information desks to get an idea where to pick up our luggage.

    When we finally made it to the Tickets Sales Office, the Smiths were told that their only option is to take the flight to NY the next day and then to Washington and they accepted this offer without a fight. The Italians were put on a flight to Amsterdam and then to their final destination - LA. So all of our travel companions were gone within an hour with their boarding passes in hand. We were not that lucky. My husband kept standing by the Iberia counter for 2.5 hours! I was waiting with our luggage further away, so I could not see or hear what was going on. As I later found out, Wayne was trying to get us on a direct United flight back home the next day, but an Iberia employee kept telling him she doesn’t see that flight in her system. She kept leading him on pretending she was trying to book us on that flight and then finally said she had to give up because it was not possible (yet, another lie). So Wayne, tired and worn out, after 2.5 hours of standing on his feet agreed to take the flight to Boston the next day and then to Washington from there. He came back with a voucher for the hotel and a voucher for the flight. The Iberia employee suggested checking in that night for tomorrow’s flight to Boston.

    We took her advice and went to the Iberia check-in counter and after waiting in line, the employee said that the flight was actually full, but he thought we could get our seats assigned in the morning and advised us to come back then (the flight was leaving at 2 pm). I guess our brain or the sixth sense wasn’t working at that point because of the extreme fatigue. So we believed this guy and left the airport to look for a shuttle bus that would take us to the hotel that Iberia issued us a voucher for.

    We were standing outside the airport and kept waiting and waiting for the bus… 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes. All other hotel shuttles buses already came and went at least three times. Finally, after almost an hour of wait, out hotel shuttle showed up and quite a large crowd of people rushed in to take their seats (I guess Iberia messed up many other people flights that day). We got the hotel, checked in rather quickly, brought our bags to the room (which was quite decent I must say) and went to have dinner (it was already 9:30 pm). We ran into the Smiths in the cafeteria (I cannot call it a restaurant since the meal setup was a buffet style) and we all commiserated about the unfortunate outcome of our vacations (also, plus the fact that because of the Iberia Airlines, Wayne and I were going to miss our friends’ wedding, which was the reason we were coming back home on Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday). After a modest, but satisfying meal, we went to the room and crashed after a day of an ordeal and emotional distress.

    The next day, right after breakfast we rushed to the airport confident that we would be sleeping at home that night. The Iberia employee at the check-in counter got a puzzled look on her face when she saw our tickets (basically whoever gave us that voucher made a mistake by giving us standby tickets), but she again reassured us that there would be open seats and to go ahead check our luggage and go to the gate, where our seats would be assigned (she spoke to a supervisor on the phone and apparently that’s what the supervisor told her). We again chose to believe this woman and went with her suggestion.

    After a lengthy wait (no gate was assigned until 30 minutes before the flight departure), we rushed to the gate only to be told that the flight was full and there’s no way we could get on this flight (??). We decided to wait irregardless (What if?). We saw a few other passengers waiting on standby. After everyone boarded, Iberia started calling people (looked like Spanish nationals) and giving them boarding passes. Then quickly they closed the gate without even a word to us. We noticed three other people (a married couple and an 85-year old woman) who were waiting with us and I started talking to them. Turns out they had ASSIGNED seats for this flight and their seats were given away, probably to those Spanish nationals.

    We all went to the Iberia customer service (what an irony to call it “customer service”) trying to get on the next flight, which was a 5 pm flight to NY. An Iberia employee started looking for a connecting flight for us and finally said that she couldn’t find one and our only option was to stay another day in Madrid and take the next day flight to Boston. At that point I said that there was no way I was staying another day in Madrid to get kicked out again from the next day flight and told her to give us whatever she could find for today. Under this pressure, she gave us boarding passes to the NY flight and then a voucher for a connecting flight on United airlines from NY to Washington (and here’s the trick - the connection time was only 30 minutes, but I hoped that once we are in the States we could always catch a later flight with this voucher). Relieved, we went and had an awful lunch (I thought it was Spain and food was supposed to be good?), and after another 2 hour wait, went to the gate where we ran into the Smiths and shared a laugh that we were bad luck carriers and they better watch out.

    We finally boarded, all excited to leave Madrid and to be on our way home, still hoping to sleep in our bed that night. Although we were told that they gave us the last two seats (middle seats that were not even together) because the flight was full, when the cabin door got closed we saw people spreading out because there WERE open seats. So, another lie they told us. After sitting and waiting for approximately 30 minutes, the captain announced that because it’s Saturday, they have only one runway open (if you were in Madrid airport, your know it’s triple the size of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, so it’s ridiculous to have only one runway open). Because of this, we were number 77 (!) for departure, which meant a 2-hour delay. When we finally took off, the flight was miserable, cold, served by unfriendly flight attendants (who did not even apologized when they ran out of an entrée of our choice). The food was disappointing, but at least the wine was good.

    Arrival to NY was delayed by 2 hours since we took off late (we arrived around 9:15 pm). After we went through passport control and received our luggage (to my surprise, it made to NY), Iberia employees informed us that there were no more flights to Washington that night and we had to spend the night at the hotel and take an early flight to Washington on Sunday. At that point I was livid. I wanted to take a train to Washington that night and have Iberia pay for it. Of course, they refused to do it. I wanted to go ahead and pay for tickets from our own pocket, but it was too late to catch the last train anyway, so I agreed to go sleep at the hotel.

    We got our hotel voucher and took a shuttle bus to JFK International, which is called “hotel” for some reason (more on it further down). When we arrived, the line was going out of the door (I guess Iberia screwed up many people’s travel plans again). It took us one hour to check in (there was only one employee at the check-in counter). We finally get to our room and as soon as we opened the door, I regretted my decision to come and sleep at this hotel. It was the filthiest, run-down and smelliest room I’ve ever been in here in the United States. I could not believe what I saw – mold in the bathroom, ragged towels, holes in the blankets, black stains all over the carpet, A/C so loud you could not hear other person talking. But since it was too late to turn around and go look for better accommodations, plus I was simply exhausted to, we crashed and after 5 hours of restless sleep, we jumped up and left for the airport around 7 pm.

