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Jun 12, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - quality of nappy changed

Hi huggies! I have religiously been using huggies gold since my baby boy was born and i'm happy with the results! Its such a life saver :) I love how dry his skin is even after his had more than two...

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Apr 29, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - nappy rash

My daughter is 17 months old and has been using Huggies Gold nappies since birth. Last week I started her on the size 5 Huggies Gold and noticed an immediate redness on her nappy, once all our 4...

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Apr 15, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - causes diaper rash

I am writing as a concerned mom. I recently bought Huggies Slip on for my 15 month old and she has developed a bad diaper rash. It happened immediately and since I didn't think it could have been the diapers I kept using them. However since it has gotten worse I did my own research and I have come across many babies and toddlers who develop severe rash or burns with Huggies! As a brand name and a company that deals with products for babies, wouldn't child health be your number one priority. If the chemical used in the diaper is known to cause a rash, it should be removed or changed or altered!
A lot of moms do NOT use Huggies for this reason and I am one of them now. Unfortunately I am stuck with an almost full box of diapers!
Thank you
Shibani Maitra

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - inconsistent, poor quality product

One case was filled with diapers that were all cut crookedly. The next case was filled with rectangular diaper things with tabs, but no elastic. Each case looks like a different diaper than the case...

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Huggies - inner leg of diapers is missing

I've used your product for about a year and have been completely satisfied. However, the last two cases of your diapers I have purchased have been missing the inner leg parts. I thought it was just a few but the entire box of 72 diapers is defected. And the second case I purchased this mornin is the same way. I dealt with the leaking it caused with the first 72 diapers. My local Walmart refuses a exchange because the diapers are opened and says the manufacturer is responsible. Who should I contact to make this right?

Thank you

Everytime i take the pamper off my dauther they rip inside n the little things are all over her bum

Very very unhappy. I fount diapers that does not have stikers on both sides no man i like the product its my 3rt baby and this is the second time it has happeb i will not be able to support this product if this issue is no cleard.

Good day, I would like to contact Huggies SA regarding a complaint but on their website the contact page just shows up an error message. How can I get hold of them? [email protected]

Huggies - rash and leaking diapers

I have always been a proud consumer of your products, in fact I have even persuaded many die hard pamper consumers to switch brands. But as of today I am truly regretting my decision. I have alway...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - huggies little movers

I bought your "Little movers" diapers for my kids ages 2.4 years old and 14 months old.
I am very unhappy with this product and i want my money back!

My daughter has a blistering rash that is to the point of bleeding! this rash is also now starting with my son!

I dont know what material or chemical youre using in this product but you really need to take a second look! My kids are in pain! i will never ever buy another product from this brand!

i need a number so i can contact a supervisor!

Sincerly a very angry mother & paying costomer Elizabeth Wilson

This is exactly what happened to my son ! Do they do anything ?

the phone number to Huggies is on the box. They will ask you some questions and a lot number. Ask to talk to Kathy
They are open 8-4 central time

Huggies - clumping of the gel

My baby is ten (10) months old and has been using huggies since birth. I've experience the same problem, continuesly after the third bag of huggies dry comfort. The problem is that the nappy is leaking if she wet it for the second time and the gel clumps-up into lumps that cause it to leak. Fortunately, she has not
had any reactions to the which is a comfort to me. Please can u respond to my complaint as soon as possible. I'm almost through third pack, I'll keep afew if u need to test it yourself. I love the produc
t and would like to keep on using the brand . My contact details are [protected], e-mail : [protected]

Jul 08, 2013
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - leakage

I have been using pampers for 2 years now, and a friend recommended the new huggies gold for boys, which I bought a week ago and the pack is almost finished. I'm so disappointed in this product, for the reason my son is wetting the bed every time. I had 2 incidents where my son urinated on me in a shopping centre and while sitting in a trolley, and the urine is leaking from the legs. I found this very humiliating! I would not recommend Huggies to anyone! J. Brussow

Huggies - poor diaper quality

I've prided myself in purchasing what i thought was a supperior diaper ie. huggies gold brand regardless of the price tag i would pay so my baby would have the best. Lately the diaper straps break and it is clear that the diaper is of a poorer standard.
I've had 4 diaper straps come off as i was changing my baby, have pics as well after the 3 time i decided to take the pics as proof. I pay for these diapers with my hard earned money and i choose this brand cause i believe that it is the best brand however i'm fast beginging to change my mind and feel i need to switch to another brand. I am unable to load the pics i've taken but will be happy to forward it via cellphone if required


Huggies wonder pants are the poorest in quality, my kid suffer with itching .. so disappointed to buy such a poor product.
Not sure if More megastore Bangalore stores are selling some duplicate Huggies diapers but I never expected to see such a cheap quality item.


