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Reviews and Complaints

Huddle House verified

mobile order not prepared/no refund

Placed a mobile order to pickup at 2:20 a.m. on September 2, 2019. When we arrived to pick up the order, it was not only not ready, it was actually just viewed by the employee. She said the grease was burnt and she didn't have time to replace, so we asked for a refund since she already withdrew the amount of $18.58 from my bank card. She did not know how to give a refund either, she said that she had only been working there a few days and the cook was also a new employee. She told us to come back to speak to the manager later in the evening. When we went back there, there was still no manager on duty, and the employee said she couldn't do anything except write our number and name down for the manager to call us. We still have not received a call, and I haven't been refunded my money for food we did not receive! I am furious because this is not the first issue we have had with this location. I simply just need my money back.

Huddle House verified

my order was not right

I ordered the MVP breakfast platter and chicken finger basket. The MVP platter was just threw together to the point of it didn't even look good. I wanted scrambled eggs and they gave me fried. They forgot to put ANY KIND OF MEAT. I ordered bacon spacifically. The grits didn't have butter or cheese I paid extra for cheese. I'm not being ugly but I ate nothing but the waffle after having to scramble some eggs and make some kind of breakfast meat to go with the meal. I get FAST food because I don't want to cook. I'm just very dissatisfied with the cook and the waitress was also rude. I didn't receive a receipt other than my email confirmation.