Hyundai Motor Finance Companyunsolicited phone calls


Less than 15 days late on a car payment and I receive calls daily harassing me for money. According to the people who phone, this is hmfc's policy as it is computer-driven. You actually start getting calls 6 days overdue. By 15 days we were getting up to about 12 per day.

I recommend you seriously consider before financing your car with these people - when things go wrong the harassment is unbelievable, many of the staff are rude and most do not record the conversation on their computer.

I am also in the process of lodging a formal complaint via the florida office of financial regulation ( fyi section 806 of fair debt collection practices act prohibits abusive communication and harassment tactics. Subsection 5 of the above prohibits harassment with multiple calls.


  • Vi
    Vijay Rengan May 15, 2007

    I have purchased Santro Xo on 26th Sep 06 from Lakshmi Hyundai, Visakhapatnam and was offered an Exchange discount of Rs.5000/- (I have sold a Maruti 800 car). After delivery of the car it was told that this money will be reimbursed by Hyundai company in due course. In spite of repeated follow up directly and through phone, we are yet to receive this amount.

    If the offer was real, it could have been paid instantly, I understand that this is just a fraudulent practice to woo customers.

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  • Ch
    Chanakya May 27, 2007

    The exchange discount requires you to submit following docs. with the dealership within 30 days of you buying the car:-

    Old R/C of Your Old Car in your name and address
    New R/C of Your Old Car with name transfered to the buyer.
    Your New R/C of New Car.
    Remember The address of the Old R/C of your old car should match with the new R/C of your new Car if you are not buying under same name.
    Did you submitted the above documents within 30 days?

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  • De
    Devender pal singh Jun 20, 2007

    SACHIN HYUNDAI, HALDWANI an authorized dealer of the uttaranchal state has not marked my satisfaction ever since i purchased this santro xl on the 15th of june 2007. There mere behavior of being partial to individual customers is quite rattling. They have been promising various car accessories as free gifts during booking i.e pre-delivery. BUT once the vehicle is out of the showroom things take a drastic change... apart from this, you are astonished when you come across another customer buying the same model; being offered and gifted free some expensive accessories just because he's somewhat related to a person working there itself.

    THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE... AND WHEN I JUST REQUESTED FOR A PETTY STUFF i.e a rear speaker tray... their denial and refusal was such a pinch that made me feel AM I NOT WORTH IT or IS IT THAT I'VE BEEN CHEATED OR DUPED ???

    Here lies the question... seeking a favorable response.

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  • Ra
    Rakesh Kumar Jul 11, 2008

    I have bought a Santro from Surhit Services, Delhi on 30th Mar 08. Till 11th July i haven't got any registration number. Facto fo the matter is that they didn't even submitted the papers to the haryan registration authorities. I must have made at least 500 calls to the persons ranging from sales executive (Chander), Manager(Prakash Bhardwaj) to Vice President (Mohit Chabra) but of no help. They even stopped taking my calls. The reason they gave was some financial problem at their end. For last 2.5 months my car is lying in the garage. I have even registered a complaint to Hyundai 20 days back. But that is also not fruitful as their response is pretty much the same as their dealers.

    I have posted this message to alert any potential customer of SURHIT as well as HYUNDAI. Please beware of such fraud dealers.

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  • Ch
    chaos91111 Sep 13, 2008

    I just picked up a xg300 2001 hade 5581 miles on the car
    Your Sales person Did not inform me about the replacemment of timing belt and sparks plugs are do @ 6000 miles and the cost is about 1000 dollars
    I have only put a little under 5000 miles on this car and now from march too now 8-29-08
    WHY was not infromed of this even after my frist oil change at 5800 miles
    I was not told by sales person
    I payed for extra insurance I cant even use it on any thing.
    I also have a rear view mirror that is not coverd why do I pay for this
    I would like at the very least half of this stuff payed for by you, at least I am trying to be fair
    I will pay the rest


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  • Fr
    Fred Karony Jul 14, 2009

