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Complaints & Reviews

car insurance

Safe auto is the worst car insurance. Customer service people are rude. Canceled our insurance and told us we had until Fri to reinstate. I call to reinstate on Fri and we are told to get another quote and pay a [censored] ton of money again. The reason our insurance got canceled is because they change our due date every month. It's never due on the same day. We only received bills in the mail when they canceled the policy. Never again will I use this insurance and I will never recommend it. I called the BBB and I was told there has been multiple complaints because of this issue. You have been warned. DO NOT use this company for car insurance!!!


I've been with Safe Auto for I know at least 12 year's maybe more, anyway my complaint. My granddaughter came to live with me a little over 2 years ago, I knew from the past with...


Your safe auto workers are so rude & don't know what they are talking about. They tell you one thing then somebody else say another thing & then when a situation happens they...

Auto insurance

This "company" is one of the most illegitimate, untrustworthy, and lying businesses that I have ever had the disservice of dealing with in my life. From the beginning, I asked...

Safe Auto Glass — Windshield Repair

466212 On August 27th 2015 I paid Safe Auto Glass $254.04 to repair the windshield on my 2009 Acura TSX windshield. I guess they subcontract the work out to others so a repair man came...

They won't pay a claim's value in due time. They screwed me.

If you get in an accident and the other guy has SAFE AUTO, you must take immediate action or you will get screwed. I was hit by Safe Auto driver and was not injured, but the car was totalled. I played the nice guy at the scene, with the police and the other driver. I was nice and wanted compensation for the car and the weekend that was screwed up due to the driver. My son was so shook up that we couldn't make it to our weekend getaway. It took 4 days to even get a rental car out of them, while we were stranded 700 miles from home. Since we have returned home, I've fought almost daily with SA and they could care less. They are bunch of a-holes and will fight tooth and nail to pay the bare minimums. I've since turned this over to a lawyer. His advice to me on SA, if it happens, run to the ambulance and call a lawyer, because SA is the cheapest and don't care who they hurt in the process. I'm at 3 months now and still no resolve. The headaches they have caused me I will never get back. I wish I knew back then what I know now. All I can do now is warn as many as possible.

safeauto — annoying commercial

The commercial with the singing truck has got to be one of the most annoying, aggravating commercials ever. Is there anyway that it can be pulled from the airwaves? Every time...

Safe Auto — Fail to pay back

When I filed a claim with Safe Auto they took there time getting my car fixed then the had cancelled my rental car. Then I had to rent me a car to drive but before that they had...

Safe AutoMy claim with my car

I have been getting the run around with my claim that I filed on my car. Someone went and looked at my car and they didnt fully look at my whole car. They only looked at the back of my car. They keep telling me I need to make all the phone calls to get everything done with my car. I shouldnt be the one making the calls they should be. Then they never call me back on anything about my claim. They also keep saying someone is going to go look at my car again and no one has. I feel Im getting the run around with my claim and no one wants to help me with my problem. Im very unhappy with this Insurance Company.

safe auto commercial

I do not believe that the double entendre remarks that are made in you 2 latest commercials i.e. safe auto man and the tailor for example are suitable for prime time television...

Safe Auto Glass — Windshield crack

Had windshield installed on Ford F250 and after two months it started to crack down the middle of winshield when the weater trned cold. I never drive truck and only been driven...

Bait-and-Switch for New Customers

[Some] agents are careful not to acknowledge anything on initial phone interview that may jeopardize getting you to commit. Don't be surprised if they tell you at least $100 less per month premium over phone and you receive the actual cost on a Premium Statement within two days. You have the option to cancel, but it will cost you $40 in initiation fee and $25 in cancellation fee. These charges are not revealed until you receive your premium via US mail. These blogs are good and helpful to warn consumers, but please file with the BBB as well. Claims issues are only a part of it. Be sure to check other review/complaint sites regarding Safe Auto Insurance to be thoroughly informed.