    We were dropped at the Delta terminal and we were elated to be on our way home (or so we thought). A young Delta employee struggled to understand the Iberia voucher given to us. After a few attempts of calling someone, she just said we didn’t have the right information on the voucher to get our tickets on Delta (I was about to scream). She advised to go back to the Iberia counter to straighten it out. Since Iberia did so damage to us, we automatically assumed that they screwed us up again and we took a train to the Iberia terminal to sort things out. Turns out Iberia employees don’t show up to work until 2 pm, so our only option was to call their toll free number. Which we did and got no help at all. Desperate, I decided to go ahead and purchase tickets on United because I just wanted to get home. As our luck would have it, United did not have any open seats on their flights. I was crushed and started telling our miserable story to two United employees and showed them our voucher. I am glad that I did, because they took one look at it and told us that it was a valid voucher and Delta should have ticketed us with no problem. Whoever said that they could not, did not know what they were talking about.

    So we again went back to Delta terminal and sure enough they were able to issue us tickets (only for a 2 pm flight since our 8:30 am flight already left). That employee who gave us a runaround was new and she did not even try to ask for help to figure out the voucher (I believe in karma and hope she will get to go through a similar experience herself one day). Finally, after waiting for 4 hours at the JFK airport, which was cold, dirty and miserable, we got on the flight and landed in Washington around 3 pm.

    So overall, it took us three full days to come back home from Europe thanks to Iberia’s incompetence, lack of integrity, and unwillingness to offer any help to people who were stranded because of their fault. I want to spread the word about Iberia Airlines to as many people as I can because I don’t think ANYONE deserves to go through what we went through.

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  • Ki
    King1970 Sep 28, 2010

    Im not suppose to say that, but once you start questioning and guessing what are the employees are doing behind any airport counter and on top of that start taking pictures with ur " IPHONE" then be prepared for a wild ride...i'v worked at 3 different airports for the past 16 years and nothing is worst than a stupid travler that thinks they are smarter than everyone else and the deserve the red carpet treatment...i met lots of people like you ...look at ur letter complaining about everything beside the airline...the food in Madrid ...the hotel...JFK airport...the Spanish travlers ???? Get a life and and grow up...and learn a lesson from messing with the people behind the counter.


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  • Eg
    EGP_DE Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Even from your screen name "King1970", I can tell you are a total joke. You should grow up, dude - petty, nasty person, probaby a low-life worker for the Iberia Airlines. I hope you all go to hell.

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  • Fr
    Frequentflyertoo Jun 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Americans should avoid flying IBERIA. I have flown IBERIA in the past and they have lost my luggage about 3/4 of the time. They have no client service to speak of. The employees are simply not engaged in what they do. They remain in business because they exert monopoly power over flight routes in Spain.

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  • Ib
    IberiaSucks Jun 28, 2011

    Iberia lose luggage about 3/4 of the time and just passes you from one counter to the next because they are too lazy to work. They waste your time so you miss your flight and they have already sold your seats and often will claim it was your fault for missing the flight and that you have to purchase new ones. I will not fly Iberia again, they are liars.

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Resolved missed connection

I missed a connection due to a late flight with Iberia and as they weren't willing to compensate me I've taken the matter to court. I provide the details I submitted on my court claim below. If anyone has a similar issue or can help me I'd be keen to hear from you.

On 17/1/2008 I bought a return flight from
london-montevideo via madrid for 13.2.08 on
Iberia.com. The documentation + website
showed all flights were on Iberia. As
advised by Heathrow check-in staff I checked-
in bags from Heathrow to Madrid. Due to late
departure of Heathrow-Madrid flight IB 7447
I missed connection to Montevideo which was
very stressful + exacerbated by staff on
IB7447 being unhelpful and there being no
Iberia staff in the arrival lounge to help
decide what to do with my bags that needed
to be collected and re-checked in. There was
not another direct flight for some days so I
had to cancel my holiday, stay overnight in
Madrid and return to London in the morning,
getting no sleep. My claim is for £250
compensation for distress, inconvenience and
ruining of my holiday. The claimant claims
interest under section 69 of the County
Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year
from 13.2.08-3.1.09 of £? and also interest
at the same rate up to the date of judgment
or earlier payment at a daily rate

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Resolved Overbooking and delay

I had a terrible experience with Iberia, flying from Madrid to Buenos Aires. First our flight was overbooked. We couldn't flight that night and they assured us the place in the next flight, transfer to the hotel and the airport and a cash compensation. We had to change flights (connections) and to book an extra night in Buenos Aires. The following day, we were sited inside the plain for three hours, with technical problems. That plain didn’t lift – very little information was given to the passengers – and we had to go again to a hotel, until they solved the problem. We stayed from 11h to 20h30, without food or water, nor information about our departure. We departed to Buenos Aires with a delay of 13 hours in the second flight. We had to change our vacations completely and lost two days in the Barajas Airport. Iberia didn’t excuse itself for the trouble it caused to the passengers. I will never fly again with this company.

  • Wa
    wansteuk Mar 14, 2009

    I had the same problem with a missed connection and cancelled holiday.
    I'm now pursuing them through a small claim in court below and would be interested to hear what your final outcome was. Thanks
    On 17/1/2008 I bought a return flight from
    london-montevideo via madrid for 13.2.08 on
    Iberia.com. The documentation + website
    showed all flights were on Iberia. As
    advised by Heathrow check-in staff I checked-
    in bags from Heathrow to Madrid. Due to late
    departure of Heathrow-Madrid flight IB 7447
    I missed connection to Montevideo which was
    very stressful + exacerbated by staff on
    IB7447 being unhelpful and there being no
    Iberia staff in the arrival lounge to help
    decide what to do with my bags that needed
    to be collected and re-checked in. There was
    not another direct flight for some days so I
    had to cancel my holiday, stay overnight in
    Madrid and return to London in the morning,
    getting no sleep. My claim is for £250
    compensation for distress, inconvenience and
    ruining of my holiday. The claimant claims
    interest under section 69 of the County
    Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year
    from 13.2.08-3.1.09 of £? and also interest
    at the same rate up to the date of judgment
    or earlier payment at a daily rate

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  • He
    herbert I.Kepnes Aug 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    We flew to Madrid and then Israel. We had a good flight and arrived

    well in Israel. Coming home my wife confirmed our flight and was told not

    to worry about seats. When we got to the airport, we were closed out and told

    by a gentlemen that we would be put up, food provided and we would leave on

    a direct flight to New York and a shuttle to Boston. My wife and myself with the

    rest of our family were quite disturbed that over 20 people were not able to get

    on the flight as we were supposed to. Afterwards another gentlemen kept

    explaining to us further and once again he did not provide us with anything

    except talk. We were left sitting around near to check-in for over 3 hours and nothing

    was done. We were left stranded until we called a friend who told us to come

    to his house. We stayed there until our flight on Delta was to leave. We were told that cab fare

    was to be paid only to the place were we were staying with friends. At this point a third person

    came and told us that and i said that if they did not pay for both ways we would sit their

    and picket the area. The individual made another call to her boss and they agreed to pay both ways

    the cab. I do believe that companies have certain protocols when flights are overbooked and

    people have the right to some reimbursements for expenses, loss time and complete no

    consideration for the individuals that are involved. You ask people to fly and then wonder

    why people do not return. A company that does not value customers is not what we want to

    deal with. My wife has sent two letters to you people but nothing has been done.