Good day
im mrs Hendricks from cape town south Africa I have been using huggies since I can remember I have 3 kids and im realy in happy now with my 3th son who is 1 year and 10 months I dry him in the morning @ 5 and not even 3 hours past then he is so wet tith his clothing also and have to clean him again before he go to school and it time waisting I love huggies don't get me wrong but this past few months im so sad and heart broken for money I have to spent twice and just to keep my baby dry and clean just for his health I realy want huggies to sort me out please and with the quality of there huggies jumbo bags I buy the 66 jumbo bag and I waste more in the month please help me mrs Hendricks cape town


To whom it may concern

I am writing to you as an incredibly frustrated mother.

I have a 4mo son and have been buying your nappies for 2 months now.

I am absolutely appalled at the poor quality of your nappies.

Almost every time I wake my baby from his nap, he is wet through!

At first I thought it may have something to do with the way I was putting on the nappies. To test this theory, I tried putting them on tighter, looser, pulled the flaps this way and that, had other people put them on and checked and double checked every flap and seam to ensure they were correctly "closed".

I have had to go through countless pieces of clothing and sheets as many have been ruined by the urine stains.

Most importantly, this has been incredibly disruptive to my baby in terms of his sleep and his skin - which has been soaked in urine numerous times.

I have bought sizes to fit his weight plus smaller and larger sizes plus the "boy" gold nappies - NOTHING WORKS! Your nappies are way too thin, with clearly not enough coverage and absorbency.

I have spent a great deal of time and effort and feel utterly cheated and frustrated.

You state on your website:
Our aim is to make your important job as a parent or parent-to-be that little bit easier


At Huggies® we always welcome your comments. Your feedback is integral to how we can continue to provide you with the products and the services that you deserve.

In light of these statement, and my utter lack of customer satisfaction, I look forward to your suggestions as to how you propose to rectify this sorry situation.


I also want to complain about the quality of the Huggies boy and girl gold nappies. The side bands/straps (sticky bit) that attach to the main body of the nappy during application detaches itself when I pull the strap to put a new nappy on my child’s bottom.
This is also not the first time this has happened but the 3rd time and considering the price you pay for a pack, I am not satisified at all. It is costly for me to keep buying Huggies and the straps/side attachments are faulty. Besides this problem, there are other minor problematic issues with nappies that leak or burst after an hour of wearing them and all the jelly comes out. This weekend alone, I had to throw away 15 unused nappies as the straps had broken upon application. Sometimes I am able to apply a nappy but after 30 mins the sticky side strap comes undone and the nappy is rendered useless again. And it is not even properly wet/soaked yet. I would like to send you one of the nappies I kept to show you the quality of the side strap.

I was using the huggies the red pack and decided to switch over the huggies gold and I'm very dissappointed because of the quality the straps keep on coming loose and leaks how can the cheaper one be much better than the one that's more expensive

I agree that Huggies has poor quality diapers! I have tried them as well as several other brands. I only buy Pampers for my daughter. She is 2 & a half, and I love them! Not one complaint about the quality! I started using the Swaddlers a few days after she was born, but now use Cruisers and love them! Totally worth it!

Apr 16, 2013

Huggies - very disappointed customer (reject diapers)

To whom it may concern

I am a new mom, who as been using ur newborn huggies and was very pleased. Due to my babies weight I changed to step 2 pack 3-6kg's diapers and I'm very unhappy at the quality. This is my second pack for the month that I found rejects within. The sides are stitched together. Once pulled to open, sides become loose and this as caused my baby to mess his clothes while sleeping.

If this continues I have no choice but to change the product.

Please view attachment of poor quality diapers purchased and carried by Shoprite Nigel.

Mrs. Pillay
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


Why is it when i buy at pick n pay huggies dry comfort the daipers shows bright iin colour but when i buy it at shoprite the colour doesnt look the same.My baby's got a rash i have used everything but took her to the doctor.Everything shows me its the daipers the colour nd that its nit dry at all.


Im very disappointed in the huggies dry comfort red pack.I used to use it for my first born thats 4years old now.That time when she was 2years old it was in good quality but now its not the ink is not the same on the daipers as it used to be nd it doesnt keep my Baby dry.In all the packs that i have bought i get one or 2 daipers thats broken im a single mom cant affort to buy other tipe of daipers but had to put this complaint in because it gives my Baby a rash.

I bought 2 packs of huggies dry comfort no.5.i was very happy with the product until i opened the second pack and more than half the pack was rejects.the left side of the straps all came loose.i was very unhappy, cause i've been using this product for years

Sep 12, 2012

Huggies - leaking

Size 3 superdry huggies nappies, 87 in a box bought 2 boxes, nearly every nappie leaks, my baby wakes up crying in the night wet through, his pj's and bedding wet, if that isn't bad enough twice now he has pooed and it has come out the top up is back down his legs, so you can imagine how upset he gets, he is only 5months old and shouldn't have to go through that, had to buy new clothes one of times as we were out on family outing.They are the right size and i fasten them perfect never had this problem with my other two children.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - faulty nappies