Safe AutoRated R Commercial

I was watching my tv with my children in the tv room whom are 8 and 10...This 1.800.SafeAuto commercial came on and it was all about some guy getting kicked in his balls and grabbing his crotch over and over and over through out the commercial! This was not good for my children or other children to see this!!! What is up with these unrated bad taste commercials/ Does 1800 safeauto really think that a commercial like this is in good taste and will get them MORE business? I doubt it!! Was it really that difficult to come up with an ad that was KID friendly for viewing if they are going to air this type of commercial early in the evening when little children are up watching tv? Safe Auto needs to get their chit together and come up with a better commercial. This is just in soooo bad taste...I would NEVER purchase this insurance!!!

Safe Autodisgusting tv commercials

Safe Auto should be embarrassed by the tv commercials there airing. They are disgusting and have nothing to do with auto insurance. I think people should step up and get all the foul commercials off tv.

  • Pa
    PastorKramer Oct 08, 2011

    LETTER SENT TO SafeAuto:
    I couldn't believe what I am still seeing yet again tonight at 12:35 am, 8 Oct 11, on Dayton channel 22 (over the air). It is simply appalling first off that the commercial ever made it to the air waves, but more unbelievable, that it's still being shown! I first heard about it when I stopped some kids from kicking others in the groin... "well, they do it on TV!"

    I simply cannot fathom how such a commercial even made it through editing at SafeAuto, let alone past the management and leadership teams.

    I cannot understand why any company would condone such abusive and obnoxious behavior -- why a company would show people repeatedly kicking a person in the groin.

    I've worked with abused and abusive children (ages 10 to 19) and have counseled abused adults. FYI, abusive adults were almost always abused in their early years.

    So why is Safe Auto promoting abuse??? If you believe the commercial is harmless... well, may I suggest the company spend both the time and money to listen to those who deal with abused children AND adults. Kids model what they see -- they really do! And I've already heard AND seen kids "modeling" AND talking about the Safe Auto commercial -- how cool it is... and then even talk about going out and doing it!

    I simply ask that you take another look -- that you take time to ask what it is you really want Safe Auto to be known for.

    The commercial is disrespectful, distasteful and downright appalling. I have conversed with others about the behavior in the commercial... and "we" all shake our heads in disbelief that a company would condone such behavior.

    May I request the company's reasoning for producing and airing such a commercial, especially during prime time when kids are watching, be reviewed for appropriateness. Is the commercial modeling the ethics of the company? If so, I most certainly want nothing to do with such a company, and will most certainly vocalize my concerns with others I'm in contact with -- both professionally and personally.

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  • Gl
    Gloria Wolfe Mar 16, 2012

    The new commercial with Stan being picked on by co-workers is appalling, too. It is not funny to see someone getting bullied! You stupid people should know that kids are bullying other kids and then you show such an obnoxious commercial where they can get these ideas, appalling, absolutely

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  • Gl
    Gloria Wolfe Mar 16, 2012

    I am not disclosing who my current auto insurance carrier is, but their commercials are not disgusting as the one with Stan be bullied. One of my family members currently has SafeAuto, and I am trying to convince him to change to another carrier, just because of the obnoxious commercials that you think are funny, NOT!

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Safe Auto — BAD CHECK ??



Dear Sirs: We watched the Safe Auto Insurance commercial shown during the Super Bowl and again tonight, Thursday, Feb. 10. The commercial shows a man being kicked in the groin...

Safe AutoWouldn't refund our money.

We got insurance on the 10/29/2008, Because I needed a sr-22 form and 50 to get my license back on November 9th, but the lady said if I didnt get my license back on that day let them know and they would refund my money, so I paid them like 371.00 But when Nov got here the license branch got the date wrong it wasnt untill Nov 8th of 2009. So I called them back and told them I didnt need the insurance because I couldnt get my license, and they said they couldnt refund me but would let me start it up in Nov of 2009 my policy that I paid for. Now its here and they wont do that either or refunf.I will never reccommend them to anyone. There rude unwilling to help you in anyway in these times we dont need to be rip off like that. The econemy is bad because of people like them taking our money for nothing rendered. And the reason alot of people are driving with out insurance.

Safe AutoSafe Auto coverage not enough

I've heard enough from you poor people who can't afford car insurance and have the audacity to complain about the service you get from Safe Auto. You have nerve! I got hot hit from a fool that had Safe Auto and guess what...the coverage isn't enough to fix the damage to MY vehicle of which I carry suitable coverage. I am on the short end of the stick. I got hit by one of you Safe Auto reckless drivers who, incidentally, was faulted and cited by the police Department and I have to pick up the tab. SHAME ON YOU STATE MINIMUM DRIVERS! Quit buying cigarettes and booze and start doing what us working people do...carry acceptable insurance so we don't screw over fellow man kind.