    A concerned customer.

    Herb Kep @aol.com, loss time

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Lost Luggage

On 31 August celebrating our honeymoon in Europe our luggage was checked in at the Iberia counter at Athen...

Resolved Stolen checked bag content

I flew from Atlanta - Miami - Madrid - Gran Canaria on 5/26/08. Upon arrival at the Atlanta airport, the AA agent (I flew on AA from ATLMIA)informed me that my bags (6 of them)would be checked all the way to my final destination in Las Palmas Gran Canaria on IB. When I arrived in LPA on 5/27/08, not one of my checked bags had made it in. As a result, I filed a lost baggage form with the IB agent. That night, I received a call from the local IB baggage office in LPA. The agent (I must say was extremely nice and helpful) informed me that IB had located 4-of-6 bags at the MIA airport. For some reason, AA did not transfer my bags to IB in the time required to make the conncections. He also added, that he would work with IB in MIA to locate the other 2 missing bags.

Again, that night, I received a second call telling me that the two additional bags were found. I was told that all the bags were enroute to MAD and they would arrive at LPA on IB834 on 5/28/08. On 5/28/08, I met IB834 MADLPA and in the process of getting my bags, I noticed that the largest piece I had checked seemed very flat. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the TSA approved lock was cut. Upon lifting the bag, I noticed that it seemed light. Once I opened the bag I noticed that about 80% of the content checked were missing.

Needless to say, I felt totally confused, humiliated and angry about the whole situation. The local LPA IB personnel seemed in disbilief and very apologetic. Because some the items taken were very personal (e.g. underwear, electric shaver and socks)IB gave me a care kit to make due and provided phone and fax numbers for their main customer care office in Madrid. Currently, I've sent a fax to IB main office in Madrid Spain detailing all the missing items with corresponding value. I've yet to receive any responses but I'm hopeful the proper compensation can be made asap.

By the way, the IB Reservations agents have told me there is nothing they can do to help me in tracking my complain from the US. Basically, I must continue dealing with their main offices in Madrid which mean that I would have to pay for long distance calls. Please, I would appreciate hearing from anyone that may have experienced similar situations.

  • Ma
    marisolbtj Oct 06, 2009

    I'm very confused at this as my suitcase was just missing on my flight from Madrid to Miami a couple of days ago. So far can't find it. It's very frustrating... not sure if it's IBERIA or the personnel @ Miami airport. I already submit a list of contents and I'm getting nervous that they couldnt be there if my suitcase is found. Will give you feedback immediately. The problem is that Iberia only has 2 flight arriving @ Miami and after 4-5 pm everybody is gone for the day so there's no help at all at that time.

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  • Jo
    Joan Daily Nov 12, 2009

    My flight from Mia was cancelled after standing on line for 5 hours without a word from anyone as to the reason. I missed two days of my cruise on Royal Caribbean as I was rerouted to Naples, Italy (originally from Barcelona) I had to pay for a taxi to cruise line (50 Euros) and also had to get a hotel room until my cruise arrived the next morning.(65 Euros) No one in Italy spoke English. It was extremely difficult as I was traveling alone. The personnel at Iberia was ill equipped to handle this suitation. Since the only office is in Spain, I don't think I have a chance of getting reimbursed. I also did not get my luggage in Mia at the end of my flight. Itjust arrived today. I'm probably lucky nothing was taken. It was the most stressful experience I have ever had.

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Off-load of clients

El. Venizelos Airport,
Main Terminal Building
190 19 Spata

11th July, 2008

Dear Mr. Alvarez,

We would like to formally submit our complaint in reference to the following episodes that occurred during the materialization of the Incentive trip of Ethniki Insurance on the below mentioned dates.

The total number of guests that flew with IBERIA, a number which we consider and believe to be a substantial one and to which the service provided was extremely poor, especially noting that this occurred on the return – a regretful way to end a very successful operation.

Group bookings / payments were all handled on our behalf by Monogram Travel under the following PNR numbers:
 Z5O5G5
 39KG8X

Flight information was as follows:
• Group A – 30 guests + 1 Tour Leader = 31 persons total
o July 1st IB 3883 Athens / Madrid
o July 1st IB 108 Madrid / Seville
o July 7th IB 117 Seville / Madrid
o July 7th IB 3882 Madrid / Athens
• Group B – 106 guests + 3 Tour Leaders = 109 persons total
o July 2nd IB 3883 Athens / Madrid
o July 2nd IB 106 Madrid / Seville {60 persons}
o July 2nd IB 112 Madrid / Seville {49 persons}
o July 8th IB 3882 Madrid / Athens

 Total guests with Iberia = 140

Ideally we had wished to have all guests on same dates & same flights, but accepted that this was not possible which was the reason in breaking the group into two different departure & return dates.

Originally we had Group B confirmed on earlier flights to Seville, but again this was changed and an afternoon flight was confirmed for the 49 guests – an issue that was not easily accepted by the client, but who eventually accepted this and in order to make the program of the clients much more comfortable we added a tour of Madrid instead of having 49 persons waiting in the airport with nothing to do.

The main issues arised when we started our return journey for both groups.

Group A arrived at Seville airport to check-in on July 7th and was informed that all 31 guests were to check-in at one counter only. The Tour Leader started this way, but managed to direct guests also to the 2nd check-in counter in order to move this line faster. A slight issue to which personally I would not give any serious emphasis on when seeing what happened to the other group.

Group B flights confirmed originally had been afternoon ones, convenient in order to connect with the Athens flight. But these IBERIA changed to morning ones which would give us a minimum of 7 hours waiting time for the Athens flight. Once again, client gracefully accepted that we move all guests by train and ensuring that we would be a minimum of 2 hours prior to take-off at the airport.