    I agree with the persons complaint about Hyundai Motor Finance Company. I get calls 6 days after the due date from HMFC, they may call 10 to 12 times in one day. HMFC may try to use the FDCPA in their favor by stating that they are the original creditor therefore they are not subject to the same laws as collection agencies or third party collection companies. However the law also states that more than 5 calls a day could be considered harassment. Not only are the calls abusive because of multiple calls but I have proof that HMFC has called before 8:00 am in the morning. However HMFC believes certain laws do not apply to them. Last year I had some accrued late charges on my account, HMFC decided to rewrite the sales contract by taking my late fees and reducing my regular monthly car payment to pay for the outstanding late fees. As a result HMFC wrote me a letter stating that I was 45 days behind in my car payments, because I did not make a full payment. I did make a full payment but HMFC shorted my regular car payment. Even thought I was only 20 days past due according to my current car payment. HMFC said if I did not pay the outstanding late fees and the current car payment now, HMFC would repose my car. I had my attorney read my car contract and could not find anywhere in the contract where they could take outstanding late fees from my regular car payment. Which is violation and breach of the contract. I also called the DMV, Attorney Generals Office, and another law firm and they agreed with me, that HMFC had no legal right to do what they did. Even thought HMFC does not have to follow the same rules as third party collection agencies they can still be charged with HARASSMENT, FRAUD, and calling before 8:00 am. We the people need to file a class action law suit against HMFC! Sincerely Fred.

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  • Da
    DAVIS123 Jul 21, 2009

    i am a former employee hyundai motor finance company and they really do think they are above the law. your absolutely right about the harassing phone calls and the way they apply your payments. also check your credit report. they are constantly pulling customers credit reports to find out info on them. this has to be illegal because it shows as an inquiry and lowers your credit score and they do this @ least once a month. this is one of many consumer violations they conduct on a daily basis. i encourage you to pursue a class action lawsuit because you will probably win.

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  • Fo
    former HMFC Aug 08, 2009

    As a former HMFC employee I must say that you have no idea what goes on here. These are just a few of the issues. There are wrongful repos (cars p/u even though a pymt arrangement has been made), field visits intended to imtimidate, etc. Worst, there are violations against there own employees who complain about wrongful treatment and even terminations over complaints about violations of federally protected matters. I recommend you refi with someone else and tell all your friends and family.

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  • Li
    Lisaanta Sep 15, 2009

    I agree HMFC should be put out of business They called everyone in my family while my husband was very sick in the hospital for 3.5 months before he died and they repo my car even after I was making some payments to them with no warning. they took the last 5 days of my husband life away from me I had no car to get there i continue to pay while i was planning a funeral and still no car they still have not received my 12 yes 12 fax i sent them so i can find out where my plates are and my personnel items are. they have Hyundai Assurance for who?? that of load of crap. all those commercials are nothing but lies.
    No one should purchase any Hyundai's We need to start a Class action lawsuit I know there are millions of people just like me out there if no one reports it they will continue to do business this way.

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  • Ka
    KatieVS Nov 28, 2016

    @Lisaanta I am in on the class action lawsuit if you start one. I bet a lot of people from the sounds of it would be for it. [email protected]

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  • Dw
    Dwroten Sep 27, 2009

    I have a car financed through HMFC and my car was suppose to be paid off this year last month. Come to find out I have almost two more years left to pay on this car. I would have never financed a car with them for 7 years that is absolutely ridiculous. They are coming to repo my car or I have to pay them the full amount. They repoed both of my neices cars they are the worst and they had payment arrangements. I'm so done with them and I would not recommend them to anyone.

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  • Ko
    Kommer Oct 10, 2009

    They filled out the credit reports all but for the income section on both reports, and had us sign them. When I requested the reports from Wells Fargo Bank, they really didn't want to give them to me. I looked at the reports and seen they had fabricated the household income on both reports. The first one dated 10/20/07 showed income of over 7000.00 when actually it can be proven the total income was less than 3000.00. They had my wifes income at 1250.00 and my income at 7251.00. Then in November we go back to get another car they submitted the credit app to Wells Fargo Bank who again approved the loan. This time the credit app shows my wifes income at 4200.00and my income at 3424.00. The first car was a Chrysler Aspen which we got on 10/20/07 and I took it back two days later and wanted my old car and was informed that since we filled out the paperwork for financing(which had not been approved yet) I was stuck that I had to take the car.So I am now stuck with a 2007 aspen that I do not want. Also the car I supposedly traded in which was a 2006 tiburon up-graded sports model with a kelly blue book value of 16, 000 and I owed 25, 286.00 which they paid off and added on the purchase price of the Aspen.