Safe Auto Insurance Co.not received claim payment

My son was hit head on at 50 mph by a Safe Auto Insurance Co. customer. My son was not at all found to be at fault. The Safe Auto customer failed to maintain his lane, and hit my son head on. My son's car was totaled, and he sustained pretty bad injuries. The accident happened on March 10, 2010, and as of yet we have not received payment for the cars value. I have spoken to what feels like all of the employees at Safe Auto, and our issue still have not been resolved. I was told that a check would be mailed out this past Thursday and that it would be sent overnight mail. Well we all know that old saying... The check is in the mail! We are still waiting with no concrete results.

  • Re
    recovering employee Jul 19, 2010

    Safe Auto is infamous for this. My sister was hit by an at fault driver insured by these thieves. They stalled the same way until lawyers were involved.
    Their captive market are troubled drivers. They are the provider of last resort to high risk drivers no other company will insure. If you see a Safe Auto sticker on a car, beware the driver.
    The company has been found guilty of ripping off it's agents, too. Google
    Lucio V. Safe Auto Insurance Co. They are despicable.

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  • Ma
    Mart52 Mar 14, 2011

    Peoples dream choice but I always loved them. I had my car for about 2 months before it was stolen out of my driveway. They broke into a window and found my spare key I had still sitting inside my center console! So they took the car. I did all I was suppose to do, called the police did a report and called my insurance Safe Auto who I have had for over 8 years at the time! A month later my car was found trashed, stripped, totaled!!! I took pictures and relished it to my insurance. Long story short, they took so long my gap insurance collapsed then they found some BS reason to deny my clam!!! Can I go after them and win YES, but every attorney I have talked to said it would cost my more then what my car is worth to fight them cause they are known for this BS!! Its not just auto, its any and all!!! When you do win they pay just what the auto is worth but then you still are left with paying for attorney fees!!! DON’T GET SAFE AUTO IT’S A WAIST OF MONEY!!! This needs to get out!!! I was a single mom who has worked hard my life to get what I have and have always been honest thanks to Safe Auto my credit is shot and I am not going to court over the loan company that held my note to my Tahoe they want the full $32K plus there attorney cost. I was told I will loose cause it is between me and then and the insurance didn’t sign a note with them. It sucks thanks to Safe Auto!!! Its now almost the end of 2010 and this is still going on in my life thanks to, “Safe Auto Insurance!!!”

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did not pay in timely manner and is delaying payment from gap insurance by not sending required forms

My husband hit a deer and filed a claim with Safe Auto on 11/05/08. The car was deemed a total loss. Each time the agent handling the claim would ask for certain forms or other information we would immediately send it out. When we would make contact with him again because we had not heard from him, he would come up with some other information than he needed and did not have. This happened over and over. They came and got the car long before they ever paid on it. Payment was finally made in May 2009. However, they are being very slow in sending the needed information to our Gap Insurance. Without this info the Gap Insurance cannot pay. The car company is hounding us and threatening to write it off as a bad debt. We filed a complaint with the Insurance Board and the agent gave them false information.

  • Sk
    sko4 Jan 16, 2010

    they lied and suck! had my sr-22 expired from mdv no longer needed! safe auto stated i still need my sr-22 and pay 3 months in advance. now thats some BS!right there! lucky i called my local mdv and got all the info needed and some tips on how to avoid stuff like this. i hate being lied to, thank god! no more safe auto for me!!

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  • Ed
    EdmondsTX Jun 28, 2012

    Please file a complaint with the BBB of Central Ohio. Your complaint will be addressed and (hopefully) resolved.

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credit on totalled vehicle

I totalled a vehicle on 03/06/09, and asked for my totalled vehicle to be removed from policy. I paid for two months of that car (after it was totalled) and am owed 300 plu...