A total of 112 guests arrived at the airport in Madrid on July 8th at 16:10 hours (2 hours and 10 minutes prior} to check-in for the Athens flight. Here everything starts:
• Tour Leaders are informed to wait in front of counter 525 in order to be informed where to go.
• Local Agent is then informed to move all guests to counter 904 for check-in. We move all guests to this counter only to be informed upon arrival there that staff had completed their working shift and counters close down.
• From here we are asked to move all guests to counter 878 for check-in.
o Complaints start on the disorganization that is happening.
• We arrive at counter 878 the same time as the airline staff who open 877 and 878 only to find out that 877 is for another smaller group and only for this one. Our counter is only 878…… ONE counter for 112 persons…..
• Immediately I go to the customer service counter in the business class area and request that more counters open up in order to service the guests at a faster pace. The ladies there were very efficient and did make necessary calls and 20 minutes later a total of 3 counters were checking in the guests, but at a very slow pace.
• My four Tour Leaders along with the 2 local Agents remained at all times by the counters assisting the IBERIA airline staff on translations with the guests in cases needed.
• A number of issues arised concerning overweight on luggage to which we do admit that we counted 4 situations where guest luggage was over 25 kgs and to which excess was paid and in one where client removed items from their luggage in order to bring this down to the permitted allowance.
• 112 guests took over 1 hour and 20 minutes to check-in…. the last four guests who had excess luggage and which they paid € 50.00 for the 5 extra kilos were informed that the flight had closed, but some-how this re-opened and luggage was accepted, boarding passes given and we then had to make our way very quickly to the gate as flight was boarding…..
• By the time we made it to the gate, the last four guests that checked in last along with another 2 from our group who had checked in earlier were informed that they were STAND-BY and could not be accepted as flight was full.
• When I asked why we were not informed at the check-in counter on this issue the reply was ‘that is the problem of IBERIA and not me”. When asked who / what this person’s position was giving such a statement – reply was, “I am IBERIA flight supervisor/manager responsible for the flight”. Therefore in one phrase this

person was taking himself out of the responsibility and on the other end wanted to somehow show he was a responsible person in IBERIA. Excellent contradiction.
• In the meantime, the remaining group onboard the flight kept calling us on the mobiles advising that there were seats available on the flight, which as it seems did cause some hesitation to the staff handling the flight who did eventually a head count only again to inform me that there were no seats available on the flight.
• Out of the 4 Tour Leaders, 3 of us stepped off the flight and gave our seats to 3 of the clients, thus leaving behind 3 clients and 3 Tour Leaders.
• We were asked if we wished our luggage to be offloaded to which we confirmed and then taken to the Customer service desk of IBERIA.
• At this point I asked to be directed to the Civil Aviations Manager of the Airport only to be confronted by a young girl that this office was closed and the only person who could speak to me was her supervisor, the same person who had said he was responsible for the flight, but unfortunately he had gone to have a cup of coffee with a cigarette. It seems he was hoping that by the time he would get back we would have left.
o I asked to have my rights provided and only then did this girl state that IBERIA, apart from our re-booking on the next flight would provide hotel accommodation, dinner, breakfast, transfers to/from the hotel.
• On the return of the ‘Flight Supervisor/Manager”, I confronted him with the request to have all 6 accommodated in a deluxe hotel, to which he immediately advised that this was only possible for one person and not the others – as only my ticket was business and the remaining 5 economy. To this I asked to provide a deluxe hotel and I would arrange to pay for the difference. Reply was that all the deluxe hotels which IBERIA cooperates with are fully booked, but again would not say which these hotels were.
• A second request was to upgrade my 3 clients to business and leave me and my staff in economy. Another rejection saying that flight of the next day was again overbooked.
• The young lady who was in customer service that was assigned to assist us proved to be extremely arrogant and rude. Following remarks are few of those we remember:
o How many rooms do you want? Six? Why – you cannot share?
o You want your luggage? Then you will have to wait for at least 2 hours and if we can find them…
o The Station Manager of IBERIA cannot see you as he is not here and it is not his job to speak to you.
o The Civil Aviation Office is closed and your problems can only be addressed by my supervisor.
o Transfer to the hotel is provided by IBERIA – but when asked where we had to go / where to find the transportation to the hotel we did not receive any reply, just a shrug of her shoulders.
o Luggage – when asked where we would find these, she told us to go to conveyor belt 8 and wait to pick these up.
o We asked where we had to go for the refund we were entitled to. Reply was just ‘2nd floor’ – where, to whom – nothing was given, just a shoulder shrug.
• Seeing that no help was been provided – we left and made our way to trace our luggage, pick up our refunds and find our hotel.

o Luggage – when we got to the luggage claim area I made my way to the lost and found to ask the ladies there where to find our luggage. This is a point where we were very grateful for the help and information provided. Your own IBERIA staff at lost and found completed the CORRECT information in the system in order to pass through the notification to have our luggage brought through. The last piece was picked up at 23:30 hours…. The flight had left at 18:30 hours…
o Refund - the ladies at the customer service on the 2nd floor were very helpful and very fast finalized all documentation and gave according refunds.
 What I find peculiar is that business class and economy class passengers receive the same amount in refund?
 € 400.00 in either case? (Attached copy of the refund slip)
• One would say that the above is more than enough to go through, but no, IBERIA ensured that the story would not be that simple… The luggage that was offloaded was more than expected and in my case – I received luggage of another client – NOT mine.
o Mr. Giotakos – not only did he receive his piece, but another 4 pieces which belonged to the ladies that checked in with him at the same counter.
o Mrs. Moschoudi {myself} – I did not receive my luggage but the luggage of Mrs. Rigou
 During check-in of group it was a massive issue on behalf of IBERIA that each guest has only ONE pieces of luggage 23 kgs maximum each…. Now how Mr. Giotakos ended up having a total of 5 pieces in his name is something that beats me.
 How Mrs. Rigou’s luggage went through as mine is again another question. (Attached stub of boarding coupon & luggage label)
• By this time, the flight in Athens had landed and we informed the according clients that we had their luggage which we placed in storage at the airport and made our way by Taxi’s to the hotel – TRYP DIANA, checked in and were shocked that this was / is considered to be a 4* hotel. Am sure that if you take the time and go and see this establishment you will acknowledge that it cannot be graded higher than a 3* hotel.
o We asked if they had any other higher category rooms, but informed that all are the same.
• A first glance at the hotel restaurant did not entice anyone to go in and try any of the dishes on display – make it been very late, make it that none of the dishes looked eatable or the horrible odor hanging in the restaurant. We decided to try the El Bergantin – another restaurant in the hotel itself.
o The food was very good which helped us relax and calm down as much as possible. The bill of course could not be charged to our room, for which I paid on the spot, € 280, 20 + € 20.00 tip for all six of us. (attached copy of the bill)

Presume you believe that this was the end of our ordeal? No – the next chapter was played the following day…. With our boarding cards in hand we arrived at the airport at 10:00 a.m. and after picking up the luggage from the storage we went to drop these off only to be advised that we had to pay excess luggage since we were only entitled to 23 kgs per person, apart from myself who could take 30 kgs. This resulted in another blow

up, the supervisor called in who for the next hour kept arguing that she did not care if IBERIA the previous day caused any problems, off-loaded clients, her issue was that she had 6 persons in front of her with a total of 9 pieces of luggage and we had to pay excess on this and then take it up with IBERIA.

