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Jan 17, 2020

Huggies - huggies gold nappies

Good day

I have been buying Huggies gold since I gave birth to my twin girls as I thought the quality can keep up and hold everthing intact unlike the other brands that I tried but to my surprise, the nappy leaks, elastic fasteners comes off, the babies developed rash and they get soaked when the nappy leaks to the point that you have to change th clothes,
This is so dissappointing to get this kind of quality, we spend a money to buy 2 packets of nappies, the giant pack is the worst .

Can someone take this to consideration who ever is dealing with the production of the Huggies gold nappies please


Huggies - huggies gold nappies

Good day, my daughter of 15 days has been on huggies gold since birth. She has a bad rash that won't go away. In the beginning I thought it's me not changing her often which I do but now I've even changed the bum cream to fissan there's still no difference. I honestly believe she is reacting to the nappies. Would appreciate your urgent response and advise as i have bought and received your products as baby shower gifts but if she's reacting to these I need to know how I can get a refund for them?

Nov 08, 2019

Huggies - huggies snug and dry

I've been using Huggies snug and dry on my son who's now 5months, I recently purchased a 120 pack of snug and dry from Walmart and after wearing the diapers just 3hrs my son developed a horrible looking rash on his bottom that's now pussing, to be honest it doesn't even look like a rash, it looks like small burns and it seems to be untreatable at home so now I have to take him to the Doctor. Is there any way I can be reimbursed for these diapers? I'm a single mom and I just don't have money to throw away like that.

Oct 15, 2019

Huggies - huggies diapers

I purchased both of these boxes from Sam's club in vestal NY and most of them leaked. I have a 15 month old baby who I always use huggies diapers and wipes on and usually do not have any complaints. I went through both boxes in just a couple of weeks because they were leaking so often. They leaked so bad for poop couple of times and it stained the brand new outfits he had on to the point stain remover wouldn't even take it out.

Oct 10, 2019

Huggies - huggies gold 4+ jumbo pack

The back thing what you use to fasten the diaper is none existing. It was now the 4 jumbo pack where i have found this problem and some jumbo pack's even had 4 or more nappies in with this problem.

I have logged a complaint after i found the 2 pack with this faulty dispers but did not get any responds from huggies.

My son is alergic to any onther nappies so i have to only use huggies with this poor quality and since it is so expensive i cannot afford to trough away faulty nappies i have to tape it

Oct 06, 2019

Huggies - huggies gold number 1

Good morning. Hope u well, I must say I am very disappointed in the huggies, I use to use huggies on both my other daughters and never had a problem, but now I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I have a babg she's on the huggies gold number 1 and I'll change her and when she does her first wee her clothes are wet, why does the huggies leak? We pay so much for the diapers? I have to wash her clothes more often now because of the diapers leaking.

I encouraged people to buy huggies because when I used if 5 years ago I never had a problem but now I can't say the same thing. If it goes on like this I'll have to change diapers.

Have a good day.

Huggies - huggies dry comfort jumbo pack

I am currently very very unhappy about what i have experienced. This is not the 1st time as well.

As i took 1 diaper out of the bag and wanted to use it, the one side of the bottom part was torn off. I am not happy at all as Huggies has never let us down.

Please could this be checked before packaging.

I dont trust any other product please do not let me down as well. Like i said i have never experienced this before.

Thank you


Huggies - 12 hour snug and dry size 2

Good day. Attached is a picture of our 5 month old foster child. This child was born 6 weeks premature. My wife and I took him and his two siblings in when he was two months old. We have been shopping diapers which maintain and last longer. We were disappointed in the pampers and thus reached out to huggies.

We are even more disappointed with Huggies because as you can see from the attached picture, not only was the diaper not retaining all the moisture, but it also blew up on the child. We are fortunate that this child does not know how to grasp things and put them in his mouth. Had this occurred we would be talking to the state to find out what we could do about such a situation.

As this was our first time out using your product, I am very certain, that Huggies products are not something we plan on using in the future.

I believe that a return of funds would be a wonderful gesture by Huggies. As this was a small packet purchased from Winn Dixie with a 9.99 price point. A check for ten dollars would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

David Wilson
Concerned Parent

Huggies - huggies pants m 76p

Dear team, If u sell any product sell in quality product. If not then don't sell ant third quilty product. Every time I was go for mummy poko pants But this time the shopkeeper saggested go for...