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  • Re
    Reggie702 Oct 27, 2009

    All they have done was lie to me from the very beginning. I was two months late on my payments, and they reposessed my car. Then they gave me the run around for two weeks until not only did I have to pay for another month due, but until they shipped my car to phoenix to be auctioned. I did everything they told me to do, which was fax out information (which I found out they lost after someone told me it was under managment I had to pay to have it faxed out TWICE), wait 4 days for them to tell me that it was approved, paid the 1200 I owed, and then they gave me the number to the place that had my car. They told me that hyundai gave them the okay to ship it out on the 20th. I found this out on the 26th...after I paid them on the 21st. Now whenever I want to speak with a manager, I always get his machine! I really wish there was something I could do to get my car back without having to spend out of pocket again because of their foul up

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  • Ve
    VegasAngel Dec 22, 2009

    I was laid off back in February. I've made every attempt to make my payment on time. My unemployment is currently being held, and therefore have no income. I'm 35 days late on a small payment of like $100.00 and then my monthly payment is overdue by only a few days. I've called and explained the situation, and told them that I'd bring my account current by the beginning of the year, and that wasn't good enough. They insisted that I "borrow" the money from someone in order to pay them. I live in a state with a 13% unemployment rate, and the only people I could potentially borrow from are my parents, who are also unemployed. I gave them everything I was able to do, and it wasn't good enough to stop the 7-8 phone calls a day, which one representative agreed was harrassment.

    This will be the LAST time I ever buy a Hyundai. I can't wait till this piece of crap is paid off. And I'll be filing bankruptcy.

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  • Ra
    rajeev kapoor Jan 04, 2010

    At himgiri hundai [peera garhi / azad pur] new delhi, they were unable to detect simple fault of overheating of the getz car and they kept on doing something or other charged me again n again and finally when they detected the fault they kept my car with them overnight and next they they did nat dilevered on time and then after few days i could listen to different sounds coming from my car as the refiting they did was of lowest of low standards. One thing which comes to my mind is that these people are here just to mint money and charge and over charge inocent people of there hard earn money well i do not understand that why these people do not realise one fact that as we are there customer they are aslo to someone so how come they treat us in such a manner, this is incontex to what they did with car no. Hr - 26z - 8913

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  • Hm
    hmfciswrong Jan 18, 2010

    HMFC wrongfully reported on my mother's and my credit. She had brand new credit and now there is a negative item. When I called to talk to them they gave me false information. They said they called me to let me know that she was late and were told they had the wrong number. So then they filled to the credit agencies. She has made her payments every month. I looked through the phone records. Even though I know they never called and there is nothing that shows that they called. Her chance at getting her first credit card has been denied because of this. They must have lied to Experian when I disputed the claim with them because the investigator (without follow up) Just added the wrong information again! This is so unfair! Having good credit in this country is difficult now a days and when somebody's chance is taken away from them in error it is wrong! I am furious and although I am planning to get an attorney, I am sure this is going to be a long and painful fight! The consumers needs to be more protected, specially when I find a site like this, proving that they are not doing their job correctly. I could tell that both reps I talked to were covering things up. If anybody knows of an attorney that has dealt with this type of case before in Florida please let me know.

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  • Co
    Cole Mar 30, 2010

    Service my daughter took her car to the dealer to get i looked at because of the check engine light was on. she took it several places to let them look at they told her a sensor was bad. each time she took to the hyundai they stated nothing was wrong. at this point she di act out according to the service manager. i called and they told me that and i stated i would address it with my daughter. the service manager told me i could bring it as long we could do it proffessional manner. i was getting upset because what does he mean if i act proffessional as to say i am going to act unproffessional when i get come in. i spoke with a manger who talked to the service manager and stated the service manager said i used profanity toward him. i told him i never did that and he the manager stated his "friend for 6ys the service manager" wouldnt lie about that. he stated that about 6 times throughout the conversation. i dont believe tat ahppened. once they get your business they could care less about the service of a long time relations. i will never do business with them or will i refer them to ANYONE.

