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I changed my supplemental plan to Humana in January 2019 Prior to 5/23/19
A Humana representative called me to ask if they could assist me with changing my RX pharmacy to Humana (mail order for Amlodipin 5mg and Rosuvastatin 5mg), because they could save me money with a 90 day plan instead of 30 day. This meant I would not have a co-pay with the 90 day RX(s) for these two medications. I agreed to the changes. The representative stated she would handle the changes, and she would send a RX to my primary doctor to request the 90 day supply (one of my medication at my pharmacy was already a 90 day supply). On 5/23/19 they sent my first mail order for a 30 day supply of my medication with a co-pay. I called Humana and spoke with another representative for over 30 minutes along with one of the pharmacist at Humana Pharmacy. I thought the matter was straighten out then; but apparently not, because I still have the same problem today. I even went to my primary clinic (nurse practioner) and informed him of the issue of the RX prior to 5/30/19 ( I had already called to inform him of the matter prior to this date). Then I reminded him of the RX on 5/30/19. He gave me a written RX and said he was sending one to Humana pharmacy. Yet, I received another 30 day supply with a co-pay from Humana this week. I called them back today to report the problem, and went through the long explanations with them regarding the problem a third time. And The pharmacist I spoke with today, by the name Ola, repeated the wrong Fred's pharmacy address, in my area to me, which they probably had wrong in the computer? That could be a part of the problems? I don't nowhat their problem is! My point is, I could have stayed with my local pharmacy without all the issues I have experienced with Humana's Pharmacy over the last month. Saving the money was not as frustrating to me as dealing with the pharmacy with Humana!!! I did not ask for this problem. It appears to be a lack of communication. Now I have a 30 day supply of medications of both of my prescriptions instead of the 90 day that I do not want from them!!!
That was the sole purpose of changing my pharmacy to Humana Pharmacy! I could have gotten this medication here at home for that matter. Now the pharmacy does not want to take responsibility for their actions! I could have Faxed the RX, but the original representative I spoke with informed me, "No, I needed to do nothing!" It is most annoying to me! And as far as I can see right now, it still may not be corrected! But I did call my clinic again this PM and reported the problem. They have received the Fax from Humana the 3rd time!!! I need to return these RX(s) and get my right RX(s) sent out to me!! ID H62254171

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    No update necessary! See complaint above!

Jun 12, 2019

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