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purify gel peel

I purchased this item at Newcastle airport UK Dec 4th 08:50 2019. when I was returning to vancouver canada via AMSTERDAM.
I am now looking at this product and its shabby container wondering :
Why it's product cost 50.00 pounds $ 87:00 CAN
why nothing is coming out?
Why is it not full ?
The item has no connection from the lid to pump the product!
It is a reject and being sold at an airport at massive mark up to folks who mostly will not return soon to complain .
I would like a replacement item or a refund

purify gel peel

mineraux bought off a rep at liverpool airport.

Approached at liverpool airport, the guy was very pushy and made me feel like i had to make a purchase. The...

Obey Your Body / Genome Cosmetics

obey your body instant eye wrinkle eraser

When coming through Cape Town airport, I was approached by a very pretty spanish saleslady, she said that for...

unethical, manipulative behaviour and fraud

I was at Cape Town International Airport on my way to gate A 10 to board my flight to Johannesburg when I was approached by your sales person. He offered to give me a hand cream sample and then asked me to sit down so that he could apply a instant eye wrinkle remover and then an age defying lifting serum. I was impressed with the product after he showed the result in the mirror, but I was under the impression I was paying R500 (+/- NZ$50) for the products when in fact it was R5000!!! I would never have bought it if I knew the correct price!!! I only realised this when I arrived in Johannesburg and checked my bank account so I obviously could not return the products to the stand as I am on my way back to Auckland. I am extremely disappointed and feel robbed. He also did not give me a receipt but in fact distracted me by writing down his email address on the back of a voucher. To make matters worse, I have found numerous complaints online with exactly the same stories of fraud and corruption.

The two products are still unopened and I would like a full refund. I have also contacted Cape Town International Airport in this regard. The name on the voucher is Robin and the email address he gave me is [protected]

Please reply as soon as possible so that we can resolve this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Lizelle Koen

  • Le
    lensor Oct 21, 2018

    Check out my posts about Gold Elements and Oro Gold. Obey Your Body is a sister company to Gold Elements (under Premier Cosmetics). These salesclerks are scam artists, shysters. We need to work together to get our money back. I have been fighting for a refund since September 3, 2018.

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peeling gel/ face cream

I was at Vienna airport on my way home to London. A very pleasant appearing salesman called Adam from Obey Your Body flatters me, sticks a sample in my hand and starts chatting. He tells me he owns the shop and that they recently set up store in Vienna and had one store in New York if I recall. A minute later he literally holds my hands and sits me in the shop and applies the peeling gel and then cream. He was very pushy and forceful and kept pushing me to buy his products and tells me he was selling at a 60% discount. He somehow made me feel guilty that I was reluctant to buy these products, let alone for €140! He kept telling me I had money as a doctor and should buy these products. I regret not being firm and walking away as I did not want these products. I now realise Adam Masgar is unlikely to be the owner and this pushy sales technique is well known in this company. Its unacceptable and totally unnecessary to have such aggresive sales tactics and I feel I was conned into buying products I didnt want!

sales people

I was at vienna airport and i was pretty much talked into buying stuff. She wouldnt stop and let me go so i...

[Resolved] stuttgart airport branch

I've bought a few items from Stuttgart airport branch on late August but wasn't happy about products, so...

[Resolved] obey your body

I went the mall buy some stuff I needed. This small lady ran up and grabbed me by my hand and force me to the...

[Resolved] purifying gel peel mineraux collection

Bought (pressured into) at a kiosk at palisades mall in new york – used it and it really irritated my skin...

[Resolved] Body scrub

I tried the body scrub sample and bought the product but its giving me an allergic reaction it is burning my...

Unauthorized credit card charge, con artist

At approximately 11:50 today at Cape Town international airport walking to Gate A 10 I passed the Obey your...

Obey your body - bait and switch, sales representatives

Charming, extremely playful greedy scammers pull you over as you get of the elevator in Bay Plaza Mall. Mike...

Gel peel

Good day, Ozzy samuel is the merchant that sold obey your body products to me on 15 december 2015. I returned...

Unethical, manipulative behaviour and breach of promises

On 06.01.2015 I was manipulatively and pressured into buying R52968.00 worth of Obey your body and other...

Obey Your Body

Unethical and manipulative behaviour and empty promises.

My daughter and I was conned into buying R18 000 worth of Obey your body and other brand names products at...

