Stay away from humana, your health does not matter profits do. They transferred me from an acute care facility to a cheap care facility. Maybe there stock price went up, maybe the ceo bonus went up. Stay the hell away from humana!


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      Jun 06, 2008

    I agree stay as far away from Humana as possible. They are putting my husband and I through the wringer. They will not pay legitamate claims and they answer to no one.

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      Jan 20, 2009


    I can say all of this and I know its true I lived it ! Our family has recently decided to go with another company and has decided to drop Humana Insurance. when the time comes So not only is Humana loosing customers but they are ticking more and more of them off everyday, but they are loosing customers that use to be employees buy screwing them over..! KEEP DIGGING HUMANA ...YOUR TIME WILL SOMEDAY BE UP IN CINCINNATI AND WEST CHESTER AND YOU JUST GOT STARTED.

    I can help explain why Right Source Humana Pharmacy is so messed up. I was hired through a Temp agency and I am not the only one. Adecco is going through other agencies in the Cincinnati and West Chester Ohio area looking for Pharmacy Techmicians...SO BEWARE ! And they are taking anything they can find..! Alot of these individuals have little or no experience and some have plenty, but the problem is they have opened up a new facility, and distrubution center using some individuals who have only been with the company for a short time to train the incomming new perm employees and Temps. I personally can't believe they let these individuals train new hires and they don't even know the computer modules themselves. Many of the individuals doing the training have'nt been with the company that long and to get answers they didn't know were Instant Messing Pheniox Az. where the main distrubution center is to get answers. In my training class a Temp who had worked for a small family based pharmacy found a prescription that had been filled wrong 4 times, and no one caught it not even the Pharmacists that work at Humana ... she did..! And guess what she is no longer working there they fired her shortly after that! The blind leading the blind. They should embrace people like that instead they sweep good talent under the carpet to keep from looking bad. She would have been an asset..! Also this new facility in West Chester is having many...and I mean many computer problems, and when you combine poorly trained people and slow bad computers your not getting much accomplished. When I worked there in the morning the computer modules were empty we sat around alot, and it was'nt by choice ! The computer modules were empty and sometime untill 3:00 pm and we got in at 8:00 am. Having to wait on Pheniox is a nightmare in every sense of the word..!

    Now moving on ..! Most of the individuals working at this new center have come from various other places. I noticed alot of upper management and supervisors, leads, SME's have come from the same company. I noticed that there were many clicks ...ALREADY and if you were new or a Temp they wer'nt to friendly. Many of my fellow Temp co-workers told me in private that there were several supervisors in Order Entry, Dr Call, Patient Services that were mean to the Temps. Item Entry didn't even have a Leader they took orders from the Supervisor of Order Entry who had no experience with the area...and thats scary when it comes to entering individuals prescriptions..! ...but who cares how you treat people when your getting a good paycheck right! I also found it degrading to be refered to by regular Humana employees as a Temp on Temp Island. The way that Human employees in this new facility put it to us the first week when they did'nt know what department they were going to put us in. Temp Island is, and area infront of the door where all the Temps sit over there away from everyone. Thanks to all the computer issues most of the other Temps I worked with also told me their logins did'nt work form anywhere from 2 to 10 wks. So when asking questions to get help in your module be careful, and don't ask to many questions they don't like it, and to give the Temps any kind of perminent info. What I mean by perm info is when we arrived to start our first day we all met in the lobby. After everyone was present and role call of names was taken this is how it was put to us. A represenitive from Adecco met us in the lobby, and told us point blank. This is a Temp job this is not a Permanent job. If your agency told you that I want to know now ...and usually your agency told you it was Temp to Perm to get you onboard. We were then told it would be 3 to 6 months, and when our time was up we could then if we wanted to apply with Humana ourselves we could...but what they did'nt tell us was while we were being hired, and half @zz trained they were hiring permanent people, and fully training them. I found this out about a week into this what seemed to be never ending job of BS and deceptions. I would have thought Humana the company who suposly got it from what I was told from Supervisors, SME's, and Higher ups... would give everyone the same training to get the job done right. I feel sorry for some of the Temps who are still working there because they are under the wrong impression they are keeping them so they can hire permanent individuals, and your agency told you one thing to get you there, and Humana and Adecco will show you another!! SO FOR HUMANA AND ADECCO I HAVE YOUR NUMBER AND I WON'T BE CALLING YOU... AND YOU CAN BET...IF THEY CAN'T GET IT RIGHT ON THE INSIDE THEY WILL NEVER GET IT RIGHT ON THE OUTSIDE WITH THE CUSTOMERS. I had myself removed from this job because I know they don't treat there customers right I spoke with several people who were in my group who went to Patient Services and they told me they wer'nt happy most of them left before or right after me. They had gotten tired of getting yelled at everyday by angry customers. Some not by choice...!
    I also wanted to say they only trained most for a week ...and funny go figure then pulled alot of people except for the perms they hired back into the training room again for to many mistakes... and other problems. So I can honestly say GO FILL YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS SOMEWHERE ELSE DON'T WAIT 14 DAYS OR SO, AND DON'T FIGHT WITH HUMANA GUIDELINES... GO GET YOUR STUFF NOW AND BE HEALTHY, HAPPY AND HARASSMENT FREE...! I AM

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      Jul 06, 2012

    I used to work for this dismal place in Phoenix. I was fired for using doctor and HR approved FMLA. They fired me shortly after I starting using this allotted time and gave me some ### excuse. Mind you I was always on time, my phone metrics were top notch, and I was on no verbal or written warnings whatsoever ever. They told us not to accept Rx returns even if a customer service rep misquoted a Rx copy. Disgusting company to work for an do business with. Phones rang off the hook due to endless complains and Rx misfills. The day I left was the best day if my life. I now work for an amazing fortune 500 company and they value their employees. Take a page from another company's book HUMANA. IF YOUR EMOUREA ARE HAPPY PROFITS AND BUSINESS WILL PROFIT. All of the customer service reps are ghetto and there is no reprocussions for their crap attitude and work ethics. This company will eventually will crumble. Just look at all the complaints! It doesn't seem like the fat ### CEO wants to take a break from his champagne and plate o'ribs and fix the company. Humana is only making its money because the healthcare industry is a monopoly. Get out people while u still can u will get ripped either way.

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      Sep 29, 2017

    I underwent Surgery on 09/24/2017 and was literally thrown out of the Trauma Unit and sent home on 09/27/2017, because HUMANA refused to pay for my care and Physical Therapy! I am a 77 year old woman, now lying at home and cannot move because of this. My family at home all have severe Back Problems and cannot even lift me onto the toilet. So, I have to suffer for the rest of my life because someone at HUMANA made the decision to stop paying. Hopefully, my Hip will heal on it's own, even if it does not heal properly. MY WARNING TO YOU IS TO STAY AWAY FROM HUMANA! They are the WORST EVER.

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