I used Huggies gold with my firstborn and were ver happy. My second child is now 2months old and since he was born I had troubles with Huggies Gold. The nr3 is smaller than the nr2. Some of the nappies in a pack doesn't even have a thing to close the nappy with. Some does not even have a lining inside. I'm very dissapointed in Huggies. I've kept all the proof so if someone wants to have a look I will show them. My email: [protected]


Ethan is my firstborn and I was very happy with Huggies Newborn no.1-2 and then I started using Huggies gold jumbo pack no.3 In each bag I founded faulty nappies. In our third one we founded 17 nappies that doesn't even have a thing to close the nappy with.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - urine odor

I bought a box of huggies little snugglers size one diapers on the 12th of March, and every single diapers, after one peepee in the diaper you can smell the odor tremendously, ive never had thi...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - gel bursting/yeast rash

I have always used either pampers snugglers, walmarts brand (parents choice), or targets brand (up & up) for my son (8 months ols). recently i was given a box of huggies lil snugglers, so i decided to try them. i noticed they were not very absorbent, the lining always busted and my son frequently had gel on his diaper area. one morning i had enough when i changed his diaper first thing from waking, and noticed his clothes were wet. when i took them off, he was covered from his bottom to his shoulders, front to back, in the gel. i was disgusted and immediately bathed my child.

the biggest issue, though, is that around the same time i started using the huggies and having this issue, my son started to get a diaper rash. i treated it with different ointments as instructed by his pediatrician, but nothing worked. we eventually came to the conlusion that it was a yeast rash, and by this time it was so bad that it hurt for him to potty. he would only go a little bit and cry to have his diaper changed, and after i changed his diaper, would immediately go a little more, and repeat the process till he was done. i eventually got the rash to clear up, but now his father and i are battling it out for custody now claiming i am neglectful. it infuriates me that these diapers have not only caused my son to suffer with this ongoing rash, but also for the legal battle he is now being drug through.

i made a report with kimberly clark, and they offered me a voucher for more diapers! i refused, and accepted some vouchers for whipes instead, but the damage is irreparable and detrimental.

i want to know, has anyone had a problem with the gel bursting out and/or a yeast rash?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - packaging tape

Recently I decided to try Huggies nappies for my 3 month old, firstly I found that these nappy leaked despite how well they were put on, one side was always cut different from the other. To my great surprised I opened one nappy and found what appeared to be packaging tape embedded in the nappy. Sadly I have 92 more nappies to go before I can switch back to pampers which I must admit is the best choice for babies and does not leak or tear like Huggies.


Huggies - defective nappies

I bought a pack of Huggies Dry Comfort for my daughter to use during the day, the first few nappies I used were ok, then I found a nappie with no strip on one side so I checked the pack, I then found...

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Huggies - found a needle in my wipe

ive recently bought a pack of huggies wipes from home bargains Pwllheli Gwynedd. As i took some wipes out from the packaging to wipe my friends son i felt a sharp object scraping my skin. As me and my friend investigated what could it be we discoverd it was a needle that was pierced through all the wipes inside the packaging. There are no holes in the packaging so it must of came from when the wipes were being made. I want to no how did it get there and are there any more packets containing needles? its a disgrace. it could have caused serious injuries to my friends child or any one else really. as the needle has scraped my skin, am i at risk of catching a disesase? im now taking further action as theyre suppose to be looking after skin not piercing or scratching someone's skin. i wont be buying huggies and i wont be recommending them again.

I am disappointed in huggies wipes my son likes to eat them well chew them because he is teething I have never had a problem with Johnsons wipes when I gave my son a wipe huggies I looked round at him and it had fell apart I now loads of babys that like to chew on wipes my son could of choked because of this I trust Johnsons baby wipes 100% I will never be buying them again and will I ever rrecommend them to any 1 either ist a discuss especially when there for babys shame on huggies.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - blue dye

I noticed a couple of months ago that Huggies Snug n' Dry Diapers (various sizes & lot numbers) were leaving blue stains on my kids and their clothing. It seems to have started when they changed to...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Huggies - nappies

I recently brought a batch of huggies nappies, from Chelmsley Wood Asda size 6, on opening the pack I have found that some of the nappies are missing the velcro strip. I have always used huggies for both of my kids as I have found them better then pampers or other own brands. I'm sure you can appreciate how up set I am as I work part time and spend my wages on nappies to find this problem. please would you tell me what you are going to do to prevent this problem from occurring again .

This abox of huggies nappies i open one side keeps coming who do i complaint to?

I have bought a lot of packs of Huggies Dry Comfort nr 3 Nappies for my newborn, when I opened my first pack of nr 3 nappies, the nappies is tearing appart and is useless.

I would like someone of Huggies to contact me as I spended alot of money on these daipers and I cannot use it at all.

Hope to hear from you soon

Kind regards

everytime she has wee its just cum throw i cant believe how muh u chagre for the nappy cos they or crap asda little angle or better then them and they are half the price

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