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I had a medical procedure done late last year while covered by Humana Health in Louisville. In three phone calls to Humana, I was told my co-pay would be $25.00. However, when I received my Statement of Benefits outlining a $500.00 co-pay, I immediately made and specifically documented my third call to Humana informing me again of a $25.00 co-pay. On denying my appeal, Humana documented a false date and false information of my first call, and Humana would neither acknowledge nor deny my third call. Because Humana has maintained their stance on my calls, I have complained Humana in my case had been dishonest with me.


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      Aug 19, 2009

    I'm begging you to send me an email, letter, or phone call about your Humana complaints. While indivdual complaints do not harm Humana, a united front of many persons could make a difference. I plan on publishing an article about Humana. But, my article will not "hold water" unless I have persons to back up the problems with Humana. This means that I HAVE to have your help. Please email me ([protected], write me at (jenny schmtiz, 46 lottie's lane, nellysford, va, 22958), or call me at [protected]. Please take a moment of your time to help me. And please contact anyone else you know who has had problems with Humana and encourage them to contact me. My effort to attempt to hold Humana responsible for their actions seems futile, but I couldn't live with myself if I didnt' try to do something about the company. Again, I'm begging for your help. Please don't let me down. jenny schmitz

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      Nov 27, 2009

    Well I work for a health insurance company (I'm not going to say if it's Humana) and it sounds to me like you have a misunderstanding of how health insurance works. FIrst of all, you are always told that you cannot be guaranteed benefits or amounts until the claim is actually received and processed. Secondly, $500 is not a co-pay amount (it might be a co-insurance amount which is a vastly different thing), but it would be very unusual to have a $500 co-pay for anything.

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      Jan 05, 2020

    Humana changed my pharmacy plan and increased my premium from its original $17 a month to $62 a month without informing me or obtaining my consent. Now they tell me if I drop the plan during the non enrollment period I will be penalized when I obtain coverage (from an honest insurer) during the next enrollment period for the rest of my life
    This can’t be legal!!!

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