Huddle Houseunprofessionalism

C Jul 27, 2019

I was in the restaurant with my 3 young children around 10 pm on Friday July 26 2019. when the employee first arrived her first words as she walked thru the door was "y'all lucky I came". from the that point on her whole demeanor was negative. a customer asked her for a refill on his drink and she gave him a real hateful look, buy filled it anyways. she complained constantly about her job. then one of the waitress(white girl) went the restroom and that's when she begun to talk about the young lady not doing stuff when she CLEARLY wasn't done with her duties. she was talking very loud and obnoxious. REAL ratchet. she was very unprofessional just to say the least. it got to the point where I had to get my children and leave the restaurant. I don't appreciate the way she was carrying on. seems too me she doesn't need nor appreciate having a job.

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