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both company caracoal cream and hydroderm are a fraud, very hard to cancell the order, i got charged twice in the same onth by both, i had to get my credit card company involved in order to make them stop, and im still in the process of doing this with caracoal cream, the product is useless, and the customer service is horrible on both.THIS IS A SCAM SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STAY AWAY FROM BOTH THIS FRAUDELENT COMPANY

  • Bo
    Bonnie Jan 27, 2009

    I had similar problems with Caracoal, but Hydroderm has been great. I had to change the frequency of getting the product and had no problem. I finally had to stop getting it and had no problem there either. They were a bit slow to respond by email, but great on the phone.

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I oredered the Bodyshape product and after 4 months have seen absolutely no change. I wanted to cancel my...

they continued automatically withdrawing payments but stopped sending the product.

I have been receiving the Hydroderm skin care products about every 2 months for the past 8 months or so, maybe even longer, without any problem. They were consistent in sending the product within a few short days after the automatic payment went out of my account. This fall they were 3 or 4 weeks late in taking the payment. Then the product never arrived. I thought it might be late because of Christmas packages clogging the mail system. But 20 days after the money was taken from my account I tried to contact them online. I did get a message to them online, and they did not respond to it. I had an uneasy feeling about them after reading some of these complaints and felt it best to put a stop payment on my account for them, because I felt that they had changed and would probably not leave me a satisfied customer. I was glad I did that when I received notice from the bank that they had indeed tried to get another payment out of my account, just 20 days after getting the last payment. And still not product has shown up in my mailbox. I doubt I´ll ever see that last $80.00 but at least it isn´t $160.00 gone with nothing to show for it. What a shame. I can´t understand what has happened to them. I liked the product.

charged for product that was never recieved/ put on automatic shipments without my authorization

This company has been making unauthorized charges on my bank card, without sending any product.
They have one phone number which is a joke, you hold for 30 minutes just to be disconnected.

They also have no address to send a complaint or any correspondence to.

They have charged my account for $89.95 without any product, I just want my money back and cancel any further shipments.

What happened to this company?

I have used this product for years and actually liked it for me. The website used to be helpful and there wa...

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do not want this product sent and charged to my bankcard - this was without my permission

I received a sample and paid $5.95. I never authorized them to continue sending me the product automatically...

Cancellation of account/return of unused portion

Unable to reach company by phone and/or online. Phone system cuts you off everytime you reach a customer...

cancellation of order

On Oct. 13th I cancelled my order. On Oct. 14th the company billed my credit card. I did not receive any...

Request for returned product refund ignored

On 10/8/08 I returned an unused, unwanted shipment to Hydroderm charged to my credit card of $84.00 plus S/H, plus tax, total $97.37. The postal confirmation tracking number says the product was delivered on 10/10/08 to their address. prior to returning product, I called a few times for an RMA#. Their answer "the system is Down" every time. When I asked why so, no response, some said "reconstruction". They told me return and write order ID NO. on the package which I did.Oct. 23, 2008 I called again. Got hung up, called again. the "rep" doesn't know what happened to the package and that corporate would call me on Oct. 24, 2008, I doubt that. Still no refund after 2 weeks after receiving the package. What can I do? Can I sue?

  • Be
    Beatrix Bennett Oct 29, 2008

    I too, am experiencing difficulties. My bank statement just arrived, and my checking acct was charged $79.00 on Oct. 1st. Not only did I not order the product, but they didn't even have the decency to send anything! I am currently caller # 23, waiting in line to speak with a rep. Next, I have to write all the info down, and f8d2atake to my bank to dispute and put a block on their company. Who wants to spend their time / money /energy with this sort of crap? Isn't there a law against this?

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Cancel my account

I tried to get in touch with the company with no luck. I want to cancel my account due to financial...