Safe Auto ArizonaPoor service

I am having a problem with an insurance co. Safe Auto. My son was involved in an accident 02-02-07. He was rear-ended by a Safe Auto customer. We had to wait for the police report to come in before we could make a repot. The officer did not release this information to us. I received the report 10 days later and called Safe Auto Tue. 02-13-07 and spoke with a Chris Tate who took the report. At this time was when I became aware that this man who hit my son had called his ins. not to report the accident but to have his vehicle taken off the policy. Apparently he was involved in many accidents within that week alone. He had it removed after the accident. I was told that was not a problem. So then I was told an adjuster would be calling me which she did the next day Wed. 02-14-07. She left a message on my phone. About a half hour after she called I returned home and began calling her. I kept getting her voice mail (I left 2 messages)Wed. & Thurs. No answer (just her voice mail) and no return call. So on Thurs 02-15-07 I called and asked for Chris Tate, and reached another women and told her that I was not hanging up till I spoke with Kimberly Homan. She finally got her on the phone for me and I did the report pretty much all over again. She asked me if their were injuries, and I said YES she then said no problem we will pay for medical and pain & suffering (she stated that a few times to me). She said it was no problem that he took his truck off the policy after the accident because it was isured at the time of the accident. I then received 2 envelopes from Safe Auto 1 containing 3 medical release forms the other had a letter from Kimberly Homan addressing my Son stating that she had been trying to reach him and that it was imperative that he contact her to discuss the claim.. We gave her 2 phone numbers (both have caller I.D. & voice mail) and she nor anyone from Safe Auto has tried to reach any of us.. I then called but again her voice mail. so I reached 2 cust. serv. ladies the 1st sent me right back to her voice mail. the other put me on hold and said she would try to get her on the phone, came back said she couldn't and tried to get a supervisor on the phone & again she said she couldn't get a supervisor on the phone. I then told her I wasn't hanging up till I spoke with her. Well after a few minutes on hold I was disconnected. So after 14 days I went ahead and authorized my ins. co. (Geico) to do the repairs. I didn't know what else to do.. I have been online and have read many complaints on this company.

Again I gave 2 seperate phone numbers on several occasions to several different people @ Safe Auto.. Both numbers have Caller ID & Voice Mail. NO ONE has tried to reach ME or my SON!!! Please Help Us...

Sincerely, Dawn C Anderson

Please I need assistance as soon as possible.. Thanks you.

I need for Safe Auto to honor everything. We have had to go through & pay out as a direct result from this accident. Kimberly Homan stated that all repairs, medical, and pain & suffering would be taken care of. that they would pay for damages, medical, pain & suffering(they record all conversations) according to the phone message when you call their company. My ins co. (Geico) has started all repairs at this time because of all the costs incurring. Due to the fact that I could not reach the adjuster, and no one else at Safe Auto wanted to help.

  • Te
    Test Jun 02, 2009

    Dawn- what's your claim # per the letter(s) you received from Safe Auto? Lillie

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  • Sk
    sko4 Jan 16, 2010

    they lied and suck! had my sr-22 expired from mdv no longer needed! safe auto stated i still need my sr-22 and pay 3 months in advance. now thats some BS!right there! lucky i called my local mdv and got all the info needed and some tips on how to avoid stuff like this. i hate being lied to, thank god! no more safe auto for me!!

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Safe Auto.comSCAM! There is a serious reason they are an online only company!!!

I've paid to have Safe Auto insurance for almost 6 years now. I was asked by my State's Dept of Safety to provide a specific form to them. For the first time since I signed up with Safe Auto, I called their customer support to request a copy of the form...seemed easy enough. I was told it would take about 48 hours to process and I would need to call back. So I did. The next I called (48 hrs later), I was told that the form would be faxed to me. I only recieved a fax of my policy and not the form I request (remember - I was asked to obtain this from and bring "in hand" to the Dept of Safety). So...I immediately called back and said 'thank you, but I still need the form requested'. I was then told by the customer service rep to "hold" while he checked with the mailroom to find out if the form could be overnighted to which time he conviently hung up on me. Still trying to keep my cool...I called back once more. I was then told that the form could not be sent to me in the mail or electronically. I did loose my cool when I realized that I had been scammed into paying for something that there was no evidence they could provide that even existed. I then called the Dept of Safety to tell them the trouble I was running into...their exact words were: "That's crazy! You need to go with a different insurance company!" So...I then called GEICO and before even asking for quote, I asked if they would be able to provide me with a copy of the form that the Dept of Saftey had requested from me. Their answer??? "Well yes, of course, would you like us to email it, fax it, or regular mail it to you?"" I almost fainted!!! Now I have a new policy with GEICO (no increase in premium), have already received incredible customer service during the first experience, and was able to finally provide the Dept of Safety with the form requested. The End.