After massive complaining, calling IBERIA Athens, continuously arguing she eventually advised the check-in staff to put a note in the system that luggage was accepted as had been offloaded due to overbooking of aircraft…..
• Why could this not have been done from the 1st moment?
• Why make us go through all this hassle and stress?

When at this point the counter staff went to check luggage through the system came up and said that flight had CLOSED…. It was very interesting in seeing how uncomfortable at this point the IBERIA staff became, but eventually she managed to get the pieces through and again we only had 20 minutes to get to the flight as it was boarding….

Eventually we made it back and happier when we saw the entire luggage come through in Athens. A nightmare over.

1. Been in the travel industry for 27 years, it is understood that flights are overbooked in order to ensure that they leave with no free seats, but when overbooking’s do occur, common knowledge is that the priority line on off-loading is the same as guests on a stand-by basis. Therefore why was this not taken into consideration?
a. 1st – free tickets
b. 2nd – airline / travel staff on discount tickets
c. 3rd – last minute bookings
d. 4th – individual bookings
e. 5th – group members / groups
f. All others

2. Why was this not mentioned at the check-in counter and pointed out to clients or to us – the Tour Leaders?

3. What has happened to a small but very valuable service called “Customer Satisfaction”? Is IBERIA only interested in dissatisfaction?

4. Who is responsible on the recruiting of hotel for the offloaded passengers?
a. Do you not have any quality control to ensure that these hotels are of the category they say they are?
b. Is this the category that represents IBERIA?

5. Is IBERIA aware that their staff believes that by offering a refund, a disgraceful hotel, having rude – disrespectful staff in frontline customer positions is considered more than enough for servicing off-loaded customers?

6. Business class guests and economy receive the same service?
a. Where is the line drawn in such cases?
b. Why did I have to pay € 1, 320.00 for my roundtrip ticket to Seville in business class {economy not available} only to be treated in this disgraceful manner? I am on purpose pointing this out, even though I refused to be accommodated in another hotel and also gave up my seat to Mr. Giotakos on the way back.

On another level and equally very important my end was that on July 9th I was booked to fly to Rhodes at 8:55 a.m. on OA 702 and return same day on A3 217 leaving Rhodes at 22:15 hours {attached copy of my electronic ticket issued on June 27th}. On Rhodes were already my clients for a very important project which we are handling this year in September for 2, 500 guests. Unfortunately we are not permitted to disclose the name of the client for security reasons. This was the final site inspection for all logistics to apply since on this project an activity is to take place that the goal is have this placed in the World Book of Guiness. As you now can see this did not take place and am at present trying to see how this can be rectified which is proving to be an extremely difficult task to have again 30 different level clients at the same time on Rhodes for ‘another’ site inspection. Maybe, IBERIA can give me an idea on how this can be done….. A very high level project that plans to go down in history and the recklessness of airline staff with no consideration on what value time is for others. From one end my reputation is at stake with Ethniki First Insurance and on the other I have to find solutions on what can be done in order for this other high end project to be secured from all ends and have NO surprises during the actual operation.

Different class of service does not necessarily mean that we are of a higher category than another fellow passenger in economy. We are all entitled in been treated with dignity and respect. A service that IBERIA showed to be unaware of.

As it seems IBERIA is unaware on what an Incentive trip is – please allow me to explain. It is a trip clients work very hard on in order to ensure that they meet their company target in order to go on a trip. This trip the company needs to ensure that it will be successful, all details seen to ensuring that it will be memorable so that all participants will look forward to the next trip and achieve higher goals. With such an ending to this trip – for those that did fly back and those that were left behind – what feelings do you think apply? What position do you think you have brought not only the management of our client but also our agency? We strived and ensured that the most minor details were seen to only to have this disaster occur at the end. A very unfair position to be brought to by a reckless thought / procedure implemented by a third party – IBERIA.

This letter I am not only addressing to IBERIA but also to Civil Aviation at Madrid Airport and to which I would highly appreciate receiving a response from both.

We look forward to your soonest reply and what you believe to be a fair compensation for the problems implemented by IBERIA.

Yours sincerely,

Irene-Maria Moschoudi
Vice President, Operations

cc. Civil Aviation Madrid Airport
cc. Ethniki First Insurance

Mistreatment of blind passenger

On Sun 29th June I flew from London via Madrid to South Africa with Iberia Airlines. Our journey was as thus: on arriving to Madrid, we waited to get off the plane last because my companion was a 70 yr old blind man, only to be told by the conductors 'vamos! vamos!'. Hmmm. We were then all herded into buses and the whole plane load of passengers driven to a large glass entrance room which couldn't be left once entered. Here we had to wait for our passports to be checked and go through security AGAIN. I presume it was because Spain had just won the football that no one turned up to check us in for twenty minutes... by which time people were pretty cross.

We then made our way to our departure gate, which in Madrid airport takes quite a while as its expansive, and nothing is near anything else. We arrived, attempted to queue for a coffee then saw on a screen that our flight was delayed - for seven hours! There was no information, no announcements, no Iberia staff to ask. One of our number to a different terminal where there was an Iberia desk, and after an hour returned to tell us we would be put in hotel. All this had taken hours because there were no announcements and no information. We then dutifully headed off to the new terminal, and when bearing in mind it was now past 1am and we had security checks between each terminal, we were pretty pissed off. We bumped into fellow passengers who were also wandering round confused. Finally, we found a woman from Iberia, who refused to speak to us. Opposite was a second Iberia desk for 'ticket sales' At 2am on a Sunday night, this was staffed by three people. Naturally, they had no customers. When I asked them for help, to organize for us to reach this alleged hotel, they refused. 'We only sell tickets', they said. "Surely', I replied, 'you can book us a taxi on your company account. Its 2am and one of our party is blind. We're tired.' 'No'.