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Sep 06, 2019

Huggies - pure wet wipes

I purchased a box of 12 of the pure huggies wetwipes from the mama magic expo. They did an example for us to see and it looked amazing. When i got home to use the wetwipes, every single wetwipe that...

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Huggies - huggies no, 5 pants jumbo pack

My grandson only wears huggies and I am totally disgusted with this pack I bought, Every pull up tore on the sides, we are not rich and can only afford this pack which cost me to tape it on the...

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Huggies - huggies snug & dry diapers

Hello this is the first time I have used this brand on my son I'm usually using HONEST brand diapers but my husband wanted to try these out for a while & ever since we switch my son has developed a rash on his behind. Also I would like to point out i change my son the first sign of pee. I never leave him in them when he urinates & everytime i change him when hes wearing these Huggies there a ton of silica beads all over my son. I want this problem addressed cuz now I have to spend more money on buying different diapers.


Huggies - huggies snug and dry

My baby is 20 months old and we have always used Huggies brand diapers for him, but recently he has started to develop a rash around his waist and thighs where the diaper touches his skin causing a lot of irritation. Another problem we have had with this set of diapers is that almost every diaper we have been putting on him has been coming apart at the seams causing him to pee out of the diaper. This has mostly been happening around the backside of the diaper. We purchased these from the base exchange at holloman afb in New Mexico. They are the red box snug and dry 96 count.

Huggies - huggies little snugglers - size 3

Hello, just bought a brand new box from Walmart of 136 diapers, like I always do. However, My 5 month old baby now has a horrible rash & I investigated the diapers & they all hard pieces inside. This is unacceptable, now my baby doesn't want to sleep of the discomfort and I had to take her to the doctor because rash cream is not helping. I need assistance immediately, some kind of compensation. I don't believe they are old since the Walmart I go is always selling out of these diapers. Huggies needs to compensate the damage.

Aug 05, 2019

Huggies - nappies

I bought a few packs of Huggies, and they are the correct size according to the kilograms, but every time I use Huggies nappies it leaks! ? I am extremely disappointed with Huggies. Not any other of the other nappies (like Pampers) I use leaks. I feel like I wasted my money and I am not sure what I should do with all the packs of Huggies I bought. I didn't keep the slip, didn't know I need to keep the slip save due to buying faulty nappies.

Huggies - huggies diapers

I bought a pack of 66 size 4 huggies gold nappies, i am so very dissapointed ..
The front wings are so thin, i can't close my baby's diaper properly !
I have gone through the whole pack to get a nappy that is not faulty and honestly there are none, im so freakin angry right now .
I want a replacement or either a refund for the diapers ..
It costs alot of money, only to be dissapointed and my baby to wet himself because his diaper can't close properly !


Huggies - little movers diapers

The diapers leaked everywhere the purpose of them is to avoid wet babies and avoid leakage and when purchased for that reason I was not satisfied. I Had just changed the diaper and she used #1 and it leaked thru not even 5 minutes into using th diapers and the bed was wet. I placed the diaper correctly I made sure of it. I tried it again the day after and she leaked again when she was mobile crawling around the diaper was put on the baby correctly and again leaked thru!. I believe diapers were defective or something was wrong with batch because they leaked thru at the first use and it happened twice so i stopped use of diapers.

Huggies - huggies diapers

I just opened a new box of Huggies only to discover several are missing the second closure tab. These diapers cost a lot and I want Huggies to replace the (so far) 10 diapers that have missing tab...

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Jul 05, 2019

Huggies - disappointed in huggies

I am really confused and feel Huggies quality is deteriorating since i last used it on my other kids. After 3 hours my babies clothes and vests are wet. Did something change in the quality? The pack...

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Huggies - huggies

I brought a huge box of pampers size 1 for my new born baby and the whole box of pampers are missing the right side ruffle that goes around my baby thigh. The store wont take them cause the box is open. He is able to wear them but they link easy which is causing me to change him 24-7 he running through the box because of the default of the pamper i have to change right after the 1st pee

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