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  • Am
    amit kuchhal Apr 17, 2010

    NUMBER ---09351510004 80688800006

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  • Re
    Regretful Hyundai Owner May 20, 2010

    With a potential job loss, I decided to voluntarily surrender my Sonata to Hyundai. I gave them every opportunity to re-fi or be creative but they indicated they are not in the re-fi or special circumstance business. The vehicle was picked up the same day and the reposessor said it was so nice it would be driven and not towed. Car went to auction, and mysteriously brought $4, 000.00 more than it's worth or Carmax offer! Now I am being charged for storage, towing and "reconditioning" which this vehicle did not need. It only had 10, 000 carefully driven miles on the odometer. Apparently, Hyundai sold the remainder of the contract to some harrassers (Central Florida Creditors) in Jacksonville, Florida. They pretend Hyundai does not have a collection department (liars). They immediate offered a $2, 300.00 reduction with monthly payments. I told them if I had the money and a job, the car would have stayed sold. Now I have been threatened with suit, wage garnishment, etc. Hyundai needs to pack it in and head back to Seoul where they should have stayed. Their products are not that good and they are still disposable cars with no residual value.

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  • Hg
    hgbansal Jul 03, 2010

    Dear Manager,

    Please refer to my mail sent 10 months ago. No action has been taken. I have contacted your local showroom many times. Please resolve the issue immediately (corporate discount and maruti shift discount) and give my money back.

    Please help me and give my money back else i will have to take legal action. It is more than an year i purchased my car. please give the discount promised and agreed at the time of purchase. i am waiting for a call from your side. I am very disappointed by no response from hyundai. i will never recommend anybody to buy a hyundai.

    Also, the rear mirror of my car was damaged few days back. i contacted your local showroom but they are saying that the glass is not in the stock. i have been asked to wait. Please ask your dealer to provide the glass as i am not able to use my car.
    H G Bansal
    Depty Manager,
    State Bank of India
    09355050508, 09215398300

    --- On Thu, 10/1/09, Har Gopal Bansal <[email protected]> wrote:

    From: Har Gopal Bansal <[email protected]>
    Subject: Urgent
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009, 4:11 PM
    Dear Manager,

    I have purchased a new i-10 from your showroom at Bhiwani, Haryana (Raghu Hyundai) on 25 July, 2009. Details are as under:

    Model : i-10 sportz
    Colour: white
    Customer ID: C2009070231
    Vin No. :MALAN51CR9M385453
    Registration No.: HR 16H 3008

    I have completed all the formalities and submitted all documents required for availing the corporate discount and maruti shift discount. But have not heard anything from your side.

    It is quite disappointing as it is my first experience with Hyundai. Your sales man also says it will take aleast 3-4 months. This is really a very bad example of customer service. Please let me know status of my application and speed-up the process. Waiting for a prompt reply

    H G Bansal
    Depty Manager,
    State Bank of India
    09355050508, 09215398300

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  • Dr
    drbhupender Jul 10, 2010

    Dr BHUPENDER KAUR WASU Consultant: Kamineni City Centre Abids

    MBBS (osm) FCGP FRCP [LON] by appt :between 2pm- 5pm

    CHILD & ADOLESCENT cell # 9849191190

    CLINICAL PSCHOLOGIST [U.K] e-mail: [email protected]

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    Dear sir after 2 complains your people contacted me asked me the details and went away NOTHING has been done after that
    kindly do the need ful as early as posible
    dr bhupender kaur

    i10 hyundai
    Posted: 2010-06-19 by drbhupender

    music system demaged beyond repair

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    i 10 hyundai talwar SP road

    Dr BHUPENDER KAUR WASU Consultant: Kamineni City Centre Abids

    MBBS (osm) FCGP FRCP [LON] by appt :between 2pm- 5pm

    CHILD & ADOLESCENT cell # 9849191190

    CLINICAL PSCHOLOGIST [U.K] e-mail: [email protected]

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    This is my second complain regarding faulty electrical connection in my I 10car whose details are given below as when your people fitted my music system it got damaged beyond repair. But your men at Hyundai clam that he had given correct connections
    Kindly do the needful as soon as possible there is no response from the company or the concern people
    dr bhupender kaur


    Dear Sir/ Madam

    We have brought your i20 car in 28th Aug 09 from talwar hyundai banjarhills hyd. we liked the car so much which that we brought one more car I 10 from talwar Hyundai SP road on 31st dec 09. The car Engine # G4HG9M856036 and the chassis # MALAM51BR9M425558*H the T/R is AP10TLTR3175. This I 10 has been drove for 69 kms in 4 days and it just refused to move from a very busy road tank band on 4th Jan 10 at 2.30pm and the helpline was called they found fault with the battery and they help me take my car to the battery shop where I was given a service battery and told that the alternator was not functioning and they said that the battery would work for a day only. After work while returning back at 6pm 4th Jan 10 i again got stuck again at police control room near fathamaidan as my car refuse to move after the help of traffic police I could move my car to safe zone.

