Huddle Houseservice, cleanliness

C Jul 17, 2019

We walked in and they were not that busy but several of the tables had not been. Leaned off, the floors had trash on it and were filthy dirty. We found the cleanest dirtiest table it took them 15 minutes to come clear our table, another 15 minutes for the waitress to come back and take our drink order, another 15 minutes to bring our drinks and take our order. It took 45 minutes to get our food and it was cold and my husband didn't get a complete order of French toast. In the meantime several people came in and left without being waited on and only 2 of the tables by that time had been cleaned off. When my husband went to pay the bill the waitress had given the cook a food ticket and he said he couldn't cook anything because he didn't have any clean dishes. Plus they never came back and asked us if we wanted a drink refill.

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