Huddle Houseunder-cooked/ over-cooked food

T Nov 05, 2018

My name is Tiara and my friend, her son and I visited the Huddle House here in Columbus, MS at 2009 Military Road on 11/05/2018 and we waited almost 35 mins on our food, so when we finally got it the stuffed hashbrown was undercooked so that I couldn't eat it and the bacon cheeseburger was to overcooked. Following the situation the waitress (Tramesha) was very rude as well as the cook (Shaun) I don't know her real name but they call her Shaun. They were doing alot of whispering and giggling about the situation so instead of me causing a scene and going off, we just left and went somewhere else. I think that's very unprofessional and I will never eat there again because of those 2 employees that you'll have as long as they work there. Thanks in Advance...

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