    And again the helpline called they took the car to workshop and found that the alternate fuse was faulty for which I paid the amount of Rs 140/- it is not the money but my fear is I’m face many more problems in future I want you to pls do the needful so that I do not face such again.

    And the sorry state is that i still drive my 10 yrs old maruthi 800 for long drive as i'm sure that it will not stop midway.

    I’ am 53 yrs old female doctor by profession and have been driving since last 35yrs but never faced such a problem kindly do the needful

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  • Gl
    Glenss Aug 12, 2010

    I bought this car because I saw in ads(ads showed a mileage of 32km/litre) and also the dealer promised me a mileage of minimum 22km/litre. All services are done in the authorized service centre at P.T.P Nagar.The following problems are noted for the vehicle.

    1) The vehicle is not giving proper mileage.The maximum mileage we get is 10 Kms/litre in city.
    2) The vehicle is emitting smoke during starting time and at running time.The smoke is coming out profusley which is not seen in other verna vehicles.

    These problems were informed to the service center even prior to the 1st free service in P.T.P Nagar, Thiruvanantapuram-38. The service centre informed back that the problems would be over by the 1st service.But the problem still persists, its been 2 years and 7 months now.

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  • Ma
    Mack Sep 14, 2010

    I simply called this company at 10.00am and the secretary answered me. This is the actual conversaition.

    "Hi my name is William Samuel and I would like to speak to the person in charge of your local publicity". Answer from the secretary. "We don't accept calls for publicity" and she hangs up the phone.

    WOW what lack of respect!!! From a dealership trying to selle its product?

    Although my phone call was business I also would be searching for a vehicule this autumn.

    Do you think that this company will be on my list???? Don't you think I will tell all my friends in Laval about Chomedy Hyundai and their great customer service?

    This is what I call negative publicity. How many sales have they lost because of my mistreatment?

    This what happens when you hire people that are not customer oriented.

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  • Sa
    sam67 Nov 21, 2010

    sir i have purchased a new car in sucee auto agency at tirunelveli, tamil nadu on 12.10.10. i enquired about the vechile, their rep. told that the vechile has come one week before. after i got the vechile registered. then only i came to know through one my frien, it was the product of sep2009. teh dealer of the car, they simply cheated me, they are just convincing me that is not problem. but i am mentalay distrubed. may i have any chance to get the vechile replaced or any compenceation, or may go for legal help, pleas advise me.

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  • Sa
    saurkum Dec 11, 2010

    This is for your kind consideration that I purchased santro Zing GLS on May'2010 from your dealer Himgiri Hyundai Motors, Delhi India.
    On 26th Nov'10, I have visited Baltic Hyundai at Mathura Road, Faridabad, Haryana for second free service,
    Their advisor has attend the car and advised that car is having missing & starting problem only which will be solved in service but today 6th Nov'10 they are saying car engine is having some (gascut) problem which is payable by customer but car is under warranty. Why they are not covered in warranty ?
    The dealer is either not capable to solve my problem or he does not want to solve it. In both the situations my time and money is wasted.
    This is a humble request from my side that please get my issue resolved ASAP. I have waited long enough and now I am loosing patience.
    I hope that i won't have to take this matter further and my problems will be solved.
    We have booked the complaint with Hyundai customer care, Complaint No.# 1-40104864
    Thanks for your support in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurabh kumar
    [email protected]
    Mob - 9971100310

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  • Pr
    Prior Hyundai Employee Jan 04, 2011

    I agree. I was just harrased by a collector when My payment was only six days late ever and I was just rudely and aggresively called. I will join any class action lawsuit if any is brought into action . I am a resident of Fla.This is BAD Business!