Barcelona airport obey your body shop

Dear CS team,
I would like to escalate to the management a bad experience with one of the employees of Obey in Barcelona airport called ORER. I was talking to his colleague who is nice and professionel about the facial serum that I purchased at the end. I asked if this is the same brand as the one in the Amsterdam airport. ORER passed next to us and said : "What I think is if she did not bought it in Amsterdam she will not buy it here..."
This clearly was offending to me. Will never approach this brand again!!;

  • Ob
    Obey Your Body Sep 05, 2016

    Dear Sara,
    This has nothing to do with ObeyYourBody brand of products, you are referring to one of our retailer's staff. We are very sorry to hear about your bad experience. However, it is important to mention we are the wholesaler that sells to a retailer, and although we constantly try to improve our retailer's level of professionalism and common courtesy, we do not have a direct connection with their sales staff. With that being said, please send us all the information (location, time of day, description of the event) in a private message and we will make sure this complaint is being heard by our retailer!

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I was in the mall walking by with my spouse when I heard a man in the Providence Place Mall trying to stop an...

I felt so stupid

Hey! I nearly read all of the comments. Thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone. I was on my way...

Unethical Behavior

On 10/25/2015 I was given at demonstration at the Bay Plaza Mall in the Bronx NY by a Man named "Jay" at the...

Exfoliating Body Scrub and GRATiAE Silky Body Butter

Sunday afternoon, Aug. 30, 2015

In the mall at Baychester Plaza in the Bronx, I was pulled over by a very charming but very pushy salesman who said his name was Jay. He also said he was Italian, but when I tried some Italian phrases on him, he did not seem to understand a word. (I should have seen that as a red flag!) Anyhow, he tried to sell me a slew of products. I bought two and he said it would be $39, total. I did not get a receipt. Even after I bought these he kept at me and wanted to sell me more. I eventually got away without being rude and felt OK about the whole thing. The products I bought are quite nice.

But! Today I checked my credit card activity and saw that I was charged $87.10. That's more than double what he said. I tried to call the number on the card he gave me and was on hold for a long time and then invited to leave a message. Then I called my credit card company to dispute the extra $48.10. I hope that is the end of the story!

Pushy Salesman

I was walking through Forrest Hill mall and in a rush to get some stuff before the shops closed. The next thing I know this man from Obey Your Body grabs me and makes me sit down and starts showing me all their products. The more I told him its expensive and I couldn't afford it, the more he kept insisting that we could "make a plan" and put it on a budget plan. He kept putting the products in my hands and every time I put it down, he shoved it back into my hands! Whenever I told him I needed to leave he kept insisting that he would only be 5 more minutes. I felt accosted and highly irritated that this man kept pushing me into buying the products.


On the 29 of January 2015 at Menlyn shopping Centre a very nice Isreali girl grap my arm and se put some of...

Obey Your Body


In Paramus Mall before Christmas before Christmas in 2014. Beautiful, Isrealite girl grabbed my arm and...

overpriced plus in glass, pushy sales person

Got scammed by a beautiful Israelite girl for $300. Grabled my arm and pushed me into a chair.Eye serum and...


I bought the peeling serum from the mall kiosk. The product that I purchased was missing the pump. After...

Seedy & Pushy Salespeople

I was rushing through the mall to get to specific store. On the way, a guy hailed me down and asked if my...

Beauty Facial Creams

Hi There, I was in one of our malls last month and got caught with these salesladies from Obey your body...

Changing Prices!

Online the body butter and scrub is $59.00. US . At the mall kiosk they charged me $99.00 each! that'...

Price - rip- off pushy prole taking asvsntage of student

December 30, 2012- my son, an 18 year d college student shelled out $200 for obey your body and deja vu...

Aggressive Then Change Price In Attemp To Get You To Spend

My hubby & daughter were in a hurry to leave the Tacoma mall, when they were accosted by a young man with an accent, manning a kiosk for Obey Your Body. My young daughter who wears no cosmetics, no jewelry and no nail polish, was blatantly asked, "Are those your real nails."? Since they were walking at a fast past there would be no way the sales guy could notice. All the while my hubby is getting samples pushed his way and my daughter getting a mini nail service, which she never requested. Hubby says they need to leave now, but the guy attempts to sell him a kit for $59.00. Hubby say no thanks. The sales guy then mentions if he buys it now he'll toss in a second kit free. Hubby declines & starts to leave when the pushy sales guy tells him he can let him have the kit for only $5.00! That was it, and hubby & daughter just left the guy standing there. Weird.

Scam over charge

Today I was attack by this young lady in the mall. First she gave a small cup with some cream, then the fabulous peeling. I decided to buy the peeling and then she insisted on a set of nail polish with no luck. Then came the eye treatment for $ 600.00
I told her no and that i had to go. She charge me $107.95 for the peeling once i got home i check their web site and the peeling is $79.95 and free shipping! The boxes have no price marked! These young con- artist are well trained because i went back with a friend and she looked around and saw a paper with prices well hidden! That's against the law here.This is a group of well train scammers from Israel. Don't buy from them... i try the peeling and my face turn completely red and itchy


Beware of pushy people in the mall in those kiosks in the middle of the mall, they walk to you, they are...