Sample returned and was charged

I have called Hydroderm customer service for 2 days and have held on the phone this am for 30 minutes only to get a rcording that their office is closed. I have returned the sample as requested with RMA # in the appropriate time but have been charged $69.00 on my credit card for the amount. I want to cancel any memberhoip with them and have them credit my account with the $69.00. I did not care for this product for me. Thank you. JP

Unauthorized charges

I ordered online what I thought was a "free trial", when I received their products there were invoices enclosed saying that I would be billed $69.00 and $47.00 respectively, but if I returned the product within 30 days I would NEVER be billed. So, I called to complain and they said their computers were being worked on. So I called everyday and they had the same excuse. So, after a week I called and they said that I didn't need an "RMA" number to return the product, to just write the Order ID numbers on the envelope and they would accept the return. Then I got my bank statement and they CHARGED ME!! Now when I call the number it is always busy, or you get an automated voice and then get automatically cut off. I've reported them to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU but have yet to get a reply from this company. DO NOT ORDER THE FREE TRIAL - IT IS A RIP OFF!!!

  • Valerie Jun 20, 2008

    I noticed that on my checking account statement that there was a charge of 5.95 for hydroderm. I thought that it was something that my wife had ordered, but when I asked her she said that she new nothing about it. I then received a box of the hydroderm product. This company is getting peoples credit card numbers and shipping address from somewhere and sending out there product with no approval. I have cancelled my credit card and notified my bank. I will not be shipping back the product since I never ordered it. I consider it a gift.

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  • Valerie Sep 17, 2008

    6 months ago I decided to try a "free" hydroderm trial for less than $6 postage. I received the package and tried the product, and knowing that it would take more than a month to see results, waited for the next batch.

    A further batch never arrived, however I found that i was charged almost $70 for the free trial. Next I was double charged on my credit card for two products I didn't receive. I emailed support, explaining I had been double charged, waited a week, but received no response. I tried emailing again, waited a further week but had no response. I tried calling, and asked to cancel the product.

    I have just received my credit card bill and note I have been double charged again - despite never having received goods. When I tried to browse to the website to cancel my membership and make a complaint, it looks as though it has been closed down.

    I then tried bodyshape in a search engine and found a new website - but it has only advertising, no contact details, and no membership login so I can cancel my account. So I have been charged nearly $350, received one "free" sample and the worst customer service ever.

    I have just called my credit card company and have canceled my card - getting a new one issued... A real hassle but worth it if it means getting rid of this company. I have also asked the credit card company to launch a fraud investigation into Hydroderm.

    Tomorrow I intend to call the call center one last time to see if i can get any support. I never even got to see if the cream was real or not - i hoped it would be... but the service levels are so poor, the company practices must be considered fraudulent.

    I urge you NOT to subscribe to any free trial associated with is company!

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  • Ch
    Chan Keo Oct 01, 2008

    I would like to cancel my order : ID:38174534 regarding the purchase of Hydroderm from today, October 01, 2008. So please stop sending me the product and stop automatically withdrawing the money from my TCF Bank Account.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation.
    Sincerely, Chan C. Keo
    1160 Matilda St
    St Paul, MN 55117

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  • Er
    Ernetta Williams Oct 16, 2008

    I ordered the trial period and paid the amount due. I called and told them I did not want to continue with this product and they still charged my credit card for a product I did not received nor want. This is an awful thing they are doing and should be stopped. We trust them for the products they sale and the credit information we give them and they Scam us. Please do not ordered from these people. Just take care of yourself live a happy healthy life without hydroderm because they will surely increase the amount of wrinkles in your face with all they put you through for a product that does not work.

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  • Gi
    Gisela Garcia Nov 04, 2008

    It was the same for me.
    I return the "free Trial" with the RMA that they told me and then they charge me US$84. I diputed it directly to my Credit Card because they don't answer at phone.

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  • Ba
    Barb Jan 30, 2009

    I, too, am having trouble getting them to hang up their phones and answer MY calls. I mailed the product back in time for the refund. Even had a signature verification! but I was still charged $84.00 for the product.

    I am considering hiring an Attorney for this, what appears to be, a very poor company attitude/problem.