  • Sk
    sko4 Jan 16, 2010

    they lied and suck! had my sr-22 expired from mdv no longer needed! safe auto stated i still need my sr-22 and pay 3 months in advance. now thats some BS!right there! lucky i called my local mdv and got all the info needed and some tips on how to avoid stuff like this. i hate being lied to, thank god! no more safe auto for me!!

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  • Po
    PO'd consumer Missouri Feb 01, 2010

    Safe Auto is horrible. I had them for nearly two months. From the time we purchased the insurance we started getting notices that our bill was due and our insurance was going to be canceled. My wife called and they said the bill wasn't due until Dec. 29th so they had no idea why I got that notice.

    Anyway, I paid the bill on the 27th and everything was OK. Over the next month we were constantly being mailed the same information over and over again. Apparently they must have beeen some notice of due date change buried in the twenty things they mailed us because I was informed on the 27th, the same date I made the previous payment, thhat my insurance was cancled at midnight and it would cost extra to reinstate it.

    Looking around the web this appears to be a common thing they do, massive mailings with a due date change in the fine print somewhere. I've also seen a lot of people posting that they are a hassle getting them to pay claims. Stay away from this company

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  • Dr
    dreggie99 May 01, 2012

    I agree!!! Safe auto tries to reel you in with low prices but the truth is their prices can usually be matched with better coverage. It offers low limit policy/ You can find cheaper elsewhere. Even allstate has a low insurance policy. I have two cars a 2006 and 1999 and they charged me 727 (6 mo premium) for full coverage on the 2006, 500 deductable, no uninsured motorist, no rental reimbursiment and just liablity on the 1999. I searched on the web and found the same exact policy from geico, state farm, progressive for less than 80 bucks. I ended up going with one of the bigger insurees and got full coverage on both cars, 250 deductible, uninsured moterist with rental reimbersment, higher limits of liablity, and RENTER's insurance for around 660 (6mo).
    My advice to you is go online and do a search and you will find MUCH much better.


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  • Ok
    Okina Alford Mar 15, 2016

    Safe Auto is a scam. My first bill was due less than a week after I paid $311 to start my policy, then my next bill was due 2 weeks after that and it was double the original amount I paid. The have billed me for over a thousand dollars in the first month of my policy and claimed it was because they received my signed documents late, which also moved my due date up for the 15th of the month to the 4th!! This is outrageous! I'm looking for another insurance company as we speak! I might as well have gone with Farmers or Allstate or something.

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  • Sh
    shaunta gueary Nov 30, 2016

    I signed up with Safe Auto on 9/20/2016 I paid $111 to start my policy and it was supposed to be $114 a month witch was higher than my last company however, I just moved to another state and I accepted the increase. Before 2 weeks had passed I received a phone call stating that my mail was coming back to them but it was only notices and to disregard it. I have been in contact with the company since. I had an increase in my policy because they decided to add my roommate who has their own vehicle to my policy (in the initial interview they ask is anyone else living with you and I stated yes). My policy clearly states that I am the sole driver and he is excluded from coverage on my policy. I have called on three different occasions to clear this matter up and to pay my bill they will not take a payment for November from the due date up until today they want a payment of $384 which is well over the 114 for November and December. They are consistent with trying to make me pay for an additional driver that will never use my car. So today I took the initiative to cancel my policy before the 90 day cancellation period was up, I called and the representative gave me a false website but I am willing to go the distance to get answers because these people are SCAM ARTIST and I agree that there should be a class action Law Suite.

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New customer rip off!

On 5/8/08 at 6:56pm I called Safe Auto at [protected] about an insurance quote. I worked with Beverly Rainey a Sales Rep. She quoted policy number MO00007230A-00 for a 6 month...