There were quite a lot of customers around, completely confused, and told different things. The Iberia desk for 'customer services' had a queue of twenty, and no staff, despite the 'sales' staff sitting idly just opposite. No one knew what was going on. We went to the desk downstairs which again, was unstaffed, and when someone did turn up they told us to go back upstairs. Finally, we found a very very rude woman who told us there was a woman outside, by a bus. We asked her to take us to this bus - she simply refused.

By now we were a group of ten, and we wandered outside together. Some one had to go round every bus until he found it. We dutifully boarded, still not having had any explanation or apology fro anyone at Iberia. We had no idea what arrangements were. After twenty minutes, we left, and we arrived at the hotel (a convenient half an hour away) at 3am. The full bus unloaded, and checked into rooms where we had a discomforting two hours sleep. Bearing in mind that we'd landed into Madrid just after 10pm, and that our plane had been canceled by 12, we didn't get much sleep!

The whole thing was completely farcical. Each and every staff member of Iberia I spoke to was at the least dismissive, and at the worst jaw droopingly rude. They refused to explain, and to apologize. They refused to listen and refused to help. Simple requests like 'could you contact someone who does know?' were refused. It was a wall of silence.

Terrible customer service!

We traveled with Iberia from London Heathrow to Guatemala City via Madrid in November 2006. Our flight from London was delayed because the air crew did not arrive in sufficient time to clear security. On arrival in Madrid, Iberia staff made little or no effort to help us make our connection. In fact, we think they deliberately delayed us. Non-connecting passengers were allowed off first. We were then bussed to the international terminal only to be delayed further as the security gate was locked.

When we eventually arrived at the departure gate, our plane was still on stand. But we were not allowed to board as Iberia claimed our luggage had not been transferred. This was proved to be a lie when a first class passenger with no hold luggage was also denied boarding.

Two other passengers on our holiday actually made the connection by alighting with the non-connecting passengers and a bit of queue jumping. However when they boarded the plane, they found their seats had been reassigned to other passengers. The only possible inference is that we were denied boarding as the flight had been overbooked. Were the delays simply a ruse to avoid paying compensation for bumping we wonder?

We have written and emailed Iberia's customer relations department in Madrid. The Air Transport Users Council has also written to them 3 times on our behalf. But 18 months have elapsed, and we have still not heard from them. And it is impossible to get through to a human being on the phone.

No reputable company would treat customer complaints in such a way.

  • Gr
    Greg Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    TERRIBLE SERVICE. Sold put connection ticket and lost my bad for 40 hours. Didn't seem to care either. Please, spend the extra money and fly with someone else!

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  • Gr
    Greg Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    TERRIBLE SERVICE. Sold our connection ticket and lost my bag for 40 hours. Didn't seem to care either. Please, spend the extra money and fly with someone else!

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  • Em
    Emily Shindler Aug 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I traveled on Iberia Airlines on August 27, 2008. When I got to the airport in Madrid for my flight to New York, I was told my flight was overbooked . My flight number was 5261. I was put on flight 5263. I was told my luggage would come with me on the flight. I had to wait two days to receive my luggage. I was also told I would get a travel voucher or money because I was bumped off the flight. I was told to go to the iberia web site. I can't seem to get to customer service or compensation. Please advise me what to do about this.
    Thank you in advance,
    Emily Shindler

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  • Li
    lio May 22, 2009

    bought airline ticket with despegar.com.mx on may 4th going to lyon (fra) from mexico city with a specific schedule. After a while and not receiving confirmation regarding my flight and paymente I contacted customer service to learn that my flight was canceled and that they would send me a mail regarding my situation. Again, after days of not receiving mail from them, i contacted them again and insisted to have this mail rightaway while on the phone with them to make sure I ll receive total atention from them. At that moment i realied that their service could not be trust. After reading my new schedule, I was satisfied with it and decide d to operate cancelation. Unfortunalty, impossible thing to do as the tickets are not refundable, even thougt the changes are not coming from me but despegar.com.mx. With no opcions, I have to get going with the new flight schedule. Again, with a poor, very poor customer service (and i choose carefuly my words) a supervisor named Selene Zamudio contacted me to advise my new schedule with numbers and codes that I can even guess the meaning of it. Till today, I still havent receive a confirmation payment with despegar.com.mx and I am requesting a clearer and more understable flight itinary and schedule. Since despegar mexico has no interes to do their job I m contacting anywone who can help with those requests.
    I am a cliente, i paid a service and Im not getting it. Its obvious, that despegar.com.mx are not trained and have no interest in doing a good job with care for clientes. the worst thing is the people in charge of those very same people dont seem better.
    Im quiet preoccuped for my flight as I ve been discovering on the net that many negative comments are surroundind despegar.com.mx and its poor quality service. Im flying soon, and as a paying customer I want to be sure that I wont have any problem.
    So again, hopefully, someone will answer my questions.
    thanx for your attention

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Horrible Service + Missing Luggage

I flew with Iberia Airlines from New York to Madrid and to Istanbul, round trip. Overall, I had great...

Terrible experience!

Lately, this advisory from your office arrived on the day of the flight. The internet advised us to arrive at the Madrid airport 45-55 minutes before the departure time. We, 5 passengers traveling together, arrived 50 minutes early where we learned the flight had been closed 5 minutes earlier. There were signs posted at the airport indicating that 55 minutes were needed for flights leaving a certain terminal. Expecting service similar to other airlines, we then asked for available seats on a later flight. The Service Desk told us that our fares were forfeit but they would offer us the favor of buying a standby ticket for an additional fee.

Obviously Iberia Airlines is more interested in collecting fares than serving passengers. The lines at the Standby windows were the longest in that part of the airport. The policies of Iberia apparently traps hundreds of passengers a day to pay additional fees for air travel on Iberia. I am sure that Iberia would never reimburse passengers for a late departure. That is not their policy. My original trip was from Costa Rica. My wife and I had a unique opportunity to visit Spain and first reviewed travel costs from San Jose. The cost to fly to Madrid on Iberia was 25% higher than we paid traveling from San Jose (On US Air) via Phoenix to Madrid (On British Airways).

I would never recommend anyone use Iberia Airlines until they demonstrate a better service policy. I would be happy to retract any part of what I have said about Iberia should they prove any part of it incorrect.

  • Ph
    Phil McGibbon Jan 18, 2010

    I recently traveled Iberia and have never been treated so poorly by an airline that I was giving aroun £2000 of my hard earned money. THE worst airline

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  • Up
    upset frequent flyer Apr 15, 2010

    I agree. Iberia is very very bad in customer relationship.
    Don't fly Iberia if you want to enjoy your trip!