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  • Vi
    Vik765 Aug 26, 2009

    First week of May, I requested Hydroderm to send me a sample of their product, them ststing that I pay $3.95 for shipping. They sent the product and I used it, hoping that that it will have an effect, its no good. Then on May 18, they charged me $54.17 for the product. That's alright because I forgot to return the product. But then they send another bottle, I promptly return it with the RMA # they said is needed to return a product. They charged my credit card on June 5, for $62.37. I called them but they said they did not receive the product. Later on I read that there are several complains about this company. Said company not refunding the customers for products returned.

    In filing this, I hope would be customers would be aware of the scam this company is doing.

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Unauthorized billing

I have got the same problem with this so called "company". I have tried to cancel my product, but could not do it because they have no real website for "login" (they provided it but never works), and when use their auto phone system to cancel, the message is that they can not find my record. What heck! They charge my credit card every two months! I really don't know how to deal with them. Want some advices from people who have encounter the same problems. Hydrodem product does have problems, if it's really good product, the company don't have to do this way.

  • Valerie Sep 18, 2008

    Hydroderm is a scam they advertise free sample but in fact they charge you 82 dollars every month on your credit card no way to stop them if you sign up to receive the 5.95 free sample... Do not fall for this scam safer to buy out of a store, After you order it from the web site the numbers they give you to return it or cancel your order do not work and they enroll you into a program of which you are billed each month for their product, with no way to cancel... TOTAL SCAM DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.

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  • Valerie Nov 05, 2008

    Product was ordered on line and delivered within the stated time frame. I was dissatisfied with the product and returned the unused portion as required to cancel my membership. I contacted the company by phone to insure that I would not be charged the 90+ dollars for a two month supply. I was assured by two different supervisors that I was be excluded from any further deliveries or charges. I did not receive any additional shipments (I did not want additional shipments), but I was charge $90.93 cents. I contacted my bank, filed a claim but ended up still having the above amount subtracted from my checking account. I also filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau of Culver City. If this problem is not rectified, I will have to close my bank account------------this is extremely frustrating.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Lyttle Nov 07, 2008

    Can never contact the company. Web site has been shut down, phone #'s do not work. All you get is a message tellling you what position you are in for wait time and then you get cut off as soon as you get to # 1 or 2 in line. I have tried calling several times and the same thing happens again and again. Very suspect. I am going to call my bank to stop charges to my debit card.

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  • Je
    Jeannie Fowler Nov 11, 2008

    I have experienced the same "run-around" with Hydroderm. It's easier to simply cancel the credit card on which the charges appear - and request a new card. That was the only way I finally resolved my issues with this company.

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  • Valerie Nov 21, 2008

    Order 30 day trial of Hydroderm. Called on 9/24 for a RMA# but was told computers were down and to call back on Friday. Insisted in talking to supervisor who instructed me to use my order # as RMA. I was charged $84 for something I didn't want and never received! Called today 10/27 and was told computers are still down! Insisted on talking to supervisor again but he was of no help. His name (he says) is Jay Jimenez. He took my order # and said he would see what he could do. I told him I would take action in reporting them and expected to call on Monday 11/3 to find out if I have been refunded. Based on other complaints, I don't expect any action.

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  • Dh
    D Ha Dec 02, 2008

    The problem I had with the "telling you what position you are in for wait time and then you get cut off as soon as you get to # 1 or 2 in line" I had with trying to call their billing company. Electracashpayments.com emailed me to say they were going to charge my card. I called their number and had that same wait line and then got a busy signal.

    So I called Hydroderm this morning 1-800-814-5771 and talked to some customer service person who wanted all my contact info etc. --Shouldn't he have it?

    Anyway, IF they actually cancel it, I am so done with them. I'm calling my credit card company to alert them as well.

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  • Ro
    Rosy77 Sep 12, 2009

    I saw a commercial for Hydroderm. All you pay is 5.95 for shipping and handling for a free 30 day trial sample. When I get the product I am informed that I will be billed 69.00 at the end of 30 days so I immediately return the product. They are still taking money out of my account.

