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C Nov 27, 2018
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2015 Hyundai Eleantra SE is a LEMON!!

We have had problems with this car for years now. It is one thing after another. We had the car in for several issues with the car. Two of the issues the dealership could not even fix the problem. I made a list of all the issues that we are having with the car.

On 11/15/2016 with 12, 185 miles on the car, we had to replace the battery on the car.

On 05/22/2017 with 15, 516 miles on the car, we had to replace (2) tires on the car because the tires were bald.

On 11/03/2017 with 18, 268 on the car, we had to replace the other (2) tires on the car because the tires were bald. We had problems with the car stalling. The dealership could not find anything wrong with the car.

On 01/18/2018 with 20, 747 miles on the car, we had a problem with a sound when the car starts. When the car starts it sounds like metal on metal clinking. It does not matter if the car is cold in the morning or anytime of the day. When I start the car, it makes this sound. I had to tape the sound so the service advisor could hear the sound. The tech could not hear it.

On 02/08/2018 with 20, 749 miles on the car, we still had the problem with a sound when the car started. When the car starts it sounds like metal on metal clinking.The dealership kept the car overnight. The next day the tech did hear the sound. They tested the alternator and it was bad. They had to replace the alternator on the car. Even after the dealership replaced the alternator I still had the same sound as before when I started the car a two day later. The replacement of the alternator did not stop the souund.

On 03/20/2018 with 20, 802 miles on the car, we are still having the same sound when the car is started. It does not matter what time of the day the car is started, the same sound happens. It sounds like a metal on metal clinking. I had a tape of the sound, the tech did not hear a thing.

We are still having the same issue with the sound when the car starts. I am scared to start the car because the dealership can not find out what is wrong with it. I am scared it might blow up when the car starts because of this issue, metal on metal. I had taped this twice but the dealership will not fix this issue because the tech could not hear the sound. Something is seriously wrong with the car or the dealership is lying. It should not be making this metal on metal clinking noise when I start the car. I had several people hear this noise but not the dealership.

We had this one issue with the car since 2016. I have told them about the issue but they never did anything about it or even looked into it, just looked at me like I am nuts. The issue is this. When I fill the car up with gas the (Range for the miles to go on the car) it does not stay the same thing each time. One time it will be 301, 304, 299, 289, or 275. Something is wrong with the Range miles to go. Just the other day, I put gas in the car. I started the car, the Range started at 279, then dropped to 256 before I even left the gas Station. The Range keeps dropping while I am driving. In 1 mile I go, it drops 4 miles or more. I am not in heavy traffic or stop and go driving. I am not speeding or have anything heavy in the car. I do not even know why this issue happens. When I first had this problem, I had to get a new battery. I had the dealership check the battery. The battery was fine. This is happening all the time with the Range issue.

Now, as you read this we had to replace 4 tires, 1 battery, 1 alternator. Still have problem with the metal clinking sound when I start the car and the gas range. I am so afraid when I start the car because of this issue the car will catch on fire or blow up with my mom or myself inside. Since they can not find a thing wrong with the car. This car is a true Lemon.

The car was serviced on 10/29/2018 with 24, 829 miles on the car. The dealership kept the car overnight to see if they can find the issues I am having with the car.Lilly contacted me the next day. The dealership did not hear the issues I heard, but they will repair what they think is the issues with the car. They just went blind on the issues that I was having with the car. They replaced the starter, the fuel level sender and bracket assy roll rod replaced trans mount. I got the car back on 10/31/2018.

The car still was driving rough. The Inspecter from the leasing company even said it was running rough. He said it should not be having this issue. When I started the car a few days after I got the car back, I heard the noise again. The metal on metal sound. The dealership did not fix the issue. They did however, fix the Range issue.

The car is unsafe. My mom called the Hyundai Leasing Company and told them we will be turning the car in because it is unsafe and it was a Lemon. They sent an Inspector out to check the car out. He did hear the issue with the car running rough. He popped the hood up and felt the engine. You could see the engine shaking.He made the statement that the engine should not be doing this. We passed the Inspection. We turned in the car to Hyundai of New Port Richey on the 11/10/2018.

We will never buy another Hyundai again. With all the issues we had with this car and now what is on the news. I do not feel it is fair to charge us for the $400.00 fee to return the car. If the car was safe we would have kept it. In the news it tells about the fires Hyundai is having in their cars. The Sonata, Elantra, Santa Fe, under these conditions we are afraid to keep or get another Hyundai car. The car was just serviced, low miles of 24, 829, very good condition, the Inspector even said that it was in excellent shape. We told him that we kept it garaged all the time. We took very good care of it. I hope you will junk it so that no one gets hurt. We have reported about the car to several agencys. We were told by Hyundai employees that the $400.00 is to clean and prepare the car to be sold at a auction. When we returned the car the car was cleaned inside, wash and waxed outside a total detailed. We should not have to pay for the $400.00.
The car was perfect inside and out. It even had gas in it.

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