    Customer care agents will not help you whats so ever.


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  • On
    Onur Baspina Feb 28, 2011

    First of all I would like to introduce myself, I am Onur Baspinar from Turkey and graduated from University of California San Diego with a “Marketing” master degree last year. I would like to state a complain about the travel I had with IBERIA airlines that caused me to have Ear infection that turned my trip into nightmare.
    On February 2011 I took of with IB 3763 from Turkey-Istanbul with a connection flight from Madrid I landed to Brazil-Rio. I ve traveled several times since I was an international student and been to flights that were longer than 10 hours but I have never seen hosts that are less experienced and educated than your hosts, they dont speak english, they dont serve hot dishes . The other terrible thing was that the flight numbered IB 6025 after the connection was more then 8 hours flight and the seat were so uncomfortable and the plane was totally catastrophic as we talk about the hygiene, the inside of the plane was totally mass dirty seats and tables. As I said I ve traveled with several companies such as KLM, Turkish Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin and even in the domestic flights that are more than 6 hour flights in U.S.A everyone has their own screen for the entertainment, I felt like I was traveling to Rio with a bus!
    The day after I arrived Rio I start having ear ach and it got stronger day by day eventhough I didnt even swim and turned my vacation into nightmare. First I though it might be because of the altitude and I meet with a Turkish couple that took the same flight with me and they had the same problem as i did!. After I got back from Rio with a ear ach fo more than a week I went to a doctor and he state-ted that I have an ear infection that is probably caused by dirt.
    I paid nearly 1.200 $ for this flight but didn’t get 1.200$ service not only with the plane, service, host and the health problem that ruined my vacation! I am sure you wont even respond my e-mail because it took more than 1 hour to find your customer relations e-mail but it was the worst flight experience for me and I will not be marketing your company among my friends.

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  • Lu
    luciano1239 Mar 14, 2011

    Iberia is the worst company I have ever flown... They are unpolite and not take care of the customers. I suggest u to not take their flights

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  • Dr
    Dr Hong Jiang Jul 09, 2011

    I booked and paid return flight on iberia.com between Barcelona and Casablanca on flight IB7709/IB7711, operated by Royal Air Maroc.

    There was no issue from Barcelona to Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc. On return from Casablanca to Barcelona, I was refused to board the flight by Royal Air Maroc because I was told they couldn't find the reservation in the system. I was forced to pay another ticket from Casablanca to Barcelona.

    I have contacted iberia.com via its website, but they refused to resolve the issue, referring me to Royal Air Maroc. I have no issue with Royal Air Maroc because I paid my original booking through iberia.com, and I booked an Iberia flight (IB7711), even though it is operated by Royal Air Maroc.

    I want to file a court complaint, but I'm living in New Jersey. Anyone knows whether NJ courts take such a case?

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Flight delay

I was just wondering if there is a possibility of anyone contacting me before the end of the next century regarding a complaint I made at Madrid airport on the 13th January 2007? I filled out a form on that particular day: SW (No: 00019), I have made numerous phone calls and even filled out an additional complaint form on: http://www.iberia.com/OneToOne/v3/complaintPrepare.do

The complaint is in relation to the delayed departure of Flight IB6817 from Madrid to Sao Paulo on the 28th Dec 2006. The flight was originally supposed to depart at 1.30am, rescheduled for 8am but did not finally leave the airport until 9am. The unhelpful Iberia staff gave us no indication as to why the flight was being delayed. As a result of the delay I missed 2 connecting flights on Brazil, which in effect cost me 338.62 Brazilians Reals, not to mention much stress.

The very least I expected was to be contacted by the airline in relation to this matter but I have still heard nothing. It is next to impossible to discuss my grievance with an Iberia employee because you have managed to create a ambiguous system which sends the customer round in circles in the hope that all will be forgotten.

This will not be the case, however. If this matter is not dealt with post-haste then I shall be contacting my lawyer and the Ombudsman and seek to be reimbursed through an alternative avenue.

I still have all necessary receipts of flights purchased as well as the original passenger copy of the complaint I made in January.

  • Je
    Jessica Warren May 09, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On May 8, 2007 I flew flight number 6253 from Madrid to New York. My husband could not fly with me and the seat next to me was empty. An hour into the flight a woman sat down. I asked her if it was her seat and she showed her handwritten seating assignment. Shortly after, the pilot arrived and whispered in her ear as she tugged at his tie. Several times I watched as she left for an hour to join him in the cockpit! After watching, it became apparent that the pilot and co-pilot were entertaining two female passengers in the cockpit. The lack of judgement of the pilots and the complaisancy of the entire flight crew was frightening and shocking. The thought that they may have just met made it even more unbelievable. The ending of the flight and the landing were so awful that I could only imagine that a flirtful flying lesson was taking place.

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  • Da
    david grossman Sep 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have not heard a response to my complaint:

    1355 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, NY 11749

    July 21, 2008
    Iberia Relaciones Clientes
    Apartado de Correos 36.315
    28080 Madrid Espana

    Re: flight 6252, July 10, 2008, JFK to BCN (David Grossman and Lisa Forrisi-Grossman)
    Etckt 075 2331332869; 0752331332870

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am an attorney and partner of the above law firm. On July 10, my wife and I were to fly with my law partner Suzanne Flanagan ultimately to Barcelona for a cruise. I am writing because we were improperly removed from the plane moments after boarding. The manner in which we were treated is shocking. We had business class seats and checked in early. A copy of the flight detail is attached as page 1. Shortly before boarding, I went to the bathroom and was stuck in a line. My wife became nervous as the time to board was approaching and she asked to have me paged. They asked my wife if I was drinking and she responded no, because I do not drink. I arrived in time but suspect this is what started the problems.

    The flight attendant who sat us was rude and complained I held them up. As I sat down, my foot accidentally hit hers, and she looked very angry and walked away without saying another word. We were very nervous at that point and in hurrying to take our seats my wife spilled her orange juice. After finally sitting down to relax and shutting my eyes someone from the terminal awoke me to say we were being removed from the plane. To my further horror my requests to speak with the flight attendant or captain were denied because they said we wasted enough of their time, and my wife and I were paraded off the plane.