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customer service & product

This product does not work! And whenever you call to return the product they tell you their system is down...

unauthorized debit from biz. acct.

several debits registered to my biz acct. for purchases and/or subscriptions I did not make. All on the same day oct.14, 2017!!?? which is 3 days from today!!
They all contain the same my biz. acct. number!
the first is SENSIBLE-HLP.COM for 34.62 and is for an on line subscription, web site will not come up in a search!!, next is MYCSHELP.COM for 39.95 cannot find out what this even is!!, and last is SAFEDEBITS.COM for a product, HydroDerm! for 39.97
none of these were authorized by me or anyone else

  • Valerie May 06, 2008

    Someone got ahold of my credit card info and purchased two Hydroderm products through alenareceipts.com. They are a third party marketing (phone sweat shop) located in Culver City, Ca.

    The thieves also purchased "The Week" magazine subscription through Palm Coast Data which is a fulfilment house who sends out magazine across the nation.

    Also, I was charged for Grevelia coffee monthly service. All happened with 3 hours on a Sunday. BofA froze my card account number to stop additional purchases and refunded the charges. I think Hydroderm is not the problem. It's the 3rd party marketing *** who sell it.

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  • Valerie May 20, 2008

    I too, am a Hydroderm victim!

    Today, sent by USPS, their product arrived, advising me my checking acct was debited $5.95 and would be further charged $69 + s&h after June 14th, if I kept their product!

    How did Hydroderm get my bank information as well as my home address ~ very scary!! ~ I never ordered their product!

    I notified my bank, refuting the charge and will accept this as a free gift, since Hydroderm cannot prove I ever authorized this order.

    Any company that operates in this illegal manner forfeits the product sent unsolicited; I will take the proper steps by notifying my bank and consider this Hydroderm product as a gift, since I in no way will pay any cost to return something sent unsolicited.

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  • Al
    Allison Oct 03, 2008

    I received a receipt out of the blue via e-mail for an order with a completely different person's name, phone number which turned out to be a cell phone, address and login information to access my account with my e-mail address and an obscure password. I logged into the account after attempting to contact the phone number on the receipt from an anonymous phone and got a person's voicemail whose name was different than that stated on the receipt. I called to cancel the order ($5.95) citing the Order ID and Order Code and promptly received a membership and order cancellation message via e-mail. Days later a shipment showed up at my residence and receipt enclosed had completely different Order ID and Order Code number and account access information had an e-mail address ([email protected]) not me at all. I called to complain and was told I was stuck with it (guess my telling the rep I would never order their drug-store makeup might not have gone over well but I had just read the many postings about this company). I reported it to the police and bank. I now can't get through to the number to get the RMA they say is required but card was cancelled as they say I will be charged $69.00 after a certain date.

    Completely ridiculous - avoid them at all costs!

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  • Ku
    Kurtis Reed Nov 06, 2008

    Unable to call these people. They put you on hold for 15 minutes and then just dump the call. I tried 3 days in a row, finally gave up. I went on line to order more of this product and discovered the price went up to a ridiculous amount. Bye-bye Hydroderm. I actually liked this product very much and I beleive that is did work. They need to hire a secretary.

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  • Jo
    JoanieinCt Nov 07, 2008

    For 3 weeks I have tried to contact customer service through the 800 # listed on the website. There is no address or incorporated name on the site. After holding for 40 minutes i receive a recording that the system is down; to call back on Monday. Second call advised calling on Wednesday. Another was "next week." Today I called and got an operator who said systems were down and I could speak to a customer service person next week. Yeah, right.

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  • Ka
    Kay R. Fitzgerald Dec 10, 2008

    Received okay to return unused portion-I sent by USPS with delivery tracking #. Charged my Discover account $84.00 for second shipment which was never sent. Repeated calls to 800 # leaves one waiting at least 20-30 minutes. All information finally taken by person answering - put on hold - then call was dropped.
    I have notified by Credit Card Co. about incident- they have put temporary credit on my account pending investigation (which I am sure they have plenty of to do !) and this page will be very helpful. What FRAUD is being perpitrated on the PUBLIC. !!
    I know DISCOVER will back up my claim, but this is the first time I was charged for merchandise that was NEVER EVEN SHIPPED !!