Skin care products

Very pushy sales people.I think the Inspector General's office needs to investigate the products sold at...

fake garantee

Got a garentee on my nael kit's buff when i got home i saw on my garentee that she wrote the wrong date i bought the nael kit in 2011 not in 2009 i payed with my card and can show u the proof. I need a new buff mine is not working anymore so where can i come colect? Other wise i will take it further i bought 2 kit's that day a lot of money is spend so please give me a answer as soon as posible.

  • Sh
    shaun1993 May 26, 2013

    i work for obey your body Johannesburg and nelspruit

    honestly if it says obey your body on it they must replace at least the strips of the buffer for you without any problems but where did you buy it???

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Beware of Deceptive Sales Tactics

My wife came home from Xmas shopping at the mall all excited saying she met a lady (Outer Beauty Secret...


I was at Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY and was window-shopping with a friend...Next thing I knew--some sale...

liars and scammers

I went to the mall with my daughter to exchange a christmas gift. The salesmen from obey your body grabbed me to demonstrate a nail product. over the next 5 min he didn't take a breath. He joked, he told me he was giving me things for free. He kept putting things in bags. He would pretend he was holding the reciepts for me to sign since he had my other hand holding things but he was actually making sure I didn't see the prices. Then he would give the reciepts to my daughter and say, "hold this for mommy". Then he start with the next thing. My credit card was turned down because I was at my limit so I used my debit card. He had me so confused. Then when I walked away he called his buddy at another obey your body stand in the mall and told him to watch out for me. The next guy calls me over and says john forgot to give you a spoon. Then he starts in on me. I told him my credit card was denied and he said my machine is jewish let me try it. I expected it to be turned down and thought the man would leave me alone but it went through! I walked away and said to my daughter, "I think I spent almost $300 dollars." She gave me the reciepts the first guy gave her and it totaled 927$. I almost threw up. It took me until that night to work up the courage to tell my husband. He took the the stuff back the next day unopened and John said no refunds. He lied and said I approached him. He denied calling his co-worker. I went back the next day in tears and they had me fill out a request for refund form and assured me I would get a call tomorrow. The sales girl even gave me her personal cell number. That was yesterday. No call and the cell and the customer service line have gone straight to voicemail all day. I read comments where people said it's your own fault if you get scammed. These people take advantage of people. They lie and steal from people. The second guy was literally in my wallet saying let me try the red one. The have no morals what so ever. They should be arrested. We have 4 children and can't pay our bills as it is.

  • Je
    Jeff W Apr 17, 2011

    My poor wife thought she spent about $600 on two cedit cards, when the statements came it totaled over $2800. I asked what the Hxxx she bought, Her reply "that lady said all that stuff was free". Got copies of all the receipts from capitital one and sears and it looks like she signed for all of it. The receipts she came home with did total $600 which I was already upset about. Sad part is she has not used any of it in three months ... It just sits in the bags in the closet of a spare room.

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  • Ro
    ROBERTSONNYC Sep 08, 2012

    I went in woodbury commons today for work then i girl called DANIELLE stopped me and introduced me the product moisture and peeling gel long story short story she will charge me ALMST $160 THEN I SAID JUST ONE I WILL GET THEN SHE SAID SHE WILL MAKE A DEAL WITH ME OFF THE RECORDS IDIOT I WAS I GOT BOTH FOR $145, , , NOW I CHECKED ONLINE AND THE PRICE IS LESS...HOW COME?IT;S THERE ANY CHANCE TO GO TO A POLICE OR SOMETHING AND STOPPED THOSE PEOPLE TO SALE THIS PRODUCT? WHY THEY HAVE TO LIE???

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will not return money

the salesgirl talked my learning disabled son 24 into b uying over $400 of beauty supplies for us for...


These Obey your body people are unbelievable!!! I went to the mall to buy my daughter a pair of shoes for...

Faulty packaging!

Got coerced into buying salt scrub and moisturizer (85.00) at a Mall. Upon arriving home, found the salt scrub had leaked into the bottom of the bag and there was now only salt, no fluid to work with. Emailed the company, explaining that I bought it on a shopping trip, and the REFUSE to answer my complaint. All the blah blah blah of being made in Egypt, from the dead sea that Christ walked on... used in the holy land... blah blah blah and I find that I have been ripped off. Due to faulty packaging, I never had the chance to use it. NOT FAIR!

  • To
    Todd Sperling Nov 19, 2007

    I am sick of these people. No one should get coerced into buying this stuff. They make me want to avoid the Mall altogether.

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  • Mi
    Miriam Mesa-Villalba Oct 15, 2018

    I paid nearly £600 for nothing as nothing has arrived.
    I did it through a bank account given by the Italian girl Cinzia who works in Barcelona.
    I live in London.

    Please see attachment of when I did the payment.

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