    When we got to the first counter we were told no one would speak with us. I explained to the only people outside the ramp, from British Airways, that we were in route to a European cruise, and I was completely sober, and could they have someone from Iberia speak with us. We were again informed no one from Iberia would speak with us. The British Airways staff were obviously as shocked and confused as us because they said I was completely sober and polite and they placed us on the last flight to London. We had no idea where we would go from there but wanted to try and save as much of the trip as possible. A copy is attached as page 2. The Iberia desk in London helped us get to Madrid, see page 3, then onto another flight to Marseille. There we were able to meet up with our cruise after missing two days and traveling over 25 hours. We paid 200 Euros to sleep in Marseille while waiting for the cruise.

    In sum, I was undisputedly not drunk or abusive or the British Airways staff would never have immediately put us on the next flight. Obviously one person on your staff completely abused their authority out of spite. Your other aircraft staff compounded the situation and reacted in an unprofessional manner. Had they simply spoken with me, as repeatedly requested, they would have realized we were sober and simply over-tired and stressed out with the ordinary pressure of traveling. This abuse occurred even though I was an attorney, traveling in Business Class, with my wife and law firm partner and had to catch a cruise. We missed two days of the cruise and suffered a level of humiliation ordinarily reserved for criminals and drunks.

    I request you refund the purchase price for the tickets for my wife and I plus an additional 200 Euros for our expenses in Marseille. Thank you for looking into this egregious matter.

    Yours truly,

    David Grossman, Esq.

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  • Fa
    Falbe Oct 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What can I do if they simply don´t answer?
    My complaint:

    Berlín, 11 de octubre de 2008
    Estimados señores:
    Hace seis semanas les mandé esta reclamación (ver abajo) por correo normal y por correo electrónico. Todavía no he recibido ninguna respuesta. Por favor, responda la reclamación y reembolse el importe correspondiente.

    Iberia - reclamaciones
    Apartado de correos 36315
    28080 Madrid

    Estimados señores,

    quiero hacer una reclamación por la cancelación del vuelo IB 3546 de Madrid a Berlín el 26 de agosto de 2008. Teníamos que llegar a Berlín el 26. 8. a las 22.30, al final llegamos el 27. 8. a las 13.30, o sea 15 horas después. Por eso solicito el reembolso del importe para este vuelo para mí y para mi hijo.

    Aparte quiero dejar constancia de que en el vuelo que nos trajo finalmente a Berlín hubo un problema con el ordenador del avión por lo cual varios pasajeros se bajaron del avión.

    Estoy muy descontento con la falta de informaciones acerca del retraso, la cancelación y el retraso del vuelo el 27. 8. (estaba planificada la salida a las 9.20 y al final salimos cerca de las 11) y la puerta de salida del vuelo el 27, a varios pasajeros nos dieron informaciones falsas o ningunas informaciones.

    Asismismo el servicio de reclamaciones en la página web de Iberia deja mucho que desear: no hay enlaces para hacer una reclamación fácilmente, en los teléfonos sólo hay una cinta, no hay una dirección de correo electrónico para pasajeros que no tengan número de IberiaPlus...

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  • Al
    Alberto Rosell Huguet Jun 06, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Muy Sres. mios: El pasado 23 de Mayo les envie los comprobantes de los gastos generados por al perdida de mi equipaje, vuelo IB6831 con destino Santiago de Chile (PIR SCL IB 35505) y a dia de hoy todavia no he recibido ninguna respuesta por su parte. Ruego me hagan saber cunado tienen previsto hacer efectiva dicha indemnización. Nadie quiere contestar me parece bastante lamentable que despues de estraviarte el equipaje nadie reposde a las llamadas y e-mails

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Cheap company rather than a low cost one

On the 16th of sept. 2006 I was confirmed on your flight [IB0211] taking off from Malaga to Madrid to
catch flight [IB3234] heading home. I reached the airport and actually was queuing for my flight well before the statutory 45 minutes of the boarding time. Prior to reaching the counter #212, the ground hostess announced the flight was closed. In order to catch my Madrid flight, I was further recommended by your people to buy a new ticket on 'AirEuropa', next door. I had no choice but to pay AirEuropa 206.90E to purchase this ticket on flight [UX3035]. I was checked-in on that flight in no time.
Upon my arrival in Madrid I had to rush to the international T4. I took my breath arriving at the
counter 50 minutes prior to the boarding time. To my great disappointment, once again, I was told in a most untactful tone that the flight was closed and that my name would be put on the waiting list for the next day's flight. I had to spend the night at the airport without accomodation nor food vouture. Next day, while standing waiting at the gate to embark on the [IB 6974], the ground hostess jubilantly advise that I would be allowed on board. Unfortunetly this was a foundless statement. The earlist confirmed seat would be after 2 more days. Apparently there was no flight the following day. Once again I was left at the airport without accomodation nor food vouture. Besides, I had one single entry visa and I had to go accross the pass control back and forth. The second morning I phoned my travel agent in Cairo, they confirmed that indeed I had an OK status and I was entitled to fly on yesterday flight, going back to your customer service desk they could not deny this fact. To make a long story short, I switched to EgyptAir flight [MSR 0742], where I was welcome in an unmatched manner. I trust you visualised the ordeal I went thr' during these 3 days, no food nor hotel vouture and going thr' pass control back and forth, having only one entry single visa. I do appreciate that at times a plane may be over booked. However in such cases all civilised airlines, which I thought Iberia was one of them, would make a general offer to all holders of confirmed seat, such as my case, to volunterely exchange their tickets to the next available flight. As sweetner the potential passenger will be offered meals, or room and board as the case may be, and a sum of money as compensation for the undue delay. In full fairness, I should take part of the blame. I was looking for a low cost company, it bore out to be a cheap company rather than a low cost one, more deceiptful is that the company functions under the umbrella of Iberia, a distinguished part of the europeen common market. In most charitable words your company, by no means a credit to that name.


I wish you consider changing your company into a 'charter company'.

  • Ma
    Mary Cromwell Buck Oct 22, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a positive comment rather than a complaint. On my return from Madrid to Dulles on October 18th two employees of Iberia Airlines helped me to locate and then return a package I had left in the compartment above my seat. Their names are Rosa Ramirez and Laura Hincapie. They are two special people and are a credit to Iberia Airlines!

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  • Ha
    hany fawzy Jun 13, 2010

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  • Ar
    Arsenal1 Jun 01, 2019

    On Saturday 25th May I fly with Iberia flight IB6889 to Shanghai. I paid 29.99 for Wi Wi on board and it didn't work. I would like my money refunded. Please contact me on email [email protected] to confirm my details to reimburse me. I spoke to a member of staff onboard regarding this issue. My seat was 54c

    Many thanks
    Mr Grant Harper

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