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Humana  - denied vital narcotic medicare without warning

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Social Security made a mistake, they put me on Medicaid, after 10 years I finally got the correct medication to which I had no side affects. after trying many medications, found my genetics limited me. I suffered a stroke or two being a guinea pig. now I have not only intense pain as a result of free silicone injected in 1970 which migtated who knows where, I cannot understand paperwork nor communicate and seriously who would send paperwork to a disabled person, isn't this for Physicians and Medicare? Medicaid signed me up for Humana after Medicare's second mistake. Humana filled my prescriptions for 2 months, Medicaid had filled my prescription without problems for 2 years. without notice, on a holiday weekend, I can't get my prescription filled, do to my genetic makeup I cannot take generic. Purdue Pharma provide this medication free for people who Social Security and Medicare has left devastated. previously when I did have Medicare, I had United Healthcare. had no problems getting surgery or medications until the very day I had surgery on a torn rotator cuff, I was advised I was now on Medicaid. for some reason employee cut backs misplaced my files, all of my social security money went to pay for specialists, 500 dollars a month medications, and being disabled I wasnt quite able to figure it all out. I'm not sure what to do about this but Social Security now wants their money back. I was actually disabled for years and denied for applications for disability, denied for times for vocational rehabilitation, I was homeless, let me rephrase that, I suffered unstable living conditions. all of those people had to be paid back. truth of the matter is my family had to become financially
devastated also before "dire need"" went into affect. I never got the appropriate therapy from my surgery, I never got a medication after my surgery because I had been to a specialist which now I couldn't go to because someone didn't take 5 minutes to correct the computer and change me from Medicare and Medicaid. for 8 months I suffered. I'm still suffering. I've been beaten, robbed, and more. somehow disabled people must give off a scent making us more vulnerable. It is not in my good conscience to take a 3000 dollar ambulance trip to the hospital, get a shot a pat on the head and crawl home. I realize Nevada funding is limited. my granddaughter was hit by an uninsured driver what eating an ice cream in a crosswalk, near a school, in a 25 mile per hour zone. she was life flighted to Reno. and subsequently spent almost the next year in San Francisco childrens hospital. I was scheduled for a double masectomy, with this
much suffering I'm not getting it. I'm fine on maintenance. I'm actually saving a lot of money for going the specialists, monthly visits in lab work, and transportation costs for being driven. I was in the legal arena, Search and Rescue, nominated to Peace Corps, widowed in 1980 with 6 children, not a willing addict but now I will die and and experiencing horrible with withdrawls because you manana are money greedy, spending literally millions on television advertising . and they send paperwork to a disabled person. what's wrong with this picture? respectfully submitted
By the way, this story gets worse but I spare you dear reader due to the pain and a cheap voice activated transcription program. Smiles4miles


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Humana phramarcy staff and so called advisor doctors are heartless humans who have a God complex because they have the power to deny or approve medication that is not on their list. I am allergic to many types of pain medication but they will not approve what my doctor has written me. They are heart less [censored]s.

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