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  • Ca
    CAP Dec 16, 2008

    I have been a long time user of Hydroderm, and love the product. Since May of 08, I have been charged 3 times for the product, yet it was not shipped. After going through calling 3 phone numbers and e-mailing (I even sent a letter via snail mail, no response) I still have heard nothing.

    The way to get results is to file a complaint on the web with the FTC, and the Better Business Bureau. (CA)

    The good news is, and I hope this helps others, I found the company that has processed their orders since November. Their phone number is 1-888-255-1137. If you have had a charge placed on your credit card since November, this company will credit your account; they are aware of the fraud and will not process any more orders with Hydroderm. Contact your bank with the dates of the charges (if you used a debit card), get the phone number of the proessing company, contact them and see if you can get a credit. File a complaint with the credit card you used. If you used a debit card, you may have to cancel the debit card to prevent further charges, as my bank stated. I also found 2 websites that actually sell the product, the 1 oz bottles for $45.88 and 49.99, just google "buy hydroderm wrinkler reducer online" and the legitimate companies will come up.

    This posting is 12/16/2017. Time is important, contact your bank/credit card co. imediately, or the debits/charges will continue. This has been so frustrating, especially since I love the product. One posting even stated that they lived in CA and went to the building listed as their address, and there were boxes of the returned product at the door and no one to collect them, no one answered at the run down building.

    It is pathetic that a company has chosen to treat their loyal customers this way, and continue to scam new clients. The product is still available elsewhere, so SOMEONE is getting the product wholesale and selling it. Shame on the management at Hydroderm. I would love to find a replacement, but I really like this product.

    Good luck.

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said they give a 30day free trial. When I tried to find website to cancel website was down - for a month...

Hydroderm Fraud

I got the free trial Hydroderm produc anti-wrinckle. I have'n seen any result. I try to call the company...


Trial offer was nice, loved the product used the whole bottle, was only to pay S/H. Credit card was charged $89.oo. I called they said it was for the next 60 days of product which I had not recevied. It finall came but it wasn't the same product, it was terrable, made a mess of my face. I called to report the defective product. The offer to reduce the price...No I want to send the stuff back so they can see what is wrong and I want a new bottle becuase I have paid for it. They promise to send a bottle out free of charge I will get it in 4 days. That was 8-26-08 I have still not recevied the item. Another charge of $89.00 appears on my credia card. It is 9-25-08. I have called 5 times. Each time I call I am told "the computer is down, please call back tomorrow" or "the system is down call back Tues or Thrus." Today Iasked to speak to someone higher, I was put on hold for 12 mins. The person that came ont he line identified herself with differnt name but was the same person. I called her on that so she hung up. I am more than discouraged with web orders. I will NOT do it again. BUT must get this cleared up ASAP. They have my Credit Card number. BEWARE!!! I am sure there are REAL products and REAL companies that provide items in Retail store that work just as well, its just finding them. I was the sucker on this one!! :-(

  • Valerie Apr 22, 2008

    Does an offer to try Hydroderm product for free sound attractive to you? Think twice.

    This was the most ridicules “free trial” ever!!! Not only that I didn’t like the product (it did absolutely nothing for me), but they charge you $50+ to try their product for free! You can’t get refund although you cancel the subscription. And don't even waist your time trying to talk to customer service (not to mention that I could hardly understand a word they were saying).

    It’s clear how the company makes money... Total fraud!!!

    Don’t buy any of their products unless you enjoy to be ripped off!!!

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  • Ja
    Janice Wright Oct 20, 2008

    Although I'm not a fan of their products I felt I had to speak up. Not on behalf of Hydroderm but for the consumer. I buy a lot online and for the amount of people I've read today complain that they were 'then charged' or 'have been charged an additional amount' is borderline comedy.

    You are snared but the risk free-trial. It is NOT free, but "risk-free". It is a continuity program, the same as Columbia House music or books would do. We the consumer need to pay better attention to what we buy rather than blame the company.

