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I have been going to the Huddle House on Richland Aiken for nine years, twice a day. This store needs to be cleaned up inside and out. The bathrooms are not kept cleaned, commodes are not working, floors are not being kept clean and the manager is never there on a regular basis. He is expecting one of is employees to order the food which is running out every the mornings the resturant is so cold people have to wear coats to keep warm. I respectfully request the corporation check into this situation. This franchise is owned by Mr. Hall.

The parking lot looks like a cigarett dump the side walks are dirty. There is no need for a place to look like this.

PS. I do enjoy the food, service and friendship. Also some safety issues need to be addressed.


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    vicki king Feb 11, 2011

    I would like to let you know that the Huddle House located on Lucas St. off of I-95 In Florence South Carolina has the most horrible customer service a group of 9 went to lunch there was only one cook & one server and at time other customer were in location but they had already been served and when she took our drink order it took her another 15 mins to take back and take our food order and then it took at least another 30-45 mins to get served and all of us did not even get our food before we had to go and when we tried to call mgr to complain he would not answer his phone if you are going to post it for customers to call why would you not answer and not only that the District Mgr was in the location her frist name is Cathy if you only have two people waiting on customer and a large group comes in why would you not jump in & help most people only have an hour for lunch.I called another Mgr to see you was DM and was told Cathy but she is saying that it was a party on 12 and that we were served in 26 mins that is a damm lie because she was not even in there when our food started coming and she also has told other mgr there was 2 servers that is another lie but some of us people who work at the large business down the street go there at least once a week but after this not anymore .I thinks some kind of action should be taken because this not the first time and it seems that this Cathy person lies and if she lies about the customers want kind of lies does she tell her boss or corp office to cover up problems because she aparentlly can not count since she said 12 and they are only 9 and she also can not tell time either because it diid take 30-45 mins to get start getting food that after we waited 15 mins to get orders taken and all of it still did not get served.

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    Greg and Amber Troxel Jul 04, 2011

    My Husband and I went for breakfast in Paragould, Ar, I ordered a waffle, when it got to me, it was cold, hard, the butter woundn't even melt, I asked for a fresh one, didn't think that was asking to much, they charged me for both, the cold waffle and the fresh one.I was very disapaointed.We got great service, and the workers was much cleaner, and the store itself was much cleaner.Since I wanted a freash waffle and didn't want it nuked, they chaged for that one to.Talk about bad bad business, wasn't my fault that the waffle wasn't done right in the first place, or it sat their to long before it was brought to me.I wont ever darken the doors of Huddle house agian, we even told them that, and they didn't seem to even care.Waht's up with that, thats ashame...

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