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I don't make any complaints but this has happened way to much now hungry jacks i the city near rundle mall the sevice is bad, i waited 10 mins for 2 burgers and a few hashbrowns the staff were to busy talking and the staff out the back werent helping eachother, they messed up my order and the people before me didnt get there order till after me, i no there busy but there to busy to be talking joking and laughing rather then doing there jobs.


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      Apr 22, 2012

    So what did she do?

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      Mar 19, 2013

    The Hungry Jacks Store situated at the 'Big 5 Way' intersection at Gepps Cross, is reknown for ripping you off when purchasing their "French Fries' !!! This does not happen at ANY other outlet = WHY !!! Simply ask for a Large Fires at this particular store, and I GUARANTEE it will be filled level with the FRONT LOWER SECTION of the box !!! NO CHIPS above this line !!! You Order LARGE and get the equivalent of a Medium - this has been the shops practice for years - I know - it is my local - and NO AMOUNT of complaints has fixed the problem !!! HUNGRY JACKS @ GEPPS CROSS = RIP OFF !!!

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