Hungry Jack's Australianight shift staff member foisal

A Oct 29, 2018

Last night I went to hungry jacks around 3:30 am and I faced the most aweful service of my life. As usual I was placing my order and I had to repeat myself thrice as the person taking the order had difficulties communicating. I ordered water with my food and I drove to the window. When I got there he repeated a wrong order and I corrected him. I didn't misbehave or anything instead I said sorry so that he feels better because I know how it feels to work that early in the morning. But he mistook me and thought it was actually my fault. After that I rechecked my food and saw that the water was missing. I asked him where my water was and he got so furious and charged me with questions like that is why we repeat the order at the window but if you can check the recording if possible. You can hear that he repeated the order like he was mumbling and wasn't clear at all. I thought he told me the first two items so that I can identify my order. After he misbehaved I got a little furious and all I said was what the [censored] do you mean it is my fault? And he started telling me all sort of things and told me "go home, I'm not serving you" threw my card at me and slammed the window on my face and went away. That was so ill mannered!! I got humiliated in front of my friend and wife who was in the car with me. I was a regular customer of hungry jacks and I go there evey night on my way to work. This is the first time something like this ever happened to me. I want you to take serious action towards it. That is not the way to talk to a customer when they have been so polite to you in the first place despite he was the one at fault.

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