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  • Sh
    sherryguy Jan 18, 2011

    I purchased a car from Butler Hyundai, using their website and Auto Trader. The vehicle was listed as having an automatic transmission, it did NOT ! It was also stated that floor mats were included, they were NOT. When I picked up the vehicle they were supposed to have done paint touch up - they did NOT. Joe Andert told me he would send me a paint stick when I complained - He did NOT. I emailed the general manager but got no response. Very disappointing. So now I have a vehicle with a stick shift that was supposed to be an automatic, I have no floor mats, that were listed as included, and no paint touch up that I was promised.

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  • Pa
    P.A.L Jan 24, 2011

    I was told by Customer Service that I was "entitled" to 5 deferrment extensions during the course of my loan. I took 5 at various times as I was putting 2 kids through college. At the end of my loan I was hit with interest payments over 3.3k for these GRATIS extensions. I was told by one Collections rep that these were the 5 months. I called Customer Service and got a record that stated I made all my payments. One Collections rep told me this was ALL interest. I paid $500 as i didnt not have 3.3k to shell out immediately. I received nothing but annoying phone calls every day, every hour, and was treated quite rudely. I told them I would like to make an arrangement to pay off the interest but they didnt want to hear any of that. I cant wait to see what they do when this gets to 60 days. Repo my car for interest?? I will NEVER buy another Hyundai

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  • Sa
    Sandra Blevins Feb 24, 2011

    I co-signed for my friend, and they put his car in my name. His payments were 542.42. They said after 6 mos. of paying on time, He could refinance and put the car in his name, but when He called back they said they didn't re-finance. He paid on it for 2 yrs but got behind. They repo'ed it yesterday 2/23/2011. He still owes 21, 000, and its only worth 14, 000. Can anything be done about these un-scrupulous businesses? Drive Time sold the loan to Santander.

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  • Po
    PO'd in Indiana Apr 17, 2011

    My mother just paid off her 2004 Kia Sedona van which was financed through HMFC, I was checking the interest rate she had paid them. It was over a whopping 39% interest rate. Which in my state is considered a loan shark's rate, which is illegal in some states. Mom had excellent credit before hooking up with HMFC. Her credit score has went down some because of their obvious crazy business practices. What goes around comes around in the end.

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  • Hu
    Hunt1 May 06, 2011

    I recently paid off my Hyundai Elantra from this company and have to admit it was the by far the WORSE decision ever. Out of the 5 years I had haressing calls for 4. Yes my carnote was due on the 1st but it was explained that I had until the 10th before it was late and late fees, well they called on the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. and on until I made the payments and then I would have to tell them HEY I already paid you. They would say well can you still verify all your information while we are on the phone or try and tell me anytime after the 1st is late. Well as I stated I paid my care off but guess what they sent my title to the wrong address, after I called more than 3 times telling the new address. When i called about it they told me since it hasn't came back returned I have to wait 30 days and then I will get it. Atfirst they offered me a lien so i can go apply for it stating the title is still in Hyundai name and I have to pay a fee to have it put in my name. HMFUSA lies, bad customer service, will rip you off and Harress you. I let an attourney listen to all the lies(I recorded them) they have been telling me and he said they are breaking the law by not releasing the title to me, and i have grounds to take them to court. I can even go back to the calls they made and show some faxs where they stated one thing and did another. Looks like the money I just gave them will soon be back in my pocket. So thanks HMFUSA for being such TERRIBLE financers and messing with the wrong client.

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  • Mo
    mommy of 2kiddos May 20, 2011

    I totally agree with what everyone is saying...harassing phone calls, very un professional, rude and obnoxious! I am turning my lease in at the end of the month and know they are going to try to charge me for everything possible!!! I would join in on the class action lawsuit I am a resident of ny!

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  • Hy
    hyundaifraud Jun 27, 2011

    My repo'd my hyundai after they had told me the payments would be paid automatically paid through our catering co. I owed $1700 which I paid imediately after my car was taken away at 4 in the morning. In my case, I never recieved one phone call regarding this issue. they shipped it 2 hours away from my house for auction and they now tell me I am not able to pay with electronic check so i went to western union. They gave us complete false information and 3 bogus phone numbers! Frustrated yet desperate, I paid the $1700 plus an aditional $1300 for everything!!! This happened just a few weeks ago, and I am lost. Now my credit is dropped. I WANTED TO GO PUBLIC BUT I DONT THINK ITS WORTH ME WASTING MORE MONEY.

