BabyCenter Complaints & Reviews

BabyCenter / It's the worst website

Nov 27, 2017

I can't imagine that those angry and mean women are someone's mothers. They are disgusting. No matter what kind of question you ask, you will be cursed, screwed and "yelled at" by those crazy moms. Stay away from this website society, they will eat you alive. I wonder how all of them...

BabyCenter / Cruel community

Oct 30, 2017

The community on this website is very cruel. I don't recommend to use this website as a place for looking for answers. Don't even try to post anything, don't ask questions. Those women from the community are like angry dogs willing to bite and eat you. They may offend you. They curse...

BabyCenter / Terrible society

Sep 06, 2017

Only negative experience. Women registered there as users are mean and will laugh at you if you need their support or to ask a question. If you comment on something be prepared to be laughed at as well. It's not a kind place. I'm so disappointed by women from this website, they are like... / community boards

Jun 13, 2017

This website allows bullying and moderators not only condone it, they encourage it. Grown women are harassing other members but nothing is done about it. The regular users bully new members on a daily basis but the group owners/moderators do nothing about it. Avoid if you can! This place...

BabyCenter / Website

Feb 24, 2017

Your website moderators do a TERRIBLE job of managing bullies and harassment on your site. Do a quick search and see how many women have complained. I was attacked simply for deleting comments from a thread after I realized it was old. Babycenter did nothing about it. I reported several... / Angry women

Feb 02, 2017

What a terrible website Babycenter is!! It is full of angry and nasty women and I did the biggest mistake in my life when I decided to try this site. I left a comment and because my point of view was a bit different from theirs, I received tons of negative replies. They literally mentally... / Rude and mean people on the website

Aug 23, 2015

OMG. I wanted to warn all pregnant ladies that the website is terrible place to visit and read. I registered and joined one group on the forum. But the ladies there were mean and rude, as well as they criticized everything what other people posted there. It wasn’t good and...

BabyCenter / Spam Email Never Ends & You cant Cancel Accounts

Feb 21, 2013

WATCH OUT FOR THIS WEBSITE - ONCE YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT IT CANNOT BE CANCELLED and no matter how may times you click unsubscribe or go into you account to opt out THEY NEVER STOP SPAMMING YOU. Even if you change your email address they keep it on file and you see duplicate spam mail in... / The birth boards are full of crazy and downright combative ladies


Let's say you're pregnant. Perhaps you have some questions, need some support, or just want to form positive connections with other pregnant ladies. Then don't go to babycenter! The birth boards are full of crazy and downright combative ladies who spend days on end posting...