    I tried it, didn't like it. Called to cancel it, got a RMA number and sent it back. They honored what they said over the phone and I have never been charged since.

    There is no quick fix for anything, so we need to be careful with money. Read before you buy and we'll all be better off.

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  • Ke
    Kendra Nov 06, 2008

    I have had SEVERAL charges to my credit card account from AIC Hydroderm Skin Care. I have never heard of this product...let alone needed to use it! I'm still in my early 20's and wouldn't need anything to handle my skin other than good ole soap and water!
    I will keep an eye on my account at this time. But I'm disappointed that this is happening to more than one person.

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  • Sl
    sldoyel Jan 04, 2009

    Hydroderm has abandoned their website as well as their customer service number: 800-840-4043. After using the product I discovered it had absolutely no benefit. When I called to cancel my account/order I discovered their customer support number had been disconnected. In addition, I received a charge on my credit card in the month of December 2008 for products I did not receive.

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  • Sh
    sharon morrison Jul 03, 2009

    Cannot get in touch with company to cancel product shipments charged to my credit card. Product does not work, do not want to continue with this company. phone numbers donot work, e-mails do not work. Help!

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Failure to Deliver

One of the sponsors on WebMD was Hydroderm. Thinking that WebMD would certainly not sponsor an unscrupulus company, I ordered a "free trial" of the product.

It was only after I re-read the information that I realized that Hydroderm would automatically send product monthly and change $80 to my credit card.

I ordered the product on September 5th, and as of today, have still not received the "free trial". I have been calling this company for two weeks to cancel the free trial and to be removed from their "club", and for two weeks have been told that their "system is down and that they cannot cancel my account until their system is up and running.

Getting nowhere with this company, I had to call my credit card company to have charge disputed and received a credit.

Seems strange to me that their system could process and bill my credit card, but I cannot speak with anyone at Hydroderm to cancel any further "automatic" orders.

What a SCAM!

  • Je
    Jean Brown Oct 07, 2008

    i have not recieved my order and you have all my info.just wanted to know what was going on

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Did not order

I received several packages that I did not order. The user name (EMAIL - ADDRESS) is not even mine. I have never heard of it. Now I am trying to figue out what credit card they have stolen. It does not give you the number or last four or anything. I am very conserned about my credit card info being out there. I am going to call all of them and see if I can find out which one they used. This is BS, this is why people are so reluctant to purchase online. If you ever do a real purchase and then you start receiving things you never ordered it is very disheartning.

  • Ir
    IRENE GUZME Oct 10, 2008






    830 885 5773

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  • Am
    Amy Wolfe Oct 28, 2008

    I recieved a sample product and was dissatisfied so I mailed the product back. They claimed they never recieved it and then charged my c. card $69. When I tried to call there numerous times it is always a recording and then when I was able to finally reach customer service I was put on hold for 20 minutes. When my turn finally became available there was a recording saying that the system was down until the end of the week.

    This is a terrible company and should be shut down. I can't imagine a company being able to conduct business like they do.

    Don't ever order from this company. It is a huge rip off!!

    0 Votes
  • Bo
    bobbi Nov 04, 2008

    Thos company will be investigated by the better business burea. It is impossible to contact them by phone to have service stopped for the second time. as a result i am contacting the b.b.b. to put a stop to this company.

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  • Jo
    joel brito portorreal Nov 07, 2008

    I dont like this because dont work end is a lot money

    0 Votes
  • Gr
    griselda Lozano Nov 10, 2008

    They are charging in my capitol one card the third time the amount of $ 55.95 of something thata I di not buy or order. This is scam that needs to be stopped. Iwill not accept any charge

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Margaret Baca Nov 13, 2008

    I also orderd a trial kit i sent it back it dose not work all .They also charged me and now I am taking action with a lawyer so watch out bad company you pushed customwers too far.

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    sandy mathison Nov 26, 2008

    I am not complainting, but asking if you sent my order yet. I was thinking it should of been sent by now?

    thank you,
    sandy mathison

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