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  • Cl
    CloudBuster Jul 03, 2011

    I have been a loyal Hyundai customer for 8 years and have never missed a payment. Last year I bought a new one, as the first one had done an excellent job of making me happy. Our payments are due on the 25th of each month. I changed jobs at the start of the year and get paid once a month, so payments now get made on the 30th. I am now finding out about the harassment on the 6th day 8am phone calls. The agent was intent on bullying my wife into providing some sort of confirmation that they had spoken to the right person - last 4 SS# or birth date etc... - she refused. Asked for supervisor - waited 20 minutes no supervisor (the ONE supervisor was "busy" - no doubt with all the other complaints) I got on the phone and told the agent that I was going to report them to the Attorney General's office for breaching the Fair Credit act and wished to file a complaint. I also want to have it recorded that ALL communication from now on will ONLY be in writing - if they want to speak to me - they can send me a letter. BOOM - supervisor was immediately free and no excuses... I asked her about what I had looked up on the web regarding Hyundai complaints (calls starting on the 6th day and up to 12 calls a day) she told me that the Hyundai lawyers approved the tactics and they were completely within their rights. She told me that I needed to send the request in writing to stop the calls - which I am doing. In the mean time I have blocked any private and unknown calls (Vonage *77), and changed my ringtone for the number they used, so I know it's them. Here's the best thing. I have more time than them - they are not going to get my SS# nor my birth date and I will keep them on the phone trying for hours if necessary. I have lots to talk about with them. I am going to hit every board, and complain as loudly as I possibly can and refinance as soon as possible. Hyundai have lost a very loyal customer forever. I called the local Hyundai dealership and told them I was going to hand out flyers warning people about the company tactics, and to be aware of what the company will do... They told me they will have my car towed... I'm in the mood for a fight now...

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  • Cl
    CloudBuster Jul 03, 2011

    These tactics make me suspicious that Hyundai is not doing well financially - desperately in need of money? On the verge of bankruptcy perhaps? Throwing loyal customers under the bus on day 6 is simply market suicide!

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  • Rg
    rgenet Jul 31, 2011

    I bought a Hyundai Veracruz 2 months ago, it was at 58, 000 miles (still under warrenty) at 60, 100 miles things start to happen, check engine light start glowing & the center console won't close and lock anymore. I take it to the dealership & they fix the light, it was some kind of air sensor. That was under warrenty, but then the assoicate explains that the console is not covered, and they don't sell the little latch to fix it, I have to buy the whole console (WHICH IS STILL NEW) for over $1000.00 ...
    I thought Hyundai had changed but apparently not. I had a Hyundai for my first car & it was a lemon ALL the way. Im severly disappointed agian

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  • Te
    tejuhti Oct 26, 2011

    I am filing a formal complaint against Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu in Riverdale, GA for their refusal of service to my vehicle. Following is a timeline of events that lead to this complaint:

    I started taking my 2002 Isuzu Trooper (80k miles) to Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu, Inc. located at 7665 Highway 85, Riverdale, GA 30274-3968 in September of 2010 for service of sensors replacement in the amount of $578.93. I had the scheduled oil change on January 8th 2011. From April to May of 2011 the vehicle was not operational due to a fuel sensor malfunction. I had the truck towed to Southtowne on May 25th 2011 for repair of this problem; I informed them before hand that the vehicle was sitting for that period of time. When the car was diagnosed during this visit the technician originally stated that the engine was “knocking, smoking and needed a new engine for $3375”. After further diagnosis by other technicians I was then told that the engine was fine and all it needed was some maintenance. The dealer had the vehicle from 5/25/2011 to 6/06/2011. I proceeded to repair the “diagnosed” problem for the cost of $832.43. From June 6th 2011 to June 11th 2011 the vehicle would cut-off while driving. I took the vehicle back on June 11th 2011 and the technicians could not diagnose the problem at this time and had me note when the engine cut-off and the conditions in which it happens. On June 20th 2011 I took the vehicle back for diagnosis and was told that a speed sensor harness was frayed and was the cause of the engine problem. I proceeded to repair this problem for the cost of $249.38 I picked up the vehicle on June 22nd 2011 and the vehicle shut off that day. I took the vehicle back on June 23rd 2011 and the problem could not be diagnosed. At this time I placed a complaint with Isuzu America Case#11186002. Picked up vehicle on June 24th 2011.
    I then took the vehicle back on July 5th 2011 because the check engine light came on. The dealer replaced the speed sensor at their cost and stated that this would solve the problem of the engine cutting off. Picked up the vehicle on Friday July 8th 2011 and on Sunday the 10th of July 2011 the engine light came on and the engine proceeds to cut off. I took the vehicle to AutoZone and had the sensor code read and it came up as a Speed Sensor error. Over the next month I proceeded to quantify the problems. The engine proceeded to cut-off on July 13th, 15th, 19th, 25th and the 26th; I then took the vehicle back on July 29th for my standard oil change and to diagnose the engine cut-off issue. I informed them to hold the car until later next week in order for them to diagnose the problem. I called Southtowne on August 4th 2011 and was informed for a second time that the engine was knocking. Shelley (current Service Consultant) informed that the oil was a quart low and that was not the problem, she also informed me that the owner and the service manager would contact me. The owner Mr. Hal Philipson and the service manager Mennow Jordan called me and proceeded to tell me they refuse to do anymore work towards the vehicle and that since the engine was replaced somewhere else that they would not work on it. Mr. Philipson also stated that no matter the amount of money spent at his dealership ($1683.74) they will no longer work on the vehicle. Mr. Philipson was very unbecoming as a business owner and seemed irate that I would bother him and his employees with these issues. Over the past year I continued to go to this business because of the wonderful customer service of its employees (Ms. Wileen Dudley). This car was solely serviced by Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu, Inc and over the last year and spent ($1683.74) during this time to maintain this vehicle. While the vehicle was in the care of Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu, Inc the engine was damaged twice by their qualified technicians.

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  • Ne
    NE DLAMINI Dec 13, 2011


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  • El
    Elmare Jan 23, 2012

    I bought a pre-owned vehicle in Sept 2011 from Hyundai Rustenburg. The park assist and central locking weren't working. I had it replaced in Roodepoort at my own cost (after submitting an estimate to them and waited for 2 months for a response). I also had to register the vehicle myself in Gauteng, I put it through road worthy, I had number plates made and had it fitted by a fitment centre (new legislation). The vehicle wasn't serviced, I received nothing extra (carpets, etc) and i had to do everything re registration of the vehicle at my own cost (I was charged R3500.00 in my contract for "service and delivery" - if a service had been done they would've picked up on the out of order park assist and central locking). After 4 months and 14 emails and promises of refunding repair and the contractual "service and delivery" costs to me, I still only have "promises" of a refund from their general manager.

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  • Wh
    Whatare May 30, 2012

    I have a 2007 Veracruz with 75000 miles. The alarm system is not working as it should. The dealer (who I have no beef with) says the repair is to replace the brains of the alarm system which is referred to as the Body Control Module or BCM. It is behind the dash and requires a computer reprogramming as this control module drives a lot of the lighting and switches in the vehicle. The repair cost is $644. Ok it is technically out of warranty. But, in my opinion, I should not need to replace this type of electrical component at 75000. Indeed, Consumer Reports gives the 2007 Veracruz a black circle (not good). I have checked online and this problem is not unique, I came across others with the same issues in several forums. I also suspect that this may be just the tip of the iceberg as the 2007 model was the first year they made the Veracruz - so other owners will likely be faced with this issue as their model years age. (The black circle continues through the 2010 model year!).

    I call the Hyundai Customer Service number hoping for some acknowledgment that this is an unreasonable failure and some assistance (maybe a split of the costs) with getting the repair done. Well the short version is - sorry you are out of warranty, this response only came after I called them back late in the afternoon (thanks for the follow-up call Matt - ID #54237) having waited all day for an answer, with my car in the shop pending a decision from Hyundai.

    I'm not feeling any love. Hyundai has come a long way since 2007 thanks in part to early adopters like me. I am disappointed that they could find a way to offer some measure of assistance for an electrical problem such as this on the their car that is suppose to be comparable to the Lexus Rx 350.

    Who can say how Lexus would have treated such an issue, but for now I'm not thinking great thoughts about Hyundai.

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  • Cl
    Class Action Pursuit Jun 02, 2012

    We are considering starting a major class action suit against Hyundai Motor Finance Company concerning their collection practices. I am also considering a PR campaign that will expose these practices
    people should know what they are getting into I suggest if you want a new are use vehicle look for another make car.

    If anyone is interested and feel that they went to excessive length to collect a debt please let us know.

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