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Huggies Customer Service


Kimberly Clark Corporation

P.O. Box 2020, Neenah
United States - 54957-2020

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1877 648 2484(USA and Canada) 33 9
1800 946 659(United Kingdom) 4 0
1800 028 334(Australia) 3 1
8800 200 5757(Russia) 2 0
1800 102 2221(India) 7 6
1800 821 188(Malaysia) 2 0
1800 484 4437(Singapore) 2 0
+1 972 281 1200(United States) 85 30
+64 800 733 703(New Zealand) 3 0
+44 800 083 0985(UK & Rest Of Europe) 2 0
+39 800 379 009(Italy) 2 0
+86 216 028 8100(China) 3 0
+852 23 333 543(Hong Kong) 2 0
+62 800 122 5552(Indonesia) 2 0
+63 884 6402(Phillipines) 3 0
+82 800 227 007(South Korea) 2 0
+66 22 303 131(Thailand) 2 0
+84 839 979 639(Vietnam) 2 0
+90 850 202 3100(Turkey) 2 0
+27 800 115 711(South Africa) 20 13
+55 800 709 5599(Brazil) 3 1
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Huggies Complaints & Reviews

Huggies / huggies nappies

Higginsgert on Jan 31, 2019

Good day I am a huge fan of Huggies nappies and that is all that my toddler is using. I bought a packet of nappies and 4 of the nappies closing strip broke before I can use it and 5 of them doesn't have a closing strip at all. The quality of that pack of nappies was pore. Just want to...

Huggies / huggies little smugglers size 1

Majnh on Jan 25, 2019

Hello I am complaining about the box of huggies little snugglers that I purchased form Costco, it's a large box of 192 diapers size 1, I opened it and about 15-25 diapers had the inside sticking out and I was not able to use them on my daughter this is quiet frustrating I tried to return...

Huggies / huggies nappies

Antoinette Madubs on Jan 14, 2019

My child is 26 months using nappies pants no. 5. I used huggies nappies since birth of my child the nappies were perfect because they could last more than 8 hours at nights you don't have to worry about wetness, but recently after the new stock came to market it worse, I must always check...

Huggies / regular mickey mouse huggies size 3

Kas8 on Dec 19, 2018

I recently switched from huggies movers to regular huggies because there was more in the box for the same price. I did notice a polyurethane type smell coming from my child's diaper. I wondered if it might of been the UTI so I tested it on an older Huggies diaper not regular and did not...

Huggies / huggies snug and dry

Ashley g32 on Dec 17, 2018

I'm a very loyal customer too huggies family and don't use no other product on my premies but I have bought a box of huggies diapers and as I started too use them I noticed the lining of the diaper was fixed like it was suppose too be and I noticed the diaper linking like every change I...

Huggies / huggies wonder pants medium size monthly pack

syeda mouzimaa on Dec 17, 2018

Hi Team, I had purchased huggies wonder pants medium size monthly pack. I have never experienced anything as such before but this pack until now I have seen 5 diapers damaged where it was torn.. The cotton pads are very thin unlike before. Also the nappy leaks at once not like before...

Huggies / huggies unisex nappies

rosajeske on Dec 15, 2018

Hi. I am writing to you from Namibia. Huggies unisex nappies have been on the shelves for three months now and it is a big disappointment. I have been using Huggies gold for boys from birth up to now. My son is two. Each time I put a nappy on him, after one wee it leaks and he reeks of...

Huggies / overnights diapers

Sweetmelissa6 on Dec 13, 2018

I purchased a box of sixmze y huggies sleeper overnight diapers. I was very upset to find that every disper in this box had the velcro missing off the sides and wouldnt stick.. Ive never had this issue before and I always use huggies diapers. I purchase the huggies overnites and huggie...

Huggies / huggies snug & dry diapers

Denise Joan on Nov 30, 2018

Hi there, I'm writing regarding a pack of snug & dry Huggies I purchased this week. I usually purchase the little snugglers but the store I was at had no stock. The snug & dry I find I do not like as much but I've also come across 3 diapers out of the 15 I've used that have the velcro...

Huggies / quality of nappies

HeeeyMo on Nov 28, 2018

I am a new mom and have been using Huggies from the birth of my son.. Up until now i had no problems with the product and have been happy but.. I am very disappointed with the last pack i've opened.. One of the nappies had a very sharp plastic object lodged in the diaper and i am very...

Huggies / leaking huggies pants unisex size 5

Ayanda Manyoni on Nov 21, 2018

Hi, I need to please speak to someone about the quality of the new Unisex range that I am using. It is the 3rd month that I am using the new range as you discontinued the girls pants and i am unhappy. I use the Huggies pants unisex jumbo 44 size 5 pack for my two year old, and they are...

Huggies / new pants nappy

Tasnim on Nov 9, 2018

Hi. This new pants pull up nappy is supposed to be improved with a better fit and and quality, however I find it worse than the old Huggies Gold range. It might prevent sagging but it is literally WET when u touch it. This pants nappy doesn't hold much wee and it literally is wet to...

Huggies / huggies 4 nappies

Marlon Ariefdien on Nov 6, 2018

Hi, the following email I already sent on 3 November and received no response: Dear Huggies Team I have always been using huggies and with regret to inform you, this is now the 2nd time we are having problems with the nappies. When we put the nappy on my daughter, the sticking section...

Huggies / huggies pants (megabox new look)

AyandaCle9 on Nov 6, 2018

Good day, hope this finds you in good space. I'm not satisfied, I bought a megabox of the new look Huggies pants for my 23 months old girl. I the first packet I got 2 pants that were faulty they tore as I was dressing her. Now I'm on the second pack from the same box I've just had the same...

Huggies / diapers

Mrivers281 on Oct 27, 2018

Hi, my name is Nicole and I put a diaper on my son and like 2 minutes later the lining of the right side of the back of the diaper at the top was separating from the rest of the diaper and the side where the lining was separating from the tab wouldn't stick. Its as if the whole right side...

Huggies / huggies size 5

Juli* on Oct 24, 2018

the new look Huggies Gold-the unisex brand - is a very poor quality- my daughter pees once and it seeps through. I have been using Huggies gold size 5 (the girls brand since my Daughter was 6 months and she is over 2 years old now- and I have always been more than happy- the quality wa...

Huggies / huggies gold nappies for girls size 4+

Mrs S E Landman on Oct 23, 2018

Good Day. To Whom it may concern. I brought a pack of Huggies Gold nappies size 4+ for girls (the new look) and the one side just tore when I put the nappy on my baby. I literally stood with the sticky part and piece of the nappy in my hand. Please advise me whether I am entitled to any...

Huggies / huggies gold unisex

Wilmipd on Oct 23, 2018

We have been using huggies gold for boys over a year now, absolutely loved it. It is the ONLY diaper that worked for my son, as he has a sensitive skin all diapers, except huggies gold for boys, gave him a horrible rash. Since huggies gold for boys is off the market now, we bought a pack...

Huggies / snug & dry huggies diaper

Joanna Iriarte on Oct 21, 2018

I recently bought a box of snug & dry huggies diapers & I don't pike the material of the diaper. It way too thin unlike the huggies little movers . I always get the little movers & I thought about trying to change it but it appears the snug & dry is way too thin & would leak so I don't...

Huggies / huggies

Terry1237 on Oct 18, 2018

My son had a horrible reaction to huggies. They didn't absorb anything at all, so everything stayed on his skin. It would take multiple multiple wipes to get him clean. He ended up getting a terrible diaper rash that only went away after switching diapers. I was actually shocked by that...