Hungry Jack's Australiabad service

Le Oct 09, 2019

After waiting in line for over 20 mins I get to the window and pay for my orders after driving off I realise I don't have my cheese chips I then turn around and pull over to go into the store, I show them my receipt and get what I thought was my cheesy chips, I then drive home and realise my chips had bacon on them, I'm vegetarian. Also realising that our nuggets were not in the bag either. I'm very disappointed as I don't live close to hungry jacks and when I called the store I got no answer, I spent $30 on my meal in total and couldn't eat 2 of the items because 1, they were forgotten and 2, it had meat on it.
I never leave the Dalyellup hungry jacks with satisfaction or having to wait over 15 mins each time.
I have taken photos of my meal that I received and have my receipts kept, I'd like something done about this as it's a